Kazakh Girls


These are some of the most beautiful women on Earth. Their genetics is very complex. On some charts, they make it barely into the Caucasian square as Northern Turkics, yet on others, they look quite a bit like Mongolians.

Genetically, they average 2/3 NE Asian (mostly Mongolian and Turkic) and 1/3 Caucasian. The Caucasian is of Iranic element. Take a nice dose of NE Asian girl and add a healthy lesser mixture of Eurasian Caucasoid, and you end up with these startling beauties.

It’s hard to say what they look like.

They seem to resemble Japanese women a lot to me, but Mongolians say they look a lot like Mongolian chicks. If you use your imagination, you can even see Amerindian in them. Looking around some more, some look Korean, and others seem to look something like Thai or Cambodian women. Many of them seem to be simply unclassifiable, since you’ve never seen women who look quite like this. Probably more than anything else, they look like some of the Cantonese-Caucasian Amerasian mixes you see around here in the US.

We Whites, even us Pan-Aryanists, can’t really claim them, but the Asians seem to claim them as fellow Asians. They’re a tribute to hybrid vigor!


The ones in the video above are models from beauty contests, but the picture quality is sort of crappy. The girls in the first video are more ordinary looking.

Here’s to Kazakh girls!

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69 thoughts on “Kazakh Girls”

  1. They would’ve looked better if they were 2/3 Caucasian and 1/3 East Asian, but it’s all subjective.

    Also, it seems that with such mixes, the offspring often turn out more attractive when it’s the father who is Caucasian. When the father is East Asian, you don’t see the mix too well (they just look East Asian).

    1. Well Car Guy, if you what the proportions reversed, I would recommend a trip to Uzbekistan, right next door..

      1. Cyrus, what about Tajiks? They look more European white than the Uzbeks. That is, they seem to have a lot more fairer features (skin, eyes and hair).

        1. Well, I guess it just depends on the particular Uzbek or Tajik and where they live. For instance, a lot of Tajiks in places like Samarkand, Uzbekistan, are called Uzbeks by local government. It might make the Uzbeks look more “Caucasian” to outsiders. Then again, there has been so much intermixing in that region, that looks alone cannot be a certain identifier. Let me give you some examples.

          Here is a recent meeting between the military leadership of Iran and Tajikistan, I think last week. Can you with certainty tell who is who? I know the beards give the Iranians away, but still. Just give the guys a shave.


          Here is a famous Iranian soccer player by the name of Azizi. He is from Mashad, Iran. To my knowledge, he only claims to be “Persian” or Iranian, and only speaks Farsi. Who knows for sure his background. When he played against the U.S in 1998, most Americans thought the Iranians had a Japanese guy playing for their team. For Iranians, not at all that unusual.



          Lastly, here is a German-Turkish actress named Sibel Kekilli. Both of parents are from far away Anatolian Turkey. Most Turkish folks don’t look “Asian” so to speak, but such features do crop up more often than one would think. Shows where the language originally came from, I suppose. Again, who knows for sure her actual recent ethnic ancestry. Not uncommon, though.


          So, to say Tajiks are basically Caucasian, I would say yes. Asian features do show up though, and it is not unusual. To answer your question, I would say the average Tajik is basically a Mediterranean Caucasian person with maybe a slight East Asian influence, and the average Uzbek is more “Asian” looking, but still rather Caucasian as well. For instance, both Azizi and Kekilli would fight right in with Turkmens, or Uzbeks. No problem.

          Hope that makes sense.

        2. I am aware of the variations in Turkey and Iran’s people, although they are predominately Caucasian. In the case of Persians, I once worked with guy who clearly looked like he was a Turkmen, but when I questioned him, he said he was 100% Persian. I even brought up Iran’s Turkic/Mongol history, but he played ignorant.

          I asked you that question because I naively assumed that because Tajikistan was further east than Uzbekistan, its people would have more East Asian admixture. Your last paragraph pretty much answered my question.

