More on the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis

More on what I call the Peru-Pakistan Axis. The Peru-Pakistan Axis is a region of Arabized peoples who have been culturally Arabized due to Arab influence. It includes non-Arab nations and regions like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the Caucasus, Turkey, the Christian Arabs, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Southern Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, especially the parts not heavily Africanized. From The Study of Racialism site:

A long time ago, I dated a girl whose parents were from Reggio di Calabria – which is right at the tip of the toe of the boot in Italy. A few years later, when I was studying French, I read Née en France – Histoire D’une Jeune Beur by Aïcha Benaïssa. As I read that book, I realized I was imagining the author’s family as family of the girl I dated.

The cultural similarities were very strong, with the the domination of women by the family, the belief in the “evil eye” and spells, and the controlling father who in turn fears his own mother, the separation of the women and the men, the older women trying to play matchmaker, the elevation of female purity/virginity etc.

One can see how there is an underlying common culture which has existed probably since pre-Roman times that has simply had Islam/Christianity superimposed upon it.

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46 thoughts on “More on the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis”

  1. Hey Robert, are the people of Jordan essentially Palestinians? Reason why I ask is because it seems when people discuss Levantine Arabs, they mention Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese, but don’t say “Jordanian”. I thought Jordan was once part of the Palestinian Mandate under the Brits. And are Anatolian Turks that different from Levantine Arabs in physical appearance? And how is that the Jews were the only Semitic people in the Levant/Iraq region who avoided becoming Arabized?

    1. Those are tribal peoples living there = Bedouins. Bedouins are quite a bit different from Levantine Arabs. Jordanians have more in common with people like Saudis, Western Iraqis, Eastern Syrians, Southeastern Palestinians and Sinai Egyptians. All of those people. Bedouins have a fair amount of Black in them and are one of the most distant of any Caucasian groups to Caucasian core. They are very much on the boundary between Caucasians and Africans genetically, like the Berbers.

      I do not know how different the Turks look. I think that Levantine Arabs like Palestinians have a lot more Black in them. Palestinians are up to 13% Black. Syrians are 5% Black. Turks are maybe 1% Black. Your average German is about as Black as your average Turk.

      The Jews simply refuse to convert, period. Jews don’t convert out, no matter the hardships. However, many Jews did convert to Christianity and then probably to Islam. At least the ones in Palestine anyway. They’re just lost to the Jews.

      1. Do Jews have the same amount of Black blood as Syrians, Palestinians etc.? If they don’t, is it because they became isolated in Europe?

        1. Nope, Jews are interesting because they are one of the few people in Europe and the Near East with little to no Black blood. This even includes Arab Jews! Other groups that have no Black blood are found in the Caucasus. Everyone else in Europe has some Black blood, and all Arabs do.

          Apparently Jews did not keep Black slaves and the Muslims had Black slaves and bred in with them, hence the Black blood in the Arabs outside of Africa. The Arabs of Africa are mostly just Arabized Berbers and they have long bred with Blacks. But the Jews of North Africa may have little Black blood.

          Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews also have little to no Black blood because not only did they not keep Black slaves, but they only bred in with other Jews for the most part. Much of the Black blood may have come into Europe after 1000, when Jews stopped breeding with Gentiles in Europe.

          Your average Brit, German or Russian has way more Black blood than the average Jew! Strange but true. Jews are very pure Whites or Caucasians in that sense. However, even Ashkenazi Jews are very close to Asians genetically.

          That is because they come from West Eurasia, where most folks are on the border between Caucasian and Asian (Iranians, Turks, Caucasus, Armenians, Kurds, etc.). All of those folks are Caucasian-Asian borderline types.

    1. Yes, all of those Caucasians like that are on the edge of Caucasian and Mongoloid. I know they don’t look Asian, but if you look at the charts, this is where Caucasian starts turning into Asian – Armenians, Jews, Kurds, Turks, Caucasus, Iranians, Pashtuns, Indians, etc.

      When you get over to NE Asia, you start running into Mongoloids that are shading into Caucasians: Koreans, Japanese, Manchurians, Mongolians, Siberians and especially Chukchi. On some charts, Chukchi are actually into Caucasian, even though they look Mongoloid.

      Genes are pretty weird. Appearance doesn’t always line up with the charts.

