Is Chicken Good For You or Bad For You?

Interesting question, as I eat about 6-12 oz. of either chicken or fish just about every day. That’s pretty much the only meat I eat. I mix it with pasta or rice, and that’s pretty much my meal for the whole day. Now and then I eat a bit of pork or shellfish like clams, mussels or squid. Rarely, turkey or lamb. Beef, even more rarely.

So, considering I’m eating 1/2 pound of the stuff just about every day, I was wondering if it’s good for you. Turns out it’s great, go ahead and eat it every day! But fried or grilled chicken like you get at a fast food joint is not good for you at all. Chicken has chemicals and supposedly bacteria in it, but if you cook it good, the bacteria are killed, and I don’t care about the chemicals at the moment. It has a bit of cholesterol, but my level is at 156, which is very low, so I’m not worried.

All of the links I found said it was great food. I was hoping to find a lunatic vegetarian link condemning it as evil, but no such luck.

I generally eat this stuff out of a can. I usually cook it in frying pan, generally in 1 or 2 TSP of olive oil, once in a while in 1 TSP of margarine. I often throw in a garlic clove and maybe 1/3 to 1/2 onion or equivalent (1 TSP of dried onion). Throw the oil in the pan, then throw the garlic and onions in.

Then throw the chicken in and chop it up and mix it until it absorbs all of the oil or margarine. A lot of the onion and garlic will also mix in with the chicken to the point where you can’t really see it anymore.

Then cook the chicken on medium for a while, stirring, until the color has changed from pink to golden brown.

Then mix it in with whatever else you have.

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