Are Iranians White?

It’s certainly a reasonable question, as White nationalists in general answer a resounding “No!” to that question. But even they are funny. Stormfront threw out 300 Armenians on the grounds that they were non-White. However, this decision was very controversial, and after a while, the Armenians were quietly let back in.

They have a Pan-Europeanist policy, which is one of the few noble things about that site.

Recently there were a lot of Iranians on the site, and though I believe Stormfront does officially state that Iranians are not White, there has been a quiet hands-off “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about them, and the Stormfronters quietly let the Iranians stay in what boils down to an open secret. In other words, Stormfront offically states that Iranians are not White, but unofficially, they turn a blind eye to Iranians joining and even organizing themselves on the site.

Iranians are funny people. In 1978, I drove an ice cream truck for a living. There were a bunch of Iranians were who driving trucks too. We were all sort of budding capitalists. You lease the truck every day, buy your ice cream, mark it up, and hope for the best. A lot of us supplemented our incomes by selling dope, including me.

The Iranians were very good at this, selling joints for $1 each mostly to the many Mexicans in the parks of Santa Ana (Santa Ana was a heavily Mexican city even 30 years ago).

Once at the end of the day (we lined up at the end of the day to have our coins rolled and get our payout in easy cash) I asked them if they were Arabs. They were adamant. “We are not Arabs!” Later I learned that they don’t like Arabs much. It’s a superior versus inferior thing. The Iranians think they are better and that the Arabs are inferior, a bunch of animals.

At worst, Iranian nationalists call them “lizard-eating Mohammadens.” Image is heathen Arab Muslims charging out of the deserts of Arabia to destroy the great and proud Iranian culture. And it’s true that the Muslims did devastate Iranian culture, but they did this to all non-Muslim cultures they encountered. After all they were Jahiliyyah or grounded in ignorance.

The modern Islamic state has reinstated this view, downplaying traditional Iranian culture, making Arabic practically a 2nd official language, etc., all of this infuriating Iranian nationalists.

The real hardcore Iranian nationalists often abandon Islam altogether and claim to be Zoroastrians, the true ancient religion of Iran.

Iranian nationalists are interesting people.

Iranian nationalists hate Arabs, so you might think they like Jews, but they hate Jews about as much as they hate Arabs. They especially hate Israel. “Marg bar Israel!” is a common cry on Iranian forms (“Death to Israel!”) And the guys yelling this stuff were older professional guys in their 40’s with young kids, secular, and while respectful of Islam, not very religious.

Why the hatred of Israel? Probably, if you are an Iranian nationalist, even a secular one, Israel is seen as your mortal enemy. That’s a logical assumption.

The harder-core Iranian nationalists also dislike Pan-Turkic types, since the Turanian lunatics usually claim some or all of Iran.

The saner Iranian nationalists hate not Arabs but Arab nationalism. Arab nationalism is funny. It’s Leftist, secular, supposedly anti-racist, but they are bristling with hatred for Iranians. Saddam Hussein’s Arab nationalist uncle, who profoundly effected his views, wrote a famous tract, somewhat humorously titled, Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Jews, Persians and Flies.

The hatred of Arabs towards Persians is similar to that of Gentiles towards Jews or Blacks towards Whites: resentment against a group that thinks they are superior. A common claim, similar to anti-Semitism, among Whites is, “The Iranians are trying to dominate the Arab World!” It’s true that the Iranians opposed Arab nationalism, but who could blame them? The Pan-Arabists were a bunch of anti-Iranian racist shits.

What’s funny about this is that there are Iranian genes running all through the Arabs of the Levant, Mesopotamia and Arabia. It is particularly the case with the Mesopotamian Arabs. The Arab Shia in Southern Iraq have a lot of Iranian blood. One of the reasons Saddam persecuted them so harshly is he thought that they were Iranian fifth columnists. In general, it wasn’t really true, but there was reason to be concerned.

In recent years, as Iran and its Shia allies have turned into the greatest defenders of the Palestinians, the Arab nationalists are in a tough spot. They hate Iran, but how can they deny that Iran is the best defender of the Palestinians in the pitiful and sold-out Arab and Muslim world? There are particular conflicts with Hamas, a Sunni fundamentalist group which is strangely also pro-Iran, and Hezbollah, whose defense of the Palestinians puts the Sunni Arabs to shame.

