Alt Left: How Do You Get HIV Anyway?

I figured everyone knew all about how AIDS is transmitted, but considering the dismal state of sex ed in schools and elsewhere these days, I guess not. Plus, with all the focus on “heterosexual AIDS,” people just want to scare you away from sex period, and they don’t want to get into details about how you get it, because then you might think it’s low risk and go for it.

So it’s time for an educational post about HIV.* Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this stuff. It’s not as if they’re handing out brochures on the street corners.

A commenter asks:

Also, why do gays get Aids more than Heterosexuals?

Answer: They get fucked in the ass by other guys. Fucking a woman in the ass is also a great way to give her AIDS.

AIDS = Anal Injections of Deadly Sperm.

That’s a sick joke.

Semen has a lot of HIV in it. When you fuck someone in the ass, the anus is very sensitive and has only a thin layer of protection. There is often a little bit of bleeding during anal sex. The sperm is ejaculated into the anus, and it just goes right into the bloodstream through those thin walls and tiny tears. Generally, this is no big deal, but if the semen has HIV in it, that’s pretty much a guaranteed HIV infection .

The guy who is fucking has a much less chance of getting HIV from the ass of the other person with HIV. That’s because the HIV has to go into your dick, and that’s hard to do because your dick is pretty solid. Also the HIV is mostly in semen. There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.

When a guy fucks a woman’s pussy, well, the pussy evolved to get fucked regularly, so it can take a good pounding no problem. It has really thick walls. So even if semen is ejaculated into a vagina, it’s kind of hard to get AIDS that way because it’s hard for the semen to penetrate the walls of the vagina and get into the bloodstream.

Sometimes if sex is really rough or violent, the woman can have minor bleeding in her vagina. Sometimes there are tiny tears in the vagina too, and you can for sure get HIV from getting fucked in the pussy, but it’s not all that easy.

All of the women getting HIV in porn got it from getting fucked in the ass without a condom. That’s a much easier way for anyone to get it, even hets.

It’s hard to get HIV from giving blowjobs. There have been a few cases, but it’s rather rare considering how often the act occurs and how few cases there have been. All known cases were in gay men who were giving blowjobs 100’s of times to scores to 100’s of men, many of whom probably had HIV.

There’s lots of HIV in semen, but it’s just swallowed and goes into the stomach, where your stomach kills it like that. It would be hard for HIV to get into your bloodstream from your mouth or throat. Maybe if you have a really bad sore throat or better, a little bleeding in your throat it would be easier.

It’s basically impossible to get HIV from getting a blowjob. There is almost no HIV in saliva.

Handjobs are safe sex. You can’t get HIV from giving one or receiving one.

It’s really hard to get HIV from fucking a woman’s pussy if you’re the guy. It’s possible, probably more likely if she is on her period because there is bleeding and your dick contacts the blood, which has tons of HIV in it. Vaginal secretions have HIV, but only a small amount. It’s hard to transmit HIV from a vagina to someone else.

Objections have been raised to this, pointing out that HIV from straight sex is common in India, Thailand and Africa. However, in Thailand and Africa at least, there are completely different forms of HIV than the types of HIV found in the West. Those types seem to be easily transmitted heterosexually, but the type in West seems to be hard to transmit heterosexually.

It’s almost impossible to get HIV from eating pussy, but one guy got it. He had sex with an HIV-positive prostitute every day for six months, and that was his only sex act, since he was an older guy who was impotent (Weird!). Realistically, it’s next to impossible to get it this way, much less likely than fucking a woman.

You can’t get HIV from finger fucking or banging a woman. It’s safe sex.

You can’t catch HIV from kissing someone or getting kissed.

For the reasons above, HIV is almost never transmitted via lesbian sex. One case has shown up in lesbians, but those two women were doing things like shoving dildos up one woman’s ass and then sticking the dildo up the other woman’s ass. Sticking a dildo up your ass can cause bleeding, and if you then stick it up the other woman’s ass, it can go into her bloodstream via her anus easily since there is some blood with a lot of HIV on the dildo.

