Rima Fakih Crowned Miss America

Rima Fakih, a former Miss Michigan, whose family are Shia Muslims from Southern Lebanon, was crowned Miss USA recently, the first Arab to ever win the prize. The neocons have gone insane, among other reactions, they are being led by some Jew named Debbie Schlussel, a blogger from Michigan. There are still a lot of Jews living around Detroit. In addition, many Arabs, mostly Shia Lebanese, have moved into the same area in recent years.

Rima Fakih in a bikini at the Miss USA contest. Hezbollah does not approve, and they said so.

No one knows whether or not Fakih sympathizes with Hezbollah, but 83% of Lebanese do at this point. That’s mostly because Lebanon has no army, and Hezbollah are the only folks really defending Lebanon from Israel at this point. Israel used to have some allies with the Lebanese Maronite Christians, but they’ve even blown that wad recently. I’d wager that even now most Lebanese Maronites don’t like Israel anymore.

Excellent photo of Fakih after winning the prize. She has an interesting phenotype that I can't quite put a finger on. Italian? Armenian? Something like those Georgians? The closest thing she resembles at all is a former girlfriend, who was part Lebanese Maronite and part Greek, among other things.

The thing about Lebanon is that just about everyone hates each other. The Shia, the Sunnis of the North, the Druze and Maronites from the Center, there is no love lost with any of them, unfortunately. There are temporary alliances, but they fall apart a lot. The Greek Orthodox seem to get along with others better than the others, and they are not aligned with the Maronites in any way. The Orthodox have long lined up with Syria. Many of the first suicide bombers in Lebanon in the mid 1980’s were Greek Orthodox, often Communists or Leftists.

Rima Fakih photo in the dark, making her skin look a lot darker. I don't know what she looks like in this picture. Almost like a North Indian?

Fakih’s family varies. Some support Hezbollah and the more secular but still religious Shia Amal. Others are secular Shia who have no particular love for the religious parties. Some of these secular folks are even Communists. Communists are not unusual in Lebanon – there are still quite a few of them for some reason.

Here she is in her gown. A good look at her phenotype here, which seems pretty unique. These people probably are the remains of the ancient Phoenicians, and that was pretty distinct group of folks. Of course, now their genes are scattered about the Mediterranean. After Lebanese and Greek, my next suggestion would be that she looks something like some of the Mizrachi or Arab Jews in Israel, although their looks vary somewhat. I once met an Iranian Mizrachi Jew who looked something like this. A commenter has noted that she looks something like a famous Israeli Yemeni Mizrachi Jewish transsexual Dana International.

There is much misunderstanding about Hezbollah and Lebanon. Hezbollah is not trying to create a fundamentalist state in South Lebanon. They understand the secular nature of the multicultural Lebanese state. In interviews, Hezbollah said that they would only push for a religious state if they could get say 80-85% of Lebanese to go along with it. That day is a long ways off. Hezbollah lays off the secular Lebanese.

Here is another look at her, this time with much lighter skin, probably due to the heavy bright lighting. Notice that her skin is about the same color as the White women on either side of her, especially the one to the right.

The beach in Beirut is full of women in bikinis and downtown Beirut is full of women in skimpy clothing. Downtown nightlife is popping, with lots of bars, drinking and even call girls. Nothing much is done to crack down on any of this, and Hezbollah could care less. Down in the South were Hezbollah holds sway, things are a bit different, but I think booze is still legal, and you don’t need to wear a hijab, though it’s preferred.

Here she is pole dancing from two years ago. She won the contest. I think it's safe to say she's not a Hezbollah fanatic. I don't think that the Lebanese Shia, or any Lebanese, have much Black in them, but I am not sure. Syrians are about 5% Black, about the same as Italians or Greeks. That's the lowest I have seen of any Arabs. It's probably even lower in Lebanese, even the Muslims.

Homosexuals are beaten, it is true, but that’s about as bad as Hezbollah gets. Beaten and turned over to the cops, as homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon and it’s pretty taboo. Gay rights groups have tried to organize, but it’s not going anywhere.

The religious leader of Hezbollah, Fadlallah, has issued some very interesting rulings lately, including one that sanctioned female masturbation, especially if the female is unmarried and has not outlet.

Keep in mind that the Shia are somewhat like Catholics in that doctrine is allowed to be continuously updated to keep with the times, as opposed to the set in stone philosophy of the Sunni, whose Christian analogy is the Protestants. Like the Protestants, the Sunni have no real head religious authorities issuing rulings. Like the Catholics, the Shia have religious leaders (Popes or Ayatollahs) whose job it is to continuously interpret doctrine in the face of changing reality.