These realities have forced the Sunnis into all sorts of cognitive dissonance that as usual does not make much sense.

I’ve known a few Iranians. They definitely look like White people. Their skin is often very pale White, especially the females (Why is that?). Some charts strangely enough put them right next to British, Danes and Norwegians genetically. No one knows what to make of it, but we were all together in Southern Russia 4,500 years ago. Some of us took off south to Iran, and others went into Europeans to constitute the modern Europeans. We are born of the same modern roots.

I’ve asked a few Iranians, “You’re White like us, right?” You might think they would get pissed, but they usually give an instant yes or break into a huge smile. They clearly consider themselves “Europeans outside or Europe.” One even told me explicitly that.

Scientifically, it’s an reasonable assumption.

Genetically, Iranians probably have little if any Black in them. Your average German has more Black in them than an Iranian. They do have some Asiatic genes, but probably not many.

The Iranians are actually an interesting link to populations further east. There is a close link between Italians and Iranians (Italians are probably the closest Europeans to Iranians) and then there is another close link between Iranians and Indians, especially North Indians.

So the linkage goes like this (all groups separated by only one arrow are closely linked, but groups separated by more than one arrow are not so close):

Core Europeans -> Italians -> Iranians -> North Indians

So, neither core Europeans nor Italians are all that close to North Indians per se, they can become closer to them through this linkage process.

Iranian genes are common in the region, even outside of Arabia. Many Afghans have Iranian blood and it’s quite common in Pakistanis too. There is a lot of Iranian blood in the Caucasus. Most of your Chechen, Dagestani, Ingush, etc. types seem to derive from some sort of Iranian-Turkish mix. The Ossetians are actually a transplanted Iranian group living in Russia and speaking a language related to Iranian.

There is Iranian blood running through the Stans – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s probably most prominent in Tajikistan.

Persians are only 5

The Kurds and Balochis have serious separatist tendencies. The Arabs (Ahvaz) just fight for more rights as an oppressed minority. Azeri separatism has not really gone anywhere, since the Azeris are actually a dominant minority in Iran! The Talysh have separatist tendencies, but in Azerbaijan, not in Iran.

I don’t support the separatism of the Balochis and Kurds in Iran as long as Iran is under imperialist assault, but if this were not the case, I would think they deserve the right to self-determination. Iran is correct to suppress Arab separatism and the desire to take Iran’s oil and gas wealth with them to a separate state.

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631 thoughts on “Are Iranians White?”

  1. I’ve known a few Iranians myself and they always seemed like good, gracious, hospitable and charming human beings something you can’t say about the vast majority of my countrymen – miserable fucks lacking humour and the large-hearted generosity you will find among Iranians. Many Persian words, phrases and even idioms have made their presence in Hindustani vocabulary which makes Bollywood a big draw in Iran as they can pretty much follow those movies (at least the songs) without need for translation or subtitles. Iran and India had historically very close relations spanning thousands of years of mutual respect except for conflicting episodes like Nader Shah’s invasion of Delhi in 1739. In recent years, however, India has politically drifted toward Israel (and by extension the “Jewnited States”) which is the right thing to do the only hope for Hindoo heathens they should not be on the wrong side of God’s chosen people. Iran’s biggest challenge is that they are stuck in a filthy religion imposed on them by those illegitimate sons of Abraham called Ishmael which plagiarizes Judaism and Christianity but has been perverted in the worst possible manner. You’re right, Iran would have been on the side of America had it not been for the moon-worshipping Islamists.

    The Iranians I met are in fact, Muslims only in name. They do not observe the Islamic ban on alcohol consumption when they come to India, do not pray 5 times a day to a false god like the Arabs and even Indian Muslims; their women dress provocatively (often garish) are freely approachable and less bitchy compared to Indian princess atiitudes, more similar to Russian or Central Asian girls. Ahmadinjad is an exception, quite a lot of Iranians are handsome in appearance with Aryan features.

