Waiting For Women to Approach You is Like Waiting for Godot

A commenter asks why women don’t approach us instead of us approaching them. Well, sometimes it may in fact occur, but it doesn’t very often. If we wait around for women to approach you, we’ll all die virgins.

Women are not going to approach you, at least not very much. They may smile at you or give you some sort of signal that they are approachable, but then we need to do all the work. Just assume that women are never going to approach you, basically, ever. OK?

Now that we have that down, we have to approach the women. We are either going to be idiots and act shy and not talk to them, or we are going to grow a pair and walk up to them and say some stuff.

It may be difficult if you are a reserved person. My Mom is a normal person, but she is sort of shy. I know some other normal but shy people. They are amazed that I walk right up to total strangers and start talking to them. They tell me that they could never do that.

Thing is, that is what you are going to have to do if you want to meet women. You are going to have to start talking to total fucking strangers. It’s not as bad as it seems. You can practice in stores, shops and restaurants with the help. You have to talk to them, and you can easily make a bit of conversation. Talk to the checker in line when you buy your stuff.

If she’s a bitch, fine, just blow the bitch off! So what, so she’s a bitch, big deal. Bitches are like motes of dust, they’re floating around us all the time, and they’re a dime a dozen.*

Thing is, you are going to have to get used to getting knocked down and blown off a lot, but so what, they’re just silly bitches, who cares what they think anyway? Just say fuck her, and go talk to some other one instead.

*This may seem a cold-hearted and misogynistic approach to take, but if you put women on a pedestal and adore them with every inch of your sensitive soul, you’re going to be terribly hurt when they pull the typical stuff that women do to us all day every day if we give them half a chance.

Putting women on an adoration pedestal is a recipe for getting your feelings totally hurt, and turning into a permanently shy around women type. It seems cruel to adopt this apparently misogynistic approach, but that’s the only way you can keep approaching female strangers all the time without getting your soul caved in.

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13 thoughts on “Waiting For Women to Approach You is Like Waiting for Godot”

    1. You have to take all the initiative because most women don’t lust as much as men do. If women felt the need to sleep with the opposite sex as often as men do, we would approach more.

  1. The misogyny in this post speaks louder than the “Advice.”

    Besides, it’s common sense that women are more discriminatory and men are more aggressive and open when it comes to finding a mate.

    1. I’d also like to point out that Mela is a perfect example of why women are typically utterly useless when it comes to any advice about anything regarding PUA, game, social skills, etc. Their usual response is: “Well, that’s obvious!” But it isn’t, to way too many people.

      Women are a bunch of fucking know it all smart ass tools when it comes to this stuff.

      Guys, don’t listen to women and their useless shit on this subject, please! They will just make you feel stupid, inadequate, guilty, foolish and like a total lower, which is exactly what they are trying to make us feel like.

      Don’t fall for it! Tune the biatches out!

      1. Robert Women are a bunch of fucking no it all smart ass tools when it comes to this stuff.

        *chic noir smiles nervously at the very angry Robert*

        well I’m a woman Robert.

        Women don’t get it because we think men are as intuitive as we are and most men aren’t. within 30 seconds, a woman has largely made up her mind about you. We do something I call the “sweep”.

        That is we look at you from head to toe, then deep into your eyes. It’s like the scans from the Terminator movies.

        A shite load of thoughts have run through our heads in that quick 30 seconds. Like are you crazy, kind, are you nice or too nice(Chic noir believes no man can be too nice), would he hurt me, does he look like he could “please me”, how would out children look* etc…

        * I don’t want kids but I find myself doing that a lot even with men I don’t find particularly attractive.

        1. No, you are very good because you are into this stuff. Alpha Unit is good too. My Mom is good. I have some female friends who are good.

          But a lot of women, maybe most, are worse than useless.

          If women can offer us good advice and insights into social skills, game, etc. that’s very interesting to us and is welcome.

          I doubt if anyone is a natural social genius. Women think they are, but I bet as many women are social retards as men. Just guessing.

          Social skills, once you get really, really into it, is a very intricate game that one spends an entire lifetime learning. I learn new stuff almost every day. I doubt if any real social actor ever stops learning about social skills. It’s a lifelong university.

          Problem with those scans is they are often wrong. There’s some women who think or thought I am dangerous, and I’m as harmless as a fly. I’m like the least dangerous guy on Earth. I guess they decided this quickly, then after knowing me a very long time, continued to believe this nonsense. In fact, I think there are some women who believe this to this very day about me!

          They are wrong!

          So it’s not that intuitive, really. They’re just guessing. And if they make up their minds in 30 seconds and then never reevaluate, it’s almost as socially retarded as a lot of guys are.

  2. So, I thought about approaching a chick one day.

    Then I remembered. I had sex with 2 different girls, and got “frisky” with 2 others. 1 of the chicks I screwed, was attractive, same with the frisky.

    See, funny thing, I think for ADD people like me, video games are now better than sex, in terms of excitement and enjoyment. Like,I played street fighter 4, while drinking a can of red bull.

    So, Im not even going to bother with dating girls. Its too much trouble, and the potential heartbrake definately makes the typical experience with chicks worse than video games.

    Its genius.

    1. Its too much trouble, and the potential heartbrake definately makes the typical experience with chicks worse than video games.

      Why are men so afriad of hearbreak? It happens to women all the time yet we get over it easier then you do. Maybe it’s because men are more romantic and believe strongly in “the one” moreso than women do

      *chic noir shrugs shoulders*

  3. I’m a musician so I tend to get approached by women a lot, in fact I’ve started turning down women who know I’m a musician because I’m starting to wonder if I could get laid with just my personality alone. I doubt it will work out as well.

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