It’s Not Helpful to Arguments About Black Mental Inferiority…

When even the Black leadership acts like a bunch of retards.

Seriously? The NAACP can’t tell the difference between planetary “black holes” and “Black ho’s'”?

Someone needs to stop these Black people before they make fools out of themselves some more.

What’s worse is that Hallmark is vying with the NAACP for the Retardation Olympics and they actually pulled the card. That or Hallmark is afraid of being on the losing end of the Ghetto Lottery (I mean a fake civil rights lawsuit).

The NAACP used to be a standup organization. Now it just seems like they sit around all day and look for stuff to get pissed off about. Must be fun I guess.

The NAACP is getting more useless by the day. Someone ought to sue the NAACP on behalf of the sane people in the nation for wasting so much of our precious time with stupid bullshit.

As an aside, is this why there are so few Blacks in the US space program? They keep misinterpreting astronomical terms as racial slurs?

People wonder why Whites don’t like Blacks. Well, here’s one reason right here, hate to say it.

This behavior is not flattering in the least.

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17 thoughts on “It’s Not Helpful to Arguments About Black Mental Inferiority…”

  1. Seriously, does anyone care about the NAACP anymore? Do black people even care about the NAACP anymore?

    They’ve gone from a semi-respectable organization founded by W.E.B Dubois to a laughing stock.

    I know Alpha and Tulio won’t appreciate this joke, but here goes:

    What does the NAACP really stand for?
    Negroes Across America Causing Problems.

    You’re right, Robert. Someone really ought to sue the NAACP for wasting this country’s time.

    While it is true that many whites overplay the whole “you’re oversensitive and living in the past” line when blacks discuss racism, it does seem that many blacks complain about everything.

    Seriously, find me something that Ishmael Reed, Michael Eric Dyson, and other black leftists don’t find racist.

    All I know is that when you complain about stupid shit like this, don’t be surprised when people treat you like the boy who cried wolf (oh my god! I said “boy” in a sentence pertaining to black people. That’s clear evidence of old school white supremacy right there. Sue me for that NAACP!).

    1. Why are you assuming anything about Tulio and me?

      Do you think I’m going to have some kind of knee-jerk defense of the NAACP in this case?

        1. Not that I’m trying to call you oversensitive or anything.

          I just figured you wouldn’t find such a joke flattering.

          That’s all.

      1. The NAACP is not doing Black people any favors with this kind of ridiculous crap. Everyone can see this except the NAACP.

        1. Well, Alpha, that makes one wonder: What organization is doing black people favors? The Congressional Black Caucus? The Nation of Islam?

        2. I’ll have to think about that one for a while: a nationally prominent organization that actually benefits Black Americans.

          There are individuals and small private groups that help Black people, but the major “civil rights” groups? Whether or not they actually help Black people is questionable.

        3. I like the CBC, the Congressional Black Caucus. They’re great. Ray Innis CORE is pretty cool too. And I’ve always liked ACORN.

          Thing is most of those big groups are multiracial nowadays. Color of Change is a pretty cool group.

          All those groups are pro-illegal, but that goes with the territory nowadays.

          CBC is probably the best, because they are pushing for legislation that objectively benefits Blacks. That’s some real coherent change I can get behind!

  2. And speaking of black leaders/politicians acting like retards.

    Yeah, I know some apologists claim that he was either joking or was suffering from some sort of chemical imbalance (yeah, sure!).

    And look, I know that there are plenty of white leaders/pundits who are idiots. Dubya, Limbaugh, and Beck are evidence that no group has a monopoly on idiocy.

    Still, I don’t think that even dubya’s dumb ass said anything that stupid.

  3. The NAACP in a way is like a police department. Even if crime were reduced to virtually zero, the police department isn’t going to dismantle themselves. They’re always going to have a presence “just in case”. And if there’s nothing serious for the cops to do, then they’ll start nitpicking about people jaywalking, or giving people speeding tickets for going 5mph over the limit. But crime or not, they aren’t going anywhere and if they don’t have anything to do, they probably can’t wait till someone messes up so they at least look busy.

    1. Good comparison.

      But one has to wonder: As they continue to become irrelevant, where will they keep getting their money?

      How are they still functioning?

      1. By the way, I truly wish that police departments weren’t that way.

        If only they cared more about actually fighting crime than filling quotas pointless BS (like jaywalking), then that would be a step in the right direction.

  4. As the black-complaint industry runs out of ammunition, it has to keep inventing new ways to find racism everywhere. 98% of evidence of oppression today consists of low achievement, so the Diversity coalition has to blow up everything else by a factor of 50.

    Actual examples of continued (not legacy) oppression are so lacking today that its power just has to be assumed to exist everywhere, and work through a process resembling mysticism that can’t be perceived by the senses.

  5. “People wonder why Whites don’t like Blacks. Well, here’s one reason right here, hate to say it.”

    Right. Because Black people are not individuals and function as one big unit, where the NAACP is the mouthpiece. Stuff like perfectly encapsulates why white people are justified in distrusting and showing contempt for Black people – not a few that participated in some frivolous action, but ALL OF THEM . They are all alike. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

    **sigh** We’re never going to get through this, are we?

  6. It’s pretty annoying, especially to Hallmark I’m sure, and it is stupid. But Hallmark isn’t getting sued. There’s no “ghetto lottery” in this particular instance. Technically, Hallmark could sell cards saying “Kill N**g*rs” if they were willing to put up with the bad press and the boycotts. But let’s not forget to thank the NAACP for the entertainment they’re providing us free of charge. And Hallmark definitely had it coming, with their “Hallmark holidays” like “Administrative Professionals Day” and obligatory Valentines to people you don’t even like, much less love. I wish someone could win the
    ghetto lottery at their expense.

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