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Interesting video of some very beautiful women from Georgia, not the peach state but the nation in the Caucasus. They have a most interesting phenotype, and there is a particular phenotype running through this whole series of women, which is quite interesting. They look pretty unique!

I guess their language is so Hellaciously difficult that they hardly get any immigrants!

They are quite dark, and at first you think they are some sort of Med types, but I think anthropologically, they are either Armenids or Caucasids It’s really hard to say what the look like. The one phenotype that hit me over and over was “Chechen.” I’ve seen a lot of Chechen guys, and I talked to one on webcam once. Obviously, you don’t see the women much. When I was talking to that guy on cam, I was tripping on his phenotype. I’d never seen a White person who looked quite like that!

I kept thinking “Turkish,” over and over. If you look carefully, they can seem to resemble Armenian women. If you use your imagination, you might seem something Jewish in them. One girl looked like a Lebanese Christian type.

I kept looking for Iranian, but I could not seem to see it. However, curiously, over and over, I seemed to see the same “Iranid” Caucasian type that you saw in the video of the Kazakh women. Whatever Caucasoid element went into those Kazakhs looks a lot like these Georgian chicks.

Obviously, these chicks are White? Where do White nationalists get off anyway. Well, fuck em, we Pan-Aryanists will gladly claim these chicks. Welcome aboard, ladies!

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51 thoughts on “Georgian Girls”

  1. I hate to nitpick, but if you’re going for “pan-Aryanist,” these girls definitely don’t make it. The more PC term for Aryan is Indo-European, and Aryan is less an ethnic designation than a linguistic one. The linguistic commonality of course indicates a common origin somewhere back there, and probably a degree of ethnic relatedness, but the point is that an Aryan is someone who is part of a group that historically speaks an Indo European language. Georgian is not an Indo European language.

    1. Pan-Aryanists are some sort of White ethnocentrists who believe in the unity of White types the world over, not just in Europe. Tbh, they’re mostly a bunch of Nazis, but I at least like the fact that they think a lot of Caucasoids outside of Europe are White. For instance, Pan-Aryanists say that Armenians, Georgians, Iranians, the Caucasus, and some Berbers, Arabs and Turks are White. Of course, they say that Meds are White too.

      I don’t really mind them, except they’re fuckin Nazis. I try to ignore that, but then, I’m not Jewish.

      It has nothing to do with language. It’s just marrying “Aryan” racially onto “White.”

      1. I don’t really have an issue with it, esp. when you turn the thing on its head by inviting all those wogs to the party. But historically I’m pretty sure I’m right.

        1. You are right. Aryan traditionally meant Indo-European, then it meant the Aryan Indo-Iranian invaders (as an ethnic and linguistic group) who moved down into Central and South Asia 3,500 years ago. Then Hitler twisted Aryan around to mean something like “Nordic.” Or something! God knows what the Nazis meant by Aryan.

          Then contemporary Nordicists have taken it further to mean something like Nordics only, along with hatred for Meds, Armenids, Caucasids, Arabids, Indids and Iranids, which the Nazis never had.

          My definition of Pan-Aryanism is cool, except I throw out the Nazi bullshit and the racism and I invite Jews to the party too. The main reason I do it is discourse poisoning. WN’s claim to be for the Whites, but they have the weirdest definition of who is White that doesn’t make sense and changes all the time.

          At best, White means Europeans, but the vast majority of WN’s don’t even accept all Europeans as White. Pan-Aryanism makes the obvious point that there are White types outside of Europe, and forces the WN’s to confront the irrational BS in hating these people and saying they are non-Whites.

          They can’t really do it, and it just throws this wild monkey wrench into their whole mental game and makes them stark raving furious and nuts. You should see them go on and on about Pan-Aryanism. Basically, it’s a diversionary tactic meant to confuse and fuck up their project.

      2. you idiot small mind open up to some other view!!nazis only because they want to keep a white generation? nature teach us natural selection is the best way to survive and affinity help the progress of one culture…

      3. Pan Aryanists like that now long defunct forum PANF are loons because they throw in peoples speaking Caucasian,Semetic and Berber languages into this Aryan supergroup.

  2. I completely reject the accompanying decadent modern un-Georgian musical ambiance. Something traditionally pop Georgian or Georgian folkie is not only preferable but mandatory, or a blend of Georgian folk-rock perhaps. A Georgian band version of Fairport Convention, which was British semi electric folk-rock.

    Now I’m not suggesting the women would then all appear in peasant attire, yet perhaps a sprinkling of this would also be preferable.

  3. Thats interesting you bring up Jews. I have heard some White Nationalist try to say Georgians look like Jews because they are both decended from Khazars but there are also some Lebenese who can pass for Jews like Helen Thomas so I am not so sure how accurate the Khazar theory is. It could just be that both Jews and Georgians have a hybrid of middeastern and Eastern European genes.

