Who Are the Smartest White Europeans?

A commenter suggests that Russians are the smartest Whites.

It’s not the case. Russians are not at all the smartest Whites. Here are some recent scores. There is a North-South cline, but it’s not perfect at all. Italian is a very much a Med state, and it’s IQ is very high. France is mostly a Northern state, and it’s IQ is not so hot. Spain is a Med state with a high IQ. Ireland is a Northern state with a lower IQ than the rest.

Notice I title this piece White Europeans, because as a Pan-Aryanist, I not only believe that most all Caucasoids of Europe are White, but I also believe that there are Whites outside of Europe who are just as White as those of Europe.

Germany        107
Netherlands    107
Poland         106
Sweden         104
Italy          102
Austria        101
Switzerland    101
UK             100
Norway         100
Belgium        99
Denmark        99 (median)
Finland        99
Americans      98 (for comparison purposes)
Czech Republic 98
Hungary        98
Spain          98
Ireland        97
Russia         96
Greece         95
France         94
Bulgaria       94
Romania        94
Turkey         90
Serbia         89

I don’t have much to say about these scores. If France can produce such a great nation with an IQ of 94, then others with similar scores can do well too. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic should be able to create some fine modern societies. They are surely smart enough to. These others listed below are certainly intelligent enough to do well for themselves. IQ is certainly not holding them back at any rate.

Mongolia                              100
Vietnam                               99.5
Estonia                               99
Latvia                                97.5
Ukraine                               96
Belarus                               96
UK East Indian                        96
Uruguay                               96
Moldova                               95.5
US Mexican-American (2nd generation)  95
Argentina                             94.5
Lithuania                             94
US Filipino                           94

Even Serbia has created an excellent modern society with an IQ of only 89. If you go to Belgrade, you would think you are in any modern US or European city. Even the countryside is not really backwards. Its health, education and development figures are excellent. There’s nothing inferior about the place other than their morals. If we take Serbia as the IQ at which one ought to be able to create a fine, modern, European-type society, things get a lot more interesting, and a lot more countries have the brains to do well.

Armenia                 93.5
Georgia                 93.5
Kazakhstan              93.5
Malaysia                92
Macedonia               92
Brunei                  91.5
Cyprus                  91.5
Chile                   91.5
Thailand                91
Albania                 90
Bermuda                 90
Croatia                 90
Costa Rica              90
Bosnia and Herzegovina  90
Cambodia                90
Cook Islands            89
Laos                    89
Suriname                89

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210 thoughts on “Who Are the Smartest White Europeans?”

  1. France has a score of 94. Is that an average of people living in France or just those with French ethnicity. I’m guessing the former. I’d be more interested to see the rankings based on ethnicity.

  2. Very true……the mark of an intelligent nation cannot be based on their outward appearance only…I dont think Germany is intelligent, as you said they are only rich off their nazi spoils and the bullying of other European countries into submission to them during world war I and world war II…..Germany is not morally correct at all, they killed other races simply based on their appearances….in fact, why are they the richest country in Europe? because they are bullies thats why

    1. I do not think it is at all accurate to say Germany got rich off their Nazi spoils.
      After WW2 Germany was in ruins and under occupation by both the West and East. Germany had to pay out reparations and even now they are paying out in other ways to make an amends for the Holocaust, eg: selling Israel nuclear missile launch capable Subs at a massive discount.

      “The first three submarines were given to Israel by Germany in the late 1990s, with the German government footing most of the bill. ”

      Germany had to rise from the ruins after WW2. Germany became an industrial powerhouse because of German hard work and ingenuity. It was companies like : Bosch, Siemens, Thyssen-Krupps, VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Liebherr, Rheinmetall, AMD, Audi, Porsche, AEG, Kuka, Merck , Bayer, DHL, Adidas , Heckler & Koch , Zeiss and numerous more world class brands that have made Germany the industrial and economic powerhouse it is.

  3. I know I’m necroposting here, but these data aren’t correct. To the extent of my knowledge, IQ is normalized in such a way that exact scores vary from study to study, so you must obtain IQ data from the same source. The relative IQs are likely to be more constant, though. White Americans have an IQ of 103, and Mongolians, Chinese, and Japanese, having the highest national averages, have IQs around 106. Certain groups and cities have very high mean IQs, up into the 120 range, but that is not a national average.