Another thing we can look at is HIV infection in swingers. Swingers are people who are part of a lifestyle where they have sex with lots of people, sometimes including group sex. All of the HIV cases in swinger males that I am aware of were in bisexual men. A number of swinger women did contact it from straight sex with these guys. There are plenty of women out there having sex with men who they know are bisexual. This is definitely high sex behavior in women, since these guys are at high risk for HIV.

*How do I know so much about this stuff? I’ve been studying AIDS since it came out in February 1982. I remember it before it was even called AIDS – it was called GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Back then, they had no idea what caused it, only that certain groups were getting it (like Haitians). This gave rise to jokes like, “What’s the worst thing about AIDS? Trying to convince your parents you’re Haitian.” LOL.

Around 1992-94, I used to go to a medical library at St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, California. Those places are really cool! You’re supposed to be medical professional to go there, but this Black guy who ran the place and he liked me and let me in anyway. Mostly he was freaked out that a non-medical person would even want to go to a place like that.

They had a journal in there called something like, The Journal of AIDS. It’s the ultimate journal on HIV. I read about 8-10 years back issues of that journal, 100 issues or so, and that’s where I learned much of what I know about HIV. Most of the above post came from my readings in 10 years of that journal.

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626 thoughts on “Alt Left: How Do You Get HIV Anyway?”

  1. Robert please answer this last question or someone else who would know. Robert i told you about my one minute exposure in the black girl. And ive heard numerous times that the symptomatic periods are 2-6 weeks, then when it turns into aids. well its been 9 weeks and i had ONE lymph node in my jaw line that the nurse couldnt even feel. And my back has been hurting for like 4 days straight. and now theres a little blister on my index finger. I have severe anxiety and i also have impacted wisdom teeth which may have caused the lymph node. it has gone away now. my question is. do you get symptoms after the ARS period?

  2. No I havent! I have to get up the courage to order the home test. ANd what do you say about the body aches?? stress? Im interesting in what you emailed me about also. I have the money

  3. But yeah. the way i feel. Its certain i have the fucking disease man…That would suck if i got it from puttind my dick in a girl for a minute!!! no cuts or nothing on me!!!

  4. Robert,

    I finally got the courage to post on your blog after reading it for a few days.
    Up until now I was just scouring the internet for situations similar to mine and apply them to myself. The hard part is that most sites I visit just ended scaring me even more. However, this blog seems to put me at ease.

    Anyhow, here is my story: About 4 and a half months ago I visited a prostitute/escort for a “massage”. During the encounter however she had me go inside of her. I wasn’t expecting more than the usual rub and tug and was surprised but stupidly enough I went for it (unprotected). Had intercourse for about 2 minutes before I pulled out. Got to the bathroom and scrubbed my area with water and hand soap.

    The woman was in her late 30’s, black, and I am 100% sure she smokes pot. In the western US. After freaking out for a few weeks I took a test at 10 weeks and came back negative.

    Here is the kicker, I do not know how I rationalized this, but I went back to the same girl a few days ago. This time though I stopped a lot sooner after I began to think about what I went through last time. Only about the top 20% of my penis was inside for about 10 seconds (unprotected). Afterwards I immediately showered and tried to get my area clean.

    What do you think my chances are on being infected this time? I am trying not to panic as much as I did last time. I do not know why I got myself into this situation again.

    Thank you for creating this blog and any help you might have for me.

  5. Hello there,
    I was reading mostly all the posts nd comments about Hiv/Aids nd i started get worried about myself i am from Ireland nd i had plenty of unprotected & protected sex with mine ex-gfs so took a break off because i was so worried that i may not get infected its been 2 in half years i didnt had sex for long so i masturbate on every weekend now only but my main reason was i tho was infected and couldnt sleep properly dnt eat nothing out of mind after reading all infomation from your site gived me courage after all these years and to go for my Hiv test nd i got negitive got so relaxed today i am feeling so much better and i promised to myself no dirty laundry thing again i thank u so much and God to give me chance live a happy life. But man it was a damn roller coaster ride for me after all these years.

