Excellent News Out of Palestine

Update: AAB has now denied responsibility for the attack.

A mysterious new group called Al Aqsa Brigades (Imad Mughniyeh Faction), along with a strange group called the Freedom Flotilla Martyrs Group (Arabic language) launched an attack against Israeli police in their vehicle in Hebron, killing 1 and wounding 4 more.

The AAB group is mysterious. AAB is the armed wing of the more or less secular PLO. However, they never took orders from Arafat and they certainly do not from Abbas. They are militant and radical in terms of carrying out armed attacks against Israel. However, they are not Islamists, and they have no love for Hamas and vice versa.

Imad Mughniyeh was the head of military operations for Hezbollah who was assassinated by Mossad in Syria. The assassins were somehow never caught – it was a brilliant operation.

What is strange is that the Arab nationalist PLO does not like the Shia Hezbollah very much. They see them as an Iranian tool, and the PLO hates Iran.

Interestingly, it is the Sunni fundamentalist Hamas which is most aligned with Hezbollah.

Islamic Jihad has long had deep links to Iran. In fact, a number of IJ fighters and supporters have actually converted from Sunnism to Shiism. Such conversion is feared by most Sunnis in an almost paranoid way (The Shia are trying to convert us!) but it’s actually quite rare.

Conversions from Shiism to Sunnism are much more common. There are quite a few of them taking place right in the Arab-populated Ahwaz region of Iran. The people there are Arab Shia, but they are oppressed by the Iranian Shia regime as Arabs, so they are ripe for Saudi-financed conversion efforts.

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17 thoughts on “Excellent News Out of Palestine”

  1. Hey Robert, what’s ironic is that before 1979, Israel pursued a “periphery policy” which meant alliances with non-Arab states in the edges of the Middle East such as Shah’s Iran and Turkey against anti-Israel Arab states like Syria and Egypt. Now Iran is the big enemy of the Jews. Do you know if Jews consider themselves closer to the non-Semitic peoples of the Middle East rather than the Arabs?

    1. Hard to say. The Israelis don’t trust Arabs one bit. Forget it. However, Israel has a good alliance with Jordan and Egypt, and Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, and all of the Gulf Arab states are effectively neutered. Although I understand that Hamas does get a lot of Saudi money. The only enemies that Israel has in the Arab World anymore are Lebanon and Syria. Iraq and Libya are not too friendly.

      Other than that, the Arabs have all been taken care of pretty much. No Arab states support the Palestinian armed groups anymore other than Lebanon and Syria.

      It’s interesting that Turkey is now pro-Hamas.

      Most of the Arab World is too busy hating the Shia and Iran to worry about hating Israel. The Gulf Arabs even have an alliance with Israel against Iran. This goes for the Saudis in particular. The Arab states have sold out in the worst way. That’s why they are all dictatorships. Whenever they have free elections, anti-Israel governments get elected.

      1. I agree 100%. It’s interesting that Iran and Turkey have filled the vacuum left by the Sunni Arab sellouts. By the way, where exactly does the Jew-Arab enmity come from? I’m guessing it has more to do with it than simply land theft on the part of the heebs. It’s like watching too closely related family members duking it out with clubs.

        1. From personal experience with both Israelis and Palestinians, they agree on one thing. It is all about land. That is it. Basic tribal warfare at it’s finest.

          Probably explains why other Arabs don’t give much a damn.

      2. Well, nobody but an Arab “likes” Arabs, and even that is open to debate. 😀

        I agree though, the Arab world is completely neutered. Split up between something like 23 countries, the rich oil states of the GCC are American economic colonies. Egypt is literally “bought” by the U.S, to be Israel’s play thing. Same goes for Jordan. Iraq was conquered, as we all know. That only leaves Syria on it’s own. Even Libya under Qaddafi openly gave up on the “Arab World” and Arabs in general. He is now a “pan-Africanist.” You can read all about it on his own website.


        Guy actually has some interesting things to say. Leaders usually aren’t this open while still in power.

      3. I might add, Turkey is now “pro-Hamas” for the same reason Iran has been for decades. Political in-roads into the “Arab Street.”

        The Turks view Arabs about as warmly as the Persians do. In fact worse probably. The Arabs stabbed them in the back in WWI.

        1. I know its all about land, but how did the different identites form that made them competitors for the land?

        2. Anon, that is a very general question you got there. Do you mean the modern identities, or the ancient ones? In the modern context, notions such as Israeli, Palestinian, Zionism and Arab Nationalism are modern political constructs.