  4. Just like we have manipulated history we going to manipulate with the iq conveniently picking countries with an insignificant invention contribution or extensive dna studies and since all these western countries are so damn smart how come they are so stupid to hire intelligence from countries with the lowest scores. How come the biggest hackers, NASA scientists and other brains are from eastern Europe. I work on statistics collected for the last hundred years resulting that eastern Europeans and asians are the top competitors ranking the highest scores in science, mathematics, and technologies not to mentions top athletes Not offense to other western nations but your wealth was build on the intelligence brought or exploit over the centuries from countries like China, Korea, Romania descendents of evolved civilizations, As an American makes me so sad to see all western countries especialy us covering our insecurity and lack of virtue by twisting the history, statistics and other facts reflecting the truth. Since these people have such low IQ how come they speak our language, they are doing our jobs better and cheaper than us, they know our culture, history and know us better than ourselves, Except Romania which is on a fast economical track Korea and specialy China are dominating the global economy. When China and Korea 2100 years ago in Asia had empires and in Europe Romanians as descendents of Thracia was a huge kingdom covering most of that continent all those countries with the highest IQ today ware just a bunch of migrating primitive tribes. Just because victors and wealthy nations wrights the history that does not mean it is true, just like these IQ copied from fabricated world bank data base to justify their fake investment programs.

  5. Interesting.. Could you kindly provide references to your article? I am presuming that if it was based on study/research, you would have mentioned that. Then what was it based on?

  6. The IQ of Cambodia works like this: The Vietnamese troops stationed in Cambodia could choose to stay if they wished, a policy approved by both Hunsen and the VCP. They would be given free Cambodian citizenship. About 1.5 millions Vietnamese stayed there with Cambodian names, as Cambodians. Most of them never look back, of course some do have connections with the VCP.
    On official census, the number is around 300.000 Vietnamese ethnics, which is true if you only count the number of Vietnamese Cambodians who had fled the Khmer Rouge and returned back after 1991.
    The Phompenh Market looks like Little Saigon to me, all Vietnamese.
    And that doesn’t count the number of illegal Chinese businessmen operating in the country. They are quite powerful, and are only illegal mostly on paper. Since in Cambodia you could buy officer grades and run around to show it off, they(Chinese) are not quite illegal after all.

    Vietnam is held back by Communism and will crash in the near future. The economic data is skewed from the lowest level of admin. Vietnam is in recession since 2008, but TV has always been saying otherwise: Growth, growth and growth.

    The Soviet Union took 15 years of economic crisis, from 1975 to 1990, to collapse. Many blame Gorbachev for his reforms, but the only thing he did was to accelerate the process with Glasnost, “stop lying.”
    “Our country’s been in recession since 2008, but we’ve also been lying since then.” wouldn’t sound very nice for the average person in the street.

    1. Not sure the Vietnamese economy will crash anytime soon. Like China, they’ve integrated market reforms to generate economic activities. Incidentally, the USSR could have continued at its current pace for several decades into the future. And again add the China model here with market reforms and some measure of open-ness and communism morphs into something else, kind of like it did in northern Italy and France etc. (social democrats). The ideologies are somewhat fluid and can adapt and change, which kind of makes adhering to any one of them something of an arbitrary preference. There are lots of narratives though such as individual vs the state etc. Also, leaders like Stalin wiped out millions of people so that isn’t usually a great way to keep your country moving forward. Ultimately, some decentralization and free market integration (like China) could have helped the Soviets survive and I think the Vietnamese have learned a little from China as well. Gorby has some interesting things to say about how the US interpreted the Cold War’s end: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/mikhail-gorbachev-the-world-would-be-better-if-the-ussr-was-still-around/

      I would argue the world would have been better off if Bush I and Clinton had worked to integrate Russia into NATO and tried to get some sort of close relationship going with the EU with regards to Russia. The EU, while having many problems, has moderated Eastern Europe (with some success stories like the Baltics and Poland) and could have had a similar influence on Russia and even Turkey.

      1. More than half of Vietnam’s economy is based on remittance from America, which is generated for the most part by the nail industry. Btw, most of those nail workers were people banished from the country by the Communists, and their relatives.
        The IRS spares that money for a reason. “NO MORE REFUGEES, THANKS.” I guess you have enough problems from Syria, Libya, Iraq….
        Westerners only look at official numbers from the State, which is not good.
        The State is continously bashing nail workers as “the shame of the country,” while enjoying the money.
        Crash or no crash, I know already that it depends on the nail workers, not the State or me.
        The part where the world would be better with the USSR around, for, is utterly wrong. Which world? Not mine. Vietnamese ate horse food while the USSR was still around.
        To be honest they sent raw grains(horse food) to be processed into food for people, but since even those machines and the fuel for them were lacking people had to eat those grains for horse. Just needed to boil it.
        I don’t know what went wrong with the West since the USSR’s collapse but my world’s only been better since then.

        1. I think you’re talking about the Vietnam of the past though. The current economy is export oriented: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Vietnam#Foreign_economic_relations

          And remittances are today are nowhere near half their economy: http://www.reuters.com/article/vietnam-economy-remittances-idUSL3N0UR2K520150112

          I don’t know what other stats to go by IF these stats are wrong as you claim.

