They Walk Among Us

Neandertals, that is.

New data indicates that all of the Out of Africa (OOA) people (that is, everyone but Blacks) are related to Neandertals, in part anyway. About 1-

Forget it. They didn’t do the math right. The Neanderthal difference between Whites and Blacks accounts for a whopping .0

Multiculturalists like to shriek about how much genes humans share with each other, but so what? Humans share 9

Sequencing of the human genome to look for human-Neandertal interbreeding has been going on for some time. For a long time, there was no evidence of any human-Neandertal breeding, but that was because they had not finished sequencing the entire genome. Now that they have finished, it’s clear that there was breeding between humans and Neandertals.

The breeding occurred when we first moved out of Africa 70,000 YBP, when the breeding occurred in the Middle East, and later on, there was more breeding in Eurasia. That breeding occurred soon after we moved out Africa in the ME means that all Out of Africa humans are related to Neadertals. Blacks are the only humans with no Neandertal in them.

Range of the Neadertals in Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East. They lived from about 400,000 to 30,000 YBP.

Much nonsense is being parroted about about this interbreeding. It was interbreeding because Neadertals and humans are so far apart genetically that Neandertals are a completely separate subspecies from modern humans. Subspecies of living organisms can always interbreed, but are usually prevented from doing so since they do not inhabit overlapping territories.

The fervor on the White nationalist boards is high, and predictably idiotic. WN’s all around the globe are swooning over these hideous, primitive Neandertal creatures.

A Neandertal kid. Good Lord, even the kids are hideous. I think they might still be alive, actually. I've seen kids like this around some trailer parks.

We bred with Neadertals! Niggers didn’t! Dontcha realize that this makes Whites superior to niggers, and it makes niggers inferior? Many theories are tossed about. Whites bred with Neandertals, and that’s what makes us superior to inferior niggers (those cool Neandertal genes), bla bla. Many posts are glorying in the wondrous beauty, brains and achievements of the great Neandertals.

Yeah, like I want to be related to this guy. Get real.

I had to LOL the whole time I was reading this stuff. This is one of those times I feel like playing Lou Reed’s song, “I Wanna Be Black.” Seriously, Blacks are superior for not having any fucking non-human Neandertal blood in them, not inferior! That Neandertal, non-human blood in us doesn’t make us better than Blacks, in fact, it’s an embarassment! At least Blacks are fully human! We Whites are part non-human. FFS, how humiliating is that?

I realize that there's porn for every fetish out there, but it's hard to believe there would have been much of a market for Neandertal porn. I hear Black guys never fucked these chicks. Good for them!

Neandertal women were incredibly ugly. Yes, our people mated with them. To me, this means that either guys will fuck anything, or human females love to fuck stupid hulking brutes who can barely even speak (Neandertals were apparently not able to speak human language, but they probably had advanced sign language).

There are many posts suggesting that breeding with Neandertals is what gave Whites and Asians their brains, since, you know, Neadertals were so damn smart and all. It’s true that Neandertal did have a large brain. But so what. So does a fucking elephant. But some suggest that most of the brain had gone over to memory. One theorist suggested that a Neandertal could remember every single day of his life, nice if he ever got questioned by the cops for an unsolved Paleolithic murder, but not much good otherwise.

In addition, all OOA folks have Neandertal in them, including Papuans (IQ 64) and Aborigines (IQ 62). Yeah, lot of good those super Neandertal rocket scientist brains did them, huh?

It’s clear that the Out of Africa folks (Yeah, the “niggers”) thoroughly outcompeted the Neadertals. Much is made of the Neandertal toolset, but the OOA folks had a better one. And the OOA folks had speech, which may have trumped them all. No one knows if we exterminated the Neadertals or if they just could not compete in a changing environment (I figure we took them out) but at any rate, the OOA folks handed the Neandertals’ asses to them quickly.

That WN’s are falling all over themselves for these hideous Neandertal non-humans shows how stupid racial nationalism is. At the end of the day, its sin is the sin of pride. As pride makes  a man act foolish (consult any good Greek tragedy) so does racial nationalism, nothing more than egotism writ across the entire race, with the volk subbing for the ego.

It's possible that either some Neandertals still live among us, or some Whites have a lot of Neandertal genes. Some researchers say that Nickolai Valuev, a Russian boxer, may be up over 9

One last theory.

Jews are Neandertals.

That’s the Jews are so evil, you know. Because they aren’t human. LOL.

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72 thoughts on “They Walk Among Us”

  1. who the hell is this carlo vogels guy?

    Its the weirdest blend of speculation, history, genetic thought that i have ever seen.

      1. you might be kinda interested in this, simply for a look at a weird black-centrism that dosent exist anywhere else.

        he linked to something from them.

        Its a funky site.s Just like carlo, its just a weird blend of everything.Cool music and images though.

        Reading carlo is like going through bizarro world, where everything,EVERYTHING, is a conspiracy.

        I cant look away. Hell, im reading it.

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        lf YOU, yes you could write a law that 300 million americans must obey. Would you say you have political power? No? Okay, go back to Nascar or whatever retarded crap you watch on jew-TV. Can you even begin to understand the profound impact one Hate-Law has on society? The WHOLE judicial is twisted and turned against it’s own people. The first law the jew wrote when the jews took over Russia in 1917 was a Hate-Law. That hate-Law said it was now death penalty for the jew’s bogus accuisation “antisemitism”.

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        Hello Robert, ls and all. Of course you miss me. With a few exceptions l’m the only one here with a properly working brain here. The rést is just commie-liberal lying scumbags. l spend my time flogging the Lying Jew Scumbag over at lncogman and Br Nathan @ Real Zionist News com. lf Robert would post up some more jew-shit here l would come over more often. Robert, why don’t you repost your own jew flogging articles? l would really like to read them again. Or if you have a link to any of them. For now, let me know RL.

