White American Decline: A Confession

I have a confession to make.

Part of me wants to retain White culture as the dominant American culture.

Problem is that US Whites are unspeakably rightwing. So with White decline in the US should come to the decline of this horrible White US conservatism. White decline should lead to a more liberal America, which I support in most ways.

The US non-Whites are very liberal. The young CA Hispanics are almost Communists or socialists. A non-White America could finally give us a shot at a socialist America, like the socialist states in much of the world. So my preferences for White culture clash with my politics. This crap could all be avoided if US Whites would just be sensible and vote liberal. But they won’t. As it is, it’s pretty much a wash, and a strong part of me wants White decline due to the political benefits.

I like White culture, but I hate this ridiculous conservatism, so out of step with civilized humanity. Non-Whites oppose this nonsense much more than Whites do. Looking for someone to blame because your Senator or Representative is a conservative dinosaur? Look no further than the White

I like liberalism and socialism, but I’m not wild about Black and Hispanic culture. But increasingly, non-White areas are just developing the “multiculture” instead of some explicitly Black, Hispanic or otherwise culture. The multicult is hard to describe, but it’s not White culture, at least politically, and it doesn’t dive into the depths of Black or Hispanic culture. It’s common among civilized Blacks and 2nd generation people of all ethnicities, not just Hispanics.

As you can see, I’m torn. At this point, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. I live in a non-White town in a non-White state, and it’s not exactly the end of the world. I figure we are going to transition towards a Latin American model with a White elite anyway. I’m White. What’s not to like?

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66 thoughts on “White American Decline: A Confession”

  1. You cant expect that U.S. whites become liberal or socialist, because they are on top of the pyramid and that means that they want to preserve existing social stratification. Being socialist means being too incompetent to come across so that you demand destruction of present “unfair” class division.
    To be honest, i dont understand your motives. Why do you want to belong to scum when you are white? You know that universal equality is impossible.

    1. Being socialist means being too incompetent to come across so that you demand destruction of present “unfair” class division.

      This statement does not make sense in light of universal socialism among European White nations, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Are the Whites of those lands all incompetent? Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Well Robert, if you want more whites to support liberal causes, perhaps you should tell liberal political elites to stop kissing black and brown ass. You should tell them to stop supporting open borders and amnesty for illegals. You should tell them to cut the cultural Marxism crap.

    Yes, I too lament the fact that too many whites are these clueless conservatives who follow Limbaugh and Beck. I wish fewer whites were such blind conservatives.

    However, it’s not like leftists are saints.

    As you said, “In order to be on the left, I have to hate my own race, the whites. I also have to hate my own gender, the males. If that’s what it means to be on the left, screw it. I may as well go join the tea parties. At least they don’t hate whites, males, and straights.”

    What you said a while back perfectly illustrates why so many whites are hostile towards lefties. Even you feel that way at times.

    If you were to create a party that espoused leftist economic policies while cutting the cultural Marxism crap, that would go a long way towards winning whites over.

    I don’t have a high opinion of conservatives and their views/policies, but at least they don’t hate me and vilify me at every opportunity, unlike our leftist friends.

    1. I don’t think so much as a race thing. It the brain washing of the left that has moved the blacks, to that thinking. How can you continue the socialist agenda when you run out of money and treasure? It is hard to compete against Santa Clause, and that is why the right is loosing. Taxes go up and up. Look at the latest, the Social Security agency is taking money from tax returns of people if their parents were overpaid in benefits. We now have more people ridding the cart then pulling it. That will not last for long and the whole socialist experiment will end. Race has nothing to do with it.

  3. And Robert, it does help that those successful nations, relatively speaking, are less racially diverse than we are.

    They don’t have to deal with the same racial conflicts and headaches that we do. Unfortunately, in both Europe and Canada, there’s increasing racial conflict, and it won’t get better anytime soon.

    Trust me, when they become as diverse as us, you can kiss your socialist paradise goodbye.

  4. “But increasingly, non-White areas are just developing the “multiculture” instead of some explicitly Black, Hispanic or otherwise culture.”

    I’d like to see a post breaking down what this multi-culture is.

    1. Near where I live, a county began police practices similar to the new Arizona law after residents in traditional neighborhoods of single family homes complained of Hispanic-looking men:

      slaughtering chickens in their backyard
      urinating in bushes around the neighborhood
      catcalling to women from the day-work pickup point
      opening a brothel in a residential townhouse

      These were probably normative behaviors in their former communities. But for some reason, the local residents didn’t feel enlightened by the introduction of these diverse cultural practices.