The Ayatollahs, including Khomeini, have even allowed transsexualism, and a famous Ayatollah has had a sex change, is now a woman, and is married to another Ayatollah! Then there is the temporary marriage feint which allows for somewhat casual sex outside of marriage. A famous Iranian Islamic religious scholar, a woman, recently authored a book in which she recounted her temporary marriage affairs with 40-50 Iranians, often top Ayatollahs and religious scholars. No one much batted an eye in Iran.

Lebanon is simply a conservative Middle Eastern country, with life centered around families and extended families.

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80 thoughts on “Rima Fakih Crowned Miss America”

  1. Dear Robert
    You forgot to ask the most important question of all: What does this young lady think of Israel?
    Cheers. James

    1. Mr. God: I guess that you are very busy in your paradise to check on the recent reports and projects for the Lebanese Phoenician People or you are representing the Anti-Lebanese Phoenician Policy. History repeats itself regarding Phoenician Lebanese beauty, from the age of Princes Europa to the Latest of Rima Fakih.
      Wheather Lebanese are Phoenicians or not could be also a question mark wheather the Lebanese are French or Arabs, despite the fact they enjoy both memberships with the Francophone and the Arab league, but that will not make Lebanese neither Arabs nor French The Lebanese are the Phoenicians and you can check the links below.

      Lebanon is made from multi-religion people about 18 different religions like any other nation around, but the difference is that Lebanon is the front line of the religious conflicts and the center of the world cross road.
      Why the Greeks have the right to call themselfs Greek and the Jewish people the Israelites, What about the Phoenicians, they are the same period of time people who had many wars and peace between each other and they shared a lot and you want to convince me that is not an Anti-Lebanese Phoenician policy in the region or the political ediction for the Arab oil and money misslead the world and sold them the Phoenician heritage in dispute for the oil, which will make it very difficult to understand for people like you and the easiest word is to call them Arabs.
      Lebanese are not Frensh or Arabs They are the Phoenicians and support our Phoenician heritage.

      1. Whoa…I sense some serious seriousness here.

        Seriously though, if your a Phoenicianist, then you probably wouldn’t care for Rima too much. All the hardcore pushers of that ideology are Lebanese Christians of one sort or another.

        1. Yes, they are basically aligned with the “Guardians of the Cedars” far right Maronites Phalangists. Frankly, fascists. I blame the Phalangists for bringing fascism to Lebanon.

          These Phoenicianists hate not only Hezbollah (figures) but also *Amal*. Why do they hate Amal too. Amal is the more secular Shia religious party in Lebanon. Or do these Phoenicianists just hate the Lebanese Shia?

        2. True Robert. Fascist is a good way to describe them. I have only knowingly conversed with a “Phalangist” once. It was years ago, when I was in the Army. So was he. He was technically from Syria, but grew up in the U.S. He spouted of some stuff that would put a White Supremacist to shame by an order of magnitude. Kind of got the idea that the man viewed himself not just as “White,” but his group as the original Whites, and original Europeans.

          He HATED Muslims, and did not want to be called an Arab. I didn’t ask him about the Shia, or Persians or whatever. I wasn’t in the mood to hear too much more bullshit at the time. We where riding in the back of an open air Army truck, cross country, in the cold… 😀

          I have dealt with plenty of Arabic Christians, be they Palestinian or Lebanese or what not. They all where proud to be Arabic. Very much so. They also viewed the Muslim Arabs as Arabic to. They just also HATED Muslims. Obviously they felt Christianity was the way to go for all their people.

  2. “The neocons have gone insane, among other reactions, they are being led by some Jew named Debbie Schlussel, a blogger from Michigan”

    Why should anybody seem surprised . Since she won , some of the nastiest things that could be said about this girl , has been said online.
    I wonder if she had a more Nordic Phenotype would people still have a problem ?

    “Here she is in her gown. A good look at her phenotype here, which seems pretty unique. These people probably are the remains of the ancient Phoenicians, and that was pretty distinct group of folks. Of course, now their genes are scattered about the Mediterranean”-

    She has a look like that young Hollywood actress ,
    Vanessa Hudgens, http://www.vivagoal.com/images/wallpapers/Vanessa-Hudgens-4.jpg

    1. Well, regardless of her phenotype, the bottom line is that she is viewed as a “Muslim/Arab” by the insane neocon right in this country. No matter what, she is the “enemy” as far as they are concerned. I have seen this with my own eyes in the real world. I would go as far as to say if she were an Israeli-Arab of Christian background, it still would piss these psychos off. They truly are mental, and there is no appeasing them.