          No, I was merely bringing up a counter-narrative to what the acolytes of Reagan who have claimed that the Soviets “crashed” due to communism (or more accurately totalitarian one-party pseudo-communism) which is not true at all. The Soviet “collapse” was voluntary due to glasnost and Gorby’s reforms that spiraled out of his control. They had resources and even with their inefficient corrupt system could have lasted several decades before the cracks became visible. Gorby, who is often misquoted by conservatives, paints a different picture. With that said I think the world is better without the Soviet Union. I do believe we made a mistake in not fully integrating them as close allies as soon they opened up. The real damage is that many conservatives celebrated the victory of capitalism (and follows the incorrect conclusion of Francis Fukuyama who declared the ‘End of the History” but he has since walked back this incorrect conclusion) and have since embarked upon a radical agenda that is corporate and capital centered with mixed results (and stagnancy for the middle class). What’s worse is they’ve wanted to export and reshape the world in this manner, especially these nuts (many of whom staffed the Bush admin): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century

  7. If France can produce such a great nation with an IQ of 94, then others with similar scores can do well too.

    At least 25% of French population originates from Muslim North Africa, Central Africa and the Middle-East, countries with an average IQ in the range of 80-85. The French are an intelligent people, their average should be closer to Germany and Netherlands but it’s not to be.

    1. Through a process of assimilation over time the IQs should go up anyway. Some North Africans have been difficult to assimilate and others are these people:


      Various factors go into groups having lower IQs, not the least of which is environment, but also diet and the practice of cousin marriage that drops in developed countries.

      Actually, the collective number of people from North Africa, Turkey, sub-Saharan Africa and West Indies is around 11% and no more than 14% at the high end:


      The biggest immigrant groups to France are from other European countries, mostly Italy and Spain as well as recently Eastern Europe.

      France’s situation has been problematic due to the usual ethnic slums that require state intervention ultimately (school bussing, integrated housing etc) to speed up the process of absorption. Also, some form of employment would help as well to alleviate various issues such as high birthrates.

      1. France again has very low IQ because there are not much Arab and Africans in France(I think 10%). For example average IQ of Turkey is 90 but 20 million Kurds, 3.5 million Arabs and 1.5 million Gypsies live in Turkey and their IQ is only 78-82 so Turks have really high IQ in Turkey.

      1. I’m french, don’t believe wikipedia. france is RUINED by africans and arabs muslims. I believe we have like 12 millions muslims arabs and 5 millions blacks here with their low IQ. french government will never tell you the real number becaus french would be scared. Anyways the damage is done, 40% of the babies born in france are african or arabs for those recent years…bye france. such a smart and beautiful country with a lot of culture completly destroyed with low iq and violent migrants. I went to 3 schools of my town : not one white student inside….guess poland will be number 1 in the future as they refuse this madness of mass immigration. So I belive this 94 for us. before we had more than 100.

    1. To frances van siclen:

      You know big bugger-all about the true intelligence of the Slavic countries. Because the Slavic people are so naturally entrepreneurial, resourceful with plenty of gumption, they are envied by so-called “civilized” West causing war conflicts in those countries and killing off millions of them. WW2 was truly the Holocaust of the Slavic people!!!!!!!

  8. The Slavic nations are so much detested by the bloody West because they are too competitive to them in all spheres of economy!!!

  9. Personally, I find the authentic Anglo-Saxons to be quite sophisticated even though a bit laid back. Germans are mostly pig headed. Italians do not seem to be as smart as the North Europeans.

    1. The slave loves his master. I’ve met many Indians and Pakistanis like you, Anglophiles to the man.

      That snipe on Germany seems a bit pigheaded. Germany is as diverse as the Holy Roman Empire. A guy married to a German woman said they have the custom of always inviting new strangers over to eat. The German stereotype most Americans know from film may be more Prussian.
      If you drove from Germany to Denmark or Austria, I imagine things would get a little blurry and it might seem like all three are one country. On the other hand, you could also probably pick apart the vast differences they doubtless have with their neighbors.

      Parts of North Italy look pretty northern to me. You could probably pick them apart too if you were so inclined. I’ve seen a show on an Italian crime family from Southwestern Italy (Sicily?) where the leader killed his son and grandson. I don’t ordinarily think of Italians as greaseballs, but that was a a pretty greasy thing to do!

  10. I doubt all the millions of Black & Brown “Frenchmen” were removed from the data, to get such a low average IQ for France.

  11. when you’re so retarded that you compare Russia, a nation with millions of kebab’s and asians and say they’re White Russians.

    Average White Russian iq is just over 103.

    1. Detroit Scenario

      There are enough people in France with IQ’s of 150 running society to tow the line for those that have an IQ of 90 in national terms. When a society is homogeneous the morons do not resent the smart people as much.

