Alt Left: The Myth of Male Heterosexual HIV

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We have a reactionary commenter in the comments section who is posting the usual scare stuff about the risks of males in the US getting HIV from a woman. In truth, the risks are very low. To the extent that they exist at all, they exist in the form of regular sex with a woman who has HIV. I mean regular sex. Like hundreds of times, preferably over years. That’s how a male gets HIV from a woman in the US.

Your chances rise slightly with every encounter with an HIV positive partner, so if you are having sex 100’s of times with an HIV positive woman, you risk starts going up. Your risk from a one time or casual encounter with even a known HIV positive female is nearly zero. Your risk from a woman with unknown status is even lower.

These folks like our commenter like to go on an on about how condoms don’t prevent HIV. Well, technically it is true. There were some studies in which serodisocordant couples (one had HIV, the other did not) were followed for ~5 years. Some used condoms all the time, others sometimes, others never. There was significant risk to the females in the never use category, some risk to the females in the occasional category, and low risk to the females in the always category.

There was no risk to the males who used condoms. Of the males who never used condoms with their HIV positive partners, only 20% were HIV positive after 5 years and 100’s of sex acts. You can see right there how hard it is for a guy to get HIV from a woman in the US.

If condoms were such a big risk to women nevertheless, we would expect to see some women in porn getting HIV from men using condoms. Not one case has yet been reported.

If HIV is such a risk to men from having sex with women, we should be seeing some infections in porn. Not one man has caught HIV from a woman in porn yet, even though for decades, most scenes did not use condoms and to this day, many still do not.

It’s so hard to get HIV from a woman in the US that most guys should not waste time worrying about it. If you regularly have sex with women who shoot dope, you have more to worry about. If you have a regular partner, you might want her to get tested if you don’t know her status, as regular sex with an HIV positive woman over 100’s of acts is somewhat risky.

It’s always nice to know people’s status. I know mine. It’s negative. I’ve been tested. A few times.

Males get HIV infection in three ways.

  1. Gay sex. Usually receptive anal sex. Other acts and positions are much less risky.
  2. Sharing needles with illegal drug users. Don’t do it.
  3. Heterosexual sex. The number of cases is so small that I would almost say don’t worry about it, but not quite.

All these Black and Hispanic guys with HIV who are giving it to women in their communities are getting it by gay sex and sharing needles. With the Black guys, there is a lot of down low gay sex and some needle sharing. With the Hispanic guys, it’s almost all needle sharing.

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771 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Myth of Male Heterosexual HIV”

  1. The hierarchy of main risks is:

    IV drug usage with shared needles – applies to everyone.
    Unprotected anal sex recipient -applies to everyone.
    Unprotected vaginal sex recipient – applies to women.
    Unprotected anal sex giver – applies to males.
    Unprotected vaginal sex giver -applies to males.

    Low to extremely low risks with vagina/penis oral sex.

    The reason why HIV spread so fast and so widely within the gay community in the west was, rather obviously, anal sex, but also a significant sub-section of them were also recreational to regular IV drug users too sharing needles. So, for them it was a double whammy.

    The later high rates of HIV infection in females in certain parts of Africa were also caused by a combination of factors. One was high rates of anal sex (the easiest form of contraception), the other, in some societies, was the use by females of methods to ‘dry out’ their vaginas, which increased abrasions and also disturbed the normal vaginal methods of infection killing. Adding in multiple use of needles for drugs, immunizations, etc was just icing on the cake.

    The case study comparing Edinburgh and (from memory) Liverpool was instructive. In Edinburgh the police had a hard policy on needles. If you were caught with one then you were charged with drug usage, hence people shared needles. Liverpool had a medically guided approach of needle exchanges, etc (learned from Australia which is the world leader in AIDs prevention). Edinburgh had a 10 times (or more) higher HIV infection rate as a result (mostly straight people too).