  3. Debbie Schlussel really is insane. I don’t know if she is consciously or unconsciously trying to ape the antisemites in her reactions to Arabs and Muslims… She even sees crypto Muslims everywhere, like Oprah Winfrey, whom she refers to as “Jihad Oprah.” When that crazy Korean guy shot up Virginia Tech, she spent days pushing the hypothesis that he was really an Indonesian Muslim.

    As with the Westboro Baptist Church, I have to wonder if her schtick is some kind of internet performance art, but I think she is for real. I had an argument by email with her a few years ago. She decided I was (what else) a crypto Muslim. She even came up with a name for me, “Abu Goldman.”

    1. LOl, what a loon. I think she is a bit of an attention whore, a diva, a drama queen and a histrionic. But then, she’s female, so that kind of goes with the territory, as a lot of women are like that.

      But then a lot of men are like this too, no? What do we call them? We call them narcissists, buffoons, clowns, cranks. Interesting.

      Abu Goldman, LOL.

    2. LOL. I have a good time trolling on that lunatics blog. She thinks Arch Zionist Sean Hannity is a closet anti-semite.

    3. Mort, my hat is off to you! You got labeled a “crypto Muslim” by the queen, herself! I just knew you were practicing taqiyya this whole time. LOL!

      Seriously though, your description is spot on, and what she is ultimately doing is FUELING antisemitism, and that sucks. That absolutely sucks. For the uneducated to read of her for the first time, reading and hearing what she says, and then watching her proudly claim her Jewish ethnic background like she is some kind of appointed spokeswoman…What the hell? Either she really is crazy, or a damn clever antisemitic internet troll.

      1. I don’t think she’s crazy or a troll. Have you ever read Kevin MacDonald? At this point, he’s an anti-Semite, but almost everything he says about the Jews is spot on correct, sadly.

        She’s just a Super-Jew, that’s all. They’re a dime a dozen. I’ve seen and dealt with countless ones. They used to come around here a lot, but I always ended up banning them.

        See those shitty Comments Rules? Those rules were created in the most part by the Super-Jews and their Gentile neocon buddies. They used to come around here a lot before we had Comments Rules and they fucked up the site so bad that I had to put a bunch of Nazi-ass rules in just to keep them from destroying the place. A very large number of those banned from this site have been those Super-Jew types.

        If you read MacDonald, he says that a lot of totally hip, cool, liberal to Leftist Jews can go stark raving Super-Jew nuts as soon as they feel that “the Jews are under attack.” This was observed over and over in 1967 and this is basically the dynamic underlying the US neocons, the British Pro-War Left and other Jewish-led former Leftist formations.

        For some reason, Mort hasn’t gone Super-Jew. I don’t know why that is, but for whatever reason, hat’s off to him.

        1. You know, I went to high school with a couple of girls who ended up marrying Jewish guys. They didn’t have a drop of Jewish ancestry in them. Guess what? Years later, the are “Super Jews” themselves. More religiously Jewish than any Rabbi you’ll ever meet, and more in love with Israel than any Israeli you will ever happen across. Weird…

          One thing I have noticed about many of the “Super Jews” I’ve dealt with is the nature of their strange conservatism. Modern republicans in every sense of the world. Militant foreign policy, and not a dime for the working class American. Except when it comes to illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America. Suddenly, they give the biggest bleeding-heart lefty a run for their money. Funny how that is…

  4. She is pretty hot. I don’t like multi-culturalism but these neocons really take it far with the Arab bashing. What is facinating about Miss World Pagents is that all these European Countries go nominate non-European women. For Example Denmark nominated a mullato and Germany an Afghan when those nations are famous for blond hair and blue eyes.

    OTH. non European countries like Mexico, Brazil, Israel, and even India have nominated white looking women.

    1. It’s funny you mention the tranny thing… She reminds me a little of Israeli singer Dana International, who actually is a tranny. But that actually isn’t necessarily a putdown. I would of course have to toss my cookies if I had unknowingly slept w/ Dana International, though.

      1. You know Mort, I know who you are talking about, and she actually does look like her, just a few years younger I think. In the Israeli’s case, I’d never guessed she was a man.

    2. That’s a good point. Italy had a black Miss Italy a few years back that caused quite a stir. South Africa and some other southern African countries with a white population have had white entrants. It’s kind of a mindfuck seeing a white Miss Namibia.

        1. Wow, that’s pretty incredible! Whouda thunk it?

          I just looked up Namibia’s demographics, and it’s about 7% white, making it one of the whitest nations in Africa after South Africa.

