US White Colllar Workers – The Untimate Traitors to Their Class

These highly paid white collar workers all hate workers, hate unions and love the bosses and love management. This is a problem with all highly paid White collar workers in the US. They’re essentially traitors to their own worker class and work for the management/boss enemy. They don’t realize that the bosses will fuck them in a NY minute given half a chance.

I am convinced that hardly any Americans, much less American workers, actually understand the most basic things about how capitalism works. On the contrary, even the stupidest bosses have the essentials all figured out.

A company makes gross income. After that comes in, it pays expenses.

If there are profits left over, it has a choice to divide them between workers and bosses.

LOL, which one do you think they choose?

They want to give 100% to the company and 0% to the workers.

The workers try to negotiate to get a fair share of the profits to share with the company, but the company never wants to give them a thin dime. In fact, even after massive profits come in, the company will typically try to cut wages, benefits and pensions, make working conditions worse, etc. The reason for this is that no amount of profits is ever enough.

As corporations are owned by stockholders, they are required by law to maximize profits come Hell or high water. If a corporation tries to be nice and share some of its income with its workers, the stockholders can fire the CEO and management and replace them with new ones for failing to maximize profits.

Have you ever invested in a corporation on the stock market? I have.

You get this nice big fat prospectus. In there, the company, among other things, brags about how hard they fuck their workers. If they’re non-union, they shout if from the skies! “We are non-union, and we hope to stay this way in the foreseeable future.” This is the company you want to invest in! If you get two prospectuses, one from a company that brags about how it is non-union and another which admits they are union (Must they admit this in a prospectus?) a savvy investor always invests in the non-union company, all other things being equal.

If a corporation gives workers a raise or ups benefits, often its stock actually declines on Wall Street. Yes, it is true! If a company forces workers to take a big wage and benefit hike and worsens working conditions, its stock should see a nice big rise.

Isn’t the stock market a wonderful thing?

All hail capitalism!

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3 thoughts on “US White Colllar Workers – The Untimate Traitors to Their Class”

  1. This is probably why the neoliberal shills in every major media outlet parrot the li(n)e that “everybody is in the stock market” whenever they can.

  2. BTW, I’m having some success popularizing the term “neoliberal” among friends and acquaintances. We’ve all got to work on this!

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