The Strange Case of Björk

Björk says she is 100% Icelandic. Both of her parents are Icelandic. Icelandics are a mix between Nordics and Gaelics. Those are both North European, pure Caucasian groups. OK, so how come she looks Asiatic?

Björk, the most Asiatic looking North European I have even seen, barring the Lapps.

That’s not the only photo of her. Lapps are the most ancient Caucasians of Europe. They do have a bit of Asian in them, but not much (7%). Surely some Scandinavians have some Lapp in them, but probably not much.

I much better guess is that Björk is part Inuit from Greenland. Iceland is very close to the Inuit-populated land of Greenland, with close ties to other Inuit regions in Canada. She’s obviously got some Inuit genes somewhere in her background.

I have heard some say that some far north Scandinavians have Asiatic eyes though they are fully Caucasian due to protective effects eyefolds have on the eyes from the glare of the sun shining on the snow. I think that’s dubious until proven otherwise. Most Norwegians and Swedes don’t look very Asiatic.

Best guess is she has an Inuit ancestor back there somewhere.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned she’s White.

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161 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Björk”

  1. Hey Robert, are Slavs/East Europeans also near the
    Caucasoid-Mongoloid border genetically. Many Russians seem to have light hair, skin, eyes with slightly Asiatic features such as longer, narrower eyes and high cheekbones. I’ve always felt that among non-Mongoloids, the Slavs were the closest to us East Asians.

    1. If you look at autosomal DNA, it doesn’t look like it.

      The Caucasian-Mongoloid divide runs from Turkey to the Bering Straight I think.

      Lapps have some Asiatic in them, and so do Finns. Russians have some Asiatic in them too. So do Czechs. But it’s not much. 7% in Lapps, 3% in Russians.

      But Punjabis are 14% Asiatic.

      The very heavy Mongoloid-Caucasoid mixes are in the North Turkics (Altai, etc.) . Also the Uighurs are ~40% Mongoloid. I think Kazakhs are 30% Mongoloid. You can for sure see Mongoloid influence in Tajiks, Pashtuns, etc.

      The Hazara are also very mixed.

      In the Stans it gets very hard to separate Asiatics from Caucasians. Those are truly mixed race people.

        1. yes much better ,haplogroups represent less than 1% of your ancestry one line out of thousands. e.g my father’s y-dna haplogroup is from india H1b,but autosomally he is only 4% indian,average european is abt 8% and slavs and some irish are 11%, so he is below average – if he went by his haplogroup he’d be indian, missing 96% of his ancestry.

      1. You said that “Czechs have some Asiatic in them”. You must be joking! We Czechs are fully white people. We are no less white than Germans, French, British or any other civilized European nation. I bet you know nothing about image of average Czech.

        1. Quite negligible isn´t it? “The overwhelming majority of mtDNA clusters, identified in Czechs, were of the western-Eurasian origin. The frequency of eastern-Eurasian (Mongoloid) mtDNA lineages in this population constituted 1.8% (haplogroups A, N9a, and M). African lineage (with the frequency of 0.4%) belonging to haplogroup L2a and marked by the +13803HaeIII variant was also detected.” (B. A. Malyarchuk, On the Origin of Mongoloid Component in the Mitochondrial gene Pool of Slavs).
          I just find annoying when someone try to say that Slavs (including us Czechs) are not fully white. Each European nation have some non-european components in his gene pool.

        2. I was told SIavs are not as brights as western there any truth to that? Thats why Hitler wanted Slaves to be used as slaves.

        3. Some Slavs can be quite bright. They are pretty bright as far as Whites go, as smart as White Meds or even smarter. And Poles and Czechs can be very smart.

          It is the Med Slavs like Yugoslavs who are not that smart.

        4. Out of curiosity, Robert, what is your opinion on the intelligence of Russians? If you do reply, please let me know what research your answer and the likes of such opinions as Yugoslavs being relatively not that smart are based on, cheers.

        5. Hi Czech, yes you’re true, czech are surely slavs with a touch of german (sudeti areas and bohemia). Anyway, I’ve been in a relaitonship with a czech girl and her best friend was tall, blonde, but with asian eyes and high cheekbones. She hadn’t any vietnamese heritage, she has even a german surname, but anyway she looked much more russian than western. I think the comment is referred to those kind of czech. Don’t ask me how asian genes ended up in czech, since it was never ruled by asian as Russia /ukraine was (tatars), anyway I live in northest italy and I have some of my relatives with asian eyes . Still I don’t understand why…

        6. To the Czech from Prague.

          Joking??? Who are the uncivilized nations in Europe? I can assure you that you do have Asiatic in your DNA unless you admit to being the missing link.

    2. No, Russiand do not have such features! I’m russian so I can say for sure. If a russian person have even slightly Asiatic eyes or is moon faced for instance, he or she is not russian! This person can be Tatar, Tadjik or Uzbek. But not definitely russian. And we can always say by his/her appearence about this person’s ancestors.