  5. It wasn’t exactly your kind of socialism, but America had the kind of economy from roughly 1945-65 that had many of the best features of it, like job security, strong unions and defined benefit pensions.

    Conservatives talk about that period as a kind of golden age when people had moral family values, as evidenced by a record marriage rate and baby boom. Then they decry the economic conditions for their stagnancy. They don’t seem to understand that one was necessary for the other — when a sensible person is deciding whether to start a family and put down roots in a community, having a reasonable expectation of steady income for 20 years is an important consideration. Today’s free agent economy that conservatives love, causes free agent personal values which they hate.

    I bet most of the family values voters would be very happy to have a values-affirming economy. But that’s not what the current Republican party is about. To them, “values” is what they want the economy’s losers to have; to accept their lot so that income disparity doesn’t have to lead to social disruptions like crime and fatherlessness.

    I think this is the central distinction between the Republican party pre- and post-Reagan. The old party was willing to use the economy to encourage values; the new one wants values to empower greed.

  6. Seems to be that if you supported a White ethnostate you could have both a dominate White culture and socialism. Whites are okay with socialism if the money goes to their own people.

    “I want what you got. Well here.”

    1. That may also explain the controversy over letting Turkey into the EU. They don’t mind weak economies like Portugal, Spain and Greece getting in even if N. Europe has to bail them out, but they are scared of letting in Turkey.

      1. So I guess the EU is just a club of whites. I wonder if they would ever admit a non-white nation like Turkey even if had a strong economy?

        1. As a Pan-Aryanist, I would surely say that Turks are White. If you ask your average White American, they would probably agree with you. The only people who call them non-Whites are White nationalists and racists.

        2. There’s a few in there that might pass for Sicilians, but quite a few who could pass for Pakistani too.

        3. They look like Whites to me.

          Who is White? Are you Caucasian and look like you could have come from Europe? Yes? You are White. No? You are a non-White Caucasian.

          Really, who is White is similar to who is Black. If you are Caucasoid and look like you could have come from Europe, you’re White.

          If you are Negroid and look like you could have come from Africa, you’re Black.

          I don’t get it. Why do Blacks get to claim 35% Negroids as Black (You guys are using the One Drop Rule you know.) and we can’t claim 93% Caucasoids as White?

          Pls explain this to me.

          Turks are a specific type of White called Turanid. Close to Armenids. Definitely White people, 100%.

          Fuck the Germans. Germans are Nordicists. They probably don’t think Italians are White either. They mostly hate Turks because they are Muslims, #1. Yeah, they cause problems. So? Some White groups cause problems.

          Any Blacks cause problems, tulio? If a Black group acts bad and causes problems, does that mean they are not Black?

        4. Your explanation makes sense to me. I don’t have a horse in this race anyway so if they want to consider Turks white or not, I’m not losing any sleep over it. I am curious though, you have to admit that some of those Turks look like Pakistanis, especially that one guy in the foreground to the left as well as the woman behind him to his right and the lady just in front of her. So do you accept Pakistanis as white too?

        5. Depends on phenotype. If they look like they could have come from Europe, then they are White.

          If not, they are non-White Caucasians. There are definitely White Pakistanis, especially in the northwest where all the fighting is going on. The Pashtuns who live there are very White. There is also another group who lives there called the Kalash who are very much White. There are people with blond hair and blue eyes in Pakistan.

        6. I always figured the reason poor little third-world Greece was let in early on in the life of the EU was due to the fact that Greece was the historical birthplace of Western, and hence European, civilization. No other reason.

          The Greeks are no “whiter” than the Turks, and they had and have nothing to contribute to the Northern European nations as for money, modernism or industry. As an American, you can’t tell a Athens native from an Istanbul native most of the time.

          No, it was what they represented, and nothing more. Purely symbolic, I have always believed.

          As for Turks in Germany…They behave a hell of a lot better than those Algerians in France or Pakistanis in the U.K. A hell of a lot better. If anything, it’s the Germans that treat the Turks like shit, even though the Turks do all the unskilled labor “stuff” that we’ve got Mexicans here in the U.S doing. Ironically, there were a lot of Greeks brought into Germany before the Turks ever showed up. The were treated like shit by the Germans, to. I don’t think the Germans really give a damn which is which.

          To make matters worse, most of the Turks in Germany were poor farmers from the countries interior. Hence their religiosity and uneducated background. There are also a lot of refugees, namely Kurds. So, that Turk you meet in Frankfurt might not actually be a Turk at all, but a Kurd on the run.

