How the Socialist Obama Destroyed the US Economy

Yeah right, Tea Partiers. Try again. At the very least, he's done great on jobs, mostly due to that stimulus that you hated. But do Tea Partiers, as a high middle class White faction, even care about jobs?

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words, eh? Bush never cared about jobs. Republicans don’t are about jobs. Jobs are for workers, labor. The workers and labor are the enemies of the capitalists, and the Republican Party is the party of the capitalists. It’s fascinating to watch to the stock market. It’s almost an Index of Evil. I’ve seen a number of times when the unemployment rate dropped, and the stock market went down in response. Oh no! Too Americans are working! We can’t have that!

The reasons for this are obvious to anyone with a modicum of understanding about economics. Low employment means we are heading towards a labor shortage. Labor shortage means workers will get choosy and demanding, start asking for more money and bennies and a better working environment. They may even start going out on strike. Bottom line is labor shortage tends to put pressure on wages to go up. The last thing on Earth a capitalist wants to do.

Capitalist enterprises run off profits. The profits come in, and you figure out how to divvy them up. If you give them all to the company and none to the workers, your stock goes up. The greater

I know some folks who took Economics in college and were set off to a lifetime of socialism as soon as the professor starting going on about the necessity of unemployment in capitalism. Of all the sickening things! Capitalism needs unemployment! The more the better, up to a point.

The capitalists want a huge “reserve army of labor” (as they call it) out there, the more desperate the better. If you quit your job, you may not be able to get another one right away. That’s scary, so you stick with your shit job. And no matter how lousy your jobs, there’s 10 suckers even more miserable than you are, who will grab it in a New York minute as soon as you quit. This is the Sword of Democles that capitalists wield over every worker’s head. Economics 101 again. Isn’t about time you took the course?

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3 thoughts on “How the Socialist Obama Destroyed the US Economy”

  1. Jesus Robert I don’t think you’ve ever picked up an economics book in your life. Seriously. I mean you just don’t care to know what you’re talking about and it’s baffling.

    There was a Jew in England named Ricardo who developed the law of comparative advantage. Capitalists understand this. Clearly you don’t.

    You know absolutely nothing about stocks and so you come up with Roveian terms like Index of Evil. Hahahaha. How absurd and preposterous. Economics is the boogeyman to you.

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