Alt Left: How Do You Get HIV Anyway?

I figured everyone knew all about how AIDS is transmitted, but considering the dismal state of sex ed in schools and elsewhere these days, I guess not. Plus, with all the focus on “heterosexual AIDS,” people just want to scare you away from sex period, and they don’t want to get into details about how you get it, because then you might think it’s low risk and go for it.

So it’s time for an educational post about HIV.* Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this stuff. It’s not as if they’re handing out brochures on the street corners.

A commenter asks:

Also, why do gays get Aids more than Heterosexuals?

Answer: They get fucked in the ass by other guys. Fucking a woman in the ass is also a great way to give her AIDS.

AIDS = Anal Injections of Deadly Sperm.

That’s a sick joke.

Semen has a lot of HIV in it. When you fuck someone in the ass, the anus is very sensitive and has only a thin layer of protection. There is often a little bit of bleeding during anal sex. The sperm is ejaculated into the anus, and it just goes right into the bloodstream through those thin walls and tiny tears. Generally, this is no big deal, but if the semen has HIV in it, that’s pretty much a guaranteed HIV infection .

The guy who is fucking has a much less chance of getting HIV from the ass of the other person with HIV. That’s because the HIV has to go into your dick, and that’s hard to do because your dick is pretty solid. Also the HIV is mostly in semen. There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.

When a guy fucks a woman’s pussy, well, the pussy evolved to get fucked regularly, so it can take a good pounding no problem. It has really thick walls. So even if semen is ejaculated into a vagina, it’s kind of hard to get AIDS that way because it’s hard for the semen to penetrate the walls of the vagina and get into the bloodstream.

Sometimes if sex is really rough or violent, the woman can have minor bleeding in her vagina. Sometimes there are tiny tears in the vagina too, and you can for sure get HIV from getting fucked in the pussy, but it’s not all that easy.

All of the women getting HIV in porn got it from getting fucked in the ass without a condom. That’s a much easier way for anyone to get it, even hets.

It’s hard to get HIV from giving blowjobs. There have been a few cases, but it’s rather rare considering how often the act occurs and how few cases there have been. All known cases were in gay men who were giving blowjobs 100’s of times to scores to 100’s of men, many of whom probably had HIV.

There’s lots of HIV in semen, but it’s just swallowed and goes into the stomach, where your stomach kills it like that. It would be hard for HIV to get into your bloodstream from your mouth or throat. Maybe if you have a really bad sore throat or better, a little bleeding in your throat it would be easier.

It’s basically impossible to get HIV from getting a blowjob. There is almost no HIV in saliva.

Handjobs are safe sex. You can’t get HIV from giving one or receiving one.

It’s really hard to get HIV from fucking a woman’s pussy if you’re the guy. It’s possible, probably more likely if she is on her period because there is bleeding and your dick contacts the blood, which has tons of HIV in it. Vaginal secretions have HIV, but only a small amount. It’s hard to transmit HIV from a vagina to someone else.

Objections have been raised to this, pointing out that HIV from straight sex is common in India, Thailand and Africa. However, in Thailand and Africa at least, there are completely different forms of HIV than the types of HIV found in the West. Those types seem to be easily transmitted heterosexually, but the type in West seems to be hard to transmit heterosexually.

It’s almost impossible to get HIV from eating pussy, but one guy got it. He had sex with an HIV-positive prostitute every day for six months, and that was his only sex act, since he was an older guy who was impotent (Weird!). Realistically, it’s next to impossible to get it this way, much less likely than fucking a woman.

You can’t get HIV from finger fucking or banging a woman. It’s safe sex.

You can’t catch HIV from kissing someone or getting kissed.

For the reasons above, HIV is almost never transmitted via lesbian sex. One case has shown up in lesbians, but those two women were doing things like shoving dildos up one woman’s ass and then sticking the dildo up the other woman’s ass. Sticking a dildo up your ass can cause bleeding, and if you then stick it up the other woman’s ass, it can go into her bloodstream via her anus easily since there is some blood with a lot of HIV on the dildo.

Another thing we can look at is HIV infection in swingers. Swingers are people who are part of a lifestyle where they have sex with lots of people, sometimes including group sex. All of the HIV cases in swinger males that I am aware of were in bisexual men. A number of swinger women did contact it from straight sex with these guys. There are plenty of women out there having sex with men who they know are bisexual. This is definitely high sex behavior in women, since these guys are at high risk for HIV.

*How do I know so much about this stuff? I’ve been studying AIDS since it came out in February 1982. I remember it before it was even called AIDS – it was called GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Back then, they had no idea what caused it, only that certain groups were getting it (like Haitians). This gave rise to jokes like, “What’s the worst thing about AIDS? Trying to convince your parents you’re Haitian.” LOL.