    I wouldn’t recommend Iranians drifting back to Zoroastrianism. That religion has insane rituals like open air cremation (birds and insects consume dead body in full view of the sunlight…creepy). The only way that land could be saved is through the Bible like all other lands.

    1. Filthy cult Christianity cult sun worshipping christianists who perverted and plagiarizes Judaism but has been perverted in the worst possible manner incest is in your bible by your filthy Jesus

  2. I actually think Zoroastrianism was worse than Islam.

    I like Iran’s Buddhist roots more. Buddhism actually traveled to Iran prior to its spread, and a Buddhist missionary named An Shigao brought Buddhism to China. Bodhidharma (founder of Zen) is also claimed to be Persian in Chinese sources. Moreover, the Sassanian Persians were persecuting Manichaeists, Buddhists, and Christians. Bahram I had Mani killed for example. The Zoroastrian magi of Sassanian time periods were corrupt, following a distort interpretation of Zoroastrianism (unlike the kind Achaeminids). The Arabs did us a favor by disposing of the Sassanian Empire.

    After Islam spread, Iran had a heightened period of intellectual growth. I attribute this to the fact racial boundaries were momentarily “broken down” and Turks, Chinese, Persian, and Arab scholars were all collaborating with each other Central Asia. Iran produced many great intellectuals such as Al Khwarizmi, Rhazes, Omar Khayyam (who my parents still read), Avicenna, and etc. around this time period.The Safavid Empire was the last strong empire of Iran.

    I think one needs to be done is for Iran to move towards a more Sufi interpretation of Islam, one that encourages diversity and not rigid imposed values. That way it can also be friendlier with its neighbors and encourage growth. However, the effects of the Iran-Iraq war still linger, and I doubt Iran will recover from that. The Qajars, Pahlavis, and this new wretched regime have technically destroyed Iran, and most of its smart people are leaving causing “brain drain”. The death of a great country, sadly.

  3. The Iranians have extremely inferiority complex, and obsessed with white skins!
    They deny their Indian roots, and their brown skin!
    They want to be white by force! Well, they should use some Skin Whitening Injections (Just like Michael Jackson) and dye their oily hair, and use contact lens. The Iranian government should imports a tons of those stuff to make a solution!
    LMAO XD!! Those creatures are the the most joke in this planet!
    Thank god i’m not Iranian.

      1. Then what are they?
        Their language is exactly like Indian language! Also i’ve seen a lot of Iranians look like Indians!
        The real Persians were (Indo-Iranic) who originated in North India.
        No mention that all Iranians today are almost NOT Persians, they are Azeris, Turkmens, Baluchis, Kurds, Arabs, Lurs, Qashgai, Talysh, Gilakis, and Mazandaranis.
        Even the Gilakis and Mazandaranis are NOT Persians, they are of Greek and Macedonian descent from “Amard” which’s a Greek tribe (Non-Aryans) who lived in Mazandaran on the Caspian Sea before the Persians came from India.

          1. There are Indians who are very light, and Iranians who are very dark. President Ahmadinejad, Senator Dastyari (Australian MP) are not White-looking. I do agree that on average Iranians are light-skinned and lighter than Indians. Afghans and Kashmiris are lighter than other Indians on average, but at the same time, they have many dark-skinned people among them.

            The lightest Middle Eastern people do not look like Germans, Poles, British, Dutch, etc…They can look Italian but not “White”. They don’t look like Viva Bianca, Maria Sharapova, Sheamus (WWE wrestler), or Conan O’Brien. Even when White people tan they still are somewhat distinguishable from Middle East people.

            There are some people in Syria who are White-looking with blonde hair, but even they are mostly just light brown. Even Turkey has many dark-skinned people.

            I agree with another poster that a community must be 100% White for it to be considered White like Germans or the British are. They have a distinct look. Most of Middle East-India is very mixed. One family member may be very light, and another one may be very dark.

        1. You are right about the number of people who are not Farsi or Persian in Iran. I believe the other races are all over Iran. I wonder how many Farsi people actually live in Iran. I have heard about a half are Farsi. So Iran is a is a bit like Yugoslavia before it split up as regards the variety of races there.

