The Strange Case of Björk

Björk, the most Asiatic looking North European I have even seen, barring the Lapps.

That’s not the only photo of her. Lapps are the most ancient Caucasians of Europe. They do have a bit of Asian in them, but not much (7

I much better guess is that Björk is part Inuit from Greenland. Iceland is very close to the Inuit-populated land of Greenland, with close ties to other Inuit regions in Canada. She’s obviously got some Inuit genes somewhere in her background.

I have heard some say that some far north Scandinavians have Asiatic eyes though they are fully Caucasian due to protective effects eyefolds have on the eyes from the glare of the sun shining on the snow. I think that’s dubious until proven otherwise. Most Norwegians and Swedes don’t look very Asiatic.

Best guess is she has an Inuit ancestor back there somewhere.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned she’s White.

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161 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Björk”

  1. The thing people here seem to miss is that in the Nordic countries nobody sees Bjork’s features as exotic or non-Scandinavian. It’s perfectly “normal” to look that way, and lots of people have that kind of eyes, in my family too.Maybe you should get used to looking at Scandinavian faces. Nobody sees it as a foreign or non-European trait to have folds at the corners of your eyes or eyes like Renee Zellweger before surgery (another star of Scandie origins with eyes that outsiders have branded as ‘non European’). It’s so common to have that kind of eyes in all Nordic countries.

  2. PS. Gudmundur Gunnarsson has an absolutely average face in the Nordic countries, nobody would ever notice something “foreign” about it – in case there is, it’s such a widespread trait that it’s become part of the Nordic heritage. I just mean the way people up there see it. My Sami friends often get mistaken for half Chinese or Japanese abroad but not in Scandinavia.

  3. The Epicanthic fold evolved from seal and polar bear hunters in the polar regions. Everything was white and you could not wear anything to block the glare of the snow or else your hunt would not be good. These people migrated over thousands of years to many places in the Western Hemisphere. The same men who hunted in the northern regions became the buffalo hunters of the Plains. Swedes and Scandinavians lived a more an indoor protected life and were mostly fishermen, thus their folds were not as pronounced as the Eskimo’s.
    The great hunters endured the suns glare and followed their game all over the Northern Hemisphere for thousands of years. The Epicanthic Fold is a “medal of honor” passed on to their children and their children’s children by great hunters.
    The lazy and those who couldn’t take the cold and the glare of the North, migrated towards the cities and the Equator and didn’t stop until they could hold up a snow shoe and the locals didn’t know what they were.
    The great hunters did not run from the Ice Age Glaciers, they stood their ground and fought.

    1. I’m transgender. I know what to look for. Bjork is not trans.

      This Australian prick needs to stop calling human beings “it.”

    2. Jungle Surfer lived in Thailand. He got to be an expert at finding ladyboys there. He may not be 100% accurate. But he has many good points.

  4. You’ve been so fooled about East Asians.
    They got completely new faces with plastic surgery in the 1950s.
    Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese parents routinely give their kids eyelid surgery at birth. East Asian kids do the eye job and nose job as the standard. Others are more ambitious, getting jawbone shaving, cheekbone reduction, breast implants, etc. as children.

    We have to go back to this wealthy Korean family in 1900.

    Or these Chinese women binding their double wide East Asian feet.

    Or this kid with the Korean mother. He got her original face.

    1. Keep in mind that East Asians like to claim attractive and/or famous Whites for themselves. Luigina Webb is a Scottish-Italian woman from Australia who went to South Korea. She looks 100% White. She wrote that the Koreans only considered you White if you had these three traits.

      1) Blonde
      2) Busty
      3) Have an all-American name like Lisa Smith.

      Since Luigina did not have these traits, they considered her East Asian.

      East Asians try to claim Keanu Reeves as half East Asian. But he is by far mostly White. Not only that, he seems to have been born female.

      It makes no sense. But it gives you insight into an East Asian agenda.

  5. My ancestors are from Norway and about 30% of my relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, & nephews) have the double/folded eyelids, as well as dark, almost black, hair and pale skin. Our family is primarily Norse (75%), with some Irish and Swedish depending on marriage. We definitely do not have Asian ancestors, yet the double/folded eyelids persist in my family.

  6. Canada’s Labrador Indians and US Maine’s Micmac Indians TRADED women for bronze weaponry. A load of Amerindian women got on Viking long ships and probably all were pregnant by the time these long ships were back in Iceland.

    Iceland’s population is derived from Norse men but the females were Irish, Scottish, Inuit, Labrador Amerindian, Micmac from Maine where Norse traded a great deal with the Amerindians.