    Australia is the ‘gold standard’ at dealing with AIDs. The medical and gay communities worked (and still do) very closely together. Needle exchanges were brought in all over the place (even in little country towns and prisons). Condoms were made readily available all over the place. Education programs put in place, including people directly going out to gay clubs and places to talk to and educate people. Very quickly we got our infection rate down to the lowest in the world. Over time other countries followed our example.

    1. Gays do not get genital warts or herpes simplex as often as men and women do. I’ve no idea why the transmission of these disease is more common with straight people.

      These are no fun either.

  2. Please reply i had unprotected sex with a prostitute mayb for 8 min she said she was clean because she had been to the hospital for diabetes but who the fuck knows you know ? But we had sex for mayb 8 minutes then i pulled out and busted im worried sick about hiv .. this was a one time thing and will never happen again should i be worried im goin to get tested in two months

      1. Hi Rob,
        Something is worrying me sick…
        Recently I was in Dubai and picked a east European girl…she said she is from Tazakisthan later she said her kids r in Moscow….
        Anyway when in bed she asked me do I have a condom? I said no, so she was like lets do it without it.
        I panicked and said no, asked her to keep the money…she got upset n refused the money and asked for cab fare only…later she started crying and all…
        So I decided to just have oral sex with her…I was drunk…i tried going down on her but she covered her part with her hand(was she hiding something?) However I just rubbed my penis on her vagina trying to make sure to not to enter…I was holding it by hand…but may be penis head n a little part above hand( I m not circumsised) might have slipped inside, also b4 rubbing I was feeling her pussy with hand n it seemed pretty dry…I came on top of her pussy or with head inside I dont remember but my cum was all outside…and it was a short time may be a minute or two…yeah I came early n she laughed about it.
        Later she kissed me good luck n went…I got worried later considering the fact tat as an escort she decided to had unprotected sex with me, she was not carrying condom. Is she trying to infect others on purpose? cos when i enquired about her rate she just said whatever u want to give.
        .and she was more thn willing to have inter course without condom and refused money without the act.
        Its almost a month now….i am tetribly worried….getting loose motion from last night(but that I had b4 this enounter also)
        Right now sailing so cant get tested, planning to do it soon as I go back.
        What do you think Rob, is it something to get really worry about?

        1. Hi Rob,
          i work in Navy and yes every time before the tour I get tested fot HIV by company…
          this incident in Dubai happened around 18 Dec 14…
          Now Im Just very anxious n worried all the time aft the encounter….totally freaked out and stressed.
          What is the risk tat I have got infected by tat Russian babe?

  3. Robert I am a women that have two one night stand without protection one with a white American heterosexual men (do not know this guy- he is about 22 years old, university educated he told me he had a girlfriend for 5 years and slept with about 5 other girls) we do it like for 10 minutes total maybe less I do not remember and he came the first time outside and the second I think outside but do not remember. The other guy is a latin heterosexual men (educated too, I think he have an surgery about 2 years ago, married for about 2.5 years) we do it like 5 minutes and he came inside me.
    I am so freak out about it and do not know the risk I have to get infected of hiv.
    I am going to get tested but will appreciated your opinion

    1. I honestly do not think you got HIV from either of these men. Have you ever had an HIV test? If you are woman, the only guys you might have sex with who might have HIV are guys who have been having sex with other men (usually receptive anal sex) or have been sharing needles with other drug users. If you are having sex with men who are not junkies and who not get fucked in the ass by other men, you have an extremely low chance of getting HIV.

      Have you ever had an HIV test?

  4. Hi Robert is me again, I already have the test but the result will be until tomorrow. I’m freaking out, I do would like to know what are the possibilities for a women to get hiv for a one time 5 minute fuck.
    Thanks and sorry for all this questions is just I really nervous.

    1. I think perhaps 1/50,000 out of any random male in society, but a huge number of the men with HIV are gay, so they won’t be having sex with women anyway.

      If really is heterosexual and does not shoot dope, the odds are unbelievably low that he has HIV.

  5. Just get my results is negative!! 🙂 thanks for the peace of mind I will of course contribute with your website I think is really positive to have a realistic point of things.

