Cute E-Card to Send to a Loved One

Sometimes, don’t you just wish that every day was a Valentine’s Day? If you’re a healthy person, you have at least a few folks you really care about and maybe even love. If you’re really healthy, it’s more than a few! The healthiest of us are not shy about telling our friends, lovers and family how deeply they touch our lives. Love flows from them to us and back, and we are both warmed in the process.

Life in the ice of misanthropy is still life, it may well be worth living, but is it really the same as a life warmed by a shining galaxy of warm stars we call our loved ones and our very best friends? Every notice how friends tends to get left out of the phrase “loved ones?” Why is that? If you still have some friends you don’t want to kill, why don’t you start loving them today? For you may die tomorrow.

I’m sorry this post seems so sappy and sentimental, but I’m just starting to realize how much I don’t just like my friends, but I really do love them! And sure I love my family, the ones I’m still on speaking terms with that is! It’s easy to forget such things as our consumer society hardens and atrophies our hearts brittle and shallow.

In that spirit, that every day may be a Valentines Day of the heart, I offer you this delightful little card to send to everyone who touches your heart in that oh so special way. If there’s anyone you love in this sardonic eyeblink flash of existence, make sure to send this card to them to let them know they are not alone either and you have carved out a little corner in your heart just for them.

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