          Still, I would never have guessed that an African nation outside of South Africa could even have dreamed of having a white Ms. whatever nation. I also didn’t have a clue about Italy having a black Ms. Italy.

          Tulio, I learn something new from you every day!

        2. It caused kind of a shitstorm in Italy at the time:

          Her election as Miss Italia on September 7, 1996 in the Italian town of Salsomaggiore caused a minor scandal throughout that nation.[2] It was the first time that a woman of non-Italian ancestry was elected to represent the country in an international beauty pageant and some Italian citizens saw it as a wake-up call for Italy to close its borders to further immigration. Two members of the judging panel were suspended for saying that a black woman could not represent Italian beauty.[3] The news of the first black Miss Italy was carried to millions overseas via the popular African-American periodical, Jet Magazine. The author of the article wrote:

          “Denny Méndez . . . born in the Dominican Republic to a naturalized Italian mother and an Italian [step]father, was named Miss Italy after receiving nine million telephone votes from the television audience.” Nine million Italians voted to shatter the prism of race, just by watching a TV beauty pageant and phoning in their votes! Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder, and the eyes of the world today are quite capable of seeing past skin color. The Italian people’s choice was Denny Méndez, notwithstanding the objections of a pageant official who said, “A black girl can’t be Miss Italy. It’s not in the rules.”[4]

          Upon being elected Miss Italia, Méndez responded to the controversy with a brief reply:

          “”I know I don’t represent Italian beauty, but they elected me,” she said, “so what am I supposed to do–refuse?”[5]

      1. Hey Cyrus, I haven’t met many chicks who look like this woman, but I did meet an Iranian Mizrachi Jew once who looked something like this. Am I onto something, or am I hallucinating?

        1. No, you are certainly on to something. It is probably the look of both Iranian and Levantine Semitic ancestry “fusing” to one degree or another.

          Here is a picture of “Bahar Soomekh,” an actress in Hollywood. She is a Persian Jew, and pretty typical of the Persian girls you see on the West side of LA. Here features, as you can see, differ some, minus a nose job, me thinks. She is probably more “Iranian” than “Jewish,” if you know what I mean.

        2. Cyrus: I wasn’t aware that Iranian Jews and gentiles mixed sexually to any degree, if that’s what you’re saying.

        3. Mort, living in a place for 2,000 years or means there will be some gene flow, regardless. People like to “begat” across any cultural line. That being said, I think there were other factors involved as well, but I am no expert in the matter. To me, Persian Jews pretty much look like any other Iranian-American you meet in LA. Maybe they tend to have more curly hair or something, but who can tell in Los Angels anyways? In fact, I read an article back in the 90’s that covered the fact that Persian Jews were more likely to marry a non-Jewish Iranian in Los Angeles than an Jewish American of European background. Shocks some folks, but culturally who is closer in the end?

  5. Yeah, she can pass for a North Indian in the third pic. In fact, she looks good in that pic but not so great in the others. She looks a bit tranny looking in the face.

    But its good too America appreciate non-white beauty.

    1. what is ironic is that Miss Lebanon would probably be whiter looking than her. She looks more Arab but many Lenanese can pass for white due to Greek, Roman, and Crusader Colonization.

      1. Funny that you mention that. The Shia Lebanese to my understanding have a certain “injection” of Iranian ancestry dating back to the 18 century or so. Peasant pilgrims of some kind migrated there from what was then Persia. That is why a lot of them have the family surnames of “Irani” and “Ajam” and such. This is only for the Shia in Lebanon, and probably accounts for a different “look” they have in many cases. She certainly does not look like your typical Arab girl, that is for sure, features and all. Of course, nor do most Lebanese and Syrians anyways.

        For the record, you see this “closed community” a lot with the Shia, from the Arab World to India to even Indonesia. Persecuted minority complex, so they stick to their own kind. Of course, the right-wing idiot commentators have no concept of this. The insane Sunni Arab psychos kind of do. They equate the term “Shia” with “Persian” or even “closet Jew,” and then the hate sets in.

        1. I’ve noted that the Shia don’t seem to care much about the Sunni one way or the other, but most of the Sunnis that I have known don’t seem to like the Shia much at all. They will only grudgingly admit that they are even Muslims at all! Sometimes they say that they are Muslims, but they have distorted the true faith somehow.

          I know some Yemeni Sunnis. There is a Sunni-Shia war going on in Yemen. The Yemenis I know have this attitude towards the Shia of “kill em all.” They also say that they are traitors to Yemen and their heart lies with Iran. Sort of a dual loyalty charge like the one laid at the Jews. The one thing they hate more than anything else is that temporary marriage thing. The Sunnis think that is outrageous!