    3. SPECIFICALLY, she looks like the Sami people, which isn’t a surprise considering that Iceland, and the Sami people are all super-restricted genetic gene pools. They import “Fresh Blood” to avoid mistakes like Bjork.

      1. CS Albertson

        Nope, Iceland was founded by Norwegians who imported a few Micmac squaws (Traded by tribes in Maine and New Brunswick to Vikings).

        Icelandic gene pool has about 5% Amerindian.

  2. Epicanthic folds are not that uncommon among the indigenous population the Nordic countries. Bjork is not really an anomaly. I’ve been to Norway, Sweden and Finland, and I saw no lack of women who look like Bjork, particularly in Finland, where 60 percent of the population shares haplogroup N. That look is not as common in Sweden or Norway, but you see multiple instances of it everyday.

    1. Clearly, they have some Asiatic in them, no? How many pure Whites with no Asiatic in them evolved an epicanthic fold in the Arctic.

      Actually, no one knows where the epicanthic fold comes from. All Asians have it, including those who live in very hot places. Khoisans have them too, and they live in the African desert.

      1. Here’s a strange thing. I’m half Jewish but look more white than Jew. My father’s side (Jewish), his ancestors come from Russia and eastern Europe. My mother’s side is very white. Other than her olive skin she look very white. My wife’s side is very white also. And yet our American born white daughter has epicanthic folds. I don’t know if this is unprecedented but I haven’t seen it before in western whites (aside from Bjork as a prominent example). To me my daughter looks like some Scandinavian brunette I guess.

        1. You can’t be half Jewish – Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. You can be a white Jew, black Jew, Asian Jew, Hispanic Jew. Your religion is independent of ethnicity. If your dad is from Eastern European ancestry then he is most likely Caucasian. Looking “white” is irrelevant of your true genetic

        2. Hispanic isn’t equivalent of White, Black or Asian; Hispanic Jew would be a Spanish speaking Jew of any race, while the definition of White, Black or Asian Jew is about their race specifically.

        3. Ashkenazi Jews are not dark like Sephardic Jews. Genghis Khan and his vile army raped and spread their genes throughout Poland and Russia. I’m much paler than Bjork but still have Asian shaped green eyes.

          1. If you are much paler than Bjork then you must be invisible… and with Asian shaped green eyes too then you must resemble a creature.

      2. This is a pretty old topic but I’ll chime in. It is interesting when people argue over physical characteristics. Anyhow I already knew that all fetuses have the epicanthic eye in the womb. But I found some more info on it.

        all else equal, a lower-rooted nose bridge is more likely to cause epicanthic folds, and a higher-rooted nose bridge is less likely to do so.”

        “Many fetuses lose their epicanthic folds after 3 to 6 months of gestation.”

        “There are various factors that influence whether someone has epicanthic folds, including geographical ancestry, age, and certain medical conditions.”

        “Epicanthic folds can, and most commonly do, appear in East Asians, Southeast Asians, Central Asians, Indigenous Americans, the San people, Berbers, Inuit and “occasionally in Europeans (e.g., Scandinavians and Poles)”

        “Anthropologist Carleton S. Coon said that the “median fold” appears in “Finnic” and “Slavic” populations while the “true inner or mongoloid fold” appears in populations of the “east” and the “far north”

        “It is hypothesized that epicanthic folds are caused by climatic factors, and it may have originated more than once during human evolution. The genetic basis of epicanthic folds is not well understood.

        The fat above the eyes insulates the eyes, conserving body heat.”

      3. “Hitler hated Slavs because they were a “slave race”: always getting conquered. Also they allowed themselves to be conquered by Communists.”
        Wonder what he would have said about the Odobrites, a Slavic group that inhabited, during the early Middle Ages, what became the DDR.

        Polaks are known as mathematicians. Czechs are known as machinists.

      4. ” All Asians have it,”

        This is not true…many southeast asians like Malays generally do not have them.

  3. Bjork may be a “throwback.” Two Scandinavian looking individuals can produce an Asian-looking child if both carry Asian ancestry. The amount of Asian ancestry carried by the parents is not sufficient to show up in their appearance. Nevertheless, when they reproduce both might randomly pass along genes that code for Asian features, yielding offspring with relatively strong Asian appearance.

  4. Check out the shape of Renne Zellweger. Google the Sami people of Scandanavia and you’ll get some info on why possobly Bjork looks the way she does.

  5. I have definately seen Finns with very slight Mongol look whereas there are some others who have very obvious Mongol connection as far as their appearance.

    Most Russians are very white looking until you go to areas near the Mongolian border.

    Most Turks look very Caucasoid with only a very few with hint of Mongol, and its often only a hint in those that do have it.