      1. I’m well-versed in Y-DNA, and haplogroup J, which is common in Jews and the other groups you mentioned, doesn’t really have any relation whatsoever to Mongoloids. And what do you mean when northeast Asians shade into Caucasoids. There are no “white” haplogroups in Koreans for example. And Jews and other Mediterranean Caucasoids seem more like a cross between Caucasoid and Negroid rather than with Mongoloid. For instance, take a look at their large bulging eyes. If, like Kazakhs, they were part Mongoloid, they would have much narrower, smaller eyes.

        1. Well, if you look at the main Cavalli-Sforza charts using autosomal DNA, those groups that I mentioned are where the Caucasian end of the charts starts ending and the Mongoloid end of the chart starts beginning. In a lot of cases, it’s hard to figure out which group to throw them into.

          I’m not looking at Haplogroups or any of that. I’m just looking at the autosomal charts as a whole.

          See here. Most of the charts were in Cavalli-Sforza’s book and I could not copy them, but if you have the book, you can see where the groups shade from one into the other.

          There are no hard and fast races like Black, Mongoloid and Caucasian. They shade from one into the other very imperceptibly and sometimes it is hard to figure out what group to put them in. As you can see in that chart, Chukchis are in the Caucasian square. But they look like Mongoloids. This is what I mean.

        2. Meds are not anywhere near Africans on the charts. Italians, etc. and Iranians are right next to Swedes and British.

          The Meds that are close to Blacks are the Bedouins and the Berbers, who are quite on the edge between African and Caucasian. This is where African and Caucasian shade into one another.

          I’m telling you, can’t look at features. You have to look at genes. Genes and features do not line up too well.

          Judged on the amount of Black blood, Jews, Chechens, Iranians, Assyrians, Kurds, Armenians, etc. are by far the purest Whites of them all. All of the peoples of Europe have some Black blood in them.

          If you look in Cavalli-Sforza’s book, the Mongoloids start shading into Caucasians up in NE Asia, with the Koreans, Japanese, Ainu, Mongolians, etc. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what group to put them into.

      2. Caucasian starts “turning into” Asian in two places: Central Asia and western Siberia. Borderline peoples include Turkomen, Uzbeks, Uygers, Samoydes, Khanty, Chuvash etc.
        Armenians, Kurds, Jews, Persians and even most Turks aren’t on the edge of anything. They’re pure/near pure Caucasians.

    1. Huh? I always thought you were a White nationalist! LOL, guess not.

      I don’t really know the answer to your question.

      But if you look at Koreans and Japanese carefully, to my eyes anyway, at least the males often appear quite Caucasian. This is particularly the case with many Japanese males. To me as a Caucasian, the resemblance is quite clear.

      Koreans are descended from Mongolians who came down to the Peninsula 5,000 years and overrun whoever the original Koreans were. Mongolians are 14% Caucasian. There has been a lot of Caucasian-Mongoloid mixing in that part of the world for a very long time, especially in the ancient era.

      For instance, Caucasians were created 42,000 YBP from a mixture of proto-North Chinese (maybe an Ainuid type) and proto-East Africans (possibly a Masai type). 2/3 Chinese, 1/3 Black created the Caucasians.

      Anyway, the proto-Chinese themselves came from Blacks only about 20,000 years before.

      The original Asians looked like Blacks. They looked something like the Negrito types. 9,000 YBP, even NE Asians looked like Australoids. Their skulls looked like Negritos, Ainus, Melanesians, etc. They transitioned from Australoid to Mongoloid in NE Asia about 9,000 YBP.

      1. Koreans are not part Caucasian! Show me any DNA study that says Koreans are part Caucasian. The West Eurasian DNA in Mongols comes from they’re own contact with Caucasian peoples in Central Asia. East Asians that branched off of Mongols in pre-history don’t have the slight Caucasian influnce that Mongols have.

  2. And I thought that groups that are on the borderline between Caucasoid and Mongoloid would be Central Asians rather than West Asians such as Kurds,
    Jews, etc. The Kazakhs, Uzbeks, for instance, have haplogroups that are both Mongoloid and Caucasoid, which matches with their appearance.

    1. Those ones are *really, really really* on the border. In fact, a lot of those groups are right on the edge between Caucasian and Mongoloid and it’s really hard to figure out which group to put them in. The NE Asians are clearly Mongoloids, but they are getting over towards the edge. For instance, they are very close to the North Turkics like Altai, etc. and those people are right on the edge of Caucasian/Mongoloid.

      There is a line Mongoloid/Caucasian border running from about Turkey all the way up to the Chukchi Peninsula where these two races shade into each other.