    1. That brings up an interesti ng point about the Khazar theory. If Jews have the “evil gene” because of their Khazar descent, then do other people with Khazar ancestry also have the “evil gene?” What about closely related peoples like the Bulgarians (Bulgars) or Turkic peoples generally? Any evil gene there?

      1. I always envisioned the Khazars as being very Asian looking. A lot like Mongols flying around on horseback, shooting flaming arrows at terrified peasants. All the while wearing a yarmulke and complaining about the guilt trip they just got from their mother.

        Anyone? Anyone?

  4. In any case, to my knowledge the Georgians are a true isolate, linguistically, ethnically, and so on. I don’t think they’re related to anybody.

    1. You know, that is what makes the Northern Caucasus so fascinating. The language and tribal structures. It is all really surreal.

      1. Agreed, I’d like to read more about it. I tried to crack a book called “Ghosts of Freedom” about the region in modern times. It didn’t really grab me though, because the author was obsessed with the details of the military history. I used to be endlessly fascinated by that stuff in my war gaming days, but now it’s just a snooze. I ‘d be more interested in something that got into the ethnic/linguistic/cultural/religious aspects of the region.

  5. More on the evil gene: Stalin might have had it if conventional Western historiography is to be believed. He was Georgian, and thus Khazar according to the theory. Except that these same people say Stalin was a Jew. So we’re back where we started. Any other well known Georgians that we can surmise had the evil gene?

    1. I thought Stalin’s mother was supposed to be Ossetian. Another fascinating group. Not sure how true that is, though.

      1. Ironically, Russian nationalists who idolize Stalin would beat the s*** out of anyone today walking the streets of Moscow looking like Stalin. I guess it takes the Most Intelligent White People Alive to come up with an ideology so mind-meltingly stupid.

      2. She might be, but I am not too sure about it since her phenotype is not considered foreign among the people of the Caucasus. I have seen a lot of ethnic Caucasians, even within the same family with different phenotypes. I’ll put another example to illustrate.

        Both these kids are siblings, from the same set of Caucasus parents. The camera might not have captured the distinction perfectly; the kid in the second picture is quite Med in appearance while the kid in the first picture looks characteristically Balkan/South Slavic.

    2. Joseph Stalin was not a Jew, he was lying that he was a Jew to have some privileged position before he became the leader of the USSR. Also i want to say that Georgians are not Indo-Europeans, they are last representative of iafetic race as i already said.

  6. Georgia sounds like a fascinating and beautiful country. And if the women are really that hot it must be a great place to visit.

  7. Georgians basically look like ligther-skinned Turks.
    Of course they resemble Jews, Jews look like anybody from the Levant, Anatolia, up into the Caucasus.

    1. Turks are mongolian race and came in anatolia in 6th century, in this period most of anatolia was populated with georgian tribes, which lived there for thousands of years, georgians have no connection to turks.

    2. This theory about Khazars is totally wrong. Georgians and Jews don’t look alike. Strabo said real Georgians were blond. But here lived many Greeks, Armenians, Iranians, Jews (here lived too many Jews – they returned to Israel only 30-40 years ago.) I as a Georgian am highly insulted that foreigners think that Georgians look like Armenians, Jews and Turkish people. The key why you think so is that here live too many ethnicities, including Azeris, Jews, Turkish and Armenian people.

      Pure Georgians are hard to see. They are mixed now. I am a redhead with brown eyes. Almost all my other my family members have blue and green eyes. I had blond grandparents. I am white. Georgians are white. I repeat, it is highly insulting to be labeled Armenian and Turkish. Western Georgia is full of blond and blue-eyed Georgians. Eastern Georgians are more mixed. I have my roots in both western and eastern Georgia.

      I think that pure Georgians should marry only pure Georgians. Our gene is in danger because of those people who look like Arabs and Jews. That’s why we are mistaken for Jews. I am disturbed because of that. I am white. Please don’t mistake me for an Armenian, a Jew, a Turk, an Arab, or an Iranian, etc.

      P.S Most of those chicks are mixed. Unfortunately because of many wars and immigration in Georgia, Georgians married many Asian people. That’s the trouble of living on the border of Europe and Asia.

      1. This is not true. Georgians hardly ever mix with other people and we were never blonde from the start. The majority of the people in Georgia are on the darker side and that’s not because of mixing. We live in a warm climate and we being scandinavian-looking is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. Yes, there are lighter georgians too because we are diverse but olive skin, dark hair and eyes still dominates around the country. I know what europeans look like and I can say that georgians and caucasians are very different from that, both in appearance, culture and traditions.