          The desire to be called white is quite strong among the persians because of their strong inferiority complex. One could even call it the “Death to America inferiority” complex. The root is a sense of inferiority. You never ever see the americans doing a “death to Iran” demonstration. Americans just do not give a damn about Iran; but in Iran this a national pastime and some people have done it for decades and have even passed the torch of “death to america” demonstrating to their grandchildren!

          The pictures posted at Stromfront regularly disprove the thesis that that persians are white. Someone (a persian) always pops up with the “we are white” thesis and gets a thread going and then that gets trashed. Iranians are mostly dark and often look like indians. At the most one can say they are Dark Caucasians.

          To be white means all are white not just one or two Azeris with blonde hair. My niece has red hair and I am indian. That does not mean indians are white because of one person. Indians are most definitely a dark race. To be a white race all must have white skin. Anything else is lie and an attempt to become white when that is not the reality.It is a bit like when blacks or Arabs claim to have invented everything and well it just not true. It is easy to see through.

          To penetrate through the “Persians are white” thesis one only has to google a few “death to America” demonstration images of this happening in Iran and you will see that the people are dark. It is that simple.

  4. Ugh, don’t tell me about them, i don’t know from where should i start to talk about their dirty acts.
    Absolutely they are weirdos, and have very strong inferiority complex. They live in the in 500 AD by talking about history and some crap things. They bother their neighbors. They abuse the Internet to slur the other nations. They always say they are superior, and their country is great, while they sleep in front of the west Embassies to get visa in order to leave their shithole. Also Iran is still third world, no real industry, no high education, no high health care, Nothing! I can’t believe that Indian’s cousins are arrogant! And many many more from bad things they have like envy, hateful, rude..etc
    What the hell are those people, from where did they came from?
    Oh god.

  5. Actually guys Persians have German blood in them I don’t know where you get this danish and Italian not true.

    1. Well, you look like an Iranian.

      You are obviously a White person, very much a Caucasian with a more or less European look.

      You do not look like most Europeans, however, there are some Italians who look like you.

      You are also very pretty! Thank you for sharing your photo with us!

      1. she does not look “white”. definitely not northern european. she can pass as greek or southern european. but many people dont even think they are true “white” like northern european. i can tell she looks middle eastern. olive skin, big nose, dark hair. it’s sad that all these middle eastern people are striving to be “white” when they should just embrace their ethnicity and accept being middle eastern.

        1. Excuse me Mike, you have to correct comment because Not all Middle Easterners are obsessed to be white, only Iranians and Turks they do.
          The Arabs they never said that, cuz they’re proud being native Middle Easterners.
          Unfortunately, the Iranians are neighbors to Middle East who are very disgraceful, and embarrassing people.
          You must understand that the Arabs are NOT Iranians.

      2. She would definitely stand out in a group of actual White people of European origin. White Americans, Australians, British and the rest will all be able to easily tell that she’s not White. Even I can tell that she isn’t White. In the US, she may get called Mexican, Latina, etc…

    2. I agree with Robert: You do resemble some Italians and Southern Europeans, and You look Very Beautiful!

    3. You don’t look white, you look like Arabs, Indians, Pakistani and Bangal people. Whites want to claim every nation on the earth; by their definition of white, eastern Africans can also be considered white!

  6. Robert sorry to bother you, but I don’t agree. I’m a White Nationalist and believe those who are white must a) not only adhere to White Culture, but b) also have the white features. I accept Iranian Christians, but the Muslim ones are not white. I do agree with your statement, that they are like the Whites outside of Europe, but only a few of them can be considered white. Also, another question, would we also consider Pashtuns, Northern Indians and some Turks as white as well?


    1. A white nationalist like you is expanding the definition of white to include browns? If you do that what about Afghans who convert to Christianity? How about the Paks and Indians. White should be clear about whites. White means European White as in Finland! Not as in Iran!

    1. You could be a Jew or you could be say Portuguese. But you do look like a Middle Eastern Caucasian. You have a lot of Aryan in you.

      The nephews, one looks 100% White European and the other one looks like an Asian person.

      1. Whats so european about him?He looks more of a pale asiatic.I wonder how people like you can make such mistakes.How come he be 100% white?

