Helen Thomas Tells It Like It Is, Is Forced Out


Helen Thomas, the doyen of White House press crew, was captured on videotape saying something naughty and abruptly resigned her position as a journalist for Heart Newspapers. A Jewish rabbi who was out to get Thomas got her on camera saying that the solution to the crisis in the Holy Land is for the Jews to “get the Hell out of Palestine.” She suggested that they could go to Poland, Germany or the US instead.

For those comments, she was condemned across the board by various past Press Secretaries, including the Bush Press Secretary Ari (Ratfink) Fleischer, a man who cheerled for the invasion of Iraq that has left 1.2 million Iraqis dead, and the Clinton Press Secretary Lanny (Scumbag) Thomas, who has recently been hired by the Honduran Government that came to power in a military coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Honduras.

So these guys are not exactly standing on a high moral ground.

Time magazine columnist Joe (Joe the Jew) Klein predictably said she should be pulled from the White House Press Corps.

Thomas called her an “anti-Semitic bigot” (What else?). Fleischer also implied she was an anti-Semite.

It seems clear that Hearst forced Thomas out, an amazing move considering what a famous journalist she is, with an illustrious career going back decades. It just goes to show you that the Jewish Lobby still has a lot of kick in it here in the US.

Thomas is 89 years old. Hell of a thing to do to an old lady. Interestingly, Thomas is Lebanese, so she may be coming from this from an Arab Christian POV. Thomas has since apologized, but that’s never good enough for Jew Know Who.

Abe Foxman (Who else?) is all over the news, accusing Thomas of bigotry (He’s actually calling her an anti-Semite).

Check out this photo in CBS News article on Thomas. I doubt if she looks like that all the time. That photo is part of a hit piece on Thomas by CBS News.

From 1995-2000 it was owned by Lawrence Tisch, who is Jewish. Tisch stacked the management of CBS News with Jews before he left, and he himself owned 2

Before Tisch came in, CBS News was run by William Paley, Jewish, for many years. Westinghouse sold out in 2000, and since then, CBS News has been run by CBS Corporation. That company is owned by Jewish mogul Sumner Redstone. The CEO is Leslie Moonves, who is Jewish. The corporate board is stacked to the rafters with Jews, possibly 8

Thomas, set up by a Jew, then roundly condemned by a bunch of Jews. This is looking more like a tribal squabble than a real sin on her part. The Jews have their backs to the wall with the latest Israeli shenanigans and are going all out in their finest style.

Truth is that people who have known Thomas for decades insist she has no anti-Semitism in her. Is saying that the solution to the crisis is for the Jews to take off an anti-Semitic statement? Not necessarily, though many of the people who say such things are anti-Semites (or more typically anti-Zionists), there’s nothing objectively anti-Semitic about the observation.

Should the Jews get the Hell out of Palestine? Sure. Are they going to? Hell no. So, while that’s a truthful observation, it doesn’t really lead us anywhere. There have already been enough expulsions and ethnic cleansings in the region. We don’t need anymore of them.

A reporter who just came back from the Occupied Territories and spoke to many of the top members of Hamas said that even Hamas leaders were not insisting on Jews leaving the area. They were quite clear that all the Jews can stay. What they were insistent on was the Palestinians “getting their rights,” as they put it.

He did meet some people who had been sitting in refugee camps for decades who said that the Jews needed to take off, but even these folks said that all of the Jews who came from 1948 could stay, but the ones who came afterwards had to leave. Even in the camps, this was a minority viewpoint.

The notion that the Palestinians are determined to drive the Jews into the sea and commit a 2nd Holocaust is overwrought.

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4 thoughts on “Helen Thomas Tells It Like It Is, Is Forced Out”

  1. Well, it’s like what Malcolm X said: you even say the word “Jew” and you’ll be accused of anti-semitism.

    And of course, anything you say that they disapprove of will result in Nazi and holocaust comparisons.

    It’s really getting old.

  2. I don’t think she should be forced out, and I still have (mostly) nothing but respect and admiration for her. In fact, I wished she had stood by it and not apologized. When I’m 89 and my mental filters aren’t working so well, I’ll probably be saying some things too. But the comment showed at least ignorance of the demographics of Israel. Jews of Polish and German descent are a minority now; most Israeli Jews came–many not voluntarily–from Arab countries. And going back to Poland and Germany? Really? I mean it wouldn’t have been so bad if she had said almost anywhere else.

  3. “Well, it’s like what Malcolm X said: you even say the word “Jew” and you’ll be accused of anti-semitism.”

    Does liking the following phrase make me an anti-Semite? – “Die Juden sind Unser Unglück!”

  4. Robert, this post shows something I’ve always liked about you and your work here – you’ve never been afraid to talk about the Jews and disproportionate Jewish power, and you’ve always told the absolute truth about them to the best of your knowledge (and it is nearly always spot on).

    Bravo – you are a brave man.

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