My First Interview

I was recently interviewed for Robert Stark’s radio show. The format was conducted by him, and I answered his various questions. It lasts about one hour. I don’t yet have a transcript of it. Let me know if you think I should make one.

Topics included:

  • “Liberal race realism”; the definition of racism
  • Critique of White nationalism and positive White identity
  • Immigration and its affects on demographics, the economy, and environment; urban sprawl and destruction of wilderness in California
  • The flaws of libertarianism and Capitalism; Wall Street and financial parasitism
  • Zionism, anti-Semitism vs. rational criticism of Jewish culture and political activism

I would like critiques not only on the content of my responses, but my style too. A listener said I’m a bad speaker. Well, I’m a writer, not a speaker. But anyway, any critiques on speaking style are welcome. Also, what personality and emotions come through? Mean, nasty, unpleasant, hostile, or warm, pleasant, friendly? Relaxed, calm, nervous, excitable, indifferent? Any words you can think of along those lines, go for it.

So far one responder said I didn’t seem interested in the comments the interviewer asking. That’s painful. Another said that I sounded laid back and casual, which seems right on the head of the nail.

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30 thoughts on “My First Interview”

  1. I listened to about 20 mins last night, I’ll check out the rest later. First off, your voice sounds different than I’d imagined. Don’t mean that in a bad way or anything, sometimes people just sound different than you’d imagined they’d sound like.

    Second, I disagree with you guys on only whites caring about the environment. I can think of quite a few non-whites I know that are into environmental issues, as well as quite a few whites(maybe of a capitalist) bent that couldn’t care less about climate change, clear-cutting forests for profit, drive gas guzzlers, want more suburbs/roads built, etc. I would even say it’s just a minority of whites that fit the SWPL stereotype of driving Priuses and being recycling religiously.

    Then on the international level, there are certainly non-white countries that support cap and trade and cutting back on emissions, while Americans to the right of Al Gore largely dismiss that stuff as eco-paranoia. What is it they like to say…”the environmental movement is like a watermelon, green on the outside, red on the inside.” Yes, a substantial number of whites think the green movement is just communism wrapped around the guise of environmentalism.

    Where I’d probably say you are right though is that the modern environmental/conservationist movement(as a global movement) started with liberal whites. Though I doubt the idea is unique to whites. Many indigenous people throughout the world have long held beliefs about living in harmony and balance with nature.

    1. This is really worthy of a separate piece. I am not too impressed at the recent abilities of Arabs, South Asians, Central Asians, Africans, SE Asians, NE Asians or Latin Americans, either Black, mulatto or mestizo or even White, to have much environmental consciousness. Most of those people are just kill everything that moves and pollute like mad types. Sure, it’s part of prosperity, but even poor White nations in Europe seem to be doing a good job.

      However, Japan, Korea and even China are doing ok lately. In Latin America, Costa Rica is quite good, but again, it’s mostly White.

      As far as indigenous people, well, that’s interesting, but where do they rule anymore. So the Indians were environmentalists? They don’t rule anywhere, so what good is it now?

      I must say that some of the worst of all are Arabs. The Arab seems to have developed a culture of contempt for his environment and destruction thereof for centuries now. If you look at the Middle East, only Israel does a great job on open space, endangered species, etc.

      Sure Blacks and Hispanics are along for the environmental ride now, but what will happen if they ever get in power? Then what? Looking at their nations, it is not comforting.

      The most clusterfucked places of all seem to be the tropical rainforests. Humans just can’t seem to live in such places without chopping them all down and destroying the whole system. I wonder how a White nation living in a tropical rainforest would fare. Sometimes I think they might chop it all down too.

      And when it comes down to environment vs jobs, only Whites seem to choose environment.

      1. “I wonder how a White nation living in a tropical rainforest would fare.”

        That’s impossible. The solar radiation of equatorial regions literally drives Whites crazy and interrupts their reproductive cycle, not to mention causes major health problems; read: “The Effects of Tropical Light on White Men” –

        I have a hypothesis that a main reason Whites in California, the Southwest, Texas, and the American South tend toward degeneracy is because of the strong solar radiation in those areas. They are evolutionary unaccustomed to that much UV radiation, and it negatively affects them.

  2. Hey Robert, it seems the people over at Voice of Reason weren’t very impressed with you judging by the comments section.

    1. Yeah, I read all that. Fuck em. First off, I’m a writer, not a speaker. How well does your average writer interview anyway. You do a radio interview and see how well you come off. They’re saying I’m a bad speaker, fine. I’m going to try to work on it, but who knows how good I will get. What that means mostly is I don’t sound like some slick broadcaster like Rush Limbaugh.

      The commenters, in general, are libertarians / White Nationalists / anti-Semites. Which is pretty much what that radio station is all about. Well, it’s almost a compliment to have those people not like me! Thanks guys!

      The anti-Semites on that board don’t like me because I go easy on the Jews. LOL, I’m sorry!

      The WN’s on the board don’t like me because I’m not willing to “do what it takes” to keep White civilization going in the US. They do point up a contradiction. I want White culture to be the culture of the US, but I’m not willing to do what it takes to keep that the status quo. Which means White nationalism, not only cutting off legal and illegal immigration.