        My family is from western Georgia and we are dark like the average Georgians. My cousin is even darker than the average Georgian and we aren’t mixed and that just proves we’re diverse. I find it funny why people never questions blonde georgians because they’re the ones who are actually different from the majority but I guess we’re so desperate being labeled as white as soon as we get the chance like the rest of the world. You didn’t even bring up georgians marrying europeans, like russians for example which is far more common because of the big amount of georgian immigrants, but I guess that is socially acceptable somehow.

        And as someone already said, georgians were taken from georgia and not the other way around. They have our genes, we don’t have theirs.
        Also it would be very strange if we were the only country in the world who didn’t resemble our neighbours somewhat. I know you have much anger towards our neighbours because of the past but you should know that America and Europe doesn’t give two shits about us, they just want our land to get to asia. You’re so brainwashed like the rest of the population which is sad.

        1. Georgians are similar to Armenians. Stalin did not look Nordic. He looked like Saddam Hussein.

          Somewhere far back in time Georgians migrated to India and became known as Gujjars.

          Nordics look like Dolph Lundgren or Viggo Mortenson-square heads, high cheekbones, lanky builds.

          White Nationalists are so stupid they call themselves “Nordics” when they are some Italian-American out of Newark whose DNA is 30% Arabic, for example.

        2. tamta better learn the history of georgians 🙂 gvanca said the truth.before we georgians were blonde with blue eyes!!!History says this.
          After mixing with turkish and persian people,or other nation,we became dark skin colored.
          Thats true 🙂

  8. The reason for darker or more eastern looks in them would be due to Arabs, Persian and/or Roman influence in the region.
    They do seem to have heavy Mediterranean features. Nordic looks are quite common in these people.

    The people of the Caucasus are generally white with darker exceptions and generally distinct facial structure. I remember seeing some pics of Armenians and they had blond hair and looked indistinguishable from Scandinavians and most white North Americans of Nordic ancestry.

    I’d say remote, Mountainous areas are the ones where such people are most common with such people due to isolation; hence little or no foreign genes inputs.

    1. Scandinavians? Not too sure about that. People from the Caucasus, specifically the Northern Caucuses, can be pretty fair. I also question the degree of Roman and Arab “gene” influence in the area. Greek, for sure. Persian and Turkic, of course. In recent years, Russian.

      The rule of thumb is dark hair for the most part, and generally darker features. Just look at a picture of Stalin when he was young, to get an idea.

      1. I really want to clear the air, nothing pisses me off more when they say that foreign genes are present in Georgians.Nothing canbemore further then the truth. in the capital city there are lot of different cultures. but 80% precent of georgians are not mixed. Youhave to understand that just because we have neighbors or we were in SSR or tukey had a small region of georgia that doesnt mean we mixed. its the opposite. they took woman and kidnapped children so turkey,arabs,and persians have georgian genes, but georgians dont have turkish or iranian genes. Georgians are very protective they dont get married to other cultures. and if in a time of war a woman would be raped they would not let the baby beborn. preservationof language and blood. caucasian people are very tribal. You cant apply same rules to them as you would with other nations. Romans took over most of europe and most countries speak doesnt work like that in a country of Fortresses on top of high mountains. where the highest villages are. In georgia if turkey had 1 city or arabs sacked capital, 80% of the people were in mountains and noone could get to them.

  9. Russians oddly refer to Caucasus people as “blacks”. Basically anyone that they consider non-white is “black” which includes of course blacks and all the “-istan” people, Caucasus people and Indians.

    1. Very true. They peoples of the Caucasus were sort of the “niggers” of the old Soviet Union, in many senses of the word. I hate to put it that way, but you really get that feel from ethnic “white” Russians. Interestedly enough, the so-called Russian mafia, made famous by Hollywood, was and is hardly “Russian.” Mostly Armenian, Azeri, Chechen, Georgian, etc. Their tribal societal structures evidently was very helpful in the world of organized crime.

  10. White Russians are probably the most intelligent white people in the world, but by God they are racist. I am generalising a little bit as not all are racist, but many in that country have a huge superiority complex about based on their skin colour.

    1. “White Russians are probably the most intelligent white people in the world, but by God they are racist”

      I don’t want to seem like a pompous ass, but people really need to get their ethnonyms strait. People keep refering to ethnic Russians as “White Russians.” However, anyone familiar with east slavs knows that until the end of the Soviet Union people from Belarus were know as White Russians. Belorus used to be called Belorussia, which translates as White Russia. Ukraine earlier was know as “Little Russia.” The people we call ethnic Russians to day were called Great Russians. Belorus and Ukraine have dropped these names somewhat as they remind them of russian imperialism, but they are reminders of the common heritage of the Kievan Rus’. Also, it should be know that english term ‘Russians’ refers to more than just ethnic Russians. In russian there are different words for some one who lives in Russia and one who is ethinically Russian.