    The most Asian looking people away from East Asia are some of the Central Asian countries – the Stans. There are also some in Afghanistan who have heavy Mongol appearance such as the Hazara and others who look a little Mongol because of mixing.

    1. “Most Russians are very white looking until you go to areas near the Mongolian border.” This is because Russia is a multiethnic country. The majority of people are Slavs, and they are white, but there are also peoples of mixed ethnicity as well as pure Mongoloids, such as Tuvans, for instance.

    2. I lived in Istanbul Turkey for 4+ years and a Turkish friend told me that the Mongols invaded that part of the world and fked all the Europeans and they now all look like that.. Running around with blonde hair and blue eyes.

      Seriously..that’s what he told me..Not sure if that’s true or not

  6. By the way, which page of this site can I locate the genetic ancestry chart that shows the relationship between different races? I have been looking for it for a while without success, but I’ve seen it before.

  7. Bjork’s appearance has nothing to do with asian genetics. Are the San Asian too? No. It’s an example of evolutionary adaption in action. Many scandinavians, especially in the more northern parts, have narrow eyes. You would have narrow eyes too if your ancestors had spent 1000 years squinting at the low lying sun.

    1. Scientists now say Scandinavians can carry 1-4 different Asian genes proven with DNA genetic testing. Asian type, shape eyes, high cheekbones trait of Scandinavians & Sami, Saami people of Norway.We dont have Asiatic features because our anscestors squinted at the sun. (LOL)A group of Africans still living have been linked through bones DNA, genes, to the first humans w all races in the world descended from. All races, nationalities carry genetic markers for Khosans , Khoisons. 1000’s genetic test done on people all races, all countries linked to Khoisons of Africa . Khoisons are different from other Africans. Khoisons are short, brown copper skin with Asian type eyes. scientists now believe the first humans on earth had the Asian type eyes , and that as races became distint eye shapes , nose, facial features, body builds , hair, eyes skin colors changed resuting in the races& racial traits presant in modern man.there were no races back when first hunmans appeared. they were ansestors of Khoisons, khosans , brown copper skin, asian type eyes & eyefolds. google Khoisons, Khosans asian eye type shape why?

    2. Bullshit! It’s a manifestation of her genes, proving clearly that purity is a defect. You need mixture to evolve the human race and fight genetic mutation.

  8. you’re right, bjork is actually a mix – perfect for geopolitical aspects the powers that be choose.

    bjork is also jewish, covertly, has that line in her family; which was very important to things politically pushed throughout the rise of her career.

    her label is predominantly that, business asssociates & various social networks – many people are extremely unaware of that.

    do your research without the pasted over bullshit.


      1. Did you know that the original Jewish Hebrews were black Africans? The Bible describes the Hebrews as lacking beards, resistant to the sun, and looking like Ethiopians.

    1. As the good lord says, we are all his children, please, all of you, learn to love one another as you would yourselves. Sound familiar? We are only here for a short time and we should do good to care for one another… A m I making sense? An old man! To the devil with race, we can all Interbreed, and and can inter-love, stop doing what the talking heads on the television direct you to do, etc., and tell you to think. Do what you believe is the right thing! Trust in the good lord, look around you! Look at the stars, all these things he has created, read your good book, and don’t be foolish. Amen! An old man.

  10. bjork has siberan and uralic elements like most scandinavians,slavs and germanics – ive seen it in all of them.Hers is more overt though she said she was called china girl growing up ,both her children though look fairly euro. I can see the celtic influence in her and her mother looks fairly north euro, I think autosomally she’d be abt 15-20% asian/siberian/greenlandic.

    1. “she said she was called china girl growing up ”

      I guess now the white trashionalists over at Stormfront have an excuse for their lust for asian women: they’re just asian looking white women (a neo-nazi wet dream).

      1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been there and they all condemn white guys with Asian women just like any other form of race-mixing. I think you’re confusinf Stormfront with the Steve Sailer-type fags. It is interesing that northern Europeans seem to have more Mongoloid in them while Mediterraneans do not.

  11. I think you’re all wrong. I’ve heard that a lot of Icelandics have that slight “Asiatic” eye look. Many do, and many do not. I’ve also seen it in photos in Nat Geo. It’s an Iceland thing, supposedly- doesn’t come from mixing w/other races. Comes from protecting from reflective glare off the snow/ice.

    1. Icelanders are supposedly decendants of Norwegian men who took Irish women as wives. Maybe Bjork is part black Irish.

    2. Greenland & Iceland were settled by Scandinavians. a certain % of Scandinavians Norwegians , Swedes, Finnish carry 1 -4 Asian genes . Many caucasion races can appear to have Asian type eyes. Native Americans, Inuit, Eskimo, the Mayans ,other ethnic Central & South American & Mexican ethnics carry Asian genes.Russians, Turkish & other caucasions also carry Asian genes . I have a beautiful 4 year old grandaughter , blue eyed blonde who could be photoshopped a with dark brown eyes and hair & she would be mistaken as an Asian child.My greatgrandmother, father, one son and a daughter, all with blue eyes , plus many Norwegian relatives in U.S. & Norway have Asian type eyes, high cheek bones.We love our Asian shape eye traits

      1. A must watch is the PBS’ documentary, I *think* the title is called the “Journey of Man” (it’s been a while since I’ve watched it). It traces the evolution of man from the beginning in Africa evolving to the different phenotypes, or races, as we classify them today, all around the world.

