Mental Preconditioning Can Change the Qualities of Observed Objects

A commenter from India thinks that certain Caucasian women can look like “transsexuals.” I think he is saying that they can look somewhat masculine.

I think quite a lot of Arab, Persian and Middle Eastern Jewish women look a bit tranny. Its the face. The Persians less than the others.

Well, a lot of Asian guys don’t like White women much at all. They say that they don’t look very feminine, that they look masculine. It’s true that Asian women are the most feminine looking of them all.

I never noticed the masculinity of White women in my entire life, but as soon as I heard that, I started looking for it, and I found it! It’s true, a lot our fine White women do look kind of masculine. You just never notice it unless you are specifically thinking of it.

Like one time I was reading in some book about sex. They were interviewing lots of people, and they interviewed some queers. The queers were saying how they hated the way women look, how sickening and gross they were, disgusting, how much better men look. They kept saying that women are full of blubber and fat and all sort and mushy. They like guys who are firm, hard, muscular.

Weird, I never thought of it that way, but it’s true, even thin and in shape women are sort of fatty, because they have so much fat on their bodies. We hets like that and just say it’s their softness, but what the softness really is is fat! LOL, we just never think of it that way. It’s like a little bit of fat is fine as it just gives softness, but too much of it is gross and just makes her look like a hippo.

One guy said that women’s tits were disgusting! He said, “It’s sick! It looks like the udders on a cow! Gross, disgusting, ugh!”

Weird, I have always loved tits, but after I read that, I started looking at tits and wondering if they looked like udders, and it was starting to screw up the tits for me. It want tits and kept getting these udder things instead.

Funny how objects can change so much just depending on the object that we associate them with before we observe them. White women are never seen as masculine until we put the image “masculine” into our heads and look at them, then we see some masculinity in them. Breasts look fantastic until we put the image “udder” into our heads and look at them, then women look like cows!

It’s like perception can be preconditioned based on ideas in our heads.

I’m sure some philosophers somewhere have written about this before…I just can’t think of any offhand. Perhaps someone with a knowledge of philosophy can help out.

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48 thoughts on “Mental Preconditioning Can Change the Qualities of Observed Objects”

  1. How does the concept of nature versus nurture apply to mental preconditioning, in fashion fads for example?

      1. It’s okay because the question is somewhat ambiguous. I have a friend who works in the fashion industry and I asked her once why there seemed to be constant change of what was in vogue (and not). She said there were a consensus of individuals who decided how fashion seasons changed.
        It got me thinking… How easy is it to understand the innate qualities of people and then use their social interactionism to accept a preconditioned notion.

        1. Ok, I’m still not entirely understanding your saying. It’s not because I’m stupid; I have a genius IQ.

          How easy is it to understand the innate qualities of people and then use their social interactionism to accept a preconditioned notion.

          In terms of the post, I guess you are asking something like, well, if White males can innately be attracted to White females, how can they be disattractred to them by putting in the suggestion that they are masculine? Or, if males are innately attracted to tits, how can they be disattracted to them by putting in the notion that they are cow’s udders?

          And I guess in terms of fashion, you are asking something like how can we tell what sort of fashions we are innately attracted to or disattracted to in our own and the opposite sex and which are things we either innately like and were made to dislike by suggestion or things we innately dislike and were made to like by suggestion?

  2. Yep… Exactly what my post implies. I know you have a genius I.Q, been reading your word-press for a while now and I like it. Intellectually refreshing your blog is, with a residual after-taste of humour.

      1. Your welcome Bro. From what I was able to skim through the internet regarding precondition thoughts and philosophy what I got turned out to be existentialism and Tabula-rasa; there could be more.
        Existentialism states that the individual must exist- come to consciousness before creating his values or putting forth ideas.
        Tabula-rasa proposes that man comes into the world a blank slate to be shaped by societal interactions, notions and conditions.

  3. It’s true that people often see what they expect to see or have been trained to see, not what’s right in front of their eyes.