    1. Yay Sandra! You ought to get tested once a year or so if you had sex in the last year and are not in a monogamous relationship. Also keep that test to show to any men you might meet that you are clean. Personally I would like any woman I sleep with to have a clean HIV test in the last year.

  6. Hey Rob..I’m another one of those who are semi worried about a partner I had. The first time her and I slept together she started to bleed mid way through. When I saw it we immediately stopped and both cleaned ourselves. She is divorced with two kids,also had a tubal ligation after her second child(she is 26). It’s been 4 months since then,I’ve had no symptoms at all,I’ve also gained about 20lbs in weight from the gym since then..should I be worried at all? I have not had any flu like symptoms in 2 years. Also,her and I only had sexual relations twice, the second time there was no incident.

  7. Hi Robert, I saw a high-end escort girl here in Australia 7 days ago, and during our encounter I went three times inside her vagina (very quickly in-out penetration without ejaculation/orgasm and without staying inside for long – just 2 secs each time I believe), and one time in her arse (2 secs also as condom had broken, and I immediately pulled out). Do you think I could get it? She says that she is being checked every 3 months for STD and HIV, and that her latest results were clean (negative). I know I was a big fool. I will obviously get myself tested in three months from now, just to be on the safe side. Should I be worried for catching HIV? Thanks

          1. I will definitely keep you posted. For the record, I NEVER ejaculated or had an orgasm with that particular escort girl WITHOUT a condom, whether in the case of a vaginal or anal penetration. I only had an orgasm ALWAYS WITH a fully functioning condom on. The 3 times I went inside her without one, was always very short once I realized it – just 1-2 secs each time (and there was never an ejaculation). But I know I should never have done this in the first place. It is foolish of me, and now of course I am a bit frightened. It is the first time that such a thing happens to me, but I was so excited as well as tired that I made the mistake. Hopefully all will turn out ok. Thank you for listening to me.

  8. For the umpteenth time,unless you get ass fucked raw (no condom) anal not vaginal, you will never come down with HIV. Also stay away from needles, IV drug abuse. Even if you fuck raw as the top, chances of getting infected are nil. Bottoms are primarily affected. Male or female. The latter comes from sleeping with down low men having receptive anal.

    HIV in Africa is a farce. Those people are dying from diseases of poverty, not sex. Tell a lie big enough. Everyone believes..

  9. Hi Robert. Im 35 year old heterosexual male living in Massachusetts. About three weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a girl i met on a dating site that i just met. She was on her period and I suspected she was an iv drug user, which she vehemently denies.. Since then ive been having so many symptoms that look like hiv acute phase reactions..i know i should get tested but what do you think? Do i have reason to panic here?

      1. Yes she was bleeding. I was really drunk and i remembered the next day some scars on her wrist. I asked her about them at the time and she said they were cat scratches. But about a week later i contacted her and questioned her some more about my suspicion of her drug use based on these marks, the way I was feeling, and the fact that she was on her period! She did fess up to using cocaine and also said these were marks from cutting and at attempted suicide! WTF,, I met this giirl on a dating app and this is what I find lol. But she denied ever using needles. Many weeks later and Im still freaking out. I have diagnosed myself with everything from mono, to strep, chronic fatigue, tonsillitis, just a lingering cold. Everything! My health insurance doesn’t kick in until April so I’m doing some tests at a CVC minute clinic today. Ugh. Some of my symptoms include feeling tired, off and on sore throat, swollen glands, got some tiny dots all over torso that came and went, and a yellow patch on my tonsil. I know.. I prob need a test.

        1. Ok it has been 4.5 weeks right?

          Well wait another week and a half to get a really good test.

          I am not going to comment on your symptoms because I do not want to freak you out. Let us put it this way. Men come to me all the time having risky sex with a woman. It is then followed by all of the symptoms you describe and then some. It is tempting to warn these men that they might be infected. However, to date not even one of these guys have turned up positive. In fact, since this post went up it has been deluged with men worried about risky sex incidents with women. They all waited to get tested. Not one of these men has tested positive yet.