  7. The vast majority, like 90%, do not look European. People are more likely to mistake an Iranian for South Asian than an European. Around 10% (maybe half that) would fit in Southern/Southeastern Europe.

    1. My bad. Iranians do not look like South Asians, they have their own look. They mostly have a West Asian look but only a small percentage looking Southern European.

  8. I knew a couple of Iranian girls who were students in Delhi. , we kept touch for a long time. Iran is a very repressed, misogynist society and there seems to be a high level of depression everywhere. The Iranian girls told me that they’d feel happier in India than back home. They said that Iranian men are mostly assholes and control freaks.

    I did keep in touch with these ladies even after they went back to their country. They seemed like nice people but they were actually a bunch of kooks.

    And you’re right, given a chance half of Iran would convert to Christianity any day, their youngsters don’t really like Islam much. They feel it was imposed on them by the Arabs who they despise. Most Iranians living outside Iran smoke cannabis, drink hard liquors and make fun of Islamic rituals.

    1. Buddhism is the way of life, infact its the path to see the light.The Buddha based his entire teaching on the fact of human suffering and the ultimately dissatisfying character of human life. Existence is painful. The conditions that make an individual are precisely those that also give rise to dissatisfaction and suffering. Individuality implies limitation; limitation gives rise to desire; and, inevitably, desire causes suffering, since what is desired is transitory.

      Living amid the impermanence of everything and being themselves impermanent, human beings search for the way of deliverance, for that which shines beyond the transitoriness of human existence—in short, for enlightenment. The Buddha’s doctrine offered a way to avoid despair. By following the “path” taught by the Buddha, the individual can dispel the “ignorance” that perpetuates this suffering.

  9. This is to all the people commenting here including Lindsay.

    I am an Indian and a Hindu. My father is atheist and mom is a believe(not in the least orthodox). I am an agnostic. I m 16 and have been raised in a very secular community. I have seen a lot of hateful comments about Hindus and Indian. My question to you is that why do you hate us Hindus and Indians?

    Its not as if we are trying to or ever did destroy your culture, killed your kinsmen or converted you to Hinduism by force, then why do you hate us? We did not bomb America or Europe. We did not destroy Persian culture. We are not killing kurds. We have never killed Persians. We don’t have a hand in war in middle east. We are not killing Jews. We are not killing Arab Christians. We are simply living our lives and yet you hate us, why?

    Ther was a time when Hinduism spread from southern Russia and Eastern Iran to Vietnam and Indonesia. Now their is only a token of this population left. Buddhism was born in India and was quickly adopted by the majority. Hindus should be hating it but no, they gave Buddha position as an incarnation of Vishnu and started worshiping him.

    Islam came in India, and affected us in a very negative way. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ordered the destruction of every Hindu temple in northern India and today no Hindu and Jain temple built before 18th century survives in perfect condition (in north). It may be very moving but for me, it was destruction of architecture. We kept quiet and paid jazia tax.

    Christian missionaries arrived by the scores during the British rule, converting people by bribery and it still continues. We are just living our lives. We do not bribe or threaten people to convert them. We kept quiet as we saw the destruction of Indian beliefs and religion and still you hate us!

    Do you have any valid reason to hate us Lindsay, do you? Please I request you all to speak politely and please think your way through before replying. I would request you not to make bad and hateful comments about anybody’s religion and faith.

  10. It is true the most Iranians have little black ancestry, but they have alot of asian mongrel ancestry. Koreans have more white skin, so by that logic chinese and koreans are whites too.

    Iranians are not white, they might look white though. But then again, plenty of white looking african americans exist and white looking jews. Rarely would one mistake an iranian for a white. And they complain of racism and profiling at airports (white people are not usually profiled, I don’t hear of russians or english complaining about racism)

  11. Iranians faced a lot of racism during the first two centuries of Islamic rule and were called ajam by the Arabs. Persia during that time was like apartheid South Africa but here darker skinned Arabs where the Boers and the White Persians were the Kafirs of South Africa. This led to a revolution and leading to the interchange of Ummayad and Abbasid caliphates or something like that. That is why Persians hate Arabs. Before Islam, White Persians looked down upon Arabs from the Saudi-Yemen region as they had a richer civilization and now those lowly darker skinned Arabs come and treat them like shit. No wonder this hatred.