    2. You’re correct, anon, Central Asians and West Siberians are the “borderline” between Caucasoid and Mongloid. Kurds, Jews and Persians are just plain ol’ Caucasoids. I’ve read that Kurds are a whopping 2% Asian.

  3. Why did you think I was a white nationalist? And if Koreans and Japanese look that Caucasian, why are Asians always portrayed like dickless nerds by the kike media?

    1. Not sure, you’re an anti-Semite, and all the anti-Semites on here are WN’s LOL.

      Well, have you looked at photos of a lot older Japanese men? To us Whites, a lot of them look sort of like us in the faces.

    2. That stereotype wouldn’t take hold if there wasn’t some truth to it. Most Asians I’ve met do come off like that, especially when they’re trying to prove they’re not. They might have a better shot if they just left that whole thing alone.

      That being said, I do know two Caucasian women who developed Asian fetishes from watching martial arts movies. One of them has a bedroom that’s basically a shrine to Jackie Chan.

      As for Jews and Asians. I know one Jewish guy who looks like a cross between a corpulent Japanese dude and a Lovecraftian fish person, although it’s tough to tell where on ends and the other begins.

  4. Thats because Northeast Asians and Europeans both evolved in cold climates. I’ve always suspected that whites and yellows were closer to each other compared to the darkies. Do you think Jews in America have it out for us Asians? If WN’s think the Jews are after them, take a look at us! Their media always shits on Asian males, causing Asian women to marry whites at unnatural rates.

  5. Robert, if East Asians, especially the Koreans, look Caucasian, then, I’m sorry, you need to get your eyes checked. Any resemblance between the is uncommon.

    I’ve seen more West Africans — san skin color and hair type — that look more Caucasian.

  6. To Anon,

    “Their media always shits on Asian males, causing Asian women to marry whites at unnatural rates”.

    The Jews don’t control all the media. Rupert Murdoch owns a fair chunk of media and he isn’t Jewish.

    The media in general always attacks white people and our Western secular culture. I see the media as being indoctrinated Socialist children undermining society with lies, deceit and poor journalism.

    I lived in Japan and the “kikes” don’t own the media there but Japanese women love white guys and alot of white guys reciprocate the feelings.

    I am not attracted to dark people but everyone’s chemistry is different but I do find some Asian women attractive. It seems alot of Asian women find white guys also attractive.

    1. So what are Asian guys supposed to do when white guys take our women and white women don’t reciprocate?

      1. Tough one, man, I don’t know. I assume that the same things work for Asian guys as work for White guys. That is, game.

        What is your confidence level like? How good is your game? How do you come across? What are your social skills like? Do you work on your social skills all the time? I do.

        I assume that an Asian guy with great game who walks around like he’s the King of the World should have no problem getting women or one type or another.

        But I don’t know much about Asian guys and what they go through.

        1. I’m not shy but I’m pretty reserved at the same time. By the way, do you think Asian guys have it the worst here in the States?
          And why would Jews fuck with us when we have done nothing to them? Their media constantly portrays Asian guys in the worst possible light and Asian women are hypersexual gook whores. We’re not Arabs or some traditional enemy of the Jews. So why do they fuck with us like that?

        2. I don’t know anything about the media, and it’s not as Jewish as you think. Those stereotypes are more the ones of US Whites. US Whites fantasize about hot Asian babes and think Asian guys are dorky and nerdy.

          I’m starting a post today about talking to women. I want you guys to write in and tell me about your experiences talking to women. If you try to talk to hot chicks, even better! Those are my favorites! Then we can analyze where you fuck up or what you should say or do.

        3. They usually do get some women. but usually the left overs and not the most attractive. A super hot Lebanese, Italian, Arab chick will usually ignore them because of the vast options she has.

      2. “So what are Asian guys supposed to do when white guys take our women and white women don’t reciprocate?”
        Step up your game. Since fighting it the tribal way is not a legally sanctioned option where you live, you’ll have to fight it out in this cruel and competitive world.

        “I assume that an Asian guy with great game who walks around like he’s the King of the World should have no problem getting women or one type or another.”
        That. In my personal observation, East Asians are discriminated against not because of any institutional discrimination but because they aren’t masculine enough. Women, including their own women, sense that and drift away when a more masculine option appears over the horizon.