          If they have an Iranian injection, maybe that is why she looked like that Iranian Jew that I met once.

        2. Yah Robert, in my experience, the Shia just view the Sunnis as dirty. Dirty and stupid. Not like them, and just different. It is not a hatred thing at all. Just contempt.

          The Sunnis though HATE the Shia, and are totally ignorant of them. They see them as Persians, closet Persians, Zoroastrian fire worshipers, traitors, etc. They want the Shia gone for the most part.

          Even worse, lately you meet a lot of Sunnis funded with Saudi money who actively say “Sunnu, Shia…What’s the difference?” Translation – We can’t kill you off, so we will just convert you out of existence. Kind of like how a lot of Evangelicals view the Jews. Just convert them. The convert the world bullshit mentality.

        3. Yes comrade, the Sunni definitely try to convert the Shia. They have made some inroads in Khuzestan via Saudi-funded clerics. Not sure about Southern Iraq.

          Sunnis converting to Shiism are quite rare. There have been a few cases in Palestine. Some of the founders of Islamic Jihad converted to Shiism, earning the wrath of Hamas, who said flat out that the Shia were heretics.

          The insane Saudi-influenced Sunnis of Lebanon go on and on about how the Shia of Lebanon via Iranian influence are trying to convert Sunnis to Shiism. Hezbollah states flat out that they do not try to convert Sunnis. Iran does not go around the Muslim World trying to convert Sunnis to Shiism either, or if they do, it doesn’t work. This sort of pathological hatred of the Shia reminds me of the way that deranged anti-Semites hate Jews. Obsessive and almost genocidal.

          Yeah, the Sunnis do want the Shia gone. I’ve talked to a few of them, and their attitude is almost like, “Kill em.” In his wars against Iran, Saddam used to urge the Sunnis of Iraq (and the world) on to “kill the fire-worshipping infidels” (Iranians).

        4. Well, you know, it’s not just Communists who use that word. I know some Socialist International type Socialists (actually pretty much anti-Communist) who also call each other comrade. So, it can be a greeting term for either Socialists or Communists.

          I wonder if Anarchists call each other comrade? After all, that’s the other major faction of the Left. Three main Left factions: Communists (many strands), Socialists and Social Democrats (also many types) and Anarchists.

          Most Anarchists are Left, although there are now Anarcho-capitalists, that movement has not gone over very well with Anarchists in general, as Anarchism is traditionally pretty anti-capitalist.

          BTW, I am friendly towards all of those strains, including the Socialists, Social Democrats and the Socialist International.

        5. Well, I consider myself a definite socialist, for sure. One who is trying to apply those basic concepts to American society. Good luck with that one, eh?

          I have a lot of old school communists in my family, though. Probably makes me a little more radical than most socialists, due to upbringing. 😀

          That is a good question about anarchists. I honestly don’t know much about them, as I have met so few who actually call themselves that. What is your take on the anarchist philosophy, if I might ask?

      1. Maybe we should just put aside the term white and replace it with European and Caucasion to avoid the confusion. There is a lot of debate about which non-Euro caucasions are white and which are not. Some say that Ashkenazi Jews are white but middle easterners are not. Some say Levantine Arabs are but Gulf Arabs are not ect.

        1. I’d rather divide into White Caucasians and non-White Caucasians. The WN’s already do that. They’re all quite clear that those other folks are Caucasians. I really feel weird calling a lot of those people in India White for some reason. Sure they are Caucasians and they are part of my family, but are they White? Not really. They’re non-White Caucasians. They’re like second cousins, distant relations. I prefer the term White for anyone who looks more or less like me or who more or less looks like they could possibly come from Europe.

          Believe me, Pan-Aryanism is controversial enough as it is. There’s little support for it, and most WN’s despise it as an outrage. Let’s leave Pan-Caucasianism for another day. I really don’t mind these macro forms of ethnocentrism. I’ve known a few Pan-Asianists, and it’s pretty cool, considering most Asians hate each other. Blacks are already Pan-Africanists more or less. I’ve seen some Pan-Austronesian types. All types of unity between different ethnics are pretty cool, considering typical ethnocentrism means liking your own and hating everyone else. Even if they’re going to be racist about it, it’s still better. If you’re going to a racist, you may as well hate the fewest number of people. I’d take a Pan-Asianists who loves 50% of humanity as brothers over a Vietnamese nationalist who hates 99% of humanity.