          We were warned not to screw with the Turks off base when I was in the U.S Army. Never had a problem with them. I did walk into a skinhead bar in K-Town with a Mexican buddy of mine. A real Indian looking guy. We got the “chill” down you spine feeling as soon as we walked in, and needless to say, couldn’t get served. Probably didn’t like us for a bunch or reasons… 😀

      2. More like they don’t like Muslims. That’s what it’s all about. Europeans don’t really care about White-non-White that much, and a lot would probably say that Turks are White anyway.

        1. What’s this thing about Turkish people being part Mongoloid? I live in London and there are loads of Turkish people here and over 95% of them look very Caucasoid in their features and maybe 5% have some Mongoloid features, and even then the Caucasoid features dominate even in those people.

          I don’t know, but perhaps most people that come to the UK from areas of Turkey where people have high levels of Caucasoid features, perhaps ore so than other areas that might have more Mongolian looking people.

        2. Turks are about 93% Caucasoid and 7% Asian on average, I think. That’s White enough for me! Plus they look like Europeans. If you look at a Turk, they look like they could be someone from Europe.

        3. Yah, Turks really don’t look Asian at all. It only crops up from time to time, like the German-Turkish actress I posted a while back. I guess they are kind of like Russians in that regard.

          My family is Azeri, and they look rather East Asian. At least half way there. I have even had East Asians point that out to me from time to time. Never White folks, though.

      3. That’s the irony of it. The Turks have been begging to get into the “rich” EU for the last 50 years. The Europeans still seem to harbor a fear of the dreaded “Turk,” and don’t much want a huge Muslim country suddenly holding voting rights and open borders within the EU.

        What has now changed is that Turkey no longer wants in. They are exploring their potential as a regional power in the Near East, and are economically doing much better than the EU as a whole right now. Especially better than the Southern European nations of Greece, Italy Spain and Portugal. Simply put, the Turks no longer need the EU. I am just curious if the Europeans have figured that out yet?

        There was an excellent broadcast on the BBC about this the other day. According to that report, the Turks have become an economic power house in their own right this last decade(think companies like Beko), while most European nations have outsourced their major industries, in many cases to Turkey itself.

        What in the hell is the Western world thinking???

        It is sad to see that Europe has so closely followed the American example in such matters…

  7. Robert,
    The best example of socialism in practice was in Sweden before the Swedes ruined it by importing a load of non-white riff-raff.
    Similarly England was well on the path towards a Fabian socialist utopia (as such visionaries as HG Wells, G Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell and others had outlined) before mass immigratio provoked a right-wing backlash amongst the proles.
    Similarly, socialism in the USA would have taken off if the race hustlers hadn’t hijacked the left.

    1. Yeah, there’s a recent book called “While Europe Slept” about how Muslim immigration wasn’t recognized as a problem until it became a BIG problem.

      One of the author’s theories is that northern European generous welfare states were designed by politicians an voters who understood their own values and could create a system that people wouldn’t participate in if they didn’t need to. Then the Muslims came in with a different value system and exploited it.

      Not to imply that all, or even most, American minority members feel the same way, many believe that Anglo-dominated society does owe them, and have no qualms about making entitlements a lifestyle.

  8. The problem is that the only true liberals have ever been whites. Blacks, Hispanics, etc. as a group are not liberal in principle, they’re just supporting policies that they see as benefiting them. Some of the most horrifying racists alive can be found among these groups. And Asians? Forget it. Just look at the rape of Nanking to see what the average Asian thinks of people even slightly different from himself. So while few American whites are liberals, virtually all true, principled American liberals are whites.

    1. …and I can’t believe I forgot to mention the bats**t crazy homophobia shared by virtually all black males, at least.

    2. From what you’re saying, no group is liberal in principle. And horrifying racists have been found in every group.

      Do you feel, though, that only whites are capable of being principled liberals?

    3. Well, everyone basically looks out for their own tribe. Minus idealistic overzealous White liberals who always seem rather offended by the notion…

  9. There used to be a White Nationalist group, American Front, whose economics were hard left.

    But if you want your people to be more than a curio while living a Spiritual Racial socialist life, you gotta lean “Eurasianism” where Russians and Germans will comprise the bloc at the helm of Empire.

    Otherwise, forget about any form of White culture
    exercising more than a curiosity shop of white socialism, if at all, while Orientals rule the world.

