What Did the Ancient Caucasians Look Like?

The Cro-Magnons of Europe were clearly one of the earliest Caucasoids present in the skeletal record. An ancient specimen called Cro Magnon 1 was found in Cro Magnon village in France in 1868. This is the type specimen for the Cro-Magnons. Cro Magnon 1 is referred to as the “Old Man,” though he was probably only about 40-50 years old. Half of his face had been eaten away by some horrible fungus and he had lost most of his teeth as a result, but he still had incisors. He is dated at 27,680 YBP.

This is one of the best specimens to look at for a view of what the ancient Caucasians looked like.

The best analysis to date indicates that the Old Man was not a member of any extant race of man; instead, he was part of a race that no longer exists. He resembled the Indians of NW America more than any other group of extant humans.

A Makah Indian girl in a recent photo. Ancient European children looked like this.

The Makah Indians of NW Washington are a good example of the NW American Indian phenotype, and quite a few of them have survived.

Theresa Parker is Vice President of Makah Lummi Tribe in Washington State. The Lummi are another tribe in Washington that still has a lot of survivors. Parker is a good example of what ancient Europeans looked like.

So he looked like a Makah Indian from the Olympic National Park region of Washington state.

Makah Indian whalers, pretty much undiluted with White and therefore pure phenotype, in 1910. Ancient Caucasian men looked like this.

That the Makah are Amerindian Mongoloids and the ancient Caucasians were Caucasoids is unusual, but back then, the classic races of man had not yet formed.

An archive photo of Makah Indian women making baskets. Ancient European Caucasian women looked something like this.

Classic Mongoloids are only known from 9,000 YBP. Before that, they did not exist. Classic White Caucasians only go back 11,000 YBP in Europe, and blue eyes and red hair is even more recent (9,000 YBP). At 12,000 YBP, Europeans looked like Arabs and had genes that looked like Arab genes. So Arabs may be the remains of ancient Caucasians.

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6 thoughts on “What Did the Ancient Caucasians Look Like?”

  1. Many eminent geneticists will dispte this.
    The fact that full complement of white genetic traits are (ie light hair, light eyes and light skin) are ‘linked’ on the genome suggests that they are of very ancient vintage , older than the emergence Of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and possibly Neaderthal traits.
    This is one reason why I am so pernickety about who I accept as ‘white’ and who I don’t accept.

    1. Sure, as divergent traits that showed up once in a while. But heavy blue eyes, blond and red hair and White skin as general features of entire regions in Europe only dates from 9-11,000 YBP.

      At 12,000 YBP, Europeans in general did not have White skin, blue eyes, blond and red hair. Those traits existed, but only as rare instances, not in massive numbers across the continent. They looked like Arabs.

  2. “Classic White Caucasians only go back 11,000 YBP in Europe and blue eyes and red hair is even more recent (9,000 YBP)”

    AFAIK, it’s not really proven. It’s just an educated guess, but I think it’s wrong.

    And here’s the reason : In modern north Africa, there are regions like in the Moroccan Rif where sometimes the population has an Europoid aspect (It seems there are even more frequently blond and blue eyes in this region that in the south of Spain). There are also tracks of Paleolithical populations that came from Europe (the Ibero-maurusian culture is thought to have originated there), and in 2005 they tested 12,000 YBP old bones for DNA and they got a large majority of Europoid-like mtDNA haplogroups (kefi et al. 2005). To me the fact that the population of this region has sometimes Europoid haplogroups (mostly in the female lineages), europoid phenotypes including blond hair and blue eyes is to be linked to these paleolithical populations, that were described as cro-magnoids (these ones are called precisely mechtoids).

    After all, we know these Europoid migrations from Europe did happen, a long time ago :

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1199377/ (Saami and Berbers—An Unexpected Mitochondrial DNA Link)

  3. White skin is an albino trait. A mutation that just happens. There many albino’s of other races that look white. Think about it England’s real name is Albion.

  4. Simply not true, I have never heard this at all and have read a lot on this subject. Some eastern Europeans in the step area’s may look partially Asian (and still do today) but not north western Europeans (other than the Lap people).

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