          To me, it’s the difference between friends and family. To me, the Caucasians are family. Even those funny looking Indians seem like they are some sort of strange distant cousins because they are part of my group obviously. The other races, sure, I like them, but they seem more like friends than like family. Obviously one can love non-family members though, no?

          At one time Alex Linder was a Pan-Aryanist of some type, though he left Jews out like they always do.

        2. Have you met any Mizrachi Jews? They look like White people! I’ve met a few from Iran, Turkey and Egypt. They just look something like Mediterranean White people. They’re way Whiter looking than Arabs.

          Most Gulf Arabs look pretty White to me. We ought to just go on phenotype. A few Gulf Arabs are not really White like that Prince Bandar. He obviously has quite a bit of Black in him.

          I know some Yemeni Jews right now. That’s as dark as Gulf Arabs get. They look like Med Whites. One guy sort of could be a Greek, another could be a Chechen, and another looks really White, he could be an Italian very easily. You would not even think he’s an Arab if you met him.

        1. Yah, the Shia in India are utterly different from the Indian Sunnis in every possible way. Indian Muslims, aka Sunnis, are mostly extremely poor converts of the lower to lowest castes. The Shia though, are remnants of the Mughal Empire period. Descendants of Persian scribes, court servants and business families brought in centuries ago to serve the Mughal Khans. Hence, they have money, and interact little with the Indian Sunni Muslims. Simply no need to. Would you?

          Sania Mirza was in fact “fatwa’d” by one of the largest Indian Muslim organizations a few years back for wearing skirts and posing in fashion magazines. They were calling for her head, basically. In response, a legal organization set up to support the Shias of India responded to the Sunni group by pretty much saying go to hell. In affect they said she is “Shia, we are different, you Sunnis never considered us Muslim anyway, go back into your slums and mind you own business.” Cracked me up reading that.

          By comparison, here is a picture of a Persian tennis player from France that beat Venus Williams last week, named Aravane Rezai.


          Oddly similar to Sania. Go figure…

      1. I never really think of Muslims as Sunni and Shia. I think most people think in terms of Muslim rather than Sunni and Shia. The main difference is that the Shia believe Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Prophet Mohahmed’s son in law was his rightful successor upon his death, of the Muslim world, whereas Sunnis do not believe in anyone having any divine rights. The Shia also believe that line of imams (bit like the pope in Catholicism) have have have been appointed by Prophet Mohammed, of which Ali Ibn Abi Talib was the prophet’s first successor.

        Unlike in Christianity which treats Jesus as son of God, Muslims believe Mohammed was an ordinary man who had revelations told to him, and nothing more. But Muslims do not treat Mohamed as God or do not worship him. In fact, Mohammed himself says only God is to be worshipped and none other (it will be sinful to do so).

        As for Sania Mirza, she just married a Pakistani Muslim who is a Sunni (which of course caused a lot of debate in India whether an Indian should be able to marry a Pakistani and vice versa) and I doubt she is particularly religious given she wears rather skimpy clothing in ads. And she even dated Hindu guys before marrying him. But the Muslim community in India is actually very secular on the whole and moderate. I consider myself very secular and moderate as well.

        1. India, no offense, but you pretty much repeat word for word, line for line, everything every Indian-American has ever said to me. I mean, literally. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, doesn’t matter. You guys must all go to quarterly meetings and read off of handouts they give you. 😀

          The reality is, most of the world just sees “Islam” largely as one monolithic entity anyways. That is to a large degree by design, as it pleases a whole lot of different vicious agendas. I am certain, for instance, that you are a Sunni, aka a “Muslim” as you put it. No one from a Shia background, not even a convert from Shiaism to Sunnis, would see the two as similar.

          I am sorry, but what you say does not hold up under scrutiny. Maybe in India everything mixes and mashes together with time. That is wonderful. Just look how Sufism’s popularity in the subcontinent. For now though, in the early 21st century, there are pretty huge differences that must be noted.

          As for Sania Mirza, that does not surprise me at all. She might end up marrying a Jewish guy from Los Angeles, and I doubt her family would care, so long as he is a doctor or lawyer of something. That is what happened in my family. No big deal. Hell, I even got baptized in a Lutheran Church, and not a single person in my family gave a damn. No death threats of fatwas or whatever. Not even from my super-religious Aunt. Her own daughter even married a Jewish guy, and she converted to Judaism. All they cared about was the fact that he was an attorney from an uber rich family.

  6. “BTW. anyone notice the camel toe?”

    Yes! I kept going back to look at those beautiful lips! ( A tranny? I think not).