  6. I heard that the first group of men that were known to get aids were unbelievably promiscuous, a hell of a lot more than most people, gay or not.

    This does show that there is probably some sense to some of the warnings in the bible that seem outdated these days e.g don’t ejaculate in a man or an animal (don’t have anal sex with people or animals), they probably knew it could have health risks attached to it.

    There are some documentaries on you tube with people saying that they don’t actually believe HIV is what cause AIDS and that it’s just a passenger virus and that the AIDS in Africa thing is a huge scam with many being diagnosed without even an HIV test on the basis of being skinny and having diarrhoea. If this is the case, it’s ridiculous, a person like that could be suffering from loads of other things, dysentery, stomach bug (from drinking dirty water), starvation…

  7. Hello, I had sex with an a Nigerian girl, i was using condom but condom breaks and I fuck her maybe few second(till I noticed that gum is broken) without protection, also have blowjob with no protections, It was only once. She’s a hooker in emirates, is there any chance? immidiately after sex I clean my dick with soap. Also every day Im using vitamins, exercising etc… I want to ask is there any chance? because Im really nervous and I cant wait 3 months when I can test for HIV, these 3 months of waiting will kill me… thank you very much
    She say that she is no infected, because shes not like dirty kind of whore, she was askin If I have some infection also after… so?Please help.

    I do not ejaculated, no blood no nothing.Thank you.

  8. Thanks for quick answer Rob! Yeah I had 3 months ago before coming to uae, It was first and last time when I slept with a hooker, never ever more!
    So can I be calm? no worries?
    You promise? 🙂

  9. Im also circumcised, forget to say, and she was hooker as i say, so no worries? Just write one more time No worries and you saved my life man:) Thank you a lot.

  10. Hey, Robert, after a 3 months protected sexual encounter I took a test, and of course it came back negative. Even though I used condoms, just wanted to ease my mind by getting the test. However, I have read in some articles that HIV can take 6 months to show up. My question is do you think it is necessary to get tested again for another 3 months?. Another 3 months would add up to 6 months.

      1. Okay well first I am from the Caribbean. It was a guys night out, and we went to get laid from some spanish sex workers. The guys selected me to go first so I chose one of the csw. We went back to the room. She ask if I had a condom, I replied no, but she took a condom out. ( I forget the brand of condom). Anyway she put the condom on my dick and perform oral, then we engaged in vaginal sex. After I ejaculated I disposed the condom. I really felt guilty and ashamed that I sex with a prostitute and the fear of HIV haunted me for months. The encounter was May the 5 of this year, and I went for a test on September 2nd, and it came back negative to my relief. My anxiety re-ignited upon reading in some articles that HIV sometimes can take up 6 months to show, so this why I am asking if it really necessary for me to take another test in 3 months time.

  11. The Caribbean Island of Trinidad. I still get really anxious, I have to keep on reminding myself that my results came back negative.

  12. I am a straight man who is a bit bi-curious, but i have a huge fear of HIV

    Mid september i was really drunk and went to a guys house he must of been about 50 and we had anal sex for about rougly two minutes and he wore a condom, i felt the condom before to make sure it was not ripped but for the last month i have been a wreck, a total nervous wreck. I literally am paralyzed with fear and convincing myself i have it even without any symptoms. I am scared to have sex with my girlfriend until i get checked but i am too scared to get the test

    The guy never said he had it and was giving me contact information if i wanted to come over again so i highly doubt he had it, but it doesnt stop me being scared of this illness

    Could i have it?

    1. Hello. I really do not know much about transmission of this illness via male to male sex. I doubt if you have it though. Have you ever had an HIV test before? How old are you?

