Indian State Goes Officially Fascist

The Indian state has now gone officially fascist in the wake of the Operation Green Hunt against the Maoists. Many unarmed opposition movements and leaders, who apparently have nothing whatsoever to do with the armed Maoist movement, are being called “Maoists” and arrested on ridiculous charges.

One wonders exactly what the laws are on this matter? Supporters of this shit government, tell me, what exactly is legal and what exactly is illegal in terms of these Maoists? Surely if you are a member of their armed force, that is illegal. If you are a member of the CPI-Maoist political party, that is illegal too.

What else is illegal? If you talk to a Maoist, is that illegal? What if you interview one? What if you let them stay in your village? What if you say, “I like these Maoists and I support them.” Is that illegal? It’s almost impossible to tell what is legal and what is illegal anymore in this conflict.

India is going to turn into another shit death squad terror state like (past or present) Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, Panama, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey.

Arundhati Roy is an outspoken Leftist from India who has written some penetrating articles on the Maoists there. Does she support them? Well, I suppose so, though she’s rather coy about it. Is that illegal? Who the Hell knows!

The Indian state is now going after Roy, an acclaimed author, with full force. State-sponsored demonstrators appeared outside her home throwing rocks. Two politicians in Chattisargh state has issued complaints for her arrest on charges of “supporting the Maoists.” A top Hindu fascist BJP politician in Chattisargh called for Roy to be shot on sight. The head of the Salwa Judum death squads called for legal action to be taken against Roy.

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7 thoughts on “Indian State Goes Officially Fascist”

  1. Fascinating that both India and Israel have such close relations these last few years, and both are heading towards, or are already at, a state of fascist governance.

  2. Hindutva – the Far Right racist Hindu movement – are fascist in ideology aren’t they? Maybe it’s academic, but for India to be fascist Hindutva would have to be in charge, possibly with the help of an army coup, and all other political parties would be illegal. Maoist Naxalites are illegal because they’re the only ones who would bring the change that India needs, and constitute a real threat to the current state of affairs. See Peter Tobin’s articles.

    1. Then how do you place the BJP in all of this? Do they not have extreme right-wing and fascist leanings? What is their connection with the Hinduvata movement at this point?

      1. The Indian Left generally considers the Hindutva movement to be fascist. The BJP is the friendly face of the Hindutva movement. Shiv Sena is the ugly face of the Hindutvas. But there is less light between than you think. It’s a seamless tapestry connecting the entire range of the Hindutva people.

        People really need to realize this, but the average middle Indian Hindu is not only a hardcore Indian nationalist, but he is also a Hindutva! Indian nationalism, and Hindu nationalism, has been the norm of the shit Indian state from day one!

        I don’t know about lower class or lower caste Indians. The Indians I know are high caste Hindus, mostly Brahmins. They say they hate the BJP and they are not Hindutvas, but they talk just like them! And every single Indian tourist I have met in the US is an Indian nationalist. Even some Punjabis are, so sad. Punjabis are the last Indians of all to fall for that shit.

        Indian nationalism is shit.

        1. Agreed. Indian nationalism is shit.

          I have always figured. BJP = Hinduvata. Of course here in the states, one has to listen to Indian apologists all the time, be they actually from India, or even neo-con American types.

          What is doubly funny to me is how just about to a “t,” every Indian national or ex-pat here in the states repeats the exact same line, just like our friend “India” on this site. Even if they are from a minority group in India that the Hinduvata movement would simply do away with.

          On my old website, I had to deal with Indian nationalist types constantly. They all seemed to reflect an inherent insecurity in Indian culture and society. As such, this insecurity came out as hating others, especially those groups that it was easy or fashionable to hate at the time, and then latching onto other groups seen as successful. Ever wonder why Indians, and South Asians in general, get counted as racially “Asian” here in the states? There you go. 🙂

          I cannot even begin to explain the organized nature of how Indian-American nationalists openly say that they want to “copy the Jews” and the Jewish-American model. They are in fact very proactive about this. Very organized in this social endeavor. Kind of weirds me out when I think about it. Indian Judeophiles? There are plenty of them. Makes perfect sense though, when as a rather small, rich and organized group in the U.S, you have the goal of political influence. What better model to follow?

          Either way, I am not to happy with the rising Indian influence on the American scene.

          I cannot possibly fathom how this can be a good thing. Then again, maybe I’ve just been around too many Indians.

  3. Democracy in India is now so set in stone that there will not be any overthrowing of the state or the Hindutva gaining any power, even regionally, without through a democratic process. Likewise, the Maoists will not be able to wield any influence because even the poor despise their tactics.

    India – the ancient, the eternal, and the ever-new.

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