Robert Lindsay Through the Years

This is the photo you are all familiar with. Taken in the 2000’s.

Let’s look at some other photos from the 2000’s.

In this one I look like I’m stoned.

Another one from the 2000’s.

I think I look kind of conceited in this pic, but I don’t care. I am vain, so what, what of it?

Some emotions.

Smile for the camera.

Hamming it up.

Big kiss for all my friends, but especially for my enemies.

More hamming.

Neener neener.

More recent photos.

Trying to be nice.

From the same session.

Hi everyone.

One from the old days.

College graduation, Long Beach, California, 1982, age 23. Looks something like the oldest son on the Brady Bunch, eh?

One more from the real old days.

From the hippie era, 1978, age 20, junior college graduation, Huntington Beach, California. Most people nowadays think that hair looks hilarious, but back then, this look was tres cool. My Dad totally hated that hair, and he used to threaten to punch me out unless I cut it. He also kept saying that I looked like some actress called Veronica Lake. To him, born in 1921, long hair meant you were queer, but to us, long hair was a way to get the chicks. I kept telling my father that, but he always acted like that was insane!

Ms. Lake for comparison purposes, 1940’s.

The famous Veronica Lake, known for her curly hair. The “Veronica Lake” hairstyle came back a few years ago, in 2007.

Th-th-th-th-th that’s all folks.

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53 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Through the Years”

  1. Speaking of male hair length and generational divides, my nine-year old son has decided he hates having long hair. He’s never actually had long hair as I define it–his definition of “long hair” is a lot shorter than you had it in 1978. He thinks it looks “sloppy” and “like a girl” way, way sooner than his Dad and I do. (We grew up in the 60s and 70s, respectively, to put us in generational perspective).

    I wonder if other kids his age tend to be the same way? None of his male classmates have long hair either, and we live in a really hippie-heavy area. Lots of buzz cuts on those boys. The kiddo has been asking for a buzz cut–I’m cool with it if he wants it that way, but his Dad won’t have it!

    1. Ah, once upon a time my husband had a ponytail, back in the ’70s when he was a biker dude. He does the proper suit and tie thing now–starched shirts and everything.

      1. Husband was born in ’60, but in spite of the long hair he wasn’t really a hippie as he was decidedly not a pacifist type. I’m too young for original hippies (’68) but was nonetheless a hippie in my misspent youth (was a big fan of Phish and the Grateful Dead).
        Hippies are still hip in Western Massachusetts too.

      2. The sixties was a conservative decade. The appreciation for styles only came afterwards.

        I’m sad I never got to experience it though. I wish I could have been born 40 years earlier so I could have fully appreciated it.

    2. Hey Fatty Maa Peepee

      You look like you’re pushing 50. Like the MILF in american pie. I’m sure you are closer to 50 than 40. Lets say 47-48. Your husband is 39-40 based on his birth year. First, let me congratulate you on owning a pony tailed boy toy. Then, I have a few questions:

      A) Do you pull his pony tail when you strap-on and let him have it? You are the alpha right? Obviously, no boy toy can ever be an alpha.

      B) If your elder son is 17, either your boy toy started very young (when he was 22 back in 1994-95) or as is more likely, the elder son is from another man. In the former case, it’d make you a highly opportunistic cougar who pounced on a kid barely out of his teens when you were pushing 30. In the latter, it would make you precisely the type of woman (who fucks around in her 20s and then finds a beta to settle with in her 30s) that Robert has been talking about recently. So which is it? Either way, I like your position there. Hell, if I fuck a few dozen more chicks in the next five years and marry somebody 7-8 years younger than me, I’ll have done outstandingly.

      Honest answers would be highly appreciated. Also, let me know if I missed something.

      1. “You look like you’re pushing 50. Like the MILF in american pie. I’m sure you are closer to 50 than 40. Lets say 47-48. Your husband is 39-40 based on his birth year. First, let me congratulate you on owning a pony tailed boy toy.”

        Only a sheltered Desi mama’s boy would think a mesely 8 year difference amounts to “boy toy”.

        Bwahahaha. Desi guys are hilarious.

      2. Ok Bitch. Whatever you say. Now go shave your ass and empty a bottle of vera wang in it. Your shit smells like ever.

      3. Thanks for the clarification. I admit I missed that angle. But again, you are a cougar. You were in late 30s when you got married? Boytoy must have been around 30. I pity loser Indians who basically marry much older jaded white women just for the white pussy. Seems to have happened in this case.

