I’m Racist and Proud

According to the anti-racist whacks, I’m a racist.

I readily agree to being three types of racist:

A “liberal racist”: This is some BS term that the Abagond types ferret about. I’m not even really sure what it means! I think it means the typical attitudes of US White and even White liberal society that in White society don’t even count as racist because they are so wimpy.

One thing is feeling sorry for say Blacks. “These poor Blacks! We need to help them! Come on, let’s do it!” According to a lot of crazy Blacks, that’s liberal racism because we are pitying Blacks and implying they can’t make it without our help.

White man’s burden racism: Sort of similar. Implies that White civilization is superior to much of Third World civilization. Also implies we need to help them get more civilized since they are unlikely to do so on their own. Note parallels with liberal racism above.

Scientific racism: Well, any time you discuss any kind of science having to do with racial differences, guess what? That’s scientific racism! I do that all the time on here, so I’m a scientific racist!

Yeah, I plead guilty to all 3 of those, but to me, that stuff isn’t even racism unless you’re a POC or an insane PC White.

And yeah, I’m proud to be racist in all those fake ways above, but I’m not proud if I feel truly racist in terms of animosity, etc.

I’m familiar with that feeling, as I’ve experienced it before, and it disturbs me.

One of the worst things about that type of thinking is that I noticed that I was starting to think of some of the other groups as less than human. I’d flash on a case of where someone in the other group had an all-too-human perception, feeling or attitude, exactly such as I might have. Then it flashed on me. Whoa! They’re human, just like me! I had started to dehumanize them, but the dehumanization of racism is so sneaky that it creeps up on you and you don’t even realize it until you are inside of it.

That’s happened with Jews and Blacks, that I can think of, and it really freaked me out, because I realized I was starting to dehumanize those people. It was so upsetting to me that I tried hard to get outside of that feeling and realize their humanity.

That’s probably one of the worst things about real racism. It’s almost inevitable that you’re going to start to dehumanize the other group at some point, and it seems like there is something horribly immoral about dehumanizing other human beings on account of who their parents were. It’s just so wrong.

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21 thoughts on “I’m Racist and Proud”

  1. “Racist” is simply a term non-whites use to intimidate whites.

    To them, racist = white person.

    That’s all there is to it.

    Only when whites resolve not to be intimidated or shamed by that term will the word lose its effect.

    To my fellow whites: Man up.

    1. I recently posted a link the open topic page showing that white kids at a very young age had already internalized racist views. Is pointing that out and addressing it a form of “intimidating whites”? Is there something wrong with asking questions about how and where they are learning such views?

      1. There’s nothing wrong with asking such questions.

        Rather, how such questions are then used. “Racist” is simply a stick with which blacks use to shame, intimidate, and make demands of whites.

        After all, once you admit that you’re racist, then you must have an obligation to do something about it, right? Theoretically, this would then entail acceding to black demands.

        So in other words, “racist” is just a way to shame and make demands of whites. It’s a shame/shakedown game.

        And for more anti-racist blacks, the term is really just used as a bullying tactic, as Robert has pointed out. Even whites who are anti-racist are accused of racism.

        The term “racist” is just a tool, and whites ought to resolve not to be affected by it anymore.

        1. “So in other words, “racist” is just a way to shame and make demands of whites. It’s a shame/shakedown game.”

          Whites have been saying that since the Jim Crow days. They’re ALWAYS going to say that, even when it’s true. I think getting whites to talk honestly about white racism is like trying to get blacks to talk about black crime. Neither wants to talk about it, both are in denial about it and merely bringing it up puts them on the defensive and makes enemies.

          I don’t use accusations of racism as a weapon because personally, I just have better shit to do with my time and I get nothing out of it. But I don’t hesitate to call something as I see it if the shoe fits.

        2. Well, am I wrong? Is there not a shakedown game involved?

          For you personally, perhaps not. As you’ve said, you have other things to do, and you don’t gain from it.

          But for anti-racist activists, they certainly intend to do more than simply “call something as they see it if the shoe fits.”