    1. LMAO!!
      Are you trying to play a role as if you were Nazi toward Arabs? lol
      You just wanna be one of the Westerners with your strong Inferiority Complex!!!!
      The Iranians look like Indians/Pakistanis you funny rat!

      No one on earth can deny the fact that you Iranians look so close and similar to Pakistanis and Indians, However, you are part of their same brown ugly stinky inferior curry race , even Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India belong to the Indo-European curry smelly brown family , You have to get over this inferiority complex and just accept who you are.

      This is the an old Statue for Persian soldiers that founded in Iran which goes to ancient Persians that keep in Berlin museum:×768.jpg

      Also the Anthropologists found a Persian cemetery in South Iran, and when they checked their skulls and DNA tests, they discovered that they are Dravidians (Black South Indians), and their Haplogroup was (H)
      Today, there’s %4 of (Haplogroup H) in Iran, which means they are the only real Persians who share the same race with Aborigines, and Southern Indians.

      Many people look down upon you, and no one accept you for sure.

      IRAN is the brother of Mother India—HINDOO

  12. persian are European people out of Europe
    persian Lived in West of Russia when the Weather Was cooled some iranian Migrate to iran and other Migrate to germany-italy-and spain
    iran was a nice place for iranian Because have Sea-Forest-Mountain and Plain but Before iranian Migrate to iran people of elam lived in iran
    Finally after a few years kingdom of Medes Was formed by first iranian
    after that Achaemenid empire formed by Cyrus the Great.Achaemenid was The largest empire At all time.after the fall of Achaemenid empire parthia empire formed.Parthians defeated the Roman army.parthia have The most powerful military in their time.after the fal of parthia sasanian empire formed
    sasanian defeated the Roman army For some time.arabs Feared of sasanian empire.sasanid were weak For a long wars with Rome.
    arabs were Wild people and they were Not civilized.arabs Attack to iran (not by Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah) On the pretext of Islam and killed woman and child and Rape of women.They destroyed the Sassanid.after arabs attack to iran they Coercion iranian to Acceptance of Islam by Sword and force( not by Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah) -.history of iran Before the advent of Islam in Iran.-
    im persian im not brown or black im white. iranian are Caucasus.iranian are NOT arab. your religion dont make your muslim but im not arab then im not brown(arabs are brown)ahmadinejad is arab who live in iran.he is brown.iranian are like italian and germany people
    you must see iran.iran is not like Afghanistan and Iraq iran is a modern Country (search tehran) .iran is very safe.Life flows. your News and TV dont show Truth of iran and realy iran

    1. THE problem here is the inclusion of browns as white. White means Could I pass for white in whitest Finland? Clearly Iranians would fail big time. Only when you loosen the definition than they pass even though the vast majority are brown skinned with black hair. Genetically according to the map they are far from Northern Europeans. And when it comes to phenotype they are brown for the most part. Check any Death to….. Rally on Friday after mosque. Clearly a brown mass of enthusiastic chanters.


      Please refer to the link above that was published by National Geographic that shows the different genetic make up of different regions and look at the genetic components of Iran, it’s closely related to other middle eastern countries. If you think that Iranians are Europeans then you are in denial of who you are. You are middle eastern and you look middle eastern and you have middle eastern genes. This is the genetic make up of Iranian people: 5% Northern Asian, 42% Mediterranean, 42% Southwest Asian, 8% Northern European. This is the genetic make up of Lebanese people: 66% Mediterranean, 26% Southwest Asian, 5% Northern European, 2% Subsaharan. Kuwait: 2% Northeast Asian, 57% Mediterranean, 27%Southwest Asian, 4% Northern European and 8% Subsaharn.