        I’m an American girl (“made in the usa” LOL) of full Korean descent. My hair is dark brown now, but when I was born (yes, with a full head of hair), my hair was very, very light brown, causing anglo americans to comment about the ethical qualities of my mother LOL.

        While growing up, all year round I would get “surfer” streaks or golden highlights ranging from blonde to light blonde, a little lighter than my sister’s, but my hair all of a sudden got dramatically darker in my mid-20’s and my hair no longer gets lighter by simply hanging at the beach or day to day sun exposure although I still have freckles. Before my mid 20’s I was often mistaken as being of mixed origins (asian x caucasian) and constantly asked if I bleached my hair. I also have semi-folds in eyes, a cross between my mother’s and father’s eyes, while my sister has full on monolids just like my dad.

        My mother is very, very porcelain with freckles, has lighter-medium brown hair with caucasian facial features (straight uplifted nose and “full” eyelids). Her nickname was “bunny” because of her wide eyed look and she grew up with the same hair as my sister and I did, while my father is dark skinned (like native americans, mexicans, south americans) with full on monolids.

        1. Oh I forgot to mention that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor in Inception) to me looks half asian, I swear he looks like he’s half chinese, half caucasian. But he is of Jewish descent.

        2. I think the best race is Japanese and maybe Korean… I love the Japanese Race and culture… I know Japanese and Koreans are at each others throats..but That’s so sad that they two of my fav groups of to Jews.

          The Japanese Samurai culture is the only culture I am ready to openly superior to anything to I know .. My Hindu culture and I am in awe!


        3. The Japaense samurai culture is so superior because if they really feel they have done something dishonarble, they would slit their own stomach to establish honor…by committing Sepaku.

          Now imagine if the christian evangelicals and Islamists of the world had 10% of that dignity and self respect, they would all commit Sepaku and the world would be a better place! 😛

    3. You are wrong Recent genetic tests Scandinavians can carry 1-4 Asian genes.Bjork actually has a typical Scandinavian , Sami, Saami, norwegian, Finnish look except with brown eyes , brown hair.What throws people off are Bjorks bron eyes & dark hair.

  12. Bjork is Jewish, really weird background, and super serious, virulent supporters since day one, very political, super boring and a bit pompous. She’s been famous since a little girl, she’s been abused when young-as most of these rare-breed mind-controlled politically useful icons have. It doesn’t matter at all regarding throw back genetics, she’s definitely got Jewish blood in her. Do your research. Also, during the cold war from the 50’s onwards it has been very important that the Jewish elite strategically kept Iceland from communist influence post WW2. Most people don’t realise this at all.

  13. It’s really interesting article for me, asian. why you guys(I guess u all caucasians) so interested with her asiatic, caucasian or european who looks asiatic but pure cocasian? I guess we have diffrent way to getting an interest of this topic. if not, ok. Anyway. Are there any studies or dissertation paper for this topic?

    1. Scientists recently genetically tested Scandinavians, Norwegians, Swedish, Finnish & latest findings are that a certain percentage of Scandinavians carry 1-4 asian genes . the link was studied because there are groups of caucasions who have Asian type eyes & features, high cheekbones , even though they are blue eyed blondes. this also occurs in Russians & other caucasion groups.I have a 4 year old daughter who if photoshopped to have dark eyes & hair would be mistaken for Asian by Asians. this is a Scandinavian trait.My great grandma , father, son, daughter, and family members U.S. & Norway. Type in Saami people Norway, Scandinavia. Asiansmigrated everywhere & many nationalities carry Asian genes, including ethnic Mexican, south & Central Americans, Native Americans, Inuit, Eskimo, Turkish, more. Mayan descendants DNA nearl 100% match to people on island off Japan which Japanese came from.These findings of Asian genes in so many Latino & caucaision groups are recent genetic findings.As for myself we have 5 children who are part, or half Asian mixed with Asian also. asians are a beautiful race of people.Bjork, the famous Icelandic singer looks like many Scandinaviansexcept she has dark hair & eyesMy blue eyed blode grandaughter has same type eyes. Asian genes are dispersed among numerous groups of people around the world. the oldest group of living people in Africa where first humans evolvedhave been linked by DNA to first humans on earth. they are the Khosans, or Khoisons Africa.All humans on earth have been genetically traced back to these people . The Khoisons are the short Bushman . they have brown copper skin & have the sian type eyes . All humans carry markers tracing back to this group in africa, even white Asian , Latinos. black Negroid people also evolved from first humans in Africa linked to Khosans. there were no separate races back when these first humans appeared in Africa. races separated afer humans migrated out of Africa. S with asian type eyes are answestors of all Asians too. Scientists now say Khosans, Khoisons Khosians ( cant spell ) type research Khosians & Saami people Norway, Laplanders & Mayans carry Asian genes Japanese genetics