      Flyover proles who go to the Bronx or Brooklyn would be shocked at the black and white split between morons and geniuses in Jewish populations (I don’t why but there is less of a gradient Bell curve) and the unintelligent Jews are all winos living on the streets BUT ENOUGH SMART JEWS run NYC to tow them along (Sort of although their squalor is striking).

      There seems to be a more gradual Bell Curve with non-Jewish whites so the Midwest does not have the stark contrasts between intelligent WASPS and poor ones like homeless Jews warming their hands over a fire on sidewalks beneath Wall Street.

      For that matter Japanese Americans in Hawaii have their fair share of morons and drunks but drag them along.

      It is when you only have a “Talented 10th” that these 10% cannot drag the other 90% along.

  12. STACHE

    Normandy was not part of France it was a Norse colony at that time and genetically the people were Scandinavians.

    William was the grandson of a noted Viking.

    If you go to Normandy even today there is a subtle difference from the way these folks look. They are fairer, taller.

    So the English were never ruled by Frogs per se. Normans remained a distinct country or nation long after 1066.

    1. Rollo himself took a French bride and his blood flowed through Williams. I agree, overwelmingly Norse but also a distinctive branch of French.

  13. ROB

    There were Nazis in Spain and in Serbia and even some German Jews who hid their roots in order to be Nazis.

    What is the point of that statement.

    Maybe I am missing it.

      1. If evil and stupidity went hand in hand the world would be a better place but most of its worst human beings from Gaddaffi to Hitler were MENSA IQ’s.

        1. Yep, most psychopaths and sociopaths have high IQ. As regards Gaddaffi, it’s pure Rothschild’s propaganda. He was good to his people. He didn’t want his banks and investments for the general boon and good of his country to be controlled by the Rothschilds and other banksters.

      2. I was reading Dutch obedience to the Law made them among the biggest Jew killers when occupied by NS Germany. They were simply obeying the Law. Belgium (more anarchist and less law loving) had among the lowest death rates for Jews. Poland was #1 in Jew deaths.
        Swedes were the original or proto-NS. Germans of course played a leading role. Interestingly, the high European IQ doesn’t seem to bode well for Jews.

  14. Tony Soprano was mentioned of having an IQ of 138 and compared to Bloods or MS-13 the tiny percentage of Italians with gang tendencies have had a destructive impact (As well as being able to wreak havoc on society for 20 years before dying at 45 instead of 23 like the average Crip).

    Dahmer was a near-genius, Manson had a high IQ, Ted Bundy actually belonged to MENSA.

    I cannot say much about Ghaddafi.

    1. Gaddaffi proved to be a great successful entrepreneurial and very resourceful leader of his country. The NWO degenerates detest such fellas.

      1. Ghaddafi won in a way. Once NATO killed him the entire African continent walked through his country on the way to Europe and created the refugee crisis.

        He’d told them this himself for 20 years and tried to point out the sense of an African congress.

        Benghazi was also the end of Clinton.

        So nobody benefited.

  15. ROB

    “Rothschild” I think Ghaddafi’s Israeli relatives acknowledged that his own mother was a Sephardic Jew.

    1. Maybe so. Anyway the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Shiffs and other Wall Street and Federal Reserve Banksters are the non-Semitic Ashkenazi Khazarian Jewry.

      1. ROB

        There is more Italian in Ashkenazi Jews than Khazar or even actual Levant blood.

        That is why on the East Coast Jews are always around Italians.

        Likewise there is a great deal of Jewish blood in Sicilians.

        1. “Lucky” Luciano was really loyal to Jews from what I’ve read. Though I think it was more typical of Italians and Sicilians to be a bit anti-Semetic, especially then.

      2. Rockefellers were in no way Jewish. The Morgans were British and there are Morgans in Britain today.

        There will always be whites Christians in financial hankie panky up to their necks.

        1. Even the Rockefellers admit they’re Jewish (not descended from the Biblical Hebrews). Not all Jews are actually Semites and not all Semites are actually Jews. Palestinians are most likely descendants of the biblical Israelites.

      1. Arabs and Jews are genetically cousins like Asians and American Indians. I’d put the genetic distance about that close.

        1. One mustn’t confuse “Jew” with “Judean”. Jews or Zionists aren’t followers of Mosaism (religion from Moses based on the Torah). Judaism is actually Talmudism having no genuine association with the Torah as such. As a Zionist, Harold Rosenthal let the cat out of the bag by admitting that the god of Judaism is Lucipher, so they’re Lucipherians, Freemasons, Illuminati.

  16. Muslims and other minorities always repay the favor and the French Jews followed the Detroit Jews penniless to Israel. Same in South Africa.

  17. The Muslims like the minorities who rioted in Detroit will repay the favor with the usual pogroms because they do not want anybody else owning their economy of liquor stores and pawn shops.

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