          I hardly think they simply want to chat about racism over beers.

          Nope. Soon various demands will follow.

        3. I mean, if they’re not going to shakedown/make demands, what’s the point?

          If they’re just going to talk about it and not push for change, why bother?

    2. To a non-White person, “racist” = white person?

      This makes no sense. Racists come in all races and ethnicities.

      Why do you insist on stating that to the rest of us, only Whites are racist?

      1. Alpha, you’re right. I’ll be more careful from now on. Better yet, I’ll specify which blacks I’m talking about.

        When I claim that blacks believe that only whites can be racist, I’m mainly referring to radical anti-racists. I’m not referring to all, or even most, blacks.

        However, a good number of scholars and bloggers do believe that only whites can be racist (you know, racism = prejudice + power, blah blah blah).

        Also, growing up, I was indoctrinated with “only whites can be racist” dogma. Whenever non-white kids said something racist, it was okay. Whenever white kids did, there was hell to pay.

        While you and other blacks may not agree with that dogma, it’s a dogma I’ve encountered far too often.

  2. Well, i have been researching therapy recently, and I discovered that with metaanalytic studies, antidepressants have proven to be no better than placebo.

    Well, thing is, a great deal of therapists, prior to this, cited works showing that those meds and therapy were equally effective, so the patients should use both.

    However,as antidepressants are worthless, all these therapists really are doing, is stating “zero correlates with zero” and showing their field really dosent do anything.

    Well,do you have any thoughts on this?

  3. It’s one of the worst features of social liberalism that they don’t think people should be labeled, except for holding attitudes with which they disagree.

    I was brought up, like most non-Southern whites of my generation, linking racism with the concepts of prejudice and ignorance. Only people who didn’t have interactions with blacks, and didn’t understand the equality of all peoples, held negative views. They don’t understand the concept of belief in racial differences based on research or that one’s opinion of blacks could go down with increased contact.

  4. I used to get angry when confronted by blatant racism from non-blacks (usually whites, but occasionally from Asians and mestizo Hispanics). And then I thought about some of my experiences with black people and my anger went away.

    It’s pretty common to hear terms like “good hair” and “redbone” if you’re around black people. It’s also pretty common to hear black people make disparaging remarks about Africa or to even deny having African ancestors.

    If a person can be black and hate being black, then it must be easy to be racist if you’re not black. Does that make any sense?

    The way I see it, I cannot hold non-blacks to higher standards than black people themselves. Sometimes I wonder whether the guys at Stormfront hate black people more than we hate ourselves…

    I am a race realist, but that doesn’t stop me from being a proud black person. I believe that the differences between the races are because of evolution. To me, no physical feature is inferior or superior overall; different characteristics are better for certain environments, that’s all.

  5. I don’t see how you are a “liberal racist.” Liberal racists are those who apply the same/different model in order to “not judge” minorities. Do you really feel you do that?

    1. No, I do not do that at all. However, radical Blacks and PC Whites also call “liberal racists” more or less any White liberals who do not completely hew to the PC or insanely pro-Black / Black racist line.

      It can also mean attitudes like, “We feel sorry for these poor Blacks. We need to help them!” This is seen as condescending, humiliating and racist towards Blacks. You can’t win with a lot of these folks.

    2. It might sound paradoxical, but when you examine it, it makes sense. Problem is, everyone gets so defensive they just shut things out they don’t want to hear, even if they know deep down there’s an inkling of truth. People really, really have to keep an open mind about this stuff.

      1. “paradoxical” my ass. being white, i certainly have to choose my battles wisely in defending the actions of my people (although i’m scarcely ever motivated to anyway — every man for himself, i say!), and this is one you really better just let alone and count your blessings on. Blacks shouldn’t be so hasty to point the finger at whites for being so condescending, but should first consider how badly they have collectively “dropped the ball,” leaving the entire people susceptible toward being condescended to in the first place. you said it yourself: “everyone gets so defensive they just shut things out they don’t want to hear, even if they know deep down there’s an inkling of truth.”

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