    1. I think quite a lot of Arab, Persian and Middle Eastern Jewish women look a bit tranny. Its the face. It has a distinct look. You would have to be blind not to be able to see that in those pictures above.

      I also checked YouTube and the winner and the three runners up in that contest are pretty but nothing remotely special about them in terms of looks.

    1. Yah, my thoughts exactly. My own Mother thought she was Persian when she saw her on T.V. Then I read she was Shia, and I thought to myself, go figure.

      1. Weird, so she does look like an Iranian. I guess I don’t really know what Iranians look like too much. I haven’t been around a whole lot of them, just a few for a little bit.

        1. Sure. She could pass as an Iranian without getting any attention. By her looks, they might think she is maybe from Khuzestan or something. The rule of thumb in Iran is the more closer to the Persian Gulf your from, and the further south, the more “dark” you are. Literally.

        2. I’ve seen some other photos of her and she could almost be “Hispanic.” There are also some Punjabi girls from North India around here who look something like this chick.

  7. This broad is HOT! She represents the pinnacle of Mediterranean Caucasian beauty. And since when are well formed facial features trannyish?

    If she’s selling tickets to the next Hezbollah raffle, I’m buying a hundred!

  8. Robert, excellent article. I had a hunch you would post something on this recent “uproar” over a Middle Eastern Arab Shia Muslim girl winning at Trump’s Miss USA, or whatever it is called, and the reaction she got from the neocon right. I for one am glad all the right-wing freaks came out and attacked her. For once, they didn’t get to hide their clearly racist agenda behind just “going after” Islam as a religion bit. This pretty much outs them, as far as I am concerned.

    Once again, your knowledge of such things that most would find obscure just blows my mind. I agree with your notions of Shiaism in the Lebanese context, as well. Everyone should take note that there are no Shia groups that I am aware of calling for her death or anything like that. Even the Sunni types here in the U.S have not commented on this. That is because they do not see the Shia as well, “Muslims.” For all intents and purposes, they really aren’t.

    This also should highlight the different approach we should take in dealing with the Shia in the Middle East, and anywhere else they are encountered. The fact that her Shia family has many members who are communists is not the least bit surprising at all. The two are ideologically more compatible than most would imagine. At least from my rather limited socialist perspective.

    1. Communism and Leftism were pretty big in Iran, for some reason, and I think that the base of the Iraqi Communist Party, around 1960 the largest party in the country, I believe was in the rural Shia south. Those armies of poor urban Shia in Sadr City rallying around Moqtada Sadr used to vote for the Iraqi Communist Party a while back! They are rural Shia poor from the South who migrated to Baghdad.

      I read that Hezbollah did have much to say about this woman. They just said something like, “We in Hezbollah have a different idea of female beauty. We agree that women are beautiful, but not like this.” Other than that, they did not want to condemn it too much.

      The Shia are more liberal than people think. I have heard of single Shia guys in Sadr City aged around 35 or so who were involved in open marriage dating relationships with widows age 45 or so. No one really cared that there was fornication going on, as long as it was religiously sanctioned like this. Funny.

      If I am not mistaken, the Iranian Revolution did have some kind of social justice – almost socialist aspect to it, and the Revolution set up a lot of socialist type programs. But the religious Sunnis I know often say that socialism is un-Islamic since Mohammad said some were rich and some were poor and that’s that.

      The Sunni sheiks have had deep relations with the landlord class in a lot of those countries in a way similar to how the Catholic Church always was in bed with the rich. They often opposed the Leftists going around rallying the fedayeen peasants as “upsetting the natural order of things.” Also it was as if rallying the poor was somehow un-Islamic.

      All of the socialist type Sunni Muslims have general been more secular types. Tunisia, FSN in Algeria, Qaddafi in Libya, PLO in Palestine, Nasser Egypt, Abdullah in Jordan, the Sunnis of South Yemen, Saddam in Iraq. The religious ones don’t seem quite so socialist to me, but Hamas did run a lot of socialist programs when they were out of power.

      I’m not impressed with the socialist project of the Gulf Arabs. They’ve done a piss poor job of distributing that oil wealth.

      1. You hit the nail on the head. Sunni Islam is in many ways like Protestant Christianity. Even worse, what is screaming across the current Muslim world is EXACTLY like Evangelical Christianity in literally every way. What has come out of Saudi Arabia these last few decades almost mirrors the insanity of the Evangelical movement that came out of our own Southern United States. In effect, the Sunnis are as much a threat to socialist ideals, and even just plan modernism, as Evangelicals are in our own country.