      1. Two Points worth to mension here

        First that the first people to settle in Scandinavia after the iceage was the Finnish, then came the Same, then came the Scyths, Vandals, Picts, Vikings, whatever you call them. and then the Goths and so on. In the northern parts, the Finnish and Same influence is very visible.

        Secondly, the Bushmens nomination as the original race is based solely on the OOA thesis, which more and more ” evidence” seem to debunk.

        1. Surely the Sami are older in Europe than the Finns. OOA is still very much the real deal. It has not yet been replaced. The only difference is that they interbred with some relict hominids after leaving Africa.

        2. Caucasians split into two original groups according to the Greeks; Sacae and Getae.

          Sacae went south into Sumer and Persia; Getae went west into Europe. The Scythes were a descendant branch of both groups who stayed in the Caucasus. The Goths have been positively identified with the Guti from Sumer. In the Greek, “Trogus” Scythae are named as the progenitors of the Greek peoples but their self-identified, “father” invaded from Phrygia; Acmon. Vikings have been proven to have had continued trade contact down the Danube to the Black Sea all they way up into modern European monarchy times.

          Phoenician coins remarkably resemble Celtic coins in design, size, images, characters and objects on them. Phoenicia and Greece were one empire before Greece was a nation of city-states.

          Origin of Mizraim cognate to meaning of, “Menes” and history of his reign. Mizraim identified as a mythology of Menes; the man being traced to Babylon. Empire described as a ring around Mediterranean Sea.

          Greek words contain Sumerian root words.
          Greek words contain Sanskrit root words.
          -Greeks formed words and adopted words from foreigners.
          *Scandinavian peoples were Norse and driven into the peninsula by the Romans and Teutons in successive waves.

          Paul Pezron, “Antiquities of Nations”
          Secrets of the Viking Sword T.V. documentary
          Dimitri Baramki, “Phoenicia and the Phoenicians”
          Alexander Hislop, “The Two Babylons”
          L.A. Waddell
          George Cox + Thomas Strange
          -Plato, “Craytlus”
          *Julius Caesar + Tacitus

  14. This is a reply on someone’s comment about Slavs looking “Asian”. This idea is true because firstly, Genghis Khan and his empire invaded most of Europe centuries ago and secondly, the Hungarians have Turkic (Tatar) blood in them.

  15. This might explain why I too have been told I look Asian. My father is Danish with strong roots back to the Vikings, and my mother is a mix of Maori, English and Jewish. I therefore have ended up with my dads slightly slanty eyes, high cheekbones and strong jaw, with my mother’s colouring. Could it be that my dad carries an Asian gene?

    1. Yes, scientists now say a certain percentage of Asians carry 1-4 different Asian genes . this was proven through genetic testing. Scandinavians have Asian type eyes , high cheekbones. I know a blue eyed Finnish woman who is always asked if she is part Asian. she looks like blue eyed, gray haired Asian grandmother.type in Saami people research genetic link scandinavians , norwegians Asians

  16. Gaelic? Hardly. Not quite sure where you get that from. There is no population or language input from Ireland in Iceland. Is it for example because you find Sigur Ros doesn’t conform to a stereotype of stiff heartless Nordics?

    Having lived in Finland, I would say based on Björk’s looks that a Finnish/Sami connection is not unthinkable. When you consider that Iceland’s population came from Norway/Denmark and that there are still today Sami in Norway, it’s entirely possible she has Sami/Finnish roots.

    But then I have occasionally been mistaken for Greek or Spanish and have no known ancestors below Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

      1. Irish identified as race driven from Carthage by Romans. That’s Libya or North Africa for those who didn’t know. Irish taught Vikings ship-building.

        Description of Phoenician ships, by Phoenicians, identical to Viking ships.

        Lewis Spence, “The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain” pg. 23
        Dimitri Baramki, “Phoenicia and the Phoenicians

      2. Irish monks and Scots fisherman lived in Iceland prior to its settlement by Norwegian Vikings.

        Scientists believe a Labrador Amerindian female was the first person from the New World to give birth in Europe. A few Labrador Amerindian females from Canada followed Vikings to Iceland.

        I believe Icelanders posses something like 5-10% Inuit/Amerindian genes.

  17. Also, just because Nordics don’t have much in the way of asiatic genes doesn’t mean they cannot have characteristics reminiscent of Asians. I once knew a Finn who was tall, and kind of German looking. However, the skin around her eyes had something very Chinese about it. It was a feature you just don’t get in Western Europe. Not necessarily Asian in origin but certainly Asian in appearance.