Around 1992-94, I used to go to a medical library at St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, California. Those places are really cool! You’re supposed to be medical professional to go there, but this Black guy who ran the place and he liked me and let me in anyway. Mostly he was freaked out that a non-medical person would even want to go to a place like that.

They had a journal in there called something like, The Journal of AIDS. It’s the ultimate journal on HIV. I read about 8-10 years back issues of that journal, 100 issues or so, and that’s where I learned much of what I know about HIV. Most of the above post came from my readings in 10 years of that journal.

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626 thoughts on “Alt Left: How Do You Get HIV Anyway?”

  1. I do sex with hiv negative person and I am also hiv negative if I do sex with another person so is there chances that I also have hiv positive

      1. Hi robert i want to ask
        Last week i go thailand and do sex with some sexworker and didnt use condom , and i was drunked i also ask the girl she say she was negatife is there any chance i got HIV? Im really scare thanks

  2. Making live without condom with a positive guy,but when he ejaculate he comes out of my vigina.Can I be positive,I am not bleeding

  3. There are some indications that people of African ancestry contract HIV more easily as a result of some adaptation that makes them more resistant to Malaria.

    Empirical data does seem to prove out some susceptibility.

    Anal intercourse is the obvious way to contract anal sex.

    When AIDS breaks out in the porn industry it invariably a result of anal (Or double-anal) sex.

  4. Hey I gave a blowjob to a guy who had reddish part around his dick. He was a stranger so I dont know if he has HIV or not. But I also had given blowjob to at least 8 guys. I know its not a big chance to get HIV from giving blowjob but one of my teeth in the upper front is not a real teeth (I use a fake teeth from the doctor) and I also use braces so sometimes I have an open layer around my cheek or my lips because of the braces. Do you think its a big chance to get HIV because I use a fake teeth and sometimes its open when I give blowjob? Especially because I use braces and sometimes theres an open layer. Please answer me. Im 17 years old and I worry about this

  5. Sir i had a sex with my gf bt i pulled it out bfr sperm goes in will it ban issue fr her im worried abt her pls advice

  6. I had sex with my partner using a condom and it removed by mistake and i had minor cuts in my vagina . Now am scared that i might be exposed to the virus . But his test results were negative when this mistake happened . Now i am scared maybe he was fucking around with other ladies

  7. Very interesting articles Robert…I have got a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

    Can I smell them if they smells something bad like fishy? My ex bro-in-law have told me that I would only get tell when I smells her virgin that smells like fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

    He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

    And he said that most black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a black male or with someone who are on the drugs?

    If my partner say she have shag a black male or with someone that are on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

    If my partner say she is sick or she is on the pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

    1. Very interesting articles Robert…I have got a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

      You can’t.

      Can I smell them if they smell something bad like fishy? My ex bro-in-law have told me that I would only tell when I smell her virgin that smells like fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

      A fishy or cheesy smell indicates some sort of a vaginal infection, especially a yeast infection. A fishy or cheesy smelling vagina does not indicate HIV infection at all.

      He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

      You generally cannot look in someone’s eyes and tell if they are on drugs or not. You can’t look for suspected spots on their body either. One thing you can do is look for track marks or needle marks, usually on their arms, but they can also be in other places.

      And he said that most Black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a Black male or with someone who are on drugs?

      Absolutely not true. It is not true at all that most Black men are HIV-positive. In fact, I doubt if 2% of Black men in the US are HIV-positive, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to know how many Black men are HIV positive.

      If my partner says she have shagged a Black male or with someone that are on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

      Absolutely not. The vast majority of women who have had sex with Black men are not HIV positive at all. In fact, the percentage of women who have had sex with Black men where the women are now HIV-positive themselves is no doubt quite small.

      If my partner say she is sick or she is on the pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

      Not at all. People get sick all the time and they also take pills all the time. I take up to 10-11 different pills every day right at this moment, but it is usually more like eight or nine pills. However, if she looks quite sickly, especially if she is pale and emaciated, then you might want to see if she is HIV-positive. However, many other diseases can also make you look like that. But if someone looks like that, one thing you know for sure is that they are quite ill.

  8. Hi, I had fingering in ass for 1 minutes to my gay friend. yes he is HIV+. I had HIV PCR test from accredited lab called SRL RANBAXY in Mumbai after 14 days which came not detected. My doctor said PCR can detect within 72 hrs post exposure. Then after 5 months mark, I had Elisa test which came negative. It all happened in between 2005-2006. But till now I feel sad and keep thing over n over about that incident. Even my doctor say no need to worry after my PCR test and no further testing required. But still I did Elisa test at 5 months mark or in 6th month post exposure which came negative…now I want to know fucking fingering can’t catch HIV on your website. Can u please explain all this if I’m at any risk till now…it’s 2016 now. As you are expert and have 25 years experienced in it. I will be glad if you reply on this. Thanks in advance…

  9. Robert I had safe sex last night but I didn’t notice that my condom slipped off into the vagina. I then reinserted my penis into the vagina after two strokes I noticed that the condom had slipped off am I at risk for hiv or sti

  10. I left out that I didn’t ejaculate an then I put on another condom and had sex till orgasm but I took off the condom and I had my orgasm by masterbating to completion on her tits

  11. You get HIV (the virus) you don’t get “AIDS” (the syndrome, or collection of issues that may kill). Also, the most common way to get HIV is through ignorance.