  10. A lot of the socalled liberal values of social liberalism, environmentalist ect are primary among white liberals. Non-white liberals generally tend to be opposed to gay marriage and don’t care as much about the environment. They vote democrat mainly because of econonomic issues. I can understand wanting a social safety net to take care of the poor but what I can’t understand is so how so many liberals even support changing the demographics just to add more customers to the social safety nets if it would make the nation for socialist. I do think white liberalism could die out due to low birthrates and in general whites will become less liberal in response to changing demographics. It will get to the point were the republicans are a white party and democrats and non-white party and the country will be polarized by race. Its already this way to some degree but it will probably become more so over time.

  11. I don’t know why white liberals would necessarily be more principled than any other kind.

    I know of white liberals who have come out strongly, for example, against school vouchers and spoken of the need for supporting public schools – but who have their own kids enrolled in private schools.

    Those public schools they are so supportive of aren’t good enough for their kids!

    You could go on with examples of white liberals saying one thing and doing another.

    1. White liberals who welcome illegal immigration and use them as gardeners, yet live way out in the suburbs behind gates and put their kids in private school, shielded from the social problems they themselves are have a hand in creating.

      1. White liberals who welcome illegal immigration and use them as gardeners, yet live way out in the suburbs behind gates and put their kids in private school, shielded from the social problems they themselves are have a hand in creating.

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is definitely something we can agree on.

        From my own person experience and observation, white liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites on the face on the earth.

        They preach integration and open border, yet they send their kids to private schools and live in lily white neighborhoods.

        For example, let’s take a look at Ted Kennedy. From what I’ve heard, he was a major advocate of busing in Boston, yet he sent his own kids to an all white private school. He was also the face behind the 1965 Immigration Act, which basically opened up the U.S. to the 3rd world. Yet he lived all the way up in Massachusetts, and didn’t actually have to deal with any of the demographic problems that resulted from excessive immigration.

        Similarly, I’ve encountered PC white liberals (and Asians as well) who got mad at me for saying “black” instead of “African American.” Never mind that these people didn’t actually known any flesh and blood black people.

        Of all the flesh and blood black people I’ve known, absolutely zero have used the term “African American” in casual conversations with me.

        But I guess these white liberals are that obsessed with proving how “enlightened” they are.

  12. Your right. I am no fan of white liberals I am just pointing out the difference. At least black and hispanic liberals are looking out for their own self interest. White liberals feel guilty about being white so they sell out the white middle class to make themselves feel better while they live in all white commities and send their kids to private schools.

    I am not a fan of left in general but I do find myself agreeing with Mr. Lindsay at least 80% except for the socialism but unlike most liberals he is against cultural marxist, pc, mass immigration ect. which sre the main things I hate about the left. I am not much of a fan of the right either except for the Paleoconservatives but they have been delegated to the fringe of the conservative movement. I just reject the left right lables and go my own way.

    1. I agree with you that these labels don’t mean that much. If you can go out and publicly espouse certain “liberal” values while actually making personal choices that would be considered “conservative,” then these labels are inadequate for describing what you really believe.

  13. Well Robert, I have come to the same conclusion myself the last decade or so. I grew up as an American who was largely viewed as “half White” by most of my peers, even though I largely embedded to the exponential degree White American culture in every sense of the word. I literally was “super American” growing up, and wanted to be the embodiment of those values. Certainly more so than most, if not all, of my White American peers.

    Yet, when I see the absurdness of White America over the last ten to fifteen years, it seriously pisses me off. From crazed conservative Whites stuck in a past that never was. Who rage for killing pretty much everyone from Morocco to Indonesia, yet could care less if their neighbor has cancer and no means to pay for treatment, or even a roof over their heads. To White liberals, nearly just as imperialist, but in a “soft faced” kind of way. So stuck up on things that nobody should care about, like the concept of affirmative action or gay marriage…All the while as Rome burns.

    No, as much as I would have been against it in the 90’s, back in my youthful “Super American” days, I now think this country needs to be overrun and changed by non-Whites, the sooner the better. Perhaps a tastes of one’s own medicine is the prescription needed in this case. After all, the current situation is so clueless and hopeless here in the U.S, one must ask, can anything actually be worse?

    1. IMO, liberalism as a set of principles arises from certain character traits. Basically these include–but are not limited to–free thought, intellectual curiosity, and empathy. At best, it gives rise to the manly liberalism of the New Deal era through the mid 60s. At worst, it gives rise to the sappy PC mentality prevalent among a small number of white liberals and despised by pretty much everyone else.

      More later.