          But both Uzbeks and Tajiks look mostly Caucasian. If I had to guess, I would say Uzbeks are on “average” about 60/40 Caucasian/East Asian, whereas Tajiks are about 70/30. Caucasian/East Asian. What do you think?

        3. Car Guy, I am replying here because I can’t further down. Sure, your notion of percentages could be right. It is hard to say. Most of the Tajiks I have known personally were from Afghanistan. Caucasian, but with a minority Asian influence apparent. The influence was higher amongst Uzbeks in Afghanistan. Continuing with that logic, you are probably right on the whole, but it varies a lot. What I can spot in them, from Uzbeks to Tajiks and even Kazakhs, is the origin of their “Caucasian” element. That is a dead give away. Sticks them out in a crowd a good deal of the time, so to speak.

    2. why would have kazakh women looked better if they were 2/3 Caucasian? I guess it’s just your personal taste.
      In my opinion, everyone praises the type they are used to. Since you live/have lived in the area where mostly population lives, of course, you’re gonna be biased towards european looks. On the contrary, someone japanese or chinese would appreciate the asian looks of kazakh people.
      Then you say that children of an asian father “just look East Asian” I’ma have to disagree with you, because I have seen a few families with kazakh husbands and russian wives and their children definititely didn’t look like just East Asian. They look different, some more look white some asian. It all depends on the dominant genes from their parents which they posses.

  2. Robert, looks like you discovered some of the joys of exotic Central Asia.

    A couple of opinions I have stemming from your really insightful article. Almost too insightful about that region to be a normal American, actually. Are you sure you weren’t a CIA station chief at some point? Nah, probably not. Most CIA or Peace Corp types who actually lived there still don’t know shit. They think the locals are all Russian or just “Muslims” or something. Hell, even the Russians under Soviet rule who lived in Kazakhstan just referred to the locals as the “Muslims,” as though their actual language, culture and history meant nothing, and they were just their adopted religion.

    I really hate that…

    Anyways, let be kind of annoying here, and list them in order.

    1 – Yah, Central Asians, at least the women, are pretty well known for their exotic “looks,” to both Europeans and East Asians alike. Especially East Asians, which is rather ironic for many reasons. Persians/Iranians women get that a lot to, at least from Westerners. I don’t understand it, but then again, my Grandmother was born in Turkmenistan and and Grandfather in Iranian Azerbaijan, so they are just another kind of “Turk” to me. More Asian looking, but in my family, we are kinda Asian looking as well, so no big deal.

    2 – Glad you noted the Caucasian element is of an Iranic origin. Actually the original inhabitants of the place, which you already know. Any Iranian can see it. They look a good deal of the time half Iranian, half “Mongol.” Again, most westerners just assume Russian influence or something. There is obviously some, but the Russians were never there enough, or mixed in enough to make that appearance so uniform. This is from a much earlier meeting of East and West, over a much greater period of time.

    3 – A lot of Central Asian folks, especially Kazakhs and Kirghiz, get confused for Korean in my experience. I’ve made the mistake on more than one occasion, I confess. This, coupled with the fact that there is a small Korean population in Central Asia due to the Stalin era does not help matters much.

    4 – Well, the East Asians “claim” them, no doubt. Especially the more hard-core Asian American types with a nationalistic bent. Lord knows, I had an Asian-American co-worker about five years back give me a “speech” about this. He was a moron. He, and East Asians in general, don’t know a damn thing about them.

    When someone from say China or Japan encounters a Kazakh, Uzbek, or Hazara or whatever, they have about as much of a cultural connection to them as does a German or Mexican. Uighur kebab vendors in China aside, of course.

    That is just the reality of it. I am not bashing East Asians here. I am just saying looks and culture do not go hand in hand. In this case, big time. The cultural mannerisms are about as different as night and day.

    For example, when someone from Kazakhstan wants to emigrate out, their destinations are Russia and Turkey, and Iran at a distant third. Obviously the U.S is on that list’s top, but I am talking about a speedy departure. You see plenty of Kazakhs in Istanbul, for instance. There are both linguistic and political reasons for that, but that is another story.