  13. Iranians are pretty much white. An Iranian dressed in western clothes could easily walk around a small Tennessee town, and not stand out. However, if he’s gotta turban, he might get shot 😆

  14. As a Farsi (Persian) speaking Iranian from Kerman province who has descended from Farsi speaking ancestors, I have to say the original Farsi speaking people of Iran are black haired, dark eyed and dark skinned people who inhabit Kerman, Yazd, Fars, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Khorasan, and Isfahan provinces, those people who live in Tehran and claim to be Persian are in fact Azerbaijani Turks who only speak Farsi and are ashamed of their own nationality (because of Aryan propaganda that has negatively affected any live in Iran) so they are hiding their true origins.
    Azeris are not Persian, none of us Iranians are, we are not related to the ancient Persians (who according to the “immortal guards of Darius in Pergamon museum” and “Darius sphinxes in Louvre museum” were black-skinned people. Google them), just because we live in a country doesn’t mean we are descended from its ancient peoples! Are whites in the Americas descended from Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs? NO! The same goes for every modern nation.
    In reality less than 10% of Iranians are white who are either Azerbaijani Turks (who themselves are Turkic speaking Slavs) or new white immigrants like those nomadic tribes living in many parts of the country. Stop white-washing us, we are not white, and we are not obsessed with Europeans.
    ما سفید نیستیم، دست از این مسخره بازی و عقده پراکنی بردارین! کجای ما شبیه آلمانیها و آنگلوساکسون هاست؟!!! شاید فوقش 1 درصد!

  15. No we are not white, except Azerbaijanis who are in fact Turkic speaking Slavs. Other Iranians do not resemble Europeans.

  16. Last year I traveled to Iran, Iran is a very strange country, every corner of it you can see people with different languages, cultures and appearances. They do not look like those white people they show us in the media, they are an amalgamation of many many different people, it seems Iran is a melting pot of different Asian, African and middle eastern people. In the east there are Asian looking people, in the south people look like a mixed of African and Semitic people, in the west people look a mixed of Semitic people and eastern Europeans, and in the north people look like a mixed of Slavic people and brown skinned Iranians. About 8-15% of them look like eastern Europeans and they mostly live in Tehran and northern parts of the country, the other Iranians look exactly like Arabs, Indians and eastern Africans. This is why I say people should not trust in media. it lies.

  17. I was in a steady relationship with an Iranian girl who came for her post-grad studies in New Delhi. We met on Orkut which used to be a popular social media platform back in 2006-07. At that time, I was only curious about another culture. Once in India, she became very clingy and would call me every other day saying emotional stuff like “I don’t know anyone else here. Please come and meet me.” That gave me lots of insights into modern day Iranian culture, it’s a far cry from Islam but a real degenerate group. Apparently, Iranians don’t really care much about Islam, especially once outside the country. They’re heavily into drugs, partying, rock music and even alcohol.

    It didn’t take very long for me to get this girlfriend in the sack. She was a sensuous and affectionate lover and extremely sweet and gentle. I fucked her maybe 5-6 times more before I got weary about Iran, Iranian culture, Zoroastrianism and all that stuff. We just didn’t connect that well spiritually and mentally. Apparently, Iranians hate Arabs (which she told me many times) but they have a great, one-sided love affair with India. Bollywood music is big over there and all famous Bollywood actors are well known in Iran. Iranian girls also consider Indian men to be kind-hearted, decent and good-natured compared to Iranian men who are perceived as assholes.

    Indians, OTOH, don’t really know much about Iran. The Indian government treads cautiously as there were plans to build a gas pipeline from Iran to India, a deal which had to be scrapped off under US-UK pressure.

    This girl was really sweet but the relationship was taking a toll on my finances and I wasn’t really about to fall in love with her. One fine day I just decided not to answer her phone calls. Apparently, she got the message and didn’t bug me afterward. She quickly disappeared from my life. One day I checked with one of her female friends at the university hostel. She said this girl was now back in Iran, and left on a very short notice. I felt guilty, “was it because of me?” Apparently, not. There were other things on her mind. She was extremely calm and quiet.

    I haven’t been in touch with her ever since again. It was sweet while it lasted but I don’t really have memories of her anymore.

    (Oh, to answer the question: Iranians really aren’t white in a European/Russian sense. You can always tell the difference. Yes, they’re 100% Caucasian and cluster very close to Northern Indians.)

