Evidence For a 7.5 Point Reduction in the B-W IQ Gap Since 1920

This is a very interesting piece.

Hereditarians often say that the B-W IQ gap has been flat for 100 years, evidence that it it genetic. However, this flies in the face of evidence. For instance, Africans have IQ’s of 67. Caribbean Blacks, with 9% White in them, have IQ’s of ~71. Yet American Blacks, with only 15% in them, have IQ’s of 86.8. If we went by White % alone, US Blacks would have IQ’s of ~72.5. So we have 14.3 IQ points in US Blacks that is not explainable by % of White blood.

As the article makes clear, the B-W IQ gap was reduced by 7.5 points from 1920 to 1970. Since 1970, Blacks have reduced the gap a small amount, by 1.8 points. So in 1920, US Blacks had IQ’s of 77.5. It’s quite possible that earlier, their IQ’s were even lower. This needs to be taken into when reading older lit by White Americans about the stupidity of Blacks (Thomas Jefferson’s observations).

Going back a century or more, US Blacks were indeed not very smart. This low intelligence may be reflected in the relative lack of inventions, scholarship, etc. However, now, with dramatic rises in the US Black IQ, we should see a lot more Black inventiveness and scholarship than we saw in the past.

This piece adds support to my previous piece showing dramatic changes in Black skulls since 1900. Black skulls have become much larger, and resemble White skulls more. Some of the changes were due to diet, but others were due to genetics (selective breeding). Hence, since 1900, US Blacks have been selectively breeding with Whiter features and higher IQ. This goes directly against popular cant about dysgenic effects in modern society. With US Blacks, to the contrary, eugenic, not dysgenic, effects have been operative for some time now.

Hereditarians may wish to quibble with this research, but the author is Charles Murray. While Murray takes a strong hereditarian POV, at least he is honest.

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12 thoughts on “Evidence For a 7.5 Point Reduction in the B-W IQ Gap Since 1920”

    1. Since 1900, Blacks have been preferentially breeding with Blacks who have Whiter features and higher IQ’s. I am not sure what is going on. Perhaps Black men think that Black women with Whiter features are more attractive. Perhaps Black women were more attracted to more intelligent Black men, who may have made more money.

      1. I cant believe the bullshit on this site
        i have never seen a black person with white features (wavy, light eyes, light skin, strait nose,) all come 4rm black ppl
        u seem 2 know nothing of east and west africans

  1. Blacks have been preferentially breeding with Blacks who have Whiter features

    So then why are there still so many darker complected blks walking around. I would counter your argument since (for now), blk women with exceptions prefer very very dark skinned blk men.

    What we find Attractive in the blk community goes in & out of fashion every few years.

    for example, in the 90’s, music videos featured blk women who weren’t as shalpley as the blk women we see today.

    1. So then why are there still so many darker complected blks walking around.

      Not sure, but the evidence is good that there have been major changes in Black skulls since 1900. Some were due to diet, but others were genetic. Genetic changes could have only occurred due to preferential breeding. Perhaps lighter skinned and smarter Black men could make more money and consequently they bred with many Black women, but possibly did not support all of their children. After all, back then it was much easier to be a light skinned Black in the US. It’s also possible that Black men bred selectively with lighter skinned women.

      But Blacks showed no skin color or intelligence preference during slavery and for 35 years afterwards.

      I would say that the best explanation was that after the First Liberation around 1900, Black communities were starting to come into their own, and finally lighter skinned and especially smarter Black males could make some money for once. They may have used that money to breed with many Black females, or many Black females may have sought them out to breed with them due to status and money.

  2. For blacks to see the biggest increase in their IQ, they need to be more progressive with academics. There is a serious problem when they associate eduction with “acting white” (seriously, it’s pathetic). I predict an increase of about 5 to 10 points.

    Whites could probably increase their IQ by up to 5 points to if they become less free-going and more progressive like the Asians.

    The key is starting from an early age so to condition the brain to think in certain ways. Such mental reflexes carry on well into adulthood. Things become a lot more difficult in the later ages.

    1. Thx Car Guy, excellent comment.

      I think it’s quite clear, based on the experiences of US Blacks, that Africans and Caribbeans each have a potential of at least 14 points IQ increase without interbreeding.

      The future looks towards improvement in both of these places, assuming that increased IQ will lead to improvement in Black African and Caribbean countries.

  3. Please note a Sizable % of Black merica actually has White Genes, this in part impacts their “Higher” IQ Levels.

    No the IQ Levels between Mixed/Quandroon & Full Blacks…. Quite a gap!!

    1. White genes added since 1920 only account for a 1.5 pt rise in Black IQ.

      Total White genes in Blacks only account for 4.5 points of the much higher IQ’s of US Blacks, leaving another 15.5 pts unaccounted for.

      The other 15.5 pts is due to:

      1. Improved nutrition
      2. Added stimulation of modern society
      3. Better standard of living
      4. Eugenic breeding since 1900

  4. Why the obsession with Blacks’ intelligence? In all cases, caucasian scholars are deeply aware that mano a mano, the Black man is superior, hence the last-resort tendency of placing undue emphasis on nullable theories of low IQ amongst Blacks.

  5. “Going back a century or more, US Blacks were indeed not very smart. This low intelligence may be reflected in the relative lack of inventions, scholarship, etc.”

    Relative to who or what? Free whites? I don’t know, maybe this is my low IQ speaking, but wouldn’t it be slightly difficult to invent things and contribute to academia while being whipped, lynched, starved, denied access to decent education and literacy, etc. ?

    Of course free whites would have an advantage. Even the poor ones. Think about it, I’m sure the more intelligent (and/or faster) slaves either escaped to Canada/Mexico/Native American areas or were hanged by their masters because they could have been a serious uprising threat Also, since it was illegal to teach slaves how to read, many were not able to learn. And even if they did manage to beat the incredible odds, their inventions and scholarship could ultimately be claimed by their owners, since they were technically property at the end of the day. At least a poor white guy might be able to save up and send his son to get educated without him being hanged for being black.

    Even if we consider the time after Emancipation, there were still barriers to obtaining books, education etc. It’s like if someone dropped some poor white people in the middle of say China and say most of the Chinese hated them. The for hundreds of years, they weren’t allowed to access any educational stuff. Chances are, those guys are going to be dumb as bricks because they have been barred from intellectual life.

    Now if you mean black people today, I can kind of see where you are coming from, because there is no excuse now. There is free educational materials everywhere, people go to school from K to 12 for free. If they don’t take advantage of that, than that shows low intelligence.

    ***Also, even though you were referring to a lack of intellectual life, but I feel the need to mention that blacks did contribute heavily to American culture (Rock, Jazz, Sweet Potatoes, basically anything white, 20-somethings like copying and taking credit for).

    Whether or not blacks as a whole are stupider or not, I’m not arguing. But I feel that should be clarified.

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