    Either, great posting on your part.

        1. I don’t know, for a reference, I used an article on an Asian board that is full of wild Asian nationalists of various stripes – Chinese, Filipino, Viet, Khmer, Lao, etc. The thread was on Kazakhs and various of those Asian nationalist types were praising them and asking if they were Asians or not. Then it came out that they were mostly Asian (Mongolic) and then they were praising them as one of their Asian brother races.

          There are different types on there, Pan-Asianists who promote Asians vs everyone else, and then the various nationalist types, who vary in their severity and extremism. And often the two overlap somewhat. But it’s incredible to see the ferocious hatred among folks such as Khmer, Viets and Lao, for instance. We say they are all the same. They don’t think so!

          The Khmer are widely despised over there being quite dark. I’m not sure why they are so dark, but they are. For a Viet to be dark is to look like a Khmer and that’s bad.

          The worst of all are the Chinese nationalists. They’re basically evil and just filled with hate. Plus they really are convinced that they are objectively superior, especially to non-Han in China and to SE Asians. They take it as obvious that they are superior to Viets, Khmer, Lao, Filipinos, etc. Plus they hate all non-Han in China and insist that they are not really Chinese. Chinese nationalism = Han nationalism. Non-Han are considered to be non-Chinese and are regarded as barbarian inferiors. Even the Yue Cantonese are seen as inferior barbarians who have only recently been Han-ized.

          Chinese nationalists claim Taiwan as China but regard the Taiwan aborigines as non-Chinese. Whatever!

          I can see why the Uighurs and Tibetans are rebelling. Chinese nationalism sucks.

          Chinese nationalism reminds me of White nationalism in its virulence, hatred, emphasis on purity, denial that other residents are members of the nation, and insistence on its own superiority, which they regard as scientifically obvious.

        2. “Chinese nationalism reminds me of White nationalism in its virulence, hatred, emphasis on purity, denial that other residents are members of the nation, and insistence on its own superiority, which they regard as scientifically obvious”

          We’ve seen that displayed here before.

          What I wonder is if these people being in the US has something to do with it. The US seems to intensify racism in a lot of people and also seems to promote “skin colorism” instead of actual nationalism or cultural preservation. Areas under heavy US influence show some of these traits too.

    1. ” I am just saying looks and culture do not go hand in hand. In this case, big time. The cultural mannerisms are about as different as night and day. ”

      Great point. I would also the same thing in regards to language for the most part.

      1. @Wade
        Would you say that the Chinese are naive about the jews? How easy do you think it would be for the hebes to infiltrate and subvert China?
        I know that there are some kike-adopted Chinese children for instance.

        1. “Would you say that the Chinese are naive about the jews?”

          Actually, I can’t answer that question. For one thing, there is a difference between not having a visceral hatred for a group of people and trusting them. If you mean the former, then I’m guessing they would be “naive”. I know that there are many anti-“western” chinese and if they know the amount of influence the jews have in the “west” (especially the US) that can’t bode well for the jews either.

          Some apparently do though. Here is a video about Chinese opinions of jews shot before the 2008 olypics in Beijing. It was made by a jew though, so it must be taken with a thousand grains of salt.


          Of course we can’t forget Amy Chua either.

        1. I’ve always had a creeping feeling that the reason why Mao has a better image and reputation in the “West” compared to the Fuhrer and Uncle Joe was because he never went after the jews, and in fact allowed two hebes to become members of the Party.

    1. Well, Georgians are practically Caucasians though. I don’t think these are the kind of people Robert had in mind when he wrote this post.

        1. Yea, I meant Caucasian as a race not as a region, although Georgians are classified under both.

    2. Ever think about how it is that the original non scientific method of determining the origin of the Caucasian race, i.e. looking at Georgians and saying that since they’re so beautiful, they “must” be the original whites, seems to have worked?

      My understanding is that around the early 19th century some Europeans determined this without genetics, and hence the term “Caucasian,” being used for whites/nonwhite Caucasoids. And now that we have the genetic studies it does indeed seem that the homeland of the Caucasian race is in Georgia or somewhere thereabouts– southern Russia, SE Ukraine or somewhere in Turkey.

