Idiot Tries to Lift Half-Ton Barbel, Nearly Dies


This video is supposed to be gross, sick and horrible, but I was laughing the whole time.

Some meathead fool tries to lift a 1000 pound barbel. I guess he sort of succeeds, I mean he’s able to hold it. Then it crushes him down towards the floor and he pukes all over the head judge (LOL!). Then they help him put him back on the bar. After that he almost dies. I mean he passes out (Lulz!).

Unfortunately, he doesn’t die. I was really hoping this guy would die, because I like to see idiots get killed. Serves em right! I mean, if you do that, you’re dumber than a housepet. A housepet is generally terrified of anything that has like a 2% chance in Hell of killing them. Only humans defy fate like this.

Sadly, he doesn’t die, he just passes out. When he finally comes to, they help him to his feet. Then all the other meatheads give him a big cheer, too bad not a Bronx one. What they are cheering for I have no idea. For puking halfway across a room and aiming right at the ump’s face? That took balls, admit it. For passing out on the floor in front of chicks? I hope not. For not dying even though he deserves to? I guess.

Let me tell you something, Logan Lacy. If I were God, I would have killed you just for even thinking about tempting me with this stunt!

Hang on a sec. I have God on the phone:

“Do not fuck with me, Logan Lacy, you meathead punk! I kill 10,000’s of people every day who don’t even deserve it. Don’t mock me, buddy! Don’t even think about it! You thought this was nasty? Hell, I was being nice! You don’t even want to deal with me when I’m in a bad mood, buddy!”

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