    Often I will hear a blonde woman described as “beautiful,” and when I actually look at her, her features are not actually extraordinary. People seem preconditioned to see any blonde woman with some degree of attractiveness as beautiful.

    On the other hand, I have heard of beautiful Black women, and perhaps other women, not even acknowledged or seen by certain men.

      1. Yes, there is no general criteria for beauty. What is considered “beautiful” varies enormously, according to time, place, culture, and so on.

        That said, people can be taught what to see as beautiful, wouldn’t you say so?

        1. You may be right. I tend to see beauty in all races be they white, black, brown or yellow. I hate it though when I see black women putting on fake hair, trying to make it longer. Its nicer I think when its braided(without any attachment).

          I love natural women.

        2. Natural women are indeed beautiful.

          The fake hair thing is all about trying to look more feminine, in my opinion, since long hair is considered by many to be a “feminine” trait.

  4. “It’s true that Asian women are the most feminine looking of them all.”

    That’s funny, because I have a buddy that does not like Asian women, because Asian men look so feminine. He says he has a hard time telling them apart so it turns him off. If you look at Asian male models they look creepily feminine. In a way it kind of turns me off Asian women also.

    I know that I have a hard time telling an Asian tranny from an Asian women sometimes. I think a lot of American Asian women feel this way as well, maybe that is why white male-Asian female relationships are so high in America.

    1. Lips, high eyebrows, low facial relief (Asian people at tend to think that a pronounced facial relief is masculine and I think this is why people think West Asian women have masculine faces – strong facial relief), small chin, cheeks are wide and slope to the chin. These would be my guess as to why East Asian women are seen to have feminine faces.

      (Of course, to most West Eurasian men, this matters not a jot when they find the faces to have (to them) weirdly prominent cheekbones, small eyes (which really hits them) and wide nose which they find unfeminine and unattractive.)

      Caveat is that I think Black women would also be more feminine than White women under the “Asian” criteria I’ve given above though, so if Asian people don’t report this, then either they’re biased or my criteria is not correct. – This is good for comparing face shapes (although I think their sample is not perfect, so don’t take it as gosepl), if you want to help visualize. In particular, I think an interesting thing to do is perform a shape only change but contrast the Asian face with the Caucasian baby face and do the same with the other ethnicities, which will put in context the degree of Asian neoteny that exists in context. I also think another interesting thing to do with this is to compare the face shapes of different ethnicities while keeping the texture constant.

  5. alpha unit

    I got into a very long debate about this on abagonds blog, of course none of the women on that blog would agree with me, but hear is my opinion.

    There are obviously two sides to nature, masculinity and femininity. For many mammal species in nature (especially social mammals) masculinity equals strength, size, dominance, and leadership. Femininity equals small, nurturing, good mothering skills, and compliance to males. On average Asian women do better with all these traits than other races do, so they are usually considered more feminine.

    1. So as far as looks go, Asian women are seen as most feminine because of their smallness, on average. Would you agree with this?

      1. It’s also their faces. Look at them, they are very child-like and child appearing. Their faces are very soft like the faces of children, soft, rounded features. The same features that make Asian men look feminine also make Asian women look feminine too. They are neotenous.

        1. They definatly look for feminine. I noticed a lot of Asian women still have that youthful feminine look throughout their twenties when a lot of white and hispanic women sometimes loose it by by their early 20’s.

        2. Middle-aged Asian women don’t look that good for some reason, even though they have less wrinkles than White women. They just look weird.

        3. Some of them still look good. I dated a couple of them around 40-45 and they still looked pretty good. Especially more towards 40. Japanese and Korean women can age pretty well, especially if they stay really thin.

          *Most* women don’t look so great heading into middle age, let face facts. The first half of middle age, 40-52, a lot of them still look quite good. The second half, all bets are off. A few still look good at 55-56, after that, the hot ones become quite rare. I know a 63 yr old German woman though who looks fantastic!

  6. alpha unit

    That probably has a lot to do with it, but I also think many western men see how submissive and gentle women in Asia act on average, and it boosts there attractiveness.