      OTOH maybe I have the story wrong and the 19th century methods weren’t quite as simple as that.

      Of course, that makes it all the more odd that so many Russians call Georgians “blacks,” and quite a few US/Euro WNs follow their lead (though stormfront does officially consider Georgians white now).

  3. If Central Asians are a Mongoloid-Caucasoid mix, would it accurate to say that Arabs and North Africans are essentially a Caucasoid-Negroid mix?
    A lot of mulattos I’ve seen look somewhat Arab or Middle Eastern.

    1. Yes, for the most part. But I think the North Africans, especially the Egyptians have more black admixture than some Arabs. I can imagine that Saudis, Omanis, and Yemanis have a lot of black admixture, whereas Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, and Iraqis have relatively little.

      1. Yah, I guess it all comes down to what the “original Arabs” looked like, since they spread their language, culture and religion so far and wide. I’ve met read-headed Syrian Arabs and 100% Black Sudanese Arabs. Both tell you they are Arab. From my vantage point, they are all “Arabs,” but I am no expert on the Arab world.

        Perhaps it is similar to the concept of Latinos here in the Americas? Maybe someone more knowledgeable here might give their opinion on the matter?

        In my experience, a Sunni Muslim Moroccan will proudly proclaim their Arabic identity just as much as a Syrian Christian Arab will. Maybe it a result of post-colonial 20th century ideology?

        1. Arab is not really a racial thing, but “Arab” tends to mean Sunni Muslim in the same way that “American” tends to mean White. Iraqi Arabs don’t like Blacks too much. Pan-Arabism did much to create this ideology. They even try to claim the Arab Shia, which is interesting, as Pan-Arabism is virulenlty racist against Jews and Iranians.

      1. Arab is not a race, though some act like it is. The local Yemeni Arabs that I know are quite proud to be considered White. They are practically White Priders. I say, “White!” and give the two thumbs up and they practically high-five me. Weird thing is Yemenis are about 19% Black. OTOH, US Blacks who are 19% White (probably millions of them) readily identify as Black, so perhaps it makes sense.

        1. So Robert, would you then consider the notion of being an “Arab” in a similar way to being “Latino?” I mean, many different peoples united by largely one language and religion over a vast geographic spread. I know you alluded to that earlier, but to me, that seems the best comparison for Americans to relate to.

        2. Yes, “Arab” is very similar to “Latino” in a lot of ways, except Arabs are more racially homogeneous. Most Arabs are just flat out mostly Caucasian peoples, often with some small amount of Black blood, maybe 5-20% on average. There are some that have more Black, like in Sudan, Egypt, Mauritania and a few in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but that’s a smaller group of them that’s easily integrated.

          Latinos has always been harder to deal with, with LOTS of pretty pure Whites, LOTS of pretty pure Indians, and then TONS of mixes of all different kinds. Much less homogenous racially, and also LOTS of race hatred all across the board, no matter what the apologists say.

          The best way that the integrationists have found to deal with these splits is just to refuse to talk about them and say, “We are all Latinos.” It works ok here in the US, but down in Latin America, I don’t think there’s quite as much love across the races/classes.

          But they kind of deal with this via a “We are all mestizos” thing. I know some Peruvians that are quite dark, and two who are for sure mostly Indian (one looks pure Indian) but they all claim “mestizo” very strongly and say that they are not Indians. They live in Lima, speak Spanish, are Catholics, wear mestizo clothing, don’t speak Quechua, so they automatically go over to mestizo. Plus they don’t want to claim Indian as it is rather shameful.

          Social race.

    2. The best way to describe Arabs, yes, is to say that they area a White-Black mix, however, the White overwhelms the Black in a similar way that the Black overwhelms the White in US Blacks. If US Blacks are obviously Black then most Arabs are obviously White. Some groups, like Berbers and Bedouins, are so far on the border, that sometimes it hard to figure out whether to put them in African or Caucasian macro-races. These really are mixed race people.

