“John Mearsheimer and the Future of Israeli Apartheid,” by Kevin MacDonald

A great new article by Kevin MacDonald on the Jews. MacDonald (bio) is the evolutionary psychologist who has written extensively about the Jews in the past. He’s a psychology professor at Cal State Long Beach, my alma mater where I received a BA in 1982. The link above should provide you with all of the background information that you need about MacDonald. I’ve been interested in him for a long time.

I never thought he was an anti-Semite, even after he wrote his three part series on the Jews. The last volume of the series, Culture of Critique, grew increasingly critical.

I interviewed him a while back, but I didn’t take notes so I’m not sure if I can write it up. At the time, in 2006, I did not think he was an anti-Semite, though everyone and their uncle was calling him one. During the interview, he seemed more a Judeophile than anything else.

Since then, he’s grown increasingly anti-Semitic. A bunch of Jewish academics and authors ganged up on the guy and pummeled him into the ground, and since then, they’ve tried to ruin his career like they always do.

MacDonald tried to reason with them and defend himself, but you know how that goes with those types. Once they’ve got it in for you, you’re gone, and there’s no point reasoning with hardset deadly enemies.

MacDonald started acting disgusted with the Jews, saying at one point, “I’m through with the Jews.” But he’s not. He can’t seem to stop writing about them.

My theory is that the increasingly vicious and malign Jewish attacks on MacDonald (almost completely specious on intellectual grounds) gradually drove him to anti-Semitism. This is how it works so many times. People start criticizing the Jews. The Jews will brook no criticism not of their own, and since the Holocaust, anyone who says boo about them obviously wants to kill em all, right?

Non-Jewish critics are savagely attacked, and dirty attacks are launched on their careers, reputations, etc. A lot of Gentile critics of the Jews actually like Jews, and they try for a while to reason with their Jewish attackers. Always a futile exercize, and the Jews never give in or back off. A lot of crtics just throw in the towel and give the Jews the abject, groveling apologies that they demand. Even after that, the critics are not really out of the woods, and the Jews treat them gingerly as if they were parolees of uncertain rectitude. But at least the smears stop.

But a lot of others won’t give in. So the attacks escalate, and often the Jews issue physical threats. Physical attacks of various types are not unusual. Jews are scary people. You don’t fuck with them.

One thing you notice is that the critics who don’t give in start becoming increasingly anti-Semitic with time. They’re probably getting more and more enraged by the attacks, and the attacks start making them dislike Jews in general. So we see how Jews often create and increase the virulence of the very anti-Semites they claim to hate so much. But I secretly think that many Jews need anti-Semites and would go nuts if all the anti-Semites disappeared tomorrow.

I figure this is what happened with MacDonald. He’s reacted to the Jewish attacks by understandably starting to dislike Jews in general. As the attacks go on, he dislikes them more and more.

Anyway, there’s a ton of information in this great piece about Jews. On the surface, it is about Jewish support of Israel. Mearshimer and MacDonald have differing views about the deepening apartheid nature of Israel. I suppose many Jews would consider this to be an anti-Semitic piece. The problem is that nearly everything that MacDonald says in this piece about Jews is simply true.

Jews and their defenders are asked to look over the piece and try to find where MacDonald is wrong about Jews, if anywhere.

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30 thoughts on ““John Mearsheimer and the Future of Israeli Apartheid,” by Kevin MacDonald”

  1. Robert, what you write about organized Jewry’s attitude toward the slightest criticism is true. I experienced some of it myself when I had (what I thought was) a minor dustup with some major voices on USenet back in the 1990s. They tried to destroy my life on the internet, anyway.

    But looking at it historically: Jews in Europe typically were so docile that their behavior made Uncle Tom look like Malcolm X, and their use of bribery only reinforced stereotypes about Jews and money. And where did that get them?

    1. That all changed in the early 1820’s after Napoleon liberated the Jews. Jewish liberations followed in other areas and ghetto walls started coming down. Jews moved rapidly into professions, especially law, and quickly began threatening their critics. A particular target at that the so-called Blood Libel, some instances of which seem to have occurred.

      Jews just overreact. Plus now they got Holocausted, and it’s like no one can ever criticize them at all without being accused of wanting to murder them all. I know some anti-Semitic White nationalists who are positive about aspects of Nazi Germany. Not sure how they feel about the Holocaust. They seem to be Holocaust Deniers somewhat.