    1. They don’t. Quality over quantity- the best looking “Asian” women don’t go for white guys unless they’re prostitutes, but by then they have usually done several government officials.

    2. I don’t know, there are some Asian-American male sites where those guys are really upset and pissed off. Over in Asia, everything is cool, and I’m sure the guys seem quite macho and masculine compared to those super-feminine women. If anything, Asian guys are kind of macho sexist pigs! But over here, the Asian women don’t dig the sexist pig shit, and plus they suddenly think that Asian guys look and act too feminine compared to White,

      Hispanic and Black guys. Something like 30% of supposedly hyperethnocentric Asian females are marrying out, almost all to White males. A lot of the White males don’t even treat them that well in this macho way, sort of like Black males often treat White females like shit.

      But the Asian women keep going back to them, for the same reason the White women keep going back to the Black guys, because the White guys seem more masculine than the Asian guys and the Black guys seem more masculine than the White guys.

      Those forums are funny and kind of sad. Those guys are hardly getting laid at all, and they’re really pissed! There are all these threads about White women with Asian guys, especially blonds (They all want a blond for some reason). And there are all these threads about Asian men as great warriors and great athletes, to show that they are quite masculine.

      Also tons of threads raging at Asian women who only date White guys (They have special little hate terms for them) and raging at “White privilege” and racism and stereotypes against Asians. Heavy on the PC anti-White Cultural Marxist stuff. Those threads are kind of scary. Some of those guys sound homicidal.

      1. There’s a big difference between “Asian” women who date their race/ethnic group, and Asian women who date out.

        The third group would be the ones that date everyone, who are fairly normal. Generally, the ones that date only whites are “undesirable” or have serious self-hate/daddy issues.

        White and Hispanic men, compared to Northeast Asians and North Chinese, are not really masculine on average, and generally Northeast Asian women are smart enough to know that their men are more reliable.

        It goes without saying that generally “Asian Americans” and other overseas “Asians” are usually from the middle to lower classes, from the most neglected prefectures/provinces (25% of US Koreans are related to war brides, vast majority of Chinese are Cantonese lower class, Japanese predominantly straight-laced commoners)

        If anything, Asian guys are kind of macho sexist pigs!

        Koreans and perhaps Japanese maybe, but Tibetans, N.Chinese, Mongols, Manchus, etc are not. Even before the whole Communism thing.

      2. The sad thing is that almost half of the better looking N/NE Asian men are dating out (traditionally Southeast Asian women, in the West usually blonde girls, branching out to Latinas now) which really disappointing.

        There are also a lot of men in Northeast China dating Russian women. The girls claim they are treated better, but considering how Russian men can be I guess they’re not BSing.

        1. That is, in the West. In East Asia proper its mostly marginalized peasants who go for Southeast Asian women, and whores that go for foreign men (most commonly Japanese and Hong Kongers, but they will whore for any foreigner with money)

  7. What makes women “feminine” varies, even, like a lot of things.

    Submissiveness and gentleness are seen by some as feminine traits. I’ve also heard the view that what makes a woman feminine is the way she moves and carries herself.

    And for some people it’s all about curves.

  8. I am not sure white women look tranny (per se), I think its a particular feature of Middle Eastern women (be it Muslim, Christian or Jewish). Their bodies actually look feminine but their face has that slight manly look so has nothing to do with their build.

    Also, I don’t think white women (on the whole) are particularly masculine looking, although a few are. I think black women look the most masculine because they tend naturally to be pretty big boned or carry too much weight (women are supposed to be smaller so being being fat and overweight is not feminine).

    Equally, women who are too thin with a flat chest do not look feminine.

    Someone also said that society is often pre-conditioned to find blond women attractive. I think you are right. Its partly to do with media print who always carry images of blond women on fashion magazines, stores using blond models, blond actresses, etc. But even though lot of men might be attracted to blondes on first glance, some are not actually all that good looking after closer inspection. Lot of blond men do not find blonde women very attractive.

