Save the White Race!


Now! I mean it! Because if we don’t, these chicks will all go extinct! Forever!

I mean, there’s always hair dye and bottle blonds, but that’s not quite the same now is it?

The Go Blonde Parade in Riga, Latvia, 2010.


This was last year’s parade, comes with a cool soundtrack even.

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14 thoughts on “Save the White Race!”

  1. probably one of the best reasons to save the white race. Why else do you think the 14 Words were written?

  2. I don’t know… Some of these chicks look really good, but a good number are at the point where blonde starts to get a little freakish and not really attractive. Just my opinion.

  3. It’s only a matter of time before the EU together with corrupt Latvian politicians will irrevocably destroy Latvian genetics by importing Africa and India’s overspill population.
    Sad but true.

    1. I think it’s because blonds are seen as rare and exotic.

      You have a ton of people, both white and non-white, who have brown hair and even black hair.

      However, you don’t exactly have a ton of blonds. I think this fascination with blonds is similar to the fascination with mulattoes/other biracial people (like Barack Obama). The rarer they are, the more exotic and interesting they seem.

      But then again, why wouldn’t redheads then be seen in the same light as blonds? Aren’t they just as rare?

      We may never know.

      1. They’re not rare if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia or N. Europe. Maybe not the majority, but certainly not rare. See ’em all the time around here.

  4. Are blond chics breedable in captivity? We might have to put some specimens in a zoo, less they face extinction.

  5. bay area guyI think it’s because blonds are seen as rare and exotic.

    true but so are red heads.

    But then again, why wouldn’t redheads then be seen in the same light as blonds

    old school hatred of red heads.

  6. Save the White Race from whom? Itself maybe. LOL Blonds are ok. I don’t find them exotic, unless they have certain features that are attractive. Not all are attractive. Some are striking. Not at the top of the list though.

  7. I am not sure if blondes going instinct would be such a tragedy. Even though attraction to certain feminine features is probably pre-programmed in men, I am not too sure the attraction to blondes is one of them. Unless you have been exposed to western pop culture in the sexually formative years of your teenage, blondes probably won’t seem all that attractive.

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