When Reactionaries Attack

It used to be that the average person was sane on most things. I will take my mother as your average person. Despite being a Republican for many years, she knew a few truths that were not friendly to capitalists.

That workers and owners are enemies under capitalism. That Communist regimes made great strides in health care, education, feeding and housing the people, and giving everyone a job. That unions are good for workers. That primitive people lived under a communist style culture. That the fencing of the Commons was a horrific nightmare for the average resident of the Britain and Ireland. That the US government gave away tons of free land to the railroads to keep workers from getting it and to proletarianize them and force them to sell their labor.

What we are seeing now is the horror that has resulted from the collapse of Communism. The rightwing has been radically emboldened by this failure, and they are pushing the craziest revisionist madness everywhere. The capitalists never give up, never say uncle, never concede an argument, never use logic and always and everywhere hate the truth. Information and theory is not a search for truth for the capitalist but only a sport or a form of warfare, one that will go on forever as long as they are capitalists alive to keep lying.

Did you know land reform always fails? Did you know that primitive man was actually a capitalist “free agent” negotiating his labor with his equals, like you now, chiefs and kings?

Did you know Mao killed 70 million? Did you know Stalin killed 60-110 million and the USSR period was one entirely of starvation, mass ruin and poverty? Did you know that Stalin and Mao were the biggest murderers of all time, much worse than the rightwingers’ hero, the far rightwing ultimate anti-Commie, Hitler? Did you know that Nazism was a leftwing movement? Did you know that Hitler was a socialist? Did you know that Stalin and Hitler were allies having a lovefest?

Did you know that mass budget cuts during a recession or Depression actually help the economy grow out of the downtown and do not worsen the economic crisis? Did you know that Roosevelt actually worsened the Depression with his massive spending and that Hooverism was actually the cure for the Depression?

Did you know that government health care and education always fail, and that private education and health care is the way to go? Did you know that privatization is the best thing for society in all cases, including especially the workers? Did you know that socialism is bad for workers? Did you know that unions actually harm workers? Did you know that deregulation is best for everyone? Did you know that tariffs and trade protectionism has been proven to be a failure, despite centuries of evidence to the contrary?

Did you know that the more socialist a government, the murderous the state is (RJ Rummel)? Did you know that libertarianism is the savior of the working class, the consumers, the environment, Hell, everything under the sun? Did you know that global warming is a fraud?

It’s really unfortunate that the Right has gotten so emboldened, because now the sane people have to spend all of our time refuting rightwing cant that was buried long ago, and has only been resurrected, zombie-like, from the dead, with the capitalist intellectual rally since 1989.

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5 thoughts on “When Reactionaries Attack”

  1. Hey Robert, wouldn’t you say an anti-Jewish right-wing is better than a pro-Jewish, neocon type right-wing? If you’re going to be right-wing, you should at least be against the parasitism and decadence of the kikes.

    1. Dunno, I am not too wild about either. But Nazis are not a problem in the US, not even for Jews. There is no anti-Semitic Right in the US. It’s gone, it’s nothing.

      Rightwing neocons are a serious menace to America and to the whole damned world.

  2. Libertarian thought, alive before 20th century, took a backseat with the advent of ideas like Communism and Keynsianism, but Modern Libertarian thought mostly arose in the 1940’s a response to WW2 and all it’s consequences.

    There is some serious revisionism going on right now, but it’s not all a bad thing. Leftists are responsible for quite a bit of revisionism themselves. Don’t blame it all on the reactionary right.

    And for your information, Libertarianism is not part of the right. Most of the right is like a retarded child who bastardizes Libertarian thought because deep down they’re Socialists just like yourself, Robert.

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