    1. I don’t know if Black women are naturally more big-boned than other women.

      The tendency to carry more weight may not be a Black trait, either. I think a lot of the obesity you see in Black people is diet-related.

    2. I have Vietnamese friend who would have done anything to sleep with a blond. It was so bad it became funny. He had a cute girlfriend by the way; also Vietnamese. It’s like some Orientals have a fetish for blonds.

    3. I have noticed that with Jewish and middle eastern women but it usually happens when they get to middle age. Just look at Elana Kagan.

  9. Funny, because I’ve never regarded or heard white women seen as masculine. The whole “masculine woman” stereotype generally applies to black women.

    However, upon closer inspection, I can see where it comes from. I think many white girls/women have this tomboy aura to them. I noticed that to a certain extent in high school. I guess that’s what happens when “women’s rights” and “girl power” go too far.

    @ Ó Dochartaigh

    Co-sign regarding many Asian men looking feminine. I don’t say this as an attempt to cruelly insult Asians. I have no problems with them.

    However, am I the only one who seems to notice that Asian guys, more than guys of any other race, are always wearing sandals? Is it just me, or do guys who frequently wear sandals come across as unmanly?

    I admit, too many white guys also wear sandals. After Asian guys, they come in second. Too many also have boyish looks. Some need to put on some damn shoes and grow a beard.

    1. When it comes to tranvestites the Asian ones especially Thai look the most authentic and whites ones the most obvious. Black ones somewhere in btw. Some Thai men are very feminine looking while black women can be masculine looking.

    2. I grew up on the beach and the surfers all wore sandals. These were the hardest ass, most macho motherfuckers you ever came across, you don’t mess with surfers. Not macho like bikers or rednecks or Mexicans, totally different.

      I’m basically permanently a stoned out surfer from Southern California for life, I think.

    3. Well, I never thought Black women look particularly masculine. Maybe a few. I just never thought about it. The masculine thing about Black women is their behavior! It’s not so much masculine as it is aggressive, hostile, potentially violent, etc. Black chicks are just scary mean, or at least they seem to have a potential for that. So they are masculine in that sense, yes, but Black women still act like women, not like men.

      I don’t know any race of females where the chicks act like guys. Thank God.

  10. That’s called “priming” I believe.

    Sorry, a nice buoyant, bubbly set of tits still makes my mouth water, no matter how much I’m primed to think otherwise.

  11. This idea that Black women are masculine-looking is something a lot of people can’t be disabused of, no matter what we actually look like.

    1. I don’t think that they are masculine looking at all. They are masculine – *acting*, that’s what it is. The mot masculine looking women are probably White women.

        1. I dated a young Jamaican woman once, and she was extremely feminine, almost as much as an Asian woman. I’ve known a couple of other Caribbean women who were quite feminine too, a Haitian, a Grenadian, and a Trinidadian. I met a few African women at the university, and they were quite feminine also. From Zaire and Sierra Leone.

          Those women acted *very different* from African-American women. They come from societies where men rule the roost. Whatever you say about those societies, the women definitely retain a strong feminine role.

  12. I agree that black women on average are the most non-feminine in terms of how they carry themselves such as being a little loud and sometimes as little rude, but even the worst ones do not act nearly as bad as the worst white women. Some white women act very ladette (acting like guys). I have seen group of white women who get drunk in the night and start kicking shop doors. I rarely see a black woman that gets drunk but happens frequently among some white women.

    The East Asians and the Indian (India) women are very docile. Not too sure about Middle Eastern and East European women. I suspect both behave better than black and white West European European and white American women, though.

  13. if sex with circumsicion becomes so sensitive less ,then screw that, i would prefer to be a woman with a good vagina and clitoris, years since the idea of being tranny cross seriously my mind, i really hope sex will be very good , because the path of a tranny seems complicated still (all the process and the fact that many of them dont really look like woman despite their process) i am not sure, anyways most available men like women, but i don’t know

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