“A Guess About Why Men Went Along With a Feminist Agenda,” by Alpha Unit

The Vietnam War is to blame.

It’s because of the Vietnam War that so many men today can’t stand women.

There isn’t a force in creation that can stop the attraction between male and female, but if you listen to the way a lot of young men talk about women, you are struck by the degree of intense loathing so many of them express. And the seeds of this loathing were apparently sowed by feminists.

Not those suffragette-type feminists you see in old photographs, with the long skirts and hats and sashes – the ones who wanted women to be able to vote. No, all this trouble was begun by those other feminists – the ones who were so vocal and demanding in the late sixties and early seventies, when men were being exposed as The Font of All Evil.

Evil like the oppression of Blacks in the South. It was men – older ones – who were causing Blacks to get beaten up and hosed in the streets and attacked by police dogs, and killing Black people and White people who were trying to register Black people to vote. And it wasn’t just the South where Black people were being mistreated.

Everyone had seen this on TV.

It was men, that same generation of older ones, who were sending young men to Southeast Asia to fight a war that many of them wanted no part of. It was a war you could see everyday on TV, and you did.

A lot of these young men who wanted no part of it were being incredibly disrespectful to authority in ways their fathers wouldn’t have dared. Gathering to display contempt for the military, chanting rude slogans about the President of the United States. And then, after an unfortunate incident on a college campus, singing inflammatory songs about tin soldiers and Nixon coming…it was deplorable, really.

Why couldn’t more of these kids today be like The Carpenters?

It was too late. People were getting killed in Vietnam and Ohio. Older men were ordering these deaths. Older men were not to be trusted. Older men were liars.

Older men had made life hell for everyone, and that included women. Anyone who had a beef against older men was to be listened to and deferred to. That included women.

Young men nodded in agreement with young women. The young women were right about men. You know, those older men who had screwed up so badly. The young men had seen for themselves how screwed up the older men were.

The sins of men were being broadcast everyday on TV.

The old way, created by men, had to go. The older men got the message, didn’t they?

They did get the message. Once your message has gotten through, you don’t stop. You keep pushing. And pushing.

Women and the men who agreed with them kept pushing. They’re still pushing. And now we’ve got young men who want nothing to do with women in this country.

At some point people push back.

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4 thoughts on ““A Guess About Why Men Went Along With a Feminist Agenda,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. I don’t like women because of their obsession with alpha males. I also don’t like them because they act like gender doesn’t matter but then they expect men to treat them like ladies. Women say one thing and mean the opposite, its exhausting.

    1. You want to be the Alpha male? Just treat them like they don’t matter. Trust me on this. In the end, they really don’t. Just like everyone else.


      1. I don’t know. The alpha male thing is more complex today since there are a lot of loosers who are very macho and rich nerdy men. Its more pronounced in primitive societies but its more complex today.

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