    Iceland DNA would not be pure Norwegian. I doubt it would be 75% Norwegian. It would include Irish, Scottish, Inuit, Amerindian female.

  7. Icelanders are approximately 5-10% Amerindian and Inuit. This would make sense, because the founding population of Norwegians were males. Few Norwegian females settled in Iceland.

    Iceland HAD been previously discovered by Irish and Scottish monks, apparently.

  8. Look up pictures of Björk’s father – spitting image. Those who suggest her father is not her father are incredibly stupid.

    Consider the following features of Björk’s face:
    – Obvious epicanthal folds
    – Wide-set eyes – the space between eyes should correspond to the width of one eye, hers is about 50% wider (look at pictures sans makeup)
    – Slight strabismus – left eye points inwards (see this in pictures where she holds her face straight and looks directly at the camera)
    – Straight eyelashes
    – Huge forehead
    – Sunken-in nose bridge
    – Wide nose bridge
    – Short nose
    – Sharply upturned nose
    – Relatively wide gap between nose and upper lip
    – Thin upper lip
    – Wide, ear-to-ear smile
    – Small chin (micrognathia)
    – Marked asymmetry of the eyes – left eye lower, narrower and at a sharper angle
    – Marked asymmetry of the eyebrows – right eyebrow significantly higher

    Note that although she looks very much like her father, she shares none of these features with him except for the general shape and length of the nose.

    If we add to this Björk’s incredibly developed pitch, sense of hearing, composing talent, visible joy when singing and downright addiction to everything music and sound (her native language and the one she is most fluent in as far as I am concerned is not Icelandic but music), coupled with her trademark disinhibitedness, warmth, vocal and physical expressiveness, propensity to fall in love with most men she closely collaborates with, drive to closely befriend all her collaborators, being extremely attuned to her own and other people’s feelings, marked curiosity about people, and interest in deeply understanding human emotions as well as communicating her own (this is basically the overarching theme of her entire career), and what do you get?

    Not this stupid, incredibly dehumanizing and extremely iffy membership in a “race” (nobody had the decency here to use the word “ethnicity” which is what this whole pompous discussion was really about – people pretend they have advanced knowledge of genetics yet don’t know how to use a dictionary) as most people here seem to want to prove (based on studies the trace of which cannot be found and on stories from friends of friends of twice removed cousins). Physical attributes of people are not entirely based on sets of genes that express ethnicity. Other sets of genes are also at play.

    Look up 7q11 duplication syndrome and 7q11 deletion syndrome. It will fit much better than any of these haughty race theories.

  9. “I have heard some say that some far north Scandinavians have Asiatic eyes though they are fully Caucasian”

    Yeah it’ll just be some Asiatic admixture when they have more Asian eyes. Like you said, Lapps have some. there’s been movement of people in the far north of Eurasia, along the arctic circle.

  10. These are not Asiatic eyes. They are a sort of European eyes.

    These are Asiatic eyes.

    But we hardly ever see them. Why is that?

    In East Asia, surgery to widen the eyes of children, even newborns is commonplace. It’s kept a secret so they can trap a marriage partner. Then it’s done to the next generation at birth.

  11. Being 62% danish, i can tell you this our skull is not Caucasian so why on earth do you all keep calling us that. We are one the earliest here. Do the math, heck even read about Japheth. It really isn’t that hard to figure that that Russia (North, East), Scandinavia, Asia (Central/East) all have the same forefather covering the coastlines. We all share the base modified facial plate. And I for one am glad I share those traits even if I can’t open my eyes all the way.

    1. RLW

      Icelanders to various degrees have maternal Native American DNA from Amerindians that were kidnapped or more likely traded for bronze by Micmac Native Americans.

      Obviously Bjork carries some degree of that ancestry in her gene pool.

      Leif Erikson himself had an Amerindian mistress.

      Danish are Germans, essentially.

      Lapps were in Scandinavia in Neolithic times when ancient Germanic tribes migrated North into Sweden and Norway but Danish do not have any Lapp blood.

  12. Hello! Very interresting article! Saami people from northern scandinavia also have asiatic eyes, And they live mostly in Norway and Sweden (lapland) They actually do look in some way asiatic and some look very similar to Inuit. I have mixed DNA (like most of us.) And I am for a big part scandinavian, and English). I have gotten the question if I was mixed Indonesia for some reason. So it is absolutely possible 🙂

  13. I think WNs are too obsessed with race. Where I live there are all sorts of people with little eyes who look somewhat Asian. I don’t even think they have any Asian or even Amerindian in them.

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