      However, when another WN challenged them on the Jewish Question, as in, “Are you prepared to do what it takes?” the guy freaked out and turned on the genocidists. This guy was adamant that no one did he support mass murder of Jews, especially women, kids, etc. So even supporters of Nazis don’t necessarily want to repeat that horror.

      This guy wants a White ethnostate in the US with no Jews allowed. That’s it. He advocates no physical harm against them.

      The Jews get it all wrong. Not everyone who criticizes them wants to kill them all. Even a lot of anti-Semites don’t want to go that route again. But with the Jews, it’s all or nothing, black or white. You’re with us or against us. You’re either a total supporter or you’re like those fuckers who threw them in the ovens.

      I’m quite aware of how harsh Jews can be against their own “treasonous” dissidents. MacDonald alludes to that the mechanisms of that in PP 27 of the article:

      “The internal dynamics of the Jewish community are always led by the most committed activist elements within it, with the rest of the community ultimately going along with them. The best example of this is Zionism itself — once the view of a small minority of deeply committed Jews, but eventually becoming the defining feature of the entire community. Jews who do not go along with the policies advocated by the radicals have been aggressively marginalized by the mainstream Jewish community. I see no reason to suppose that that trend will not continue into the future.”

      I think this is what is going on in your case and the case of some other Jews I have known. I know a Jewish blogger right now who is “laying low” because his own people have aggressively gone after him and smeared him with lies. He’s freaked out and he’s not writing much anymore.

      1. You know, I first discovered Kevin McDonald back in 2005, and did not think he was racist in anyway. He was just analyzing a social group, in this case the American Jewish community, as would any social scientist studying any other group. African-Americans, Chinese immigrants, or the Irish of Boston. In this case, he picked a very successful group to study, and was punished for it. Big time. Simply for pointing out the obvious. If he has actually swayed towards antisemitism, I can’t blame him. Mearsheimer and Walt are getting the same number done on them, as has Finkelstein, Cole, and even Chomsky at times. Two of the academics I mentioned are Jewish for God’s sake, and they get labeled as either self-hating Jews, or simply antisemitic.

    2. Jews just overreact. Plus now they got Holocausted, and it’s like no one can ever criticize them at all without being accused of wanting to murder them all.

      Lol! I can certainly see that attitude rear its head during Israel controversies. Criticize the state of Israel, and you’re a dirty Jew hater. Heck, at my university, this one anti-Israel speaker gave a speech, and he was denounced by the chancellor for endorsing terrorism, as well as being vilified by Jewish groups for being an anti-semite.

      I was actually at that speech, and I didn’t exactly hear anything particularly egregious.

      You’re either a total supporter or you’re like those fuckers who threw them in the ovens.

      I know, right? Point out that Jews control Hollywood, and you’re an anti-semite. Point out that approximately 1/3 of the Supreme Court is Jewish, and you want to gas Jews. Point out the disproportionate number of Jews in government (ie. Timothy Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, heck, our own two senators here in California!), and you’re just like those loony conspiracy theorists who sought to exterminate Jews. Point out the disproportionate amount of Jewish influence in the media, and well, you know what I’m getting at.

      Many black activists, when criticized for “living in the past,” frequently point out that nobody tells Jews to get over the holocaust and anti-Semitism.

      Well, guess what? I’m going to disprove the “nobody tells Jews to get over the holocaust” sentiment held by black activists by telling them now. I am certainly not a holocaust denier and am in no way trying to sugarcoat such a horrible atrocity.

      But to all Jews in America: Get over it! With some exceptions, you didn’t live through the holocaust, you weren’t tormented by a fascist police state, etc.

      I’m tired of Jews using the holocaust as a way to shield themselves from any criticism, be it of Israel or the occasional person who has the audacity to point out the disproportionate amount of Jewish influence.

      Among my fellow college students, everyone knows this to be true. The secret is out, and has probably been out for a long time.

      Due to the anal attitudes held by many Jews, it’s always refreshing to know that honest Jews such as Jewamongyou, who aren’t these viciously anti-white and whiny Jews, exist.

      Otherwise, I would have a hard time not becoming an anti-semite.

      Harsh, but true.