        1. I disagree, no matter how masculine, Asians are too alien & different looking which is another reason why no off-race women finds them that attractive. Inter-racial relationships are the exception, usually people prefer their own crowd; I highly doubt a Lebanese/Arab girl will ever find anything attractive about an Asian guy, considering how he looks and the fact that he is an Asian, when she has top caliber looks and masculine men of her own & other races. Sorry it just doesn’t work that way, Asians usually get the left-over girls of other races.

    1. Right.

      I started a new thread on chicks and talking to them. It’s not so easy. Feel free to chime and talk to us. Telling about your experiences trying to talk to chicks, or dealing with them in any way. What kind of women do you want to talk to? Attractive, average, homely? Does it matter? What age? Anything else? Then tell us about some of your experiences trying to talk to chicks, and we will see what we can do. We will all brainstorm for each other and try to help each other out.

  7. Robert, I am short on time, but I did want to add something. You should do more to expand this term “Pakistan-Peruvian Axis” as much as you can. I mean literally get it out there. It is a line of thought that deserves a good deal of academic research. There is defiantly something to it.

  8. Robert, have you ever considered that there may be similar traits becasu they’re all meditteraenian peoples? The idea that greeks are arabized is a joke. Greece has taken influence from that area, but it was from pre-arab cultures of the area. If anything, arabs are somewhat hellenized due to the archetechtural and cultural legacy of byzantium and anciet greece in the levant and surrounding regions. The persians may taken arabic writing (or had it forced on them by imperialists) but they origianted much of their own culture. As with the Greeks, we can say that persian to arab influence has been much greater.

    Frankly Robert, I think your who line of thought on the “Pakistan-Peruvian Axis” is extremely flawed.

  9. Robert, the quote from the Study of Racialism site is comparing France and Italy – two Latin Catholic European countries. How does this support your Pakistan Peruvian Axis theory?

      1. Not sure if this is the latest post on the influence of Arab culture. I have just moved to S.America and have been grappling with the cultural realities and how these are the root causes of so many of their, by now almost typical, societal problems. And very sad and frustrating to come up against, especially as I am fluent in the language and interact alot, and so am able to see the depth of these characteristics.

        I was already aware of the strong Mid Eatern racial mixing in Iberia and even more so in S.America, as many of the early colonisers fled the inquisition. Then I have read of much of the cultural links from the time of the Arab presence in S.Europe. Then a large portion of 20th century immigration to S.America was arab.

        Day by day I link more characteristics with a common zone, as Carroll Quigley described, from Pakistan to Peru, altho I am not sure where he got his Asian influence.

        What is fascinating is that (seemingly) no academic has written about this and described these deep-seated cultural differences. Its so not PC isnt it! But if we could attack the problems at their roots there could be great changes.

        The other big influences are Rome. Then also the Indians, for want of a better word. African slaves. And some N. European.

        My question is can you point us to research on the Arabised cultures and on the Roman cultures – the impact on how people think and then on societal structures. And specifically on S/.America where these two both touch down.


  10. Hi! Can the Philippines be included in the Pakistani-Peruvian axis? We are a former Spanish colony where backwardness still prevails despite Western and East Asian influences. Also Mindanao is Muslim. Most men here are no more different than Latinos and Arabs, too macho, narcissistic killers, and womanizers, who can’t afford to lose. That’s why until now, there’s no divorce here, birth control is not free (the newly passed reproductive health law is not implemented yet), and politicians here act like wild animals while Church officials are actually two-faced, pretending to be compassionate to the masses, but actually biased to the rich. Also, most people here tell that we have superior moralistic values but actually barbaric. And most of all, don’t offend the Filipino male because he will make you a punching bag.

    Although in Manila there are cultured, educated, Westernized men, they are outnumbered by the chauvinistic men. They are usually lazy, irresponsible, undisciplined, and hot-headed and will fight you to death if you criticize them. Do you want a sample? Say something bad about my country, and be ready to be bashed by my fellowmen.

    Extrajudicial killings are common here because of their violence, as well as road rage, and election protests. And the worst is they love to sire children with different women and flirt with prostitutes, yet they demand the women be virgins. Unfortunately, my father is included in these hogs. This is also the reason why I don’t date most Filipino men and dreaming of dating Western men instead.

  11. I cannot believe what bigotry and racism exists on this site.You finger-pointers should know that 3 fingers are pointing at you. Let me remind you from the Bible John:8:7
    “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.Most of you probably never heard of the Bible.Have you?Even if you did, never live it!

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