        1. Go get another test just to get a baseline. You don’t even have it anyway. You did not get it from this encounter.

          I get tested about once a year, mostly for women. I show my latest HIV test to the women I date. A lot of women nowadays ask for a recent HIV test before they go out with you. It does not have to be that recent. Often they say an HIV test within the past year. While you are at it, get tested for Hepatitis A and B and if you come clean, get the vaccines for A and B. It is worth it, especially if you are going to keep on doing this sort of sex. The sort of sex you did is very high risk for Hepatitis B and gay men are saturated to Hell with that illness with rates up 75% in some places.

  13. Thanks i think i have anxiety issues that lead me to think i have it, logically i know i dont. You have calmed me down so thanks again!

  14. Hi,

    I’m a 23 y/o male. I was giving oral sex to an older man, then he touched his own penis before touching my anus. He did not finger me, only touched the opening. Am I at risk of contracting a disease? It was quite early on but I am worried about pre-ejaculation.


  15. I had a sex with random shemale 2 days back, i am curious about it because i did it without having any protection, by mistakenly i cummed in her, it was an direct impact, i just want to know that is this can affect on my penis? or can i get hiv aids due to UN-protected sex?

    1. It is hard to say if the insertive partner is at risk of HIV from insertive anal sex. Some studies do believe there is a bit of a risk. And shemales have an HIV rate that is quite high. However, some gay men who always top say they have never gotten it though they must have had sex with many HIV positive people. You could have gotten HIV, but I doubt if you did.

      Nothing can happen to your penis other than an STD.

      When was the last time you got an HIV test?

      Wait 6 weeks and take an HIV test. I bet you are negative.

    1. Glad to help!

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      1. Hi sir;
        Firstly thank you for all information u have given and affords. Iam married and havve 1 kid.
        I didnt see much comment about russia. And everything i say happend in russia.
        2 days ago in a business trip ; i had party with 2 girls. Hookers. With 1 of them all the time with condom. Only oral sex without condom.
        With second girl. I couldnt come and take of condom for 1 min tops. And i came outside to her body. She didnt realise. Mostly hookers in russia they dont even do oral without condom. And scared of illneses etc.

        I will make test in future to be sure but as i understood it is low posibility that i contracted virus. Cause we dont know if she has it and i didnt come her inside and heterosexual sex etc.
        My idiotic question is ; do i need to worry to much ?

        1. Thank you. I can comfortably make test now. And better for me to check std s as well. As i said; i stayed inside her 1 min and that made me paranoid. And it was doggy style and didnt tell her. Maybe she realised. I dont know. She was 21 with a daughter. Whatever.

          I took test 1 time in russia long ago. And 2nd time before marriage 3 years ago in turkey. In a special dr s office. That time i made all tests. Even they took some liquid with a stick through penis hole. I wanted to check all. Everything negative.
          And before marriage in turkey both partners give blood for hiv test. Goverment does it. It was also negative.

          After marriage i had affairs. But all with condom. Sometimes oral without condom.

          Iam circumsiezed by the way.

          Thanks for help and hope u have wealthy and happy life

  16. Hy sir,
    i am 20 male from nepal and had twice protected vaginal sex with a nepalese women (prostitute unknown hiv status of 35 age) and eneded safely without breakeage and in second time after we eneded safely i saw some blood on bed and i asked her about it she said she was on her periods and i didnt had any cuts around my penis and testis and that blood touched my underwear. After exposer of 1 month i got flu(winter season) and i started fearing of hiv so i tested hiv of that women n it cames negative.
    And its been 3weeks i again had sex with a prostitute (nepalese girl of 20) 10-15 seconds without condom and after that i used condom and ended safely. And i get a little bit fever jus on hands not on whole body and head.
    Sir please tell me the probability of getting hiv infections.
    I shall be much obelliged to you.

    1. You didn’t get it. You are not going to get HIV from a one-time encounter with a prostitute. However, you are in high HIV area, and a lot of the whores have HIV in that area, so I would be careful if I were you. Have you had an HIV test recently?