      1. Oops, I meant “or the occasional person,” not “of the occasional person.” Also meant “who aren’t these,” not “who these aren’t.” Sorry for the typos!

        I figure that due to my latest comment, I’ll now be monitored by the SPLC and ADL!

  2. ” Non-Jewish critics are savagely attacked, and dirty attacks are launched on their careers, reputations, etc. A lot of Gentile critics of the Jews actually like Jews, and they try for a while to reason with their Jewish attackers “.

    It was the same for Dr. Tony Martin of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, when he wrote the book :
    “The Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront”. They really hounded him.

  3. Hey Robert, you said Jews are scary people. Yeah right. They are cowards. By the way, Jews are too pussy and weak to do physical attacks. They usually resort to faggot tactics like lawsuits and job firings.

    1. your’re the faggot, fuck you and fuck Robert Lindsay. I am sick of bigotry in all forms. Kevin McDonnald should just put on his clown costume like his nice cousin Ronald and advertise fast food. He is obviously got his head stuck up his depraved ass.

  4. Dear Robert
    The emancipation of Jews was started in Revolutionary France before Napoleon seized power. Let’s not give the power-hungry, egomanical Corsican imperialist any more credit than we have really have to.
    Cheers. James

  5. He is probably an anti-semitic for a simple reason. A lot of people start out just being anti-zionist or critical of Jewish political influence and don’t nessesarily hate Jews as people. But when Jews hate them and call them anti-semites for their political views its a natural psychological response to become full blown anti-semites if the Jews are going to hate you anyways.

    1. Hey, it’s like what Malcolm X said (paraphrase): “You can’t even say ‘Jew’ without being called an anti-semite.”

      To all the good Jews out there, please know that I do not hate Jews. I recognize that Jews are responsible for many great ideas and inventions, and have enriched our lives in many ways. I certainly don’t hate Jews just for being born Jewish.

      It’s just that some of their behavior really annoys the hell out of me.

      1. Your absolutely right. I think that hysteria of calling everyone an anti-semite is actually fuelling anti-semitism.

      2. Only Jews annoy you huh? But all rednecks, all Irish( the ones can’t handle their booze, can’t leave the clovers out of their names, the Italians who think they have to act tough, the English Wasps who think they’re the best, and of course all self righteous religious fanatics of all faiths. garbagie
        music always blasting in public, and endless commercials don’t annoy you I suppose. Every ethnic group has their annoying characteristics, you just get sucked up by those displaced indoctrinated deniers who have no clear motive.

  6. Yes, great piece by Macdonald, and a link to one of his best pieces, his review of Yuri Slezkine’s ‘the Jewish Century’, which is brilliant, though Slezkine is still essential reading though keeping in mind Macdonald’s accurate criticisms. I wonder if Slezkine deliberately packaged the book as a hymn of praise to jewry, in order to get the vital information he includes past the ‘universal censor’ (i.e. you can’t be published in academia if you criticise the jews). Same with Macdonald which brings me to one of his outstanding bad points, his description of the Bolsheviks as the greatest mass murderers in history, which sounds like neo-nazi propaganda. Not true folks, and I’m a holocaust skeptic. Does Macdonald believe this, or does he feel that the possibly sympathetic political constituency for his work is the Old Republican paleoconservatives, and so he tailors his output to accommodate their prejudices. I suspect that, like a lot of people, outside of his main fields of expertise and interest, he just hasn’t got time to do the reading and so just reflects the prejudices of the MSM. But I sometimes get the feeling that what he wants is a return to ‘ the natural order of things’, with the king in his castle, the lords on their estates, and the proles and peasants knowing their place and working patriotically for the greater Volk! Heard all this before.
    So, while his criticisms of jewish group behaviour are very brave and substantial, the framework he places them in is more than a bit incoherent, and often quite sinister.

    1. Thanks comrade.

      Well, MacDonald *is* a Paleocon! No, he actually believes all that “greatest murderers in history” bullshit.

      About whether he wants to return to the “natural order of things,” well, he doesn’t write much about economics at all, so I have no idea how he feels about that. One of the things that I hated about the Fall of Communism was all those conservative assholes crowing about how Communism failed because it was “unnatural.” They even used that “natural order of things” phrase over and over.

      I’m sure that the natural order they are discussing is precisely what you refer to here. If that’s the “natural order,” then what’s so bad about getting rid of it?