  14. So I know a guy who is looking for a young, legal whore, but this guy is not part of the hobbyist community, as of yet. Anyone have any experience with the consumer reports of the whores, Erotic Review? You can’t see ratings without being a member, but you can still get information, i hear. Those which a lot of rankings probably are human petri dishes, but too little rankings might be a sting.

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      Once you start picking up street whores, all bets are off. Those chicks are really bottom of the barrel.

      1. Do you know where one can find these sex papers in LA? I have checked out the LA Weekly. There are also plenty of escort adds there but the pictures are to vague. I think you should be able to see what you are going to get before you hire an escort.

        1. Those are those dirty sex papers for sale in newspaper vending machines in Hollywood. Also there should be magazines like that for sale in any adult book store.

          He said that most of those call girls are good looking. Some of them might be on drugs. Just hang up on those. If she’s not what you like, just say I changed my mind and walk away. He said in general, they are really hot. He screwed one in Hollywood who looked like a fashion model or an actress. Total knockout. Good sex too.

  15. Problem is that US Whites are unspeakably rightwing. So with White decline in the US should come to the decline of this horrible White US conservatism. White decline should lead to a more liberal America, which I support in most ways.

    I think a few people already pointed this out, but conservatism among US whites is in large part a *reaction* to racial diversity. Liberal whites are generally found in predominantly white places, like Vermont, whereas conservative whites are generally found in mixed areas, like the South. So if you increase the amount of diversity, you are going to increase the amount of conservatism among US whites.

    The US non-Whites are very liberal. The young CA Hispanics are almost Communists or socialists.

    Being a socialist Hispanic in America basically means you want to take money from whitey and give it to your fellow Hispanics. It’s like being generous with someone else’s money.

    I am pretty liberal too – my ideal society is something like a more racialist version of Scandinavia or the Netherlands. The problem is that these liberal white societies do not seem to be capable of maintaining the degree of ethnic homogeneity that allows them to exist in the first place. How can we solve this problem?

    1. “I think a few people already pointed this out, but conservatism among US whites is in large part a *reaction* to racial diversity. Liberal whites are generally found in predominantly white places, like Vermont, whereas conservative whites are generally found in mixed areas, like the South. So if you increase the amount of diversity, you are going to increase the amount of conservatism among US whites.”

      That’s very untrue. The true divide is between urban and rural. Whites who live in rural areas are usually conservative. Whites who live in urban areas are usually liberal. Whites in mixed places like coastal California, Seattle, Hawaii, NYC, Boston, and Miami for example are pretty liberal. Whites in homogeneous states like Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska, the Dakotas are conservative. New England may be the ONLY region that is homogeneous white, rural and liberal.

      1. Thank you tulio, I agree with this assessment.

        New England would be liberal no matter if it was White or diverse. White New Englanders will always be liberal. Long tradition of that dating back over 150 years.

      2. I suppose it’s true that urban vs. rural is the dominant factor.

        Still, racial diversity has an impact on the political culture of the country as a whole, and is certainly among the main reasons why we don’t have e.g. a socialized health care like nearly all European countries have. Certainly as America becomes increasingly non-white, and as the demographic facts start sinking in to peoples’ heads, whites will become increasingly politically conservative.

        1. I believe race plays into why we don’t have socialism, but also don’t downplay the importance or rugged individualism as deeply ingrained in American DNA. The Cold War has been over for nearly a quarter century and using red scare tactics in elections still has an impact. Hillary was accused of being a “communist” as was Obama, as Gore as was even Kerry. I think even if America was 100% white, you’d still have a bunch of loons running around associating public health care with the evils of communism and authoritarian government. Race *definitely* plays into it, but I don’t think that’s the entirety of it. Americans are very ideological about their laissez-faire beliefs in government compared to their counterparts abroad.

      3. The corollary of this is that cities are Liberal whether White or not and that from the POV of aiming for a Liberal consensus, the more optimal action to take would be urbanising rather than immigration (all the benefits with none of the “NAM” drawbacks of violence, dependency cupidity and stupidity) assuming no other factors.

        Of course, taking this kind of action probably requires unusually punitive government measures towards the country, as urban areas in White countries have less “pull” for White country folks than for Third/Second World types (that is, they gain less advantage from moving to cities than Third/Second worlders, even though they may not be particularly more hostile to the culture they get there) and these are probably politically implausible, so you might be stuck with the “elect a new people” thing.