          1. Well that is an interesting well as reassuring. Thanks for the quick reply. It is interesting how our minds can tie every little symptom back to a questionable, risky sex act trying to connect the dots..its just that the symptoms are so vague and common that of course we think its HIV!

  10. Hi Robert I have been reading about the low risks of HIV in heterosexual sex on this forum. I had vaginal sex twice with the same girl.She is of unknown status but she is from a rough area of the city i am in and maybe she could have been a drug user.Anyway what’s been bothering me is that I experience pain on my helmet when the foreskin is back. Do you know if this increases my risk? I would like to hear from any other guys who are too sensitive on the underside of their foreskin. It sort of ruins sex for me (i prefer masturbation). I get sick with worry about HIV I guess the scare campaigns in the 80’s had an effect on my young mind. Cheers.

    1. I forgot to add, this pain is something like a mild burning sensation. I get it during sex and only during sex as this causes my foreskin to come back. I usually masturbate with my foreskin over the helmet.

        1. Probably because getting cut is just throwing away a large portion of nerve endings for no good reason and is a completely moronic practice.

  11. Hi Robert, no this isn’t a symptom because i’ve always had it. What I meant to ask was am I more at risk because of this? My thinking is that because of the pain then maybe the action of sex is more abrasive to my helmet when it is uncovered by the foreskin. No Robert im not circumcised. I’m here in Scotland ,UK. Its really uncommon for men to be circumcised here. I would have though circumcision would be more risky because then the head of the penis is more exposed to abrasive action and is not protected by the foreskin. The girl was quite wet at the time so the sex was not that rough. Is the foreskin supposed to be withdrawn during sex and do circumcised men not feel pain during sex or in general since there is no skin and the helmet exposed?

  12. ok thanks Robert. I doubt I will be getting circumcised though as it would be painful without a foreskin, means I wouldn’t even be able to masturbate. I’ve had two HIV tests before and obviously both were negative.

  13. Hi Robert. I’m just curious because a few times you mentioned about circumcision. No one here in the UK or Europe is circumcised unless they are Jewish and there is a low rate of HIV here. Is circumcision common for non jewish men in the US? What reason would they be circumcised if it weren’t for religious reasons?

  14. Hey Robert
    I am 29 years old i had unprotected sex with a girl when i was drunk, then 2 days later i asked her to go for a HIV test with me. she tested Positive and i tested neg. i have been always negative BTW, her CD4 was above 500. i started PeP 4 days later and i have to test in 2 weeks am so afraid and i can not sleep. am circumcised. please tell me what are my chances to have HIV or not?

    1. You didn’t get it. That’s the bottom line. Theoretically, sure, you could have gotten it, but I doubt it. Supposedly your risks are 1/10,000 for a one time encounter, but realistically, to get it from a woman via normal sex you probably need multiple encounters because you might need multiple dosing. If you had sex with this woman 40 times, you would have a 1% risk of getting HIV? See where I am coming from?

      Why are you on PeP? I would not even bother if it were me.

      1. I see what you mean Bob, surprisingly she has a BF who she went with for HIV test after e cause she could not believe where she got it from, the guy tested Negative and she conferred to me that they have been having sex many times without protection. and she also admitted that she may have got t from a guy who she slept with. Our sex did not last more than ten minutes. I am on PeP just to reduce my risk of contracting the virus, but still i feel so afraid, but will keep you posted on the result in two weeks time.
        Thank you a lot

  15. Hey Robert,
    i just tested NEGATIVE, this is the 33th day after i got exposed to the virus via unprotected sex and the 4th week i started my PeP.
    Can i assume the test as conclusive? have you ever met people who slept with HIV woman and not been infected?
    Thanks a lot

    1. See, I told you. Well the 6 week and especially the 3 month tests are gold to tell you the truth, but this is a good result. Really you want a 6 week test. I am glad for the good news!