        As for the Shia, they have always had socialist leanings, long before the term socialism was ever coined. I consider them the world’s first socialists in many ways. Where as Sunnis are reactionaries, the Shia are the “revolutionaries.” It goes into the very fabric of their religion, and how it was formed. They care more about Ali and Hussein than for Mohammed. Ali and Hussein died fighting the “man” in their own time period. This coupled with the fact that they have always been the “oppressed minority” of the non Turco-Persian Muslim world, and you can begin to see the ideological differences emerge.

        I have always figured that the Jewish inclination towards socialism and Marxism was in many ways mirrored by that of the Shia, and still largely is. That is also why it is so easy to get Iranians to become socialists and communists in one form or another. My family on the Iranian side was largely communist. Most never gave up being “Shia,” even if they claimed to be agnostic. My Father’s side, i.e the Americans, were somewhat communist, to. They never understood the Iranian flavor of socialist thought. Funny stories I have about that…

        That is also why you have such organizations as the MKO and such. Only a Shia would think of fusing socialist ideals directly with Islam, since their “Islam” is already largely there anyways.

        Here comes the sick irony of it all. The current Iranian government is as socialist as any European government, if not ten times more so. Socialism and communism is outlawed in Iran, yet no politician in Iran will get anywhere without endless talk of medical care and education for the poor. The poor, the poor, the poor. That is the obsession there. It is the exact opposite of the religious right in our own country. For them, it is a religious left that runs the show. That is in fact why I believe that Ahmadinejad won the last election. The poor voted for him. He did a lot for them. The middle and upper middle classes in the cities hate his guts, but there are still far more poor in Iran than rich Tehran bourgeoisie types.

        The Iranian government fails because Khomeini was an idiot who confused the revolutionary exportation of the ideals of Shiaism, in many ways similar to Trotsky in the old USSR, to the rest of the Islamic world. Not that I a docking Trotsky in anyway here. He is only a point of comparison. Khomeini made the ideological mistake of seeing himself as a “Muslim first,” and not a Shia. He thought that the views of Shiaism would be exportable and compatible with the post-colonial poor and oppressed Sunni Muslim masses. Simply put, it isn’t. The current Iranian government’s weird attitudes towards their own culture stems from this. In the need to export what is effect “Khomeinism,” one has to make Iran less Persian and as little “Shia” as possible. Otherwise, there is no real hope for any real exportation. So far, the experiment has not really worked, and simply won’t in the long run. In fact, the Iranian government no longer really speaks of “exportation” of revolution. The realist behind the scenes, Ahmadinejad aside, have long since figured that one out, and never believed it anyways.

        To see how revolutionary and socialist the Shia are, just look at these flags:

        The first is Hezbollah.


        This second one is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp, aka the IRGC, aka the Pasdaran, aka Hezbollah’s super big brother.


        Wow, looks a lot like a communist movement flag from South America in the 1970’s, don’t they? Arm clutching an AK-47 and all. That right there should some up what we are dealing with here.

        Sadly, most folks in power in the U.S, have yet to figure this one out. It is because they are morons.

  9. Don’t you think women are way too overrated? A lot of these women look good in some photos after they have been worked on for hours by the make-up team, but in reality, they are not all that when you look at them in an everyday situation. I think this is partly due to man’s lust. Even quite average women are considered a Goddess.

    1. Well, I for one find myself attracted to women for their secondary sex characteristics. Isn’t that kinda how its supposed to work?

    1. Cool! Another Israel-Hezbollah war. This time’s it’s a Miss Universe War.

      You know, I saw a picture of a beautiful Saudi woman once who looked something like this Rima Fakih chick.

      We don’t really know what Arab women look like too much because they always have those bags on them or those scarves on their heads.

  10. I would love to see your sources of some of these numbers you dishing out. Your “83% of Lebanese people support Hizbollah” statement is fabricated.

    Where did you get this ridiculous number? If this were true, democracy would in Lebanon would be gone and it would be called “The Islamic Republic of Lebanon” which is what Hizbollah’s aim has been. They’ve always been in the minority and actually lost seats in the election of 2009, so if you do the math, their popularity is fading. You’re either fabricating numbers or your source is some FOX news editorial/opinion show.

  11. enogh rant, lastly i will say that i will do it, the transsexualism, i am highly tempted, : P, anyways with phimosis all this time i was unable to do sex ; ), i have waited many years , i can wait another years, i though everything will be over with my circumsicion and now i know the crappy sensibility issue… this will be crazy, my parents won’t know it, maybe the government will need to rewrite my identity,but i don’t care ; )

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