  16. Dear Robert
    I agree with Goldman that the support of most Blacks and Hispanics for egalitarian policies is opportunistic rather than principled. However, most whites who espouse conservative values also do so for opportunistic reasons. The difference though is that the Blacks and Hispanics have a fairly accurate assesmet of their true interests while most conservative whites don’t.
    The stupidity of ordinary whites who support conservative economic policies is that they assume that, since there is a net income transfer from whites to non-whites, there can’t be a net transfer as well from rich whites, the minority, to poor and middle-income whites, the majority.
    We can have the following rough scheme:

    —————————- net winners net losers
    blacks and hispanics———-25% 3%
    whites and Asians————-50% 22%
    total—————————–75% 25%

    About 75% of Americans should be net winners from the combination of progressive taxation and social programs, that is, in a libertarian country they would be worse-off than they are now.

    Regards. James

  17. ” … universal socialism among European White nations, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. ” LOL and then LOL some more. That old irrepressible sense of humour of yours again.

    What’s tolerable in America, comes from Protestant culture (and I mean REAL Protestant culture, not this crypto-jewish evangelicalism), not general white culture. But now your supreme court is comprised of 6 catholics and 3 guesswhos! Not one Protestant! What’s going on here? You (the blue or green eyed Protestants that is) have given yourselves into the hands of your enemies without a peep. How long till in your Protestant nation, Protestants are excluded from all government, professional, managerial and academic roles and you don’t even dare to mention it?

    1. Are you trying to tell me that my almost non-existant , and very loose protestant affiliation is the reason that I can not seem to get a promotion in my corporation after years and years of trying– and trying to find out what it takes to move up?

      And I thought my years of stubborn, yet fruitless pursuit of promotion was a combination of affirminative action’s reverse discrimination quality, and my lack of networking( or sucking as*)!!!

  18. What is White culture?

    “Whites” are different from each other, let alone all “non-whites” in too many different ways for me to see any uniform racial identity.

    The people yelling “white pride” and these kinds of things are usually of Scotch-Irish, English, and maybe some Germanic descent. I don’t see too many South Philly Italians joining this cause.

    However, South Philly Italians as well as many other “white ethnics” (Irish, Polish, Jews) do share some of the same fears and antipathies towards non-whites (particularly Blacks and Hispanics, and even at times Asians and Indians).

    So, my question then is : Is being white more about something you’re not as opposed to something you are?

    There was a guy who had a blog named Umar Lee. This brother was a white man (WASP) who grew up in St. Louis, MO. He wrote one time, that he was always white and railed against the “Soft, PC Prius driving liberals” that white males get stereotyped as being. He said however, that when he converted to Islam, he essentially lost his whiteness to everybody that knew him. He said “white is not something you are, it’s more about something you’re not.”

    Do you all agree?

    1. Interesting points. This kind of gets into all the “whiteness studies” stuff. I was thinking a bit today about why so many Hispanics that look white are never just flatout called “white” but rather say they are “very white” or “just look white”. I think whiteness has a lot of sociological implications that make it hard for many white Hispanics in the U.S. to identify with it. It means that you are part of the in group, the dominant group. It means you are not seen as an outsider. You are not oppressed and nobody targets you for discrimination or thinks of you as an outsider because of your last name or religion. Being “white” is all about being part of the dominant culture of WASPs that created American social norms. As you said, a white that converts to Islam may lose his whiteness in a sense, obviously not in a genetic sense, but he is no longer a part of the in group. A white that marries a black may face a similar verdict, as may a white with a Hispanic surname. A WASP woman could marry a white Spaniard but if she sends out a resume and there is Hernandez on her application, it may effect her.

  19. If whites are right wing why in the hell are they letting their race go extinct? Why did 43% of white people vote for Obama?

  20. This statement does not make sense in light of universal socialism among European White nations, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Are the Whites of those lands all incompetent? Doesn’t make sense.

    You are being completely blind here. You wont get “universal socialism” in US , you will get Mexico .

    Socialism kinda works in the countries you mentioned because they are ~ 90% white. US will be less than 50% white by 2030.

    I dislike conservatives but your multicultural utopia wont look like Canada at all

  21. “A non-White America could finally give us a shot at a socialist America, like the socialist states in much of the world.”

    Completely wrong. Socialism can only work in nations which are racially/ethnically homogeneous, or almost completely so.

    Plain observation shows that the more racially and ethnically stratified a nation is the less socialistic it is.

  22. You don’t like black and hispanic culture because it’s been demonized. As minorities gain more self-determination and are able to decide more how they’re portrayed you probably won’t have as big of an issue with it.

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