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  16. Hi Rob,

    Your website has been a great comfort. I had sex 8 years ago with a prostitute from Barcelona, possibly of African descent, I wore a condom and haven’t had any symptoms since. My girlfriend of 7 years has recently developed swollen lymph nodes and has had them for 6 weeks. Whilst doing research I noticed that that could be a symptom of HIV. I’ve had countless liver function tests and a couple of CBC’s that have all been normal. I also stupidly donated blood in the UK after the incident in question but can’t remember how soon afterwards now. Could this be related?


    1. I know nothing about the labs, but I would say that if you got HIV 8 years ago, you should have some symptoms by now. Anyway, you didn’t get HIV with the sex with this prostitute.

      Have you ever had an HIV test? Has your gf ever had an HIV test?

      1. No i have not had a test but I do seem to remember her having one about 3 years ago. Wouldn’t a blood donation screen for HIV? That’s the only occasions I could have had exposure.

        Thanks for the reply

  17. Hi Robert,
    I am 26 yrs old from India. 2 days ago I had a sexual encounter with two escorts in germany. I didn’t have vaginal or anal sex. I kissed both of them all over the body, one of the girls gave me a blow job. She put a condom on my semi-erected penis before it. Also with the condom on, she rubbed my penis in between her breasts.
    The before night while shaving my beard, I had a cut in my upper part of neck and bleeding, but I had no traces of bleeding during the encounter.
    I am worried if the girls had HIV, could it have spread through bodily fluids like sweat, cz I kissed on their arm pits which was kind of sweating.
    I called the escort agency again to rule out any possibility of HIV, they are saying that the girls are very clean and get tested every two weeks. And also they told if I had a problem, then go to a doctor.
    Could you please help me, I am scared to death already, I am hopeless and not able to concentrate on anything else.

  18. Hi Robert

    I am a 35 year old uncircumcised male from India, New Delhi . 6 days back I had protected sex with a prostitute here in Delhi . The entire act was protected but as soon as I withdrew the condom fell outside . I did not ejaculate inside her. I checked the condom 1 minute before climax it seemed to be on my penis.Little perturbed as I could not see when I lost the condom .do you think I should get tested and could I be exposed to hiv
    Just got tested 2 months back with a negative.



    1. You did not get HIV from this encounter. But I suppose you can always wait 6 weeks to 3 months and get tested again to make sure. You are getting tested regularly, so it seems like you are pretty up to date.

      1. Thanks ! I am overwhelmed by your Ultra prompt response ..
        Really admire your blog …
        Will get tested as adviced .

  19. Last Friday I had protected vaginal and anal sex as well as unprotected oral sex with a girl whose HIV status is unknown. On Sunday (2 days later), I woke up with a sore throat that has persisted for the past 4 days now. On top of that, I also had a rash on my arm on Monday that lasted less than an hour. Should I be worried about having HIV/is it possible to show symptoms the next day?

    1. Hello Brian. You did not get HIV from this exposure. I am not sure if HIV symptoms can show up a day or two after, but a flu-like illness in the first 3 weeks is quite common. Have you ever taken an HIV test before?

      1. I have. Twice, about 10 years ago. I was negative both times, and since then have been monogamous with one woman until the other night. Im also a self diagnosed hypochondriac, and worry all the time. Your article has helped me feel better, but I still plan on getting tested asap. Since it’s been less than a week, I have to wait for another one, correct?

  20. Had my first ever encounter with a prostitute and possible hiv 6 days ago don’t know if she was a drug addict just oral and vaginal no condom though lasted for 10-15 min total came inside her don’t know if that makes a difference also have very thin white layer on tongue very stressed out what do you think

      1. Chicago
        I think the white tounge is from all the stress and anxiety haven’t ate or slept much

        1. You realize that only 2.5% of US prostitutes have HIV, right? That’s not dramatically higher than the general population. And most of those are probably streetwalkers.

          I really doubt if you got HIV from this encounter. But wait 5 weeks and get a 6 week test. That should be good enough and I bet it’s negative.