  18. Iranians are shit. You shouldn’t insult Whites by comparing them with Iranians. Iranians are Mutts, as Fred above pointed out. Most of them are probably products of Arab, Greek, Turk, and Mongol rape, as these people invaded Iran and ruled it for centuries. Iranians hate us Arabs because they are afraid of us. Because we conquered them and are more numerous than them, so they are insecure. Their racism is an attempt to hide their cowardice and self-loathing.

    1. The world sees you fucking arabs for the terorrist savages that you are. Go fuck a camel and eat a lizard. If you attack us again you will sleep next to that arab looser sadaam. Remember israel took your land not the Persians. You can’t even take it back you weak incompetent goat fucker. No one in Iran fears you pathetic fools. You know where to find us. We are waiting.

    2. You are piece of shit . Humany is more important than race. Hey you is true iranian hate arab becaue they occupied our land , killed us and raped us . Did you get the reason why iranian hate Arab? I had these sort of hate before but i worked on my thoughts and i have no hate anymore because of a race. I love humanity .

  19. I am Persian and I must say I am deeply ashamed that our culture has descended to such a low point that we have to prove that we are white or we hate some group of people for some preposterous reasons in order to compensate for the gradual loss of our cultural identity. A tragedy that we have brought upon ourselves by allowing the Islamic Regime to rule over the country for so long and destroy our culture and our history. I read almost all of the comments and I can assure you the individuals here claiming to be guardians of Persian culture neither belong to the culture nor they have even the slightest of ideas what it stands for. If one investigates about the legions of cultural figures, poets, philosophers, religious mystics, politicians, writers, scientists and all those who collectively have been responsible for what we today call Persian culture one would see that they all predominately and unequivocally are NOT concerned with race at all ! They do not care about race and would probably look down on those who do and that might be the reason why their message has been so universal and long-standing. Racism is not part of our culture, it has never been part of it. Even at the height of our cultural clashes with the Arab culture our poets have been always even-handed and charitable to their culture. Pointing out the savagery of war and political dominance at the same time acknowledging the influence that they have had. ” Racism ” is nothing but a clear indication that a culture is on the downfall. I think Persians should refrain from this BS ideology and get back to our ecumenical roots. Our history is replete with messages from those whom we hold dear teaching us to be first and foremost human and then Persian, Arab, Turk or whatever. There is nothing called cultural supremacy, there is only cultural diversity. And certainly no such thing as racial supremacy ! Humanity sucks all over. If you doubt this shit then just read the comments here to see how the people of different ethnicity behave in such a primitive and puerile manner. I could not give a smidgen of shit about the fact that I am white or not. I am Persian and I always will be Persian, but my humanity is what I am mostly interested in and that is what I have learned form my culture.

    آه آه از دست صرافان گوهر ناشناس
    هر زمان خر مهره را با در برابر می کنند

    بنده پیر خراباتم که درویشان او
    گنج را از بی نیازی خاک بر سر می کنند

  20. The “Iranians,” are classed by ancient writers as Agathyrsos whom are Scythians who are Caucasians and identified by the Greeks as their ancestors.

    What they are today is debatable…

  21. Arabs live in Arabia which arguably stretches from Lebanon to Yemen. North Africans are arguably Arab and Berber following an invasion of Arabs in the 8th Century. But Arabs are not native to North Africa.

    A few Arabs live in the swamps of Southern Iran and Iraq.

    If you took a pure Arab from Kuwait you would see a dramatic difference.

  22. I am Iranian . Yes mainly iranian people hate arab because they think they raped us and with force change our religion to Islam . Mainly iranian people are secular and our government is islamic government but we don’t hate jew and israel . The iranian government hate Israel. Ten lost tribe of Beni Israel moved to Iran 3000 years ago and 20% of Iranian people by genetic are mix of Aryan and jew although today we have 10- 20 thousand jew in iran. We are friend of Israeli people . Before iranian revolution in 1979 more than 150000 iranian were living in iran and iran was a big state of jew people after Israel but in real figures if you take a genetic test as i did you can find more jew by genetics than israel. North and eastern north was the land of jew in Iran and during the Safavid dynasty and before they converted to islam by force.

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