Internet Radio, Video and Blogging as a Form of Media Communism or Socialism of the Media

Actually, I think that blogging is a form of Communism. Under true Communism, the media will be so democratized, that, say, everyone can more or less own his own printing press in a sense. Like back 200 years ago in the US, when a major city may have had hundreds of little papers, often just little broadsheets run off by individuals.

As you can see, monopoloy capitalism has been a catastrophe as far as that goes. Most cities have one paper. Newspapers are becoming more and more consolidated. We only have a few newsmagazines. There are only a few news channels in any city, and they all take the same line. The national news channels are few, and all speak with the same voice. A few owners own almost all of the radio channels, especially the news channels in the US.

In this way, a few capitalists, all quite rightwing, have monopolized all forms of media. The Internet is the ultimate in socialism and democratization of media because the cost to set up and run a blog is basically zero. It’s a serious threat to the media monopolist capitalists, so they are trying to destroy it by getting rid of the open net via the FCC, making it pay to play, creating fast lanes and slow lanes,getting rid of net neutrality, etc.

I also support pirate radio and the ability of anyone to set up a radio channel. This is occurring on the Net as people set up Net Radio. I further support public (socialist) use of the airwaves instead of selling them off to the highest bidder. I would like to see say 600 channels on cable and allow you or me to have our own channels, if we could afford the equipment. That would put you and me on the same footing at CNN and Fox and lower the cost of entry to the market.

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