      In North Africa, I had mostly-Whites like Algerians forming nice little compact races with heavily Black types like Nubians. I had to break my rules and put one in Caucasians and one in Africans because it seemed retarded to have Blacks and Whites in compact little races. Besides, where do you throw the compact little race? Caucasian or African. I saw one chart where Berbers were actually into the African quadrant and outside of the Caucasian. Black and White are so mixed in some of these folks it’s hard to figure out what to do with them.

      1. I guess it is to be expected that is some places where the North Africans and the Sub-Saharan’s meet their will be a sort of ” Blurring” of the lines, same as in Central Asia.

      2. E. Africa from the horn north seems to be that area. I think there’s another blurring zone the north western part of Africa. I’ve seen many Arabs from around that area that appear to be part black. That’s why it’s so dumb when people say racism is natural. If that were the case, there would never be these “blurring” zones.

  4. Only problem with these youtube videos of hotties is they can cherry pick girls giving you the impression that country is bursting at the seams with model-quality girls. But for all I know the average girl there may have missing teeth.

    If they are truly that hot, that’s more evidence that racial mixing is a great thing.

    1. I agree with you, tulio, which is why I use Google images. And you’re right about some of them missing teeth.

  5. Hey Robert, Arabs and Middle Easterners in general have haplogroup J, and it’s not really found in most of Europe. Is haplogroup J really Caucasoid haplogroup?

  6. I agree that Mongolian-Caucasoid mix produces good looking people, particularly the women. We have some people in the Indian Subcontinent with varying degree of Mongol (as in Mongolian and not Tibetan which is in the Eastern side of India) towards the West in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some in Northwest India. The Mughals themselves were originally from Central Asia, although they spoke Persian and were mainly Caucasoid. But some of the earlier Mughals must have had significant Mongol in them because they were direct descendents of Genghis Khan (such as the first Mughal emperor – Babur) and so too must have been some of his army that were related to Mongols. I have seen quite a lot of Afghans and some Pakistanis as well some Indians that clearly have Mongol blood in them (varying amount).

    1. Well…I don’t personally consider Afghanistan to be “South Asian.” Just one of my pet peeves. 😀

      1. The Afghan culture is actually very similar to that of Pakistan and India. Afghans love Indian film and music, for example. The whole of Afghanistan sometimes come to a standstill when a famous Indian soap comes on in the evenings. Many Afghans will know famous Indian movie songs by heart. Afghanistan and India have had a friendly relationship over a long time. Technically Afghanistan may not be South Asian, but culturally someways it is.

        1. You clearly know little about Afghans or Afghanistan. The fact that you are verbatim repeating what every Indian nationalist type I have ever met or spoke with says, does little to help your argument. Bollywood? They make fun of the way you guys sing and dance! Those films are a joke to them! So what even if they do watch them? I know Americans who have a strange fetish for Bollywood flicks. Does that make them culturally Indian? Friendly relationship between India and Afghanistan? Afghanistan has not had an effective government to be friendly with since, well…Tamerlane. You live in fantasy land, me thinks.

  7. Afghan culture is nothing like India’s. Linguistically, they speak Persian and their culture is influenced by the Pashtunwali code which emphasizes honour, Chivalry and hospitality. Traditionally their society is very ‘clan-ish’ whereas Indian society is a rigid hierachy organized around caste and occupation. Just because Pathans adapt and assimilate easily into Indian/Pakistani societies does not mean that they are culturally similar to us.

  8. Although technically an Iranic people, Pashtuns maintain that their culture is distinct from the culture of iran. I guess they are in a class of their own. Some Afghan dynasties such as the Ghaznavids (non Pashtun tho) became Persianized and even became patrons of Persian art and literature. Sultan of Mahmud sponsored the writing of the Shahnameh for example. But he was also greedy bastard and bandit who raided India for fun, so most Indians hate him =p

    A lot of Indians and Pakis have many misconceptions of Afghans. You’ll see a lot of Pakis claim that they are of Pashtun decent because they are so ashamed of their Hindu ancestory. Pretty amusing, in a pathetic sort of way.