        Also, what about question 1? Do you pull his hair? You alpha woman? LOL

      4. Last year, I was going out with this chick who wanted me to pull her hair while giving it to her from behind and talking dirty. First time I had done it and it felt good to me (I’m very gentle otherwise). So I wondered how does it happen the other way around? Do women like to do that too? In a lesbian relationship? Or maybe a strap-on? Since Fatty Maa’s hubby has a ponytail and obviously, she is the domineering one here, I thought to ask that to her.

        Amy, have you used a strap-on before?

      5. “I pity loser Indians who basically marry much older jaded white women just for the white pussy.”
        Courtesy, my dear ‘fellow desi’. Sometimes you have to be a little diplomatic and avoid brutal honesty.

      6. Aakash, you don’t even fucking get girls since that’s a statistical improbability, chances are you haven’t even been near one let alone seen one in this life. One needs to simply go through mainstream sites such as, various game/manosphere blogs and forums just to see what “other people” from “all over” the world thinks about your girl getting abilities and your “kind” lol.

      7. Jesus christ, get the hell out of here you ugly fuck before someone takes you to the emirates where you can be a whip lashed dog creature (your actual aspiration right? tell me the truth now) and have a new perspective on modern slavery, stinky ugly phuck yeesh!!!

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        Did I mention self-hate? Most likely this guy is short, has a racial inferiority complex similar to that of a freshly-spanish-raped-poverty-stricken Fillipino, and probably is average to below average looking. Yet he proclaims women are “easy”, and has the audacity to give advice and offer his stupid and hilarious “opinions” on various women and then claims he had dated “white women”, “punjabi girls”, and various “attractive women”, when all likelihood they were 5’s plus below but still he acts like he has banged supermodels in a former life. Ignoring the fact his racial group is on bottom of the barrel in terms of physical attractiveness on a global level (South East Asians now? lolololololololol); He also pretends to know about stuff he knows nothing about except from Internet sites, and then pretends he knew this information all along which really is annoying AI. One last thing, those stories of beating up homeless muggers are hilarious, i’m sure you are tough internet badass now and in real life. Seriously Atheist Indian, come at me brah, come at me!!

      9. Bea, “No children from a previous marriage.”

        So what if you had children from a previous marriage? Only Desi mama’s boys and their mothers would care.

        Asskash, “you used a strap-on before?”

        Amy, “no, but I heard your mother does”

        Amy, let me tell you something about my culture. Most Indian mothers don’t need a strap-on because they’ve already got their son’s balls in their hands.

        Its the Indian mama’s boys who need the strap-on.

      10. Xera

        I’m going out with a southern chick right now. She is a med resident at a good hospital in Atlanta. Now what makes you think that I give a crap about other Indians?

        By the way, I tracked you down online. Looking handsome lol.

        How does the milkshake taste Jake? Xera? Or whatever your name is…..

        Stay retarded my friend.

      11. Gender feminists of the world unite… Rachele, Bibi, Beedi .. what the hell was that annoying xera thing doing here.. clowns like IT must be banned from Internet altogether…For every annoying thing like Xera, Bibis we need Huaxes and Haciendas..

    1. Which is the stoned photo? The eyes look too much alike. Either none of these are stoned, or they all are. 😉

      1. The 1978 and 1982 photos were from the perpetually stoned era. I don’t remember that period very well, but fortunately a lot of written works have been preserved from the era so historians can have a pretty good guess of what went on back then.

    1. I scrolled down, figuring there would be a few interesting comments… and bingo! “Koreshian sex nut” lol

  2. I say you’re an average guy. Not a model but certainly not by any means ugly in any way. I do feel this picture is a LOT better picture of you.

    In your usual picture you’re kind of leaning into the screen and it’s looking down on you. You ought to get one more like the one above. Have you noticed on business magazines they always shoot the CEO from a lower angle? They do this for a reason. The camera should be even or lower than you. Might get you more Women.

  3. Was Xera the Egyptian guy with Negroid admixture or is he just another Semite lol?

    By the way Robert, the pictures with the caption “Hi Everyone” and “Trying to be nice” are great photos. You definitely look young for your age. From those pictures, you would assume mid or late 30s.

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