  17. sir still i’m not believing that here in Nepal hiv rates are high because its not a big and developed country and is still small in size. and i didnt have any recnt test i had my lifes first unprotected vaginal sex just for 10-15 seconds and after that i had twice protected vaginal sex as i said above . sir u had medical test after 15 days so me freaking out of that virua would tansmit to me. i had a little amount of fever on my hands and stomatch not in whole body and sometimes i tgink i developed the symptoms of hiv due to depression because evey minute i just think of it.
    could i ne infect by jus 10-15 second if that girl is positive but i think she isnt positive.
    waiting ur reoky sir.

  18. Dear Robert lindsay,

    I had sex with a romanian girl a week ago using protection then after 2 hours i again fucked her but without condom for less than 20 socends then i realized i’m stupid then i remove my penis and used protection…

    At this case what is the probanility of getting infected by her if she is HIV positive??

    Please can u answer me ASAP

      1. Hi
        Sorry for being late

        Well yeah i had hiv test on november 2014 it came negative, and this sex was on 2015 February , last sex i had was in 2013 october and it was protected sex.

        Anyway now last sex was on 2013 although it is protected and i did hiv test 2014 november and came negitave then this sex happened on 2015 , i hope it is clear

        Please can u relieve me, i’m not having any symptoms but could this little time (20 seconds) be dangerous if she is hiv positive , i mean can hiv be transmitted with this few seconds…

        Note: i’m circumcised

        1. You did not get HIV from this encounter. I am quite certain about that. I suppose you can always wait til mid-June to get an HIV test to make sure, but I am quite certain that you are not positive.

        2. Thank u so much
          You are the best , i feel optimistic

          I will get another test soon
          And will inform you

  19. Sir,i am from nepal,last 3 Month ago i had sex with sex worker,i think condem was not broken,but i could not wash my hands after sex and nearly after 30 Mins i washed my penis with water only,now i am afraid because i used same hand which i had used for opening condem from penis after having hiv virus live for Such long time,do i have hiv as i had fever next day after incident and went away but nearly after 10 Days of incident i had fever with100° Celcius,i had sore throat,i feel sleepy only,i felt i am fine but still i have loose stool some time and white tongue is i have read all these are symptoms of hiv ,plz doctor help what should i do,do i have hiv or others disease.sry for long comments.

  20. Hey Robert, now i have a problem. i really hope as soon as you read this, i’ll receive a reply here or on my e-mail.
    I’m from the philippines. I had sex with a csw of unknown status on the 2nd week of june. Initially i wore a condom, but removed it halfway due to lapse of judgement. Bad thing is, she’s on her mild period ( i mean mild, ’cause blood is not gushing out of her pussy horror-movie style, it’s not noticeable, except when i put it in) and worse, i came inside her. that unprotected sex exposure lasted like a minute. she said that she is hiv free. I took an hiv test on june 29, and came out negative. it’s been like 3 weeks now. how can i be sure about my results? how can i trust what she said? what is my risk from that single exposure? right now, i have a mild cold, but i think it is due to the rainy season and/or the emotional stress eating me, or worse. pls help me. what are the initial symptoms of hiv anyway?

    1. to add, the reason why i got tested is because i suddenly got scared, REALLY BAD, so much emotional stress i felt myself getting old and rusty. Seeing your blog, i had some reassurance, but it want to hear the actual answer from you, yourself.

    2. Fortunately, few prostitutes in the Philippines have HIV. So you are lucky. It is not good at all that you were exposed to menstrual blood. Wait 3 more weeks and get a 6 week test, and that should be pretty good.

      1. Hey Robert , i recently had sex a week a with a woman, I’m a straight man and used a condom, however the condom kinda slipped down but never left the tip and was still on, what are your thoughts , she is a dancer by the way.

  21. hi, six years ago i tried having sex with a certain guy, dont really know his hiv statutes…he couldnt go through my vagina because i was a virgin so he tried going through my back(anal) on forcing himself to penetrate he came on me but he didnt finally penetrate…..cant really remember if i had a tear or not, am written from nigeria. any risk of hiv…again i also want to no if i can get hiv through rubbing of penis on my vagina but no penetration but he also came on top of my vagina any risk of hiv?