  21. Hi Robert,

    In my last 5 years i had multiple experiences with prostitutes mainly asian girls in germany and in clubs, probably 1 or 2 each month. Never been with africans,nor with men never did any anal thing or drug and i always wear a condom. But what if there was a little breach one time? In the dark i cannot check all the time.

    I know condom break can be obvious when it happens and it happened to me in 2010. But can we also experience holes that do not make the condom to break? And also when you are fking you see sometimes you do not see anymore the condom on your penis when move back. I think the head of the penis is still covered, just the movment making the condom to move back on forth on your penis? Can female secretions move into the condom and then contaminate you?
    Sorry for these sily questions. Should i get tested anyways, what are my odds? Anxiety anxiety…

  22. Hello
    This is my story, on September 29, 2015 I had unprotected vaginal sex with woman that was hiv+. A couple days after i found out from one of my friends that knew her. I did not know, lost my head in the heat of the moment. She is not taking any medicine, I don’t know what her viral load is and she was not on her period. She had no cuts or sores, I had none. On Sept 7 I had an hiv test and it was negative. I am not circumcised and I came in her. She tested positive when I went to have mine. I went to the doctor about almost 3 weeks later and he suggested a test to rule out transmission. Today is a month since that and I have not seen any evidence of seroconversion illness, although not everyone gets it. On October 8 is when I have to go back to the doctor and I am histérica. What do you think.

        1. I’m interested to hear your comments considering the low female to male transmission rates etc. It would seem unlikely that he contracted HIV through female to male vaginal sex but who knows.

        2. He may have gotten it form anal sex. There is some suggestive data that male to female anal sex may be much riskier than male to female vaginal sex. I saw one figure that the risk vaginal sex for the male was 1/10,000 and the risk of male to female anal sex for the male was 1/200! But I have to research that a lot more.

          The guy did have sex with ~5,500 women.

        3. 5500 women?!?! Wow. He is also a known coke and freebase user which wouldn’t eliminate the possibility that he injected cocaine as well. It could be that several decades of consistent reckless high risk behavior both in terms to sex and drug abuse put him in a much higher risk category. It is well documented that he often had sex with porn stars and prostitutes so again it guess it would be naive to believe that he didnt partake in unprotected anal sex possibly even with men who knows.

  23. Hi

    I’m really looking for advice here. Had sex with a prostitute about 3 weeks ago and the condom broke. I was in her for a few seconds before i ejaculated and as I pulled out I noticed that the condom was broken. At the time she assured me that they get tested and I did not do a Pep. I’m now worried to the point where I cannot sleep, anxiety is making life terrible for me as I wait until the 4-6 week window to be tested. Can someone please advise me as to the odds of me getting HIV? Please, I am at my wits end here.

    1. HIV counseling requires a minimum $20 donation for one hour. I will stick with you for as long as it takes to resolve this. I have been studying male heterosexual HIV risk for 30 years now and I know a lot about it, more than some physicians for sure.

      I work with you folks regularly.In fact, I am working with a man right now with a case that is very similar to yours.

      Email me if you are interested.

  24. Well, there are tabloid reports going back to well before this that Sheen also messed around with transsexual prostitutes. If true perhaps he was so jaded from smoking crack are normal sluts that he had to “up the thrill” to chicks with dicks. As anecdotal evidence the blogger Stickmanbangkok perused about what exactly was this whole “ladyboy” attraction thing and asked one who hung around a bar in Bangkok just exactly what their clients wanted. To his amazement the transsexual said not only did they want to top the ladyboy in imitation of ordinary heterosexual sex but over half also wanted the ladyboy to bang them up the wazoo! Just like the scene in HANGOVER 2. Of course as unlikely as heterosexual aids is for a man to catch, if anyone could it was Sheen with his lifestyle and numbers. Like buying 3 scratch off lottery tickets everyday for 25 years and you very well might hit that $10,000 prize.

    1. Two male porn stars say they got HIV from a woman. However, in one case, one of these “women” was a transsexual. There seems to be something ab out heterosexual male HIV risk that goes up from having sex with transsexuals.

