Proof That Steroids Are Bad For You


This guy thinks he’s all bad, but look at those moobs! Those are bigger than a lot of women’s. Are women into moobs? Do they actually find this attractive?

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16 thoughts on “Proof That Steroids Are Bad For You”

  1. A thousand times, no!

    No, women are not into moobs. No, they do NOT actually find this attractive.

    Is this guy for real?

  2. Women don’t want you big and steroid-laden mega-muscled generally speaking. With exceptions of course.

    Think lower class tastes. I have met trailer park girls who think fat and tattooed is “sexy” on a man. Never will understand that. They probably have “Daddy” issues left over from their corrupted childhoods.

    Women want you lean and ripped. Not super-massive. Think Brad Pitt at his psychical peak, as opposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger at his. A male triathlete or Navy Seal, as opposed to a bodybuilder or football player.

    There also might be a racial element among this, to. I am speaking in terms of middle class and upper class White, Middle Eastern, and Asian women. Their tastes, at any rate.

      1. That is precisely what I meant. Flat, chiseled abs. Clear muscle definition on the arms. Broad shoulders. The results you get from lots of running, push-up and sit-ups, repetitive weights. This, combined with a healthy diet and limited caloric intake. As opposed to die-hard bodybuilding, where you have a large amount of intake to create a large amount of size. Looks intimating to us males, but most women I’ve dated throughout the years don’t want to sleep with a Neanderthal. 😀

        Oh, and of course self-confidence. Exercising that muscle is very important.

        1. Dear God
I’d seen pictures of that guy on the internet, but I always thought it was “Photoshopped!”

          What possesses someone to take it that far???

  3. oh come on, have any of you learned game?

    “lead the men and you lead the women”

    super buffed up men do well with women. A major reason is that guys respect them. At least in some circles.

    So, the seduce the men, then the women follow. Its why you see girlss say “i dont like super buffness” but then dating that super buff guy. When she sees the rest of the guys complimenting him, she starts to like him.

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