  2. I don’t see this as something to celebrate. The Israeli reprisals will be very harsh. They always are.
    Israel is the Old Testament in action. Read Joshua.

  3. Robert, you notion of Iranian-Arabs converting from Shiaism to Sunnism is news to me, as is their persecution by the state. Do you have any sources I could read through on this?

    1. Yeah there is a whole Ahwaz movement that is fighting for rights for the Arabs. They wrote to me trying to get them to publicize their cause. There is also an armed movement that is secessionist that is funded by Arab nationalist assholes like Saddam’s old regime. Baathist dicks are probably still funding them, not for universalist reasons, but for cynical tribal ones.

      Google Ahwaz or go to the Wikipedia page on Iranian Arabs and read up on it.

      I will see if I have any articles on the old site.

      1. They wrote to you!?!?! Do you know if they were in Europe or the U.S, or actually in Iran?

        I remember they had a website a few years back. You are right, as it reeked of Pan-Arab nationalistic bullshit. I have yet to meet one of these “Ahwaz” types in the real world. “Ahwaz” being the Arabic pronunciation for Ahvaz, of course. Then again, I can’t remember the last time I met an Iranian-Arab. I am sure they exist, but even those dark-skinned Iranians from the coasts all speak Persian, and call themselves that. So…Where the hell are they?

        I have no doubt that any current nationalistic grumblings from certain minorities in Iran has CIA, or at least DIA, written all over it. The thing is, the U.S can only convince the most useless minorities in the country to try and defect, such as Baluchs and I guess Arabs now.

        So what? They own nothing, their numbers are small, they sit on the most useless land(google map Baluchistan to see what I mean), at least in the case of the Baluchs. The Arabs sit on oil. Lots of it. So that is another story.

        The U.S tried to get the Azeris to rise up for some time in Iran. No luck what so ever. Why should they? They practically run the show.

        Either way. Back during the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam invaded Iran, and fully expected the Iranian-Arabs in Khuzestan to rise up and join their “Arab Brothers.” They didn’t. They valued Iranian nationality over Arab identity. Likewise, in Iran’s counter-attack in 1982, the stupid Mullah’s thought the Iraq Shia would rise up and join their Iranian Shia “brothers.” They didn’t either. I guess they valued Iraqi nationality, or simply being an Arab, over associating with Iranians.

        Both sides out to take note, for next time around…

        1. The guy who wrote to me was really cool. I told him I did not support the armed movement (secessionists) at all. He said that his movement opposed that and was dedicated to peaceful protest. There is not much space for that in Iran. I think the Ahwaz definitely have a beef. This regime does not treat them well, simply because they are Arabs! Fuck that. I thought the Mullah regime was supposed to get rid of Persian nationalism.

          Anyway, I guess the mullahs fear them as a secessionist prone minority and hence treat them like shit for that reason. That area is sitting on a pool of oil, yet it is seriously short-changed in terms of government investment. The oil $ just flows right out of the region. What bullshit.

          However, I believe that at least one Ahwaz Arab is high up in the Iranian military or Defense Department. Some have been co-opted.

          The Sunnis in Iran are treated pretty badly too. That must just be sheer religious bigotry, nothing more. The Sunnis outside of Iran make a huge stink about this, never mind they treat their own Shia like shit.

        2. The Ahwaz Arabs also speak an Arab dialect, I believe. Some sort of Persian Arabic language. Has 100,000’s of speakers.

          The Balochs actually have quite a bit of support, but few numbers.

          The armed Ahwaz, Balochs and Kurds are all being supported by the CIA and MI5 British intelligence. That’s a fact! The same folks are also trying to get Iranian Azeri secessionism going, but it has few takers.

          The Kurds and Balochs are treated like shit too. The Balochs because they are Sunni, the Kurds because they are suspected of being traitors.

          The whole notion of minority rights barely exists in that part of the world, let’s face it. It’s a tribal zero-sum game over there, just as humans have typically been for almost all of our history.

    2. Hi Cyrus, I just published 3 posts that deal that deal with that issue, at least in part. One deals very extensively and in depth about Iranian nationalism and secessionist groups in general.

      1. Wow! That’s a lot of detail you posted on the front page! I am going to have to read through it. You do your homework, that is for sure. 🙂

        1. Thank you my friend!

          First post is all about Iran. It’s from 2006, but not a lot has changed.

          Second post is about Kosovo independence, with a lot of discussion about secessionist movements the world over.

          Third post is about Saudi Arabia, with emphasis on Saudi export of Wahhabi terrorist bullshit all over the Muslim World.

          For sure you will find the 1st and 3rd posts very interesting, as they are right up your alley.


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