      1. Hello, tried to read through most of these, alot of info.

        My experience happened about 18 months ago (may 2014) in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Had a 1 night stand threesome with two strangers. Was some oral, and vaginal contact, as well as DP but with a rubber.. was about an hour of contact mostly protected but towards the end the condom came off. The girl was definetly a slut..

        A day or two after i noticed some itch above my genitals and on thighs.. Thinking back i got the flu a few months lateer.. Lately ive been having my hands go numb …

        What you think the chances are?

        1. I charge money for HIV counseling now. I work with guys like you all the time, but you have to make at least a $20 donation. For that you get on hour of counseling that you can use up anytime you wish. I have been studying male heterosexual HIV transmission for 30 years and I know it better than some physicians.

  25. Hello. Im from Louisiana and i got an escort. She gave me oral and we had protected sex.. And i also made sure the Condom didnt break. Do u think I have it? This happed 7 days ago and I dont feel any symptoms thank god. And also it was the first time ive ever had sex and im paranoid and scared af..

  26. hi Robert, is there any documented case about straight men gets HIV in a single sex act?…please help me, i got unprotected sex from a prostitute, this year April 1, 2016…i can’t focus on my daily activities, i’m paranoid, please help me…

  27. Hello,
    I had risky unprotected sex with a female vaginally. There was some bleeding involved.. It seems I was too rough and I tore her, we didn’t have intercourse that long 5 minutes tops and when I noticed the blood I stopped. It’s been 5-7 weeks and I developed a Cold that started with a sore throat. I don’t really have a fever or body aches. I know it’s just a common cold because I have clear runny snot and the sore throat went away. But apart of me is freaking out thinking about what ifs. Is there a high chance I could have HIV due to the blood involved?


  28. Hi I’m 24 years old male i had sex with a thai prostiute 2 years ago it was vaginaly first she rubd her vagina on my penis to make me hard ( but i didn’t put it inside her vagina ) then I used the condom and i inercosed her vaginaly for 3 minutes I don’t know if the condom break but I don’t think so because it is first time I’m using it I didn’t feel any I didn’t notice any unusual symptoms for 2 years and also I didn’t have std because it was my first and last time having sex for 2 years I didn’t thought about it and now I’m very anxious because i read that thai girls are worst
    And also excuse my bad English

        1. Well my mom was friends with one of his grad students and she staged many of his plays (all related to the Holocaust) and they had a party. Ellie was a real prima donna, demanded all kinds of accommodations. Anyway, there was a waiter coming through, and I had to move out of the way. So I backed up a little and rammed right into Elie Wiesel butting asses with him. He snarled at me.

  29. Robert seeking out for your help, I had sex with a prostitute here in Mendoza Argentina, just for a couple of minutes after my condom broke , I stopped. I did have a small cut from masturbartinng. I got pep 4 hours later. Took it for a month. What are my chances of getting hiv. I was only in her for about 3 mins.

  30. What about if a women who has been on AVR for 6 years and maintained a undectable viral and she started bleeding/menstraution during unprotected sex with her negative partner?

  31. I am from India
    On 7th October I had a protected sex with sexworker and my condoms slipped I confirmed her about any infection she said no she doesn’t have any

    On 6th day due to extreme frustration I got checked for hiv Which was negative But after that now I have got Fordyce spots on lips and on pennis even and under foreskin of pennis also

    Now I have itching over body even
    And slight cough from last night

    Do you think are this a symptom of hiv and is there any chance of getting infected even though she was hiv positive it is the second time my condoms slipped and this is second time when I had sex both were sex worker and sex gaps was 1 and half year or guess more than that

    Please do reply

  32. I had unproteced vaginal sex with an escort of unknown status. 2 – 3 weeks later i got hives that would come and go and loss of appetite. at exactly 30 days i tested negative but i am going again at 42 days and 90 days to be sure.

    what are my chances of hiv

    i am very anxious and am not my self since i am stressing out.

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