    1. damn so many typos.

      Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni – is what I trying to write.

      also A greedy bastard….

      yeah I need to get some sleep

      1. The running joke with Pashtuns is…That they are only Pashtun until the learn to speak Persian. Then they become “civilized.” Sad, but true.

        As for Indians and Pakistanis doing that, I noticed it to. Every time time I meet a South Asian that claims some connection in anyway to Afghanistan, I always ask them what they did for Noruz last year. They generally just look at me blankly.

        Well, at least the South Asians are better than the Arabs. The Arabs just want to erase everyone else’s culture.

        1. Arabs are primitives. LOL. The hillbillies of the planet.

          I think it is interesting to note the degree to which Afghanistan and even Pakistan are Arabized. Afghanistan more than Pakistan. I’m convinced that Pashtun culture is highly Arabized. This is the basis for a lot of Pashtunwala IMHO.

        2. Perhaps Robert. That is actually a good question. Where exactly did Pashtunwala originate? It also shows why they are so open and susceptible to Gulf Arab culture intrusion into their landscape. I.E the Arabs I am thinking of, when I say I really do not like Arabs…

          As for the Pakistanis, I think there whole problem is that they cannot and will expect the fact that they are Indians, and simply converts from Hinduism. They have take the pendulum into the completely opposite direction, and adopted the most extreme aspects of Islam as a religion, and they have attempted to base and entire culture off of a religion, and opposed to simply adopting it, like most societies do.

          Just my theory.

        3. “As for the Pakistanis, I think there whole problem is that they cannot and will expect the fact that they are Indians”

          Do you think the Bangladesh is the same? I know that many Bangladeshis actually share an ethnic group with many Hindus (bengalis). Maybe that keeps them in check somewhat. That and the monsoons.

        4. Wade, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just don’t know much about South Asia and South Asians in general. Dota might be able to chime in on that, since he seems pretty knowledgeable and honest about that stuff.

  9. Kazakh girls are great. I was lucky enough to know one. Asian features, beauty queen looks, but not chirpy or childish. More elegant in demeanor like a cultured Russian. Just exquisite.

      1. A “cultured Russian”?

        Not such a stretch. Sometimes belief is all it takes. A Russian just needs to believe she is cultured, and she is cultured. That’s all it takes in Moscow.

        1. I think you underestimate how “Russianized” the Kazakhs are. Or maybe you know. At the time of the fall of the U.S.S.R, I do believe they were more ethnic Russians living in Kazakhstan than Kazakhs.

          I had Russian girlfriend from Kazakhstan. She knew absolutely shit about the Kazakhs, and looked at them kind of like how Americans look at Native Americans. She didn’t even refer to them as “Kazakhs,” just “Muslims.” They just happened to be on the land that Czarist Russian needed to settle.

      2. No, I knew a Russian girl once. She read Dostoevsky, listen to Tchaikovsky, on and on endlessly. She wasn’t even brilliant. She was just a regular Russian. Russians have a culture that we don’t acknowledge. Your average Russian is probably way more cultured than your average White patriotard.

        1. “She read Dostoevsky”

          I’m questioning this. Russians are big Pushkin people from what I’ve heard. Apparently the poetry doesn’t transfer well into english.

        2. I know, I know. I was just going off of stereotypes, and the fact that you deal with a shit-load of Russian trash around U.S military bases in Germany. Russian versions of rednecks, I would imagine.

        3. For the record, I actually am kind of a “Russiophile,” and actually admire much of there contributions to the arts and science between the 18th through 2oth centuries.

          Actually tried to learn Russian, once.

          It is the third world banana republic that they have become that saddens me.