      Actually, conservatives have always used this talk, that what they propose is “the natural order of things:” with the king in his castle, the lords on their estates, and the proles and peasants knowing their place and working patriotically for the greater Volk.

  7. ” Same with Macdonald which brings me to one of his outstanding bad points, his description of the Bolsheviks as the greatest mass murderers in history, which sounds like neo-nazi propaganda. Not true folks, and I’m a holocaust skeptic. ”

    Please explain this statement for me. Are you somekind of a Holdomor skeptic and anti-Solzenitzenista/anti-Conquestista like comrade Lindsay?!

    1. Yes, he is.

      I’ve recently changed my mind on this somewhat. I’m now going to say that Stalin may have killed not 2.5 million but maybe more like 3.8-4 million. I’m changing it because I am trying to factor in the deaths due to population transfers during WW2. Deaths may have been as high as 1.3-1.5 million.

      Yikes. Does that make him the biggest murderer in history now?

  8. Yes, I doubt Conquest – he’s been thoroughly discredited, but I’ve heard that not even he now believes the Ukraine famine was deliberate. Solzhenitsyn, whatever his merits ( and I’ve missed them because I find him unreadable) is a weirdo, and makes sweeping generalisations from his personal experience which is not very useful. What can be said with any certainty about the death toll under Stalin is what J. Arch Getty et al reported from their study of the archives. There is no more up to date info because the archives were closed after Yeltsin. I found the most handy summary of their work was this:

    “Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-War Years: A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence” by J. Arch Getty, Gabor Rittersporn and Victor Zemskov, American Historical Review, 98 (October 1993), pp. 1017-1049

    This paper tells you everything which has any evidence to support it, compares previous estimates and discusses their methodology, and discusses transportation and gulag ‘incidental’ deaths i.e. from starvation, exposure, illness etc. It used to be free online, but now you can only see the first page and it seems to be hard to access the rest unless you are affiliated with some academic institution that is affiliated to something called JSTOR. Robert, do you know this paper? Have you any idea how to get hold of it now? Apart from the options (not certain if you can) on the JSTOR site. Then there’s Getty’s book on the Great Terror, which has several contributors discussing the deaths, including Alec Nove (the Economics of Feasible Socialism) who discusses ‘ how many deaths?’ Nove is no fool, so I imagine this is pretty sound – I own it, but I admit I haven’t read it yet. Whatever, it doesn’t seem nearly as handy as that paper, which I sorely miss sometimes.

    1. Here in the US, you can access JSTOR if you are affiliated with a library. I think that’s all it takes. Not sure about the UK. But for some reason, I never went out and got affiliated with my local library.

  9. Having said all that, Stalin must certainly have contributed to the death toll in Poland and Russia by using a scorched earth policy. But what else were they to do? As it was, Russia only survived by the skin of her teeth. Hitler started it, even if it was forced on Germany by the British. I think there’s a lot to be said for that, but no economic necessities, past and current brutalities, could excuse the stark-staring evil of Hitler’s plans (whether or not the mass gassings took place). He made it plain (and he’d been saying it since the end of WWI) that he wanted the Slavs to go the way of the American Indians i.e. exterminate or enslave them. Whatever brutal methods Stalin used ( and however flawed Soviet communism), he brought huge improvements to the lives of everyone he ruled (except the penal victims of course) – free education, housing, healthcare, subsidised fuel and food, secure employment. That’s the real reason the American right hates communism.

    1. A lot of Communists oppose Stalin’s methods. I think that the Trots have good points about opposing Stalinism. I am willing to give the Trots a chance and see what they can do.

      The Trots have a good argument that Communism should not be about gulags, mass murder, etc. which unfortunately it has been about. If we don’t like someone, we can throw them in prison. I think Commies ought to quit killing people. Even some Maoists are coming around to this. There are Maoists who oppose the death penalty, even in a Communist country.

        1. Well, you know, the crazier ones never supported any Communist regime, they were neutral in WW2 (!), and they supported contra wars against Communist countries, plus they never supported any Leftist insurgencies.

          But nowadays most of them are not like that. I say give them a chance and see how they’re theory plays out. I have a feeling it will not be much better than the Stalinism they hate though.

  10. Kevin MacDonald is too obsessed with jews for his own good. Jews just don’t deserve that kind of attention.

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