    1. Please define “very Chinese about it”? There are over 56 ethnic groups of people in China. For example, Uyghurs, they mostly have Middle-eastern features. In anycase, I agree with you, Bjork definitly has some sort of Asian ancestry. Her eyes are just too hard pass her as a total northern european.

      1. Bjork has the look of a scandinavian. scientists have linked scandinavians, asians A certain percentage of scandinavians carry 1-4 Asian genes. Our children & people can look like blue eyed Asians with high cheekbones. Bjork looks Scandinavian Saami, or Sami 7 finnish. Photoshop blu eyes, blonde hair on Bjork, shell look Saami , Finnish. finnish, saami carry asian genes. My blue eyed blonde grandaughter , if photoshopped with dark hair & eyes would be mistaken as Asian by Asians . type in Saami, Sami of Norway, scandinavians , finnish Laplanders , genetic link to Asians.

    2. A certain % scandinavians, Norwegian, finnish, swedish, danish sami or saami carry 1-4 asian genes. Scandinavian blue eyed blondes have high cheekbones with a more Asian type eye appearance when compared to Germans, but this trait can be found in /russians, turkisk, mayans, Latinos as they also carry asian genes scientists now say.

  18. I have noticed Icelandic people have a slightly oriental look to their eyes.
    Does that mean they have Mongoloid genetics?

    Why did the Mongoloid race evolve the shape of eye they did?

    The theory is this shape of eye protects the eye against sunlight reflected off snow. That they evolved in a cold climate where it was snowy for a significant amount of the year.

    Is it snowy for a significant part of the year in the far north of Europe and Iceland?
    Yes it is.
    So the same conditions were operating for Oriental people are operating for Icelandic people.

    Is it any surprise that nature came up with the same solution?

    Not at all – it is to be expected.
    Problem solved.

    1. the oldest group of people now genetically linked with the first humans to appear on earth with DNA genetic studies are the Khoisons, or Khosons of Africa. they appear different that other Africans in that they are short, have the Asian type eyes & brown copper skin. all human races have now been traced back to the Khoisons, Khosons through DNA genetic testing of 1000’s people, all races, countries. Even Asians carry the genetic markers back to Khoisons in Africa. scientists now believe that the first humans who appeared in africa had the asian type eyeshape 7 lids, and that other eyeshapes evolved later when races volved . there were no races when first man appeared in africa. the first humans did not have Negroid features. As humans migrated out of Africa the separate racial traits 7 differences appeared. even blacks with Negroid traits descended from non Negroid humans. we all came crom the first humans in africa, even Latinos, Natives 7 caucasions. when some groups migrated out of Africa they faced different enviromental changeslike ice ages, cold climates & less sunlight which caused a lack of votamin D. this vitamin D deficiency triggered a genetic change which caused the body to produce less melanin over 1000’s years causing some groups to lose melanin & skin , eye & hair color lightened . this was a result of adaption of humants for survival. with so little sunlight large amounts of melanin was not neccessary to protect from sun’s radiation.norwegians, Scandinavians, Saami retained Asian type eye shapes , types.Many Scandinavians have Asian look with fair features, blue or light eyes.

  19. Possible explanations for Bjork’s distinctive look:
    a) Her autosomal DNA and Mtdna is typical of fellow Icelanders ; her look is just a fluke of nature.
    b) She has some distant Sami ancestry that happened to show through on Bjork.
    c) She has distanct Inuit/Eskimo Greenland ancestry .

  20. Her epithantic fold is definitly part of an Asian feature. I don’t care what the argument stands. Her eyes are definitly non european. I have mono-lid eyes and for the most part is quite close to hers and I ain’t got no Icelandic genes in my. lol. I also have noticed that many Sami people look ALOT like the Hmong people of southeast Asia.

    1. @NonKoolAidDrinker

      Re: “She looks more Irish than Asian IMO. Actually she looks like an elf”

      Agreed, all that’s missing’s the pointy ears.

      Perhaps she’s related to one of Santa’s elfs… 😉

  21. Considering we all came from the same atom (adam), it’s not inconceivable to believe that a person from one part of the hemisphere looks like one from the other. As those before me have said in one way or another, our features (in gene form) adapt to the conditions they are exposed to continuously. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all related, whether we like it or not and even though our physical features aren’t exactly what some may perceive them to be….you may just be part eggplant…

  22. Charles Bronson is a Lithuanian Tatar, who looks perhaps 25% Asian. Also Balts (Latvians and Lithuanians) sometimes look a little Asian, because they have about 60% common genetics with Finns). Here’s a Lithuanian women’s prison official, who has some kind of Asian appearance:
    Watch after 0:55 minute:
    He is Lithuanian. Also, this is a Lithuanian female singer, who looks at least 50% Asian:

        1. She looks white and her physical features are that of a white woman. She doesn’t ‘look East Asian’, as you put it. Given that you have no idea what attracts men to East Asian women, you clearly have no clue of the physical differences.

