Israel Attacks Flotilla, 10 Killed, 34 Wounded


10 killed, 34 wounded on the boat

The Israelis were attacked with account from the Israeli POV here.

7 Israelis were wounded, 2 critically. 2 received gunshot wounds.

In Turkey, stone-throwing mobs yelling, “Damn Israel” tried to overrun the Israeli Embassy.

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21 thoughts on “Israel Attacks Flotilla, 10 Killed, 34 Wounded”

  1. I love how it says the Israelis were “attacked” with axes and knives. Just have to justify wasting 20 unarmed international civilians on a humanitarian mission to send a message. This will piss off a lot of people all over the world, but Israel won’t give a damn, and most Americans will probably think those people had it coming.

    Oh, and I just read that one of the Americans involved was an 86 year old grandmother, whose parents died in Auschwitz. Real threatening to those Israeli soldiers, I am sure.

    Sheesh. Soldiers is the wrong word. More like thugs.

    1. Yes, I am reading the comments on the US news sites. They are all saying, “Kill the Muslims!”. I guess everyone on the boat is a Muslim? We’re getting some pretty serious anti-Islamic hatred here in the US lately.

      1. Yah, and that is precisely the problem. All one has to do is attach the word “Islamic” to literally anything, and it automatically the “enemy.” Something that is better off dead. There is no room for nuiance, let alone seeing the big picture. It is only going to get worse, to. That is becoming apparent.

        I am an agnostic, with no love for Islam, and I hate Islamic fanatics…Yet, this is turning into complete madness. Even looking over all those “draw Mohammad” cartoons kind of irked me. Reminds me too much of caricatures Nazi’s had of Jews in the 30’s and 40’s, and Americans of the Japanese during world war two. Extreme focus on racial facial features on all. Kind of creepy.

        It really is complete insanity, but it shouldn’t shock me. My fellow Americans have really degenerated into a sorry lot. Their perceptions of reality have nothing to do with what reality actually is. Nor do they seek to know. We live in a society that has turned it’s back on science, the very thing that made it so strong, and embraced rabid Evangelical Christianity and such.

        Can you really expect logic from these people? You and I may want universal health care and and a basic social safety net for all of our neighbors. These folks? They are living in fear of their neighbors, and are always on the look-out for the next far off war their government points to. All the while their own country weakens and becomes ever more bankrupt by the day.

        Lets see how things look in ten years time. I think it is going to suck, but hell…Maybe it is for the better. 🙁

  2. ” attacked a soldier with a knife” ? First I’ve heard that. This was PIRACY and MURDER!! END OF!

    Islam prohibits usury, the basis for our ruling elite’s enslavement of the world. That’s all you need to know.

  3. Robert, have you any idea of what’s happened to Joachim Martillo’s EAZI blog? It hasn’t been updated for weeks, and I always get a ‘this URL is invalid’ notice – though the site is there – and am often re-directed to a Chinese site. Has he been sabotaged? I thought he was an expert on computer and internet things.

  4. Are we to understand that you honestly believe the IDF story that they were attacked with “sticks” (Haartez, no mention of knives or axes) and there was going to be a “lynching” (not clear how this would work) given the spectacular Israeli record of telling the truth about anything?

    1. I don’t know. Let’s wait and see how it all plays out.

      The people on the ship say that the Israelis opened fire as soon as they landed.

      It’s hard to figure out what really happened here.

      Either or both sides could be lying.

      1. Even if the activists are lying about who started it, the point is legally moot. This whole thing went down outside of Israeli waters. Those were IDF military personal repelling onto the ship, armed to the teeth. The activists may have had sticks and knives. They may have even attacked first. Big deal. The Israelis were intruders, armed to the teeth. They air dropped onto the boat. They should have expected something. The Israeli approach was just begging for a disaster. If this was not planned by design, it shows just how far the mighty professional Israeli military has fallen since it’s heyday in the 60’s and 70’s. Simply put, this was not a law enforcement action. When you use soldiers to do police work, this is what you get.

        All in all though, I don’t much buy into Israeli claims. Just look at the 2006 war, and there “stats” on it. From a militarily analytical point of view, their claims are a farce.

        What I find more fascinating though, is the fact of the six ships involved, two were American, two were Greek, one was Irish and one was Turkish. The Israelis picked the Turkish ship to assault. That is an interesting coincidence.

        1. I think the Turkish ship was the first one. That’s why it was attacked.

          Whatever went down, this is just a gigantic fuckup for Israel in terms of international opinion and they way they went about doing this. For one thing, Israel only claims 20 miles out to sea. Attacking in international waters was retarded.

          However, this flotilla was a gigantic provocation. The point about provocations is not to fall into the trap.

        2. Well Robert, you are spot on. The Israelis walked right into a political trap like clueless morons. The smart thing to do was to simply search the ships with law enforcement, and if no contraband was found, let them give their “aid.” It probably would not have even made the news. At the very least, the Israelis could have claimed how “humanitarian” they are. Not now. I would really hate to be an Israeli walking the streets of Istanbul right today. Those Turks have a reputation.

          It appears the shooting started after one of the Turks shoved one of the Israelis off the side of the boat. The Israeli response was to open fire. That is akin to someone grabbing a cop’s gun on the street, and the cops shoot everyone around the “perp.” These guys were clearly thinking like soldiers, not police.