  22. I am save boy i did sex save lady but i know now she did sex with unsave boy few days ago thats affect me or not please reply me…i feel so hard

  23. Hi Robert,

    I live in the Philippines and I had unprotected sex 3 times with a former colleague who is a married man. The last time was on July 10th. He always pulled out before he came. On the the 3rd time when he pulled out, he was only able to come partially so I gave him a blowjob to wipe off the semen before thrusting in me again so he can ejaculate completely. He still pulled out when he ejaculated.
    What are the chances that I get HIV from him? He’s not the type to do IV drugs (he’s afraid of needles) and I don’t think he’s bisexual. I’m just not sure if he had sex with a sex worker. I plan to get tested next month as I think it’s still a bit early to get tested now.

  24. Hi, please could you help. I had a threesome, me (male), a female and a bisexual male. I used a condom twice with the female. The bisexual guy came inside her the first time (approx 20 mins into the session). I fucked her twice with a condom and came inside the condom either side of him cumming. Stupidly, the third time i went in I didnt use a condom. This was about 20 – 40 minutes after the guy came in her. During this time 20-40 minutes, lube was used, sex toys and i fucked her (with a condom) and he fucked her again too (but didnt ejaculate). After this period, I entered her without a condom and came.
    I know the other guy has gay sex, if he was HIV positive what are the chances of me catching HIV after he came in her and I went in after him (unprotected) 20-40 minutes later (within this period, toys, lube and sex happened but no more ejaculation). Im scared, please help.

    1. Hi you need to make a $20 minimum donation in order for me to answer this question, ok? I am getting tired of answering this stuff for free. You get up to one hour of HIV counseling with that money.

  25. hi Sir i did sex with a women with out using Coudem but she told me she had sex with many guys even they didn’t took safety But they don’t have HIV is it any problem.will b there

  26. I am fucked, went to Cambodia in a nightclub and brought back a lady and had sex. Unprotected intercourse lasted less than a minute before I got worried and pulled it out. She finished by sucking me me off bareback. This is the most regrettable thing I have done in my life and am worried as fuck. Today is day 7 and I am down with a serious bout of cold. I am sweating as I type this. Knowing Cambodia has one of the highest rate of AIDS / HIV , I am living in terrible fear and trepidation

    1. Hi how are you doing my friend? I will counsel you about this situation, but I require a minimum $20 donation. For that you will get up to one hour of counseling. I will also follow through over time as you test and we see how this all plays out. I will tell you though that I am not all that worried about you.

  27. Dear Experts,

    Worried and scared about HIV and cant able to sleep..

    I brought one sex worker and we did not do any vaginal / anal sex / oral sex.

    Only she gave me masturbation.I had sore type wound at the end of the back. .She sat on me and gave me massage.May be Her vagina was wet, i did not notice but if her vagina is really wet then am i at really risk of HIV in this way, here i would like to inform you that she worn a very thin nighty trouser with very slim and thin underwear ,so is there any risk for me of HIV, if she was wet and sat on my Open sore type wound.(This incident was happened in March 2014 end)

    i live in Oman , every two years we have to give medical tests including HIV,if medical test clear then you are allow to renew your work permit visa for further 2 years.I went for medical on 14 th May 2014 (i.e. 4-6 weeks after this RISKY exposure).I just need to know whether 4-6 weeks Elisa test should be conclusive after this incident.

    The worst thing is , they will not show your results.If you are positive they will inform your sponsor and deport you.But in my case they call me for renewal of visa.I am really afraid that might be is it false negative or in reality i am free from HIV.Whats your expert opinion.

    Awaiting your reply.Please do not ignore my this e-mail.I am waiting your e-mail.