      Thing is, most Whites probably have this contradictory view. Most Whites like White culture and don’t want it to die. Many want White culture to be the culture of the country. But they are not willing to do what it takes to keep that going – White nationalism. So if that’s my contradiction, it’s also the contradiction of possibly the majority of US Whites, like 80 million people.

      The also want me to get behind libertarian BS like getting rid of the Federal Reserve and not doing those bailouts. Both would be catastrophic for the economy.

      So, yeah. I’m not a White nationalist, anti-Semite or a libertarian and those folks don’t dig me. Right on!

      1. Why are you against getting rid of the Fed?
        I thought you would be for that? Do you really want Ben Shalom Bernanke and the rest of the yids fucking us all over for eternity?

        1. I don’t see why the Fed has to be full of a bunch of Jews, but if you replace them with Gentiles, they would not act any different. They’re just a bunch of rightwing elitist capitalist bastards, and they support their rich capitalist buddies and try to fuck over everyone else. Their Gentile replacements would do the same. Those Fed Jews don’t work for the Jewish capitalists and against the non-Jewish capitalists. They just work for the capitalists.

          The Fed is good in principle because without it, you have wild swings in the economy, with crazy booms and busts. The Fed regulates the money supply to get the economy going again in Depressions and recessions and to slow down inflation. It’s very good at what it does as far as that goes. Getting rid of it, you just go back to 1800’s US capitalism, which was seriously insane and horrible.

      2. Yah, if you read through the comments section, they were judging you by what you represented in their eyes, as opposed to what you were actually saying. You really cannot ever “win” those types over. Pretty clear there is a serious “Jewish” obsession with some of those posters, to.

      1. Well you sound pretty much like an earnest pretty laid back white guy….you’re not from the East Coast at all. Being an East Coast guy we tend to think people who talk like you and not fast and charismatic as us to be stupider, but you’re obviously pretty smart.

        I think what the commenters at the Stark website wanted was someone with ideological oneliners that make for good quotes. You answer the question with a man on the street earnestness which comes off as pedestrian to those people but it was fine with me.

        1. You know, it is funny. A lot of East Coast types move to California, especially LA, and they think they sound slick and clever or something. We tend to just see them as culture-less douche bags.

        2. Yeah, we regard them as “assholes.” It’s not really cool in CA to be an asshole. Not in most parts of this state anyway. They are rude, mean, unpleasant, and talk way too fast. A bunch of assholes! We understand that this is the only way to survive in NY City. Fine, go back there! Your attitude is not wanted here.

      2. You sounded pretty much like a expected. A lot of writers, when interviewed on the air, come off in a similar manor. I guess you have to walk a fine line between retaining your intellectual manor, or becoming an entertainer of sorts. If anything, the interviewer in this bit seemed less than a pro.

  3. I thought your speaking style was really good actually, and the interview was one of the better radio pieces I’ve heard in some time.

    1. Cool, I was thinking of getting a speech coach or something. I was really nervous and I was drinking during the whole interview. About the last 15 minutes I was pretty fucked up, lol. That’s when I noticed that my speech got a lot more smooth too.

      I was worried about all the uhs and ums and not quite stuttering but more like short repetitions of speech (not sure what you call it). Is it stammering. But then I listened to some seasoned broadcasters and some politicians and they were doing the same thing, maybe just not as much.

      People are complaining about the “man”‘s but that’s how we talk out here. I’m basically a stoned out surfer from the beach in California. I’m probably going to be that way for the rest of my life, even though I haven’t ridden a wave in decades nor smoked any weed in a while.

      1. Nah, don’t change the way you talk. You are what you is. If anything I can say, just work on your timing, for instance between points you make, and secondary points you allude into. That just comes with experience, and like you said towards the end, you were a bit toasted.

        I have that timing problem as well, and some lawyers I know constantly stress to me the importance of that timing element between points. I guess it just takes practice while under stress.

  4. I noticed one of the guys in the comments said that whites will go extinct in America even if all immigration, legal and illegal was stopped. Now first off, I’d like to see this backed up with some numbers, I don’t buy it. Secondly, it’s nobody else’s fault if whites choose to have kids below replacement level. I think everyone of these guys that makes this argument, if he doesn’t have at least 3 or 4 kids, then he is a hypocrite. I’d be willing to wager that falling white birthrates are more the factor than immigration, but WNs conveniently go after immigration because you change that with a stroke of the pen, in theory anyway, I don’t believe it’ll happen. However you can’t legislate that anyone have more kids.

    1. I agree. It’s modern White values and ways of life that promote small families (actually, many Whites are too busy living busy, hedonistic, and/or otherwise occupied lives to have ANY children). I would like to add that small families are a Western cultural and societal characteristic. When immigrants enter and assimilate into American culture they will, by-and-large, also have fewer children, as Western values and culture are adopted; either by the first generation or subsequent generations of immigrants.

      I’ve nothing against people who want to emigrate to our collective Western nations to work. There are freeloaders and troublemakers of all races.