  23. It’s quite common for people in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Northern Scandinavia to have the “asian” look that Björk does, so if she says shes 100% Icelandic, it’s probably true, since Icelandic people can usually trace their heritage back at least a few centuries, if not all the way back to the settlement in 900. I’m Faroese and I can trace my heritage to at least 1500 where records start to become incomplete, and all in my family are Faroese according to their names, yet I have dark brown, straight hair, slightly “asian” looking eyes (without the epicanthic fold) and a really dark brown iris that makes my pupils almost invisible, but I’m really pasty white like most Nordic people.

  24. carly rae jepsen i guess for the surname jepsen,is northern european blood,and she looks quite asian! her nose and eyes and cheekbones

  25. I think that Bjork has a very typical Germanic look. Epicanthic fold which besides being typical for Asians is seen relatively frequently in certain European ethnic groups – Scandinavians, Germans, Irish. Moreover epicanthic fold was observed in some genetic abnormalities. So I think Bjork is 100% Icelandic and everything else is nonsense.

  26. She don’t really look strange or exotic to me, many in my family have similar look and I’m fully Norwegian(from the south-eastern part of our country)

  27. Mr. Lindsay, have you perhaps considered that the Bjork lady’s unusual features are due to African ancestry as opposed to Asiatic? Africans are not limited to certain craniofacial features, and a lot of Africans, such as Bushmen, have Asian features, such as slanted eyelids. Perhaps this Bjork lady’s female ancestors found a testosterone-ridden black African wanderer’s charm to be vastly superior to the inbred native redneck Viking crackers’ charm and secretly welcomed black African seed into her womb.

  28. I think there’s a very simple explanation for epicanthic folds in non-Asian populations. Babies of all races often have epicanthic folds. Some lose them as they grow older, some don’t. Similarly, babies of all races can digest lactose. Some lose that ability as they grow older, some don’t. In both cases, the genes to express or suppress the trait have arisen independently all over the world. Interbreeding isn’t required – mutations happen all the time. In fact, similar mutations happen not only in different populations, they also happen in different species – look at the recent revelations regarding the convergent evolution of bats’ and dolphins’ echolocation skills, requiring the same mutations in HUNDREDS of genes. Really, we shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

    FWIW, I happened upon this page because I’m a pasty-skinned guy with epicanthic folds who has done enough genealogical research to be fairly sure that my eyes came from a ggg-grandfather who came to the US from Ireland. I’m not at all surprised that there are Irish genes in Iceland. Björk looks normal to me (albeit in a sexy way) – it’s most other Europeans who look odd. 😉

  29. Firstly it’s Saami, not “Lapps”. Secondly, they don’t have “a bit of Asian”, they are Saami. They came to the area thousands of years ago from the Iberian peninsula. Before they intermixed with the Germanic white people they all “looked Asian”, but that doesn’t make them any more Asian than Native Americans. Get your facts in line!

  30. I have read the post and find it interesting on the need for Icelandic people to prove that they are purely white…By their looks, as with Bjork, it would not work.. I am Hispanic female who married a Hispanic man (we are Puerto Rican descent). I have sandy light brown hair and emerald green eyes and light skin. My mother, also Hispanic has blue eyes, light skin and sandy blond hair, my father tan, with green eyes. husband has brown eyes, coarse black hair and tan skin.
    Here is the catch;
    My oldest son has light brown hair, light skin and emerald green eyes, my second son has my mothers features which is blond hair, blue eyes and very light skin, same for my daughter who has green eyes and very light skin..Considering our parents come from a culture that live in the warm tropics, (we were born in the U.S.) my children have features that many people who meet them confuse with being white..
    My point is;
    we can claim to be a pure race, but somewhere throughout our ancestors there was a mixture. Who’s to say Europeans who traveled to these destinations up north married someone in Iceland, etc, and they themselves may have had ancestors who married from other cultures, like Asian, Spanish, or African!? Hispanics have a percentage of African in their DNA, but also European, Asian etc and the vast array of eye and skin color varies. True that DNA testing separates these ideals but I have some serious doubts on the results, graphs or not. But hey,
    congratulations for the Icelandic and the Scandinavians, but what is the point? really! I find it very hard to believe that in the beginning of human existence, they had all gotten together and made it a goal to inter marry to keep the race pure, if you ask me, it seems like they would now be marrying cousins……

  31. My grandmother was from Norway and she had this exact look. I have it somewhat as well. Nobody EVER guesses me as Norwegian. There is no known Sami blood in our family. We’re from the Sognefjord region.