          What is embarrassing for the Israeli special ops guys is that at least two of them had their weapons seized by the Turks, and at least two Israeli soldiers were then shot by at least one of those weapons. Like I said before, the IDF of my youth no longer exists. They are pros no more. Worse off than our own military, by a long shot. I never thought I would say that!

    2. The IDF is claiming an attempted “Lynching?”


      I guess the IDF could be accused of kidnapping and piracy on the high seas at this point. This whole thing went down in international water.

  5. Well, that was dumb, flotilla folks.

    How so? If they had not resisted, then there would have been 0 killed, 0 wounded, and no news stories.

    Notice how Turkey reacted. There is a struggle going on there between the relatively religious masses and the secular military. This is a win for the masses.

    1. Well, the struggle in Turkey between the secular Kemalists and the Islamists and has been over since 2003 or so as far as I am concerned. The Islamists won, at least in a rather lightweight form of it. Turkey is still a Kemalist nation by design, but it now functions with an Islamist leadership.

      This new Islamist leadership has been hell bent on reasserting Turkish influence in the Near East, while no longer begging to enter the EU. That is where so much of the trouble between Israel and Turkey has emerged from. Israel is used to Turkey being a passive lapdog. Turkey sees itself as an emerging regional power, if not the eventual regional power in the not too distant future.

      Turkey will use this event to garnish support and influence in the Arab Middle East(it’s former territories) and Greater Muslim World, no questions asked. Israel just handed the AKP, the ruling party in Turkey, a gift it could not have ever imagined.

      Israel, on the other hand, seriously needs to change it’s leadership…Fast. Between Avigdor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu, it is as though they want to be seen as the bad guys, through and through. They managed to bring the Greeks and Turks together on this matter! Imagine that! That is the plain stupidity of their approach! It is utter insanity on their part. Whatever happened to the likes of Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin? Where are their modern versions, today?

  6. WASHINGTON (AP) — A former U.S. ambassador aboard a Gaza aid ship seized by Israel commandos is on his way home, his wife said Monday evening.

    Edward Peck, 81, of Chevy Chase, Md., was among activists in the flotilla trying to get humanitarian aid to Gaza, said his wife, Ann Peck.


    Don’t tell me this octogenarian is a terrorist?

  7. This is an extremely serious matter. It was an attack on Turkish citizens on a Turkish vessel in international waters. The Turkish people are EXTREMELY angry. It’s not unreasonable to assume that the next time the Jews try that, they will encounter heavily armed Turkish Special Forces units. Probably backed up by F-16s and a couple of corvettes. Turkey has the 2nd largest military in NATO, and maintains a standing army of over 1 million men.

    The Egyptians are so angry they are stripping citizenship from Egyptian men married to Jewesses, which could affect as many as 30,000 families. Egypt regards this as a NATIONAL SECURITY issue, i.e., each Jewess is a potential vector for covert action.

    1. Well, the Turks are talking about sending future aid ships escorted by Turkish naval vessels. It is political hyperbole as far as I am concerned.

      It is also a very bad idea from a military standpoint.

      Turkey may have the second largest army and armed services in NATO, and very large navy when compared to that of Israel. So what? They will be operating their ships very close to the Israel coast, and as a result, completely enveloped within the reach of the Israeli Air Force. Also and at the same time, the Turks will be completely out of supportive range of their own air cover and support.

      The Israeli Air Force is it’s strongest component. Little Israel actually has more fighter and attack aircraft than the Turkish Air Force. Their aircraft are also the literal reality of the term “cutting edge.”

      Simply put, sending a squadron of frigates to the Israeli coast would be a death sentence. Even worse, the Israelis WILL attack those ships. That I am certain of. It is the basis of their current operational mentality. They simply view the Turkish fleet as a threat to survival, and will sink them. This will be justified as “sending a message” to anyone else that might stand up to their will. It is how they think.

      1. There’s no reason to send a squadron of frigates into Israeli waters. Gaza is not part of Israel. Gazan waters are not Israeli.

        Still, you’re right that sending a squadron of frigates to the Israeli coast would be a death sentence — for Israel. Any attack would be would be an outright act of war on a NATO member. NATO (and the US) must come to Turkey’s aid. The US has no defense pact with Israel, and is under no obligation (other than in evangelical Christian minds) to help Israel. They DO have an obligation to defend Turkey.

        In any kind of extended war, Turkey would win. Not only is Turkey 10 times the size of Israel, but Israel’s nuclear arsenal would be useless, because Turkey has full rights and access to the NATO nuclear arsenal stored in Turkey.

        It’s possible that Erdogan was just blowing steam, but I doubt it. Just look at the Egyptian response, and they aren’t even directly involved in this massacre. 30,000 Egyptian men must either divorce their Jewess wives, or move to Israel. Egypt is ethnically cleansing Jews. Notice that they’re not concerned with Jewish men married to Egyptian women. That’s probably because the offspring won’t get Israeli dual citizenship, and will not develop conflicted loyalty. Egypt is not motivated by racial prejudice but by a genuine concern for national security. Israel has laws banning marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Turnabout is fair play.

        Sooner or later Israel will go too far and the big boys will have to step in.

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