  11. Well you do make an interesting comment about the “Caucasian” element you see in Kazakhs being seen in the Georgians. I would argue that what you are seeing is actually the ancient “Iranian” element. Sort of a common visual marker of sorts you see from Eastern Turkey to Western China. What it actually is, I can’t say, but people from the region I just described can see it pretty clearly. Especially when they move overseas. Just look at the bone structure and eye shape, and it is a dead give away. That is probably what you are seeing with the Kazakhs to an extent.

    You see women like this all over the place in Tehran, as far as features are concerned. Their look can be from anywhere in that geographic spectrum. In Iran, for example, you see and meet a lot of Georgians. They are the second biggest Christian minority in that country, I am told. They are called “Gorgies,” and you see them as shop owners a such. They don’t particularly stick out in any unusual way. In fact, the only way you would know is if they told you, you saw an Orthodox cross around their neck, or they starting speaking Georgian to each other. Most folks assume the language is related to Turkish when they hear it. Of course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It just sounds alien to native Persian speakers, and probably has a lot of Turkish loan words in it, so people just draw that assumption.

    One thing you don’t see a lot of from people in the Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia, is curly hair. Not like you see in the Levant amongst Arabs and Jews, or with a lot of the Jewish folks I knew growing up. It happens, but it is rather rare. The more East you go, they more unseen it is.

    1. You meet Georgians in Iran because in 17th century, Iran shah Abbas I banished hundred thousands of Georgians in Iran provinces. Mostly banished Georgians live in the province of Phereidan.

  12. I’ve known a few Georgians and they were all pale to slight olive with straight brown or black hair, dark brown eyes and about half hook nosed, half fairly aquiline. A lot the males looked quite Balkan to me and I might have pegged them as Serbs or Croats, but the females not so much like Balkan girls.

  13. Hey Stop making nonsence pseudo-scentific posts/statements about Georgians, better read serious books about CAUCASUS (Caucasian = GEORGIAN don’t you know it ??? , Read DAVID LANG’s book on Georgia + read Russian Antropologyst’s Alekseev and/or Georgian Antropologist’s Abduleshvili books on Antropology of Caucasus) = don’t you know that Georgians (and Chechens ) are ONLY true Caucasians in Caucasus ?? (Georgian Language: CAUCASIAN Language and has Nothing to Iran, Armenia, Turkey etc) and for the GOD SAKE Europians READ OWN EUROPIAN BOOKS (for Example DAVID LANG) before you make crazy statments about Georgia/Georgia (people you never heard of till 2008 war) not to Mention you never knew that STALIN was Georgian, better start reading this (pure factsserious sources used to create this page) -> + learn About Kavkasioni (Mtebid, and Kolkhid antropo types commong for Georgia only) + PS: regarding MODERN racism in russia: look.. this racism exist (not real’s just reflection of WAR – Russia is in war in Caucasus) so “russian racism” towards so called “Caucasians” (Russians call “Caucasian” EVERYONE from Caucasus: Azeris (who are turks, Muslim, and Speak Turkih Language) , Armenians (armenians are ARMENID race and not Europian) , Ossetians (IRANIAN Poeple) , Chechens (are North Caucasian TRIBE/Muslim) + before 1991 Russians called GEORGIAN anyone from Caucasus (Russians simple didnt now that Chechens or Ossetians exist ! Just like YOU didn’t know that Georgians exist till 1991 when USSR collapsed) + russians still think anyone from Caucasus is “Georgian” (just like you all think that Asian looking people are from China) – learn facts: Georgians (ancient Christian nation with own Culture/lLangauge/Alphabet) are TRUE/ONLY Caucasian people in Caucasus (Lern Russian History beofore you make posts: Georgians are Russian’s Favorite Caucasian People untill this damn Russia-Georgia 1991 war in Georgias’ Abkhazia) , read more books before you talk about Russia/Georgia + REMEMEBER: Russians AND Georgians DO NOT EVEN KNOW that CAUCASIAN = WHITE (this White/Caucasian term is common in EUrope/US/Among Antropologists) + LEARN THIS: Caucasian countries: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have very different history, genealogy, religion, language and alphabet. Georgians are aboriginal Caucasian people, Armenians are Indo-European people of Persian(?) origins and Azerbaijanis are Turks. Although you can find some similarities in traditions, but differences are much bigger. + VISIT: to see MORE Georgian Girls and DO NOT EVEN talk about Khazars/Jews !! Khazars never lived in SOUTH Caucasus (Georgia) and GEORGIANS NEVER MIX with MUSLIMS/JEWS etc .

  14. Its lovely country. I would like to migrate with my family permanently. Please help me out. I am in Oman 36 years.

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