  28. You said “There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.”
    But rectal fluid can contain a high concentration of HIV and, if it comes into contact with a partner’s penis, can lead to HIV transmission. HIV transmission through this type of anal sex does not require blood to be present in the HIV-positive partner’s rectum.

  29. Hello Robert sir u r doing a very good job may god bless u…sir i m frm India me n my 2 frnds went to call girls home my both frnds had a unprotected sex her but i didnt i weared a condom aftr 4 5 strokes condom broked i saw within 3 4 seconds then agn i weard a condom and i left all sprm in dat condom and my those 2 frnds are HIV negtv but i dont knw abt dat call grl HIV stats bt by seeing her she is looking good bt sir i hav dat did i get HIV infectn sir plz tell me i m worried..

    Thank You

  30. if someone having the HIV virus ejaculate while inside but take out quickly and only some sperm comes outside, will the person get the virus?

  31. Hi Robert, if i have unprotected insertive vaginal sex and i get sipihilis (or any STD), would i surely get hiv too if the girl had hiv? thank you

  32. Hi,
    One month also I had sex with 3 prostitute without condom in 3days, without condom in which they haded bleeding internaly, but the Blood was not there on my pennis, can I will be affected with HIV

  33. Dear sir, i had unprotected vaginal sex with a women for less than 2 minutes and i pulled out my dick, either me or her didnt cum, my penis is uncircumcised that i can pull my foreskin back, i ejaculated in same girl 8 months before, where i dont know her hiv status what are the chance of hiv sorry for the poor english plzzz reply…

    1. Hello there, I only do HIV counseling for money now. If you make at least a $20 donation, I will follow you all the way through to the end of this and give you one hour of HIV counseling.

  34. HA! So All you have to do is avoid getting fucked in the ass and you’re essentially safe from HIV. Good to know.

  35. I had didn’t really have sex because the male couldn’t get hard he got up not a whole min we kept tryna put it inside me but he kept get soft its wasn’t all the way in me so he just did oral sex and that was it so can I be at risk for HIV it been 5days and I’m scared

  36. Can you get hiv from sitting naked on someone’s penis … I’m a women and both of as where naked but there where no penetration.

  37. If have fucked a shemale by mistake without using condom. But I have not got any blood on my penis and also I didn’t cum. Do I will get HIVAIDS

  38. I’m sorry but you CAN get HIV by vaginal sex. In fact, straight men are more likely to have AIDS than gay men; you just need to watch some gay porn and you’ll notice in almost every video a condom is being used. I’ve never seen a man wearing a condom in straight porn in my whole life.

    Lest me list what bodily fluids DON’T transmit AIDS:


    Let me list the ones that DO:

    Blood (including menstrual blood)
    Vaginal secretions
    Breast milk

    Now, almost every time a man fucks a woman with AIDS in her vagina, he has a really high chance, as vaginal secretions are ALWAYS produced during sex. So, during straight sex, a man can get infected by 3 fluids (Blood of the vagina, Milk, and Vaginal Secretions) ANY dick that gets into a vagina without condom will get infected.

    Now, let’s talk gay sex, during gay sex; a top may get infected by 1 fluid (Blood), but; unlike straight sex, in which women ALWAYS generate vaginal fluids, blood is not something that happens always in gay sex, if you’re a experienced bottom, you can take an average cock in your ass and enjoy its magnificence without bleeding. A gay bottom can get infected by semen, but if you’re not as sex obsessed and misogynistic as many straight men are, you can take your dick off and enjoy it with your mouth.

    The only reason there was such an AIDS epidemic in the LGB community long ago is because we couldn’t have romantic relationships (Thank you for being so kind to us) and the only way we could have sex was in gay bars, in which group sex was common.

    Robert, I like you, but you should get your facts from a good source like:

    and not from some weird AIDS journal written when people had no fucking idea about it and almost no research had been done about it. Hope this is somewhat useful.

    PS: And please, straight people, don’t be narcissistic misogynists and wear some fucking condoms, vaginas can give you AIDS; just be a little less impulsive.

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