  12. If a girl receives different men’s sperm in her vagina, will she be affected with HIV ? licking women’s anal hole cause HIV to the men who does it? what are all disease will cause in licking ass hole of women. please give reply….

  13. If you are licking a girl’s anus AFTER another man has ejaculated all over it then you are a sick and sad human being.

    Even debauched male porn stars will not do this.

    Porn is a litmus test for HIV: Outbreaks in that industry occur through “double-anal” in which to penis penetrate the anus of a female at the same time.

    The anus tears and HIV blood then infects the male partner whose penis is penetrating the anus. Usually the vagina does not tear as it is designed to accommodate monster cocks.

    Anal sex is what spreads AIDS, mostly.

  14. I read that there was some study and if a man had sex with an AIDS infected woman, it would take 700 times on average for the man to get it. That is how rare it is to get AIDS through heterosexual sex.

    Now if you use a condom, even for blowjobs, then damn, you have literally zero chance of getting it. I’ve fucked like 30 indian women and always use a condom even for BJ and I am fine. I did get some red itchy rashes around my genital area but it went away after a week or so. STDs are mostly exaggerated by feminists to scare men away from sex.

    1. That figure is from me extrapolating from the Padian study. Actually it is much worse than that. You would have to have sex with her 700 times to get even a 20% chance of getting HIV from her. To get HIV from her, you would have to have sex with her 3,500 times!

  15. Thankyou For the great info . I think you answered this already FOr me during your reading but I had a situation that I was fretting over .

    I went for a happy ending massage and in the heat of the moment I decided to play with the woman’s vagina . I also got riled up and shoved my penis between her ass cheeks w lube and humped her until I came . I don’t think my penis ever touched her anus but my shaft and balls for sure . When I got home I seen an cut on my finger that I had inserted into her vagina And I freaked . It wasn’t a deep cut but it was layers down w shiny pink gloss . I cleaned myself w alcohol n showered. Today my cut is scabbed over

  16. Sir i had unprotected sex in ass with a girl for so many times. Both of us never had sex before this. Do you think i may get affected with HIV?

      1. ROBERT As a young man I used a prostitute and of course we used to condom but this dulls sensitivity and she said that for an extra $10 I could rub the tip around her anus as I climaxed.

        Within 5 days I had genital warts and my dong did not even ENTER her anus. Getting warts burned off your penis is not pleasurable.

        I used a condom to have anal sex with a Spanish woman (Her request) and there was a small amount of blood and fecal matter on it afterwards.


        John Holmes made 2,000 pornographic films over 20 years from age 25 to 43.

        After the Wonderland Murders when most pornographers did not want to work with him HE DID ONE ANAL SEX SCENE IN A GAY FILM.

        He contracted AIDS.

    1. PASHA

      Anal sex with a woman who has HIV can lead to AIDS quicker than a gay because women are usually slightly smaller on average than men and their anus will bleed slightly easier.

      One one occasion during coitus interruptus I contracted Genital Warts from a woman’s anus only by rubbing the tip around the rim of her anus. Genital Warts have to be burned off your penis and this was not a pleasant experience.

      If you have to put your dong near a woman’s anus always use a condom.

  17. Plz i had sex with a girl yesterday, and before inserting ma dick. i just use de tip of my dick to rob her pussy. then after on i used condom to ake sex with her. after on i was done. as i was about remove de condon to dispose i find some black vaginal fluid with semlling odour. if there chance of me contacting disease, because i used ma dick to rob her pussy.

  18. Hey Robert,

    I deep throated a gay guy who also roughly thrusted his penis several times down my throat to the point that my throat became slightly sore and was also slightly sore the next day.
    Could this cause hiv transmission?

  19. I did fuck more than 300 times with a same girl . But she did fuck 30 times other than me can I able to know that am I having HIV or not?

  20. a male push is prick inside of a female once , could hiv occur??? or do u actually hafta have sex (like pushing in 4 times) ????

  21. I am an American who had unprotected sex with Chinese Malaysian waitress without a condom in Malaysia. She was not a prostitute. I dont have herpes, I’m circumcised and the sex didnt last long. I should also note that she was aroused and wet

    Malaysia is more developed than many people think and it has a lower rate of HIV than the US and far lower than Thailand.

    I was tested 12 days after and I was fine. I’m still paranoid though and I will likely go for another test soon.

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