He’s Dead

He’s dead? You sure? What are you talking about, Willis?

Yes, he is.

Gary Coleman, that is.

Gary Coleman, famous child star, dead at 44.

After a great career as a child star, he had a difficult life as an adult, including repeated altercations, brushes with the law and suicide attempts. A fall and a resulting blow to the head closed the last chapter.

A kidney illness as a child arrested his development, resulting in an adult height of only 4’8 and a child-like appearance.

He will be missed.

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4 thoughts on “He’s Dead”

  1. yes i know it really sad to see young kid
    Ive heard he die of brain hemorrhage .


  2. The WNs are rejoicing no doubt, since every dead person beyond a certain shade is either good news, lulz, or both for them.

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