  10. Russia WAS a banana republic under Yeltsin, but ever since 2000 under Putin, it is a resurgent power.

    1. It really isn’t. Putin was a miracle, but it appears even he has given up to all the capitalist cronyism.

      1. “It really isn’t”

        Maybe be not as much as once thought, but I still think Russia better off than it was in the 90s. Also, why is everyone so obsessed with being a great power in international affairs? In many ways Russia is in a pretty good position. They are big enough to mouth off and many will listen, but they aren’t powerful enough to do too much that far beyond their borders. They should just befriend as much as they can China, keep their “in” in Central Asia, and do what they can to stave off the EU and the US in eastern europe. I think they can do that pretty well. The only other big issue probably could be a confrontation with Canada over certain issues in the Arctic, especially if it is backed by the US. I don’t think the Kurils will get too serious after all these decades.

        They should just try to stop brain drain and get their population healthier and more productive. Someone with balls should crack down on cronies and internal militants. Who gives a shit about global reach? The US had global reach and stuck its foot in two bear traps in less than 3 years. The world still has an anti-american mood and Russia should sit back and try to capitalize quietly.

        The should also sell Kaliningrad. They’re not going to annex the Baltics and Kaliningrad is just stupid. Sell it back to the Germans so that they can breed great philosophers there.

  11. Wade:

    “”Do you think the Bangladesh is the same? I know that many Bangladeshis actually share an ethnic group with many Hindus (bengalis). Maybe that keeps them in check somewhat”””

    Your quite right here ol chap. Bengalis are quite the nationalist sort and take pride in their language and heritage. Bengali Muslims are by far the least Arabized. Actually south Asian muslims in general are more persianized than arabized. This does not however include the Dravidian muslims of the south as they are completely integrated into the culture and rituals of the south. Hindutva affects them the least, but that’s also because Hindutva isn’t as popular in the south. Pakistan has become more Arabized for precisely the reasons that Cyrus has outlined, however there is more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. The Punjabis and Muhajirs seem to be becoming the most arabized whereas the Sindhis and Balochis are resisting the Wahabi onslaught. The Muhajir case is pretty obvious as these people quit india during partition and as such have disowned their Indian identity. Such people are succeptable to Wahabism. Some Muhajirs still cling onto their cultural Persian roots but Wahabism has made substantial gains in that community. My ex roommate was a Wahabi Muhajir who insisted that he was of Pashtun descent. I’m not sure about the Punjabis but my guess is that wahabism slipped into Pakistan with Saudi economic aid. Since the Punjabis are the dominant group in the Pakistani state, it makes sense that they would be the first to be affected by Wahabism. Let’s not forget that the proccess of Islamization began with that retard General Zia Ul Haqq who laid the groundwork for the Wahabi assault to come.

    The Bengalis are traditionally a tolerant people, however a recent rise in Islamism is rather troubling. It’s also puzzling since Bangladesh’s government has mostly been dominated by Haseena’s Secular Nationalist Awami league party. Meh I don’t follow bangladeshi politics much so I’m not sure wtf is going on over there with the islamism jazz.

    Here’s an interesting factoid. I’ve always wondered how the Pakistani army could conduct genocide on ‘fellow muslims.’ I looked a little into it and discovered that the Pakis millitary had classified Bengalis as “kafirs” (infidels) due to their apparent lack of Arabization (shame on them for having a culture outside of Islam). Remember that the Bengalis were 51% of Pakistan’s total population before the 70s and this seperation was one of those bizarre cases in History where a Majority wanted to free itself from a minority. I know the figures are pretty close, but it’s still a funny way of looking at it.

    Cyrus: “”Dota might be able to chime in on that, since he seems pretty knowledgeable and honest about that stuff.””

    There’s still things I don’t understand about the region, but I try to be as honest as possible. Without honesty, any debate becomes meaningless.

  12. A high proportion of Omanis, Saudis, Emiratis, Qataris and some Yemenis look more African to me than say Lebanese, Syrians or Jordanians. All these ‘Arabs’ certainly cant possibly be of the same race/ ethnicity therefore the term ‘Arab’ is really an ethno-linguistic/ cultural amalgamation rather than a purely racial/ biological construct. Take a look at Prince Bandar of Saudi (of Bandar/ Bush fame) – he would be considered Black in any western country.

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