    2. That may be True, when it comes to low White birth rates, but then what if Whites began having 3 to 4 kids per household and the immigrants begin having the same amount of kids per family ( or more ), when will it stop ?
      If a ” competition” develops , could we see the U.S. population eventually grow to that of countries like China and India ?.
      The immigrants bring the values and culture of their countries, one of which, is that these immigrant parents would have lots of kids so that they (the parents ) would be taken care of when they get old.
      White parents would have mechanisms in place so that they would not have to entirely depend on their kids when they get old.
      So you got immigrants coming into the country , who have no clue what are some of the social responsibilities that comes with living in a highly developed society.
      In my opinion , Whites are doing nothing wrong,if they are not reproducing in large numbers. Having less kids is just part of the “growth ” within a highly developed society (less stress on the environment ). Most Immigrants cannot (or will not ) adapt to the same level of understanding and responsibility required for living in a developed country quickly enough .

    3. Damn, man, it’s going to take quite a while! Mexico was 40% White in 1820, almost 200 years ago. There’s obvious severe interbreeding pressures down there, but nevertheless, let me tell you, the # of Mexicans and Chicanos who are White to more or less White is simply incredible. There must be millions and millions of them.

      I recently went to a get together in the Sierra foothills. I noticed that almost everyone was White! Including the young people. Blond hair, red hair, blue and green eyes, everywhere. Those Whites are going to live another 60 years before they die. Most of them are going to breed with other Whites, so their kids will be White too. Whites are not going to extinct anytime soon. I’ll be dead in 30 years, and there will still be 100’s of millions of Whites left on Earth.

  5. Guys go to the comments section of the page with r lindsays interview and say positive things to offset the negative comments.

  6. I commented, but they haven’t published it. I noticed that for all the putdowns, no one is addressing the fact that the host was apparently afraid to openly disagree w/ Robert. If Robert is the intellectual pygmy they’re claiming he is, what does that say for their Fuehrer?

  7. Well interesting interview. You do seem like a laid back kinda guy. If I were into weed, I’d probably burn one with ya. However, your thoughts are much clearer written on paper than they are when you speak. I think it’s because as you said you’re not a public speaker. Also your voice is really raspy, your annunciation of words kinda fade almost into inaudibility at times, and combined with the timbre of your voice people may be convinced of you’re ineptitude as a clear or good speaker. But I was able to understand you well. I feel like I got your whole ethos in a more concise way from listening to this interview. I am a repeat visitor because of your mixture of liberalism and race realism. I’ve never seen this point of view before you know, that’s what makes it unique.

    I think you also made a very good case for the positives of white people being proud. As a black man, I can honestly say I have no problem with “whiteness.” It’s only white supremacy I have a problem with. And I especially enjoyed you calling the white nationalists white supremacists too. Cause I’m tired of people tip-toeing around labeling these people exactly what they are. Many of them have a hard time denouncing people like David Duke; that to me is enough proof of their true underlying beliefs and views on race. I enjoyed the interview actually. Hope to see more.

    1. I think that part of the problem may be that the interview was done over the phone, when it works better when you do it via Skype with headsets. The whole interview was done on Skype on their end, but I was on the phone. Skype interviews have a lot better sound quality when both parties are using Skype with headsets.

      I think I may work on my voice. Problem is that coaches cost money.

      They are White Supremacists, it’s true. I didn’t think so for a long time, but I have investigated them very deeply. If you do that, you find that among themselves they are they quite clear that the WN’s are just people who used to be White Supremacists, but the name was changed in the interest of public respectability. As the philosophy did change. The White Supremacists wanted to rule over the US and maybe throw out the non-Whites or at least dominate them. They’ve given up on this idea as impractical due to White decline, and now they just want a divorce and to have their own state.

      1. No I think you have a good voice actually. It was like you said maybe the sound quality. Like someone said I didn’t expect you to sound like that. I thought you’d sound like more like the host. Which no disrespect, but the host has a Kermit the Frog quality about his voice. He seemed knowledgeable but was too eager to interrupt his guest. I know maybe time constraints may forced him to do this, but it was just kinda annoying at times. But I do kinda take issue with your views on the Jews. You don’t sound antisemitic, but those views you hold could lead to antisemitism. Or at least that’s what it sounds like to me. But again cool stuff. Post more.

  8. Im a fan of Robert Starks show and after hearing your interview you were one of his best interviews by far. I dissagree with the comenters who said your afraid to talk about the jews. I think youve done alot to expose the jew. Most jews are criminals and we need to have a revolution and drive them out of our country like they did in Europe.

  9. Stark did an ecxellent show with Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina were they discussed alternatives to capitlaism and communism.

    Robert interviews Adrian Salbuchi. Topics include:

    The current global economic system and the supranational financial oligarchy;
    The economic history of Latin America;
    The Argentine economic crisis and how it relates to the current US situation;
    Economic alternatives other than capitalism & communism;
    Politics and culture.

    His recent one with Keith Johnson from Revolt of the Plebs was also excellent about economics:

    and their episode on the super rich oligarchy.

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