  32. The original inhabitants of Scandanavia were NOT caucasian. They where Finno-Ugric people whose genetic lineage survives among the Saami(Lapps) and the Suomi(Finns). That explains why some Scandy people have Asiatic features. In the case of Bjork I suspect that given her Icelandic origins she might very well have some Inuit ancestry as the Germanic peoples from Scandavia who sailed to Iceland and Greenland interbred with the Greenland Inuits.

  33. Might I add: Finno-Ugric peoples, the majority of whom live in European Russia near the Urals and Western Siberia, are generally mongoloid in their physical appearance. They share a common genetic marker on the Y-chromosome(Haplogroup N1) which is found in 70% of the Finnish population. I wonder how common this marker is found among other Scandies.

  34. A DNA test would put the facts straight. There is a known percentage of people with at least partial ethnic Inuit heritage in Iceland. Don’t let the Scandinavian first and last names fool you. Even in the more serious parts of the non-anglophone international press she is in fact said to be half Inuit. Her ethnic mix is similar to the one of the Greenlanders, those being a mix of ethnic Danes and ethnic Inuit wearing Danish first and last names. By the way, the Celtic part of the Icelanders is absolutely minimal, it cannot have been more than two handful of people who settled in Iceland, probably as slaves of the Vikings, and left a tiny share in the gene pool of Iceland.
    Björk should wear her heritage with pride instead of hiding it.


      According to researchers the first American baby born in Europe was to a Labrador AmerIndian female who accompanied Vikings back to Iceland from Canada.

      Later Inuit females followed from Greenland, however.

    1. Not sure, but Turkic peoples are right on the border, South Indians are in Caucasoid but way over towards Asian, and I have seen charts where the Chukchi, an arctic people, are over in Caucasian.

      1. Robert, you certainly have studied. Well done! To add to the mix, I am a mixture of Icelandic, Scottish, French, maybe some Spanish, & North Americain Indian, possibly somewhere there is a connection to Jewish heritage, that i am not sure of, but even so where do I fit in to the Grand Master’s artistry? ( I was adopted and didn’t know for 66 years what mix i really was. To add to this mix, my 2 daughters father is a mix of North Americian Indian, French, Danish,and English or British. Both daughters have dark brown hair one born with blonde hair, one has dark blue eyes, her sister has a mix of green and brown or grey eyes depending on the time of day. My eldest daughter married a Metis, mixture of French and North American Indian, her children have dark brown hair, brown eyes and when the oldest one was born, he had a full head of black hair and looked like he was Inuit, totally. So with all these mixtures within only three generations, I really think there are not any “pure” people if they take a look at their ancestory.
        This is a very interesting read, thank you and my birth name (last) was also Gudmundssonsdottir, and/or Halldorssonsdottir. My biological mother gave me her last name at the registration of my birth, i didn’t know my biological father’s family were Halldorson’s’ until I was 66 years old.
        So, I got along in life not knowing anything much about my biological infor for 66 years, and now that i do know, i am still the same person i was the day i was born and will be until the day I die. My birth name was changed when I was 3 years old to a Scottish Sir Name, i danced the Scottish Highland Fling, the Sword Dance, marched with the Pipes and Drums, had a great time doing that, learned and sang Irish and Scottish songs, said my prayers in English as a child, then went to the Catholic Church and raised my family Roman Catholic, then attended North Americain Indian Ojibway ceremonies, kept praying to the God, attend Church when I want to, also have a personal relationship with God as I understand him, who Created the mixture of me and of all things, and still love to live my life-mixed up or not. So in my opinion Robert, “I believe, as long as as a person lives a good life for as many days as we are given to live, I shouldn’t worry about from whence I came, it doesn’t change who we/I really are, do you agree?

        Last but not least, I did enjoy reading the thoughts and beliefs of others in regards to Iceland’s Sweatheart & Lady,Bjork! Gudmundsdottir.I love to listen to Bjork…

  35. I don’t think she looks Asian, their eyes are a bit different and they usually have skin that’s more sallow or brown than florid like Björk’s.

    Her eyes look a bit slanted, but not quite the same shape as you usually see Asians…

  36. Is is possible that the Icelandic people will soon transition into neomongoloids given with the very cold weather?

  37. Native Americans and Inuits are Asians and it is very reasonable to think that the same forces / conditions driving Asians into the 25 – 60K years ago might have given them access all across the North of Europe. Genetically they would not match the modern Asian genome because they would have split from a common precursor, but many redheads seem to have Asian features. One wonders if Inuit / Asian people might be some part of ancient Celtic mythology. It definitely seems to fit: “The Celts, as we have learned from Caesar, believed themselves to be descended from the God of the Underworld, the God of the Dead. Partholan is said to have come into Ireland from the West, where beyond the vast, unsailed Atlantic Ocean the Irish Fairyland, the Land of the Living – i.e., the land of the Happy Dead – was placed. His father’s name was Sera (? the West)”. – thx Wikipedia…

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