Fascism Deepens In Israel

Famous Israeli activist Uri Avnery, incredibly, was attacked while getting into a taxi cab with his wife as he left a demonstration. 12 rightist thugs attacked him in the cab and tried to drag him out of the vehicle he had gotten into with his wife, probably to beat him up. Earlier at the rally, a rightwinger throw a smoke bomb into the middle of the Earth, apparently trying to cause panic and make the demonstrators stampede and trample each other, causing injury or death. The demonstrators did not fall for it.

Columns by Leftwing opposition writers like Amira Haas in Haaretz regularly attract dozens of comments openly accusing her of treason and supporting the enemy.

In the wake of the flotilla attack, an Arab MP in Parliament received many death threats and had to be given police protection.

Neve Gordon, another activist, is victim of a campaign to get her fired from her university teaching job. A Facebook page calling for her firing now has 1,000 members.

This is getting really bad. Even peaceful opposition to the Rightist regime is becoming outright dangerous. That’s the hallmark of a fascist regime.

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11 thoughts on “Fascism Deepens In Israel”

  1. HA HA! Where are the poor, victimized kikes now!
    It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. The kike is the enemy of ALL mankind. Hypocrisy and evil are the trademarks of this filthy, desert tribe. But let’s forget all of the Jews’ evil ways and shed tears for their supposed “Holocaust” during WWII. FUCK U KIKES!!

  2. SIEG HEIL MOTHERFUCKERS!! It’s too bad the Soviet Union didn’t cave in and surrender to the Germans during the war. If Operation Barbarossa succeeded, the twin evils of Jewry-international finance/usury, and international socialism-would’ve been destroyed and the world would be a much better place. Hail the German-Japanese alliance!
    Hitler R.I.P.
    Tojo Hideki R.I.P.
    Mussolini was an incompetent piece of shit.

  3. I don’t agree.
    Israel doesn’t qualify as classical fascism; same goes for India. What characterises fascism? 1. Fusion of military, corporate and political power. The army are in charge. 2. One party state, one leader. 3. The outcome of a mass movement with recruitment to paramilitary organisation functioning as agents of terror. 4. Abolition of trades unions, abolition of parliamentary elections and other forms of popular representation. 5. The race ideology of fascism, racial practices enshrined in the state’s ideology.
    Zionism came out of the same stable as fascism
    (see The Returns of Zionism by Gabriel Piterburg,
    review here http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/1844672603/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1)
    but Zionist Israel is not technically fascist. Ethnocracies are unpleasant enough already…
    Any other thoughts on this subject welcome.

  4. The sad part is, these things never end well for any nation that moves in such a direction. I actually feel bad for the Israelis. They are making a hug mistake here.

    1. Yes I think this battening down of the hatches – starting with the effective expulsion of Ilan Pappé from his job at Haifa University – following which (after death threats against himself and his family)
      he left Israel for the UK – is a sign that Israel is in real trouble. When I try to point this out to Israeli Jews they just laugh. They’ve got overconfident, and overconfidence is only justified in Israel’s immediate geopolitical environment if the US remains onside, but for how long?

      1. You got that right. Overconfidence is an understatement on the part of the Israelis. Not just militarily, either. The are overconfident in every sense of the word. Kind of reminds me of the U.S auto industry in the late 70’s… 😀

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