  2. I imagine that if Neanderthals were still around today as a distinct population, WNs would undoubtedly consider them “non-white” and downplay any admixture in whites. LOL

  3. It gets better. A large cache of Neandertal skeletons were found in Israel/Palestine, some years ago, and WNs took this as evidence that Jews were really Neandertals and therefore *inferior.* Now that they might be part Neandertal, they’re just f***in’ wunderbar.

    This is why I’d like to think I’d hate WNs even if they weren’t my mortal enemies. I probably would, since Netanyahu makes me want to hurl my shoe at the TV.

  4. “Blacks are the only humans with no Neandertal in them.”

    Well, not really the case that we know this, just that this is only the case for non-fitness boosting stuff (and if you discard populations with a substantiative amount of backflow). Adaptive stuff from Neanderthals with a fitness advantage could have gone to fixture (or close to) in Africans, since there’s certainly been enough between population contact for this to have happened (and it probably did if there was any at all, which is probable). All present day populations could have got stuff from Neanderthals which made them fitter than they would otherwise have been.

    “I hear Black guys never fucked these chicks. Good for them!”

    Heh. Seems like the conclusion would be that it was precisely “Black” guys who did… Maybe they didn’t seem that much worse than the Skhul, Qafzeh or Idaltu looking females…? (presuming those are representative of what Out-of-Africans looked like)

  5. Lol, the WNs are looking at it as a point of pride that they have Neanderthal DNA?? If they are against race-mixing, how the hell could they be proud of that? I’d heard thing Jews = Neanderthals thing before, pretty damn hilarious that some take it seriously.

  6. Well seeing how a large percent of black people outside of Africa have some white or Native American ancestry, then they also have some Neanderthal in them. I wonder if the white nationalists thought of that.

    On another note, I’m already hearing the fundamentalist Christians shouting this is proof evil-lution is wrong, and Neanderthals were just humans with Rickets! I mean how else could we interbreed with them? LOL silly Christians

    1. I’m starting to grow more and more weary of religion. My parents raised me to believe in God, but as I get older, I find the attempts of religious people to contort reality to their irrational beliefs as pathetic. I hope there is a God and an afterlife however.

        1. Oh I know, but I feel like I’m drifting closer to atheism with each year, and it kind of scares me because I was raised by Christian parents. Truth is, I’m probably closer to atheism on the continuum than I am to deism, but I’d rather just consider myself agnostic and cross my fingers and hope there is a God that is moral and just. I realize though that there’s absolute no rational reason to think there is. I’m just hoping that’s the case.

  7. Tulio

    I hope there is a God and an afterlife however.

    I agree, but hopefully not the god of the bible, or anything similar to it. Personally I’m shootin for reincarnation. 🙂

  8. All this neanderthal reconstruction stuff just seems like scientists trying to make a buck, and making them look like australian originals.

    Is anyone aware of the link between the AA and the caveman?

  9. Very interesting. I cannot help but be reminded of “The Iceman Inheritance,” written by a self-hating white Michael Bradley, which basically claims that whites are more violent because they’re descendants of sexually maladapted neanderthals.

    Of course, I didn’t read it because I know it’s all BS. Afrocentrists love it, however.

    Anyway, Robert, I sure hope you’re not trying to posit that whites are in fact inferior, because that would be baloney.

    Look at Africa today, and it’s obvious that their pure cro-magnon heritage didn’t do them a lick of good.

    If it’s true that whites and Asians have neanderthal ancestry, then neanderthal genes certainly aren’t inferior. Otherwise, whites and Asians wouldn’t be the most successful groups in the world.

    1. Why is it that I can’t see any Neanderthal in East Asians? If they have any Neanderthal genes, it’s very minuscule when compared to what the Caucasians have.

      1. Well, I believe the studies show that almost all non-Africans (ie. French, Han Chinese, to name a couple of groups studied) have between 1-4% Neanderthal DNA.

        Why is it that I can’t see any Neanderthal in East Asians?

        Well, probably because all of the Neanderthal images you’re accustomed to seeing are white.

        If we were exposed to more Asian Neanderthal Asians and scrutinized them more, then we would probably see it.

        After all, Europeans and Asians are around 1-4% Neanderthal.

        1. Are there really any Asian Neanderthals (i.e. East Asian)? I doubt it. I suspect that the 1 – 4% of the Neanderthal gene in East Asians is either on the lower end of that range or non-existent.

          In terms of outward appearance, there is nothing Neanderthal about East Asians (in whichever way you look at them). The genes may say otherwise, but I think we need more details on those genetic findings.

          All the Neanderthals that have been discovered look more or less the same, which is to they look more Caucasian than they do East Asian or Congoid (or whatever you call non-Khoisan blacks).

      2. Car Guy: Most of the genes which were different between Neanderthals and humans were neutral and not responsible for their appearance (especially if we look at only the things we can see from bones).

        Now, the only real way that anyone can claim West Eurasians are more Neanderthal looking is the bone structure of the midface, since we don’t know that much about the soft tissues stuff yet and the rest of the bone structure doesn’t support any close relationship between West Eurasians and Neanderthals.

        Very few genes probably control this aspect of bone growth. So if the early out of Africa humans mixed with Neanderthals and then subsequently West and East Eurasians become subject to some kind of differential selection on midface shape, then the midface shape would probably serve as a very poor proxy for overall Neanderthal mixture.

        That said, I’d be hard pressed to understand why that kind of differential selection would even be possible in the first place, but I’d bet it’s because Mongoloids inhabit wet sub-tropical in the South and cold continental climates in the North while Caucasoids inhabit dry, hot climates in the South and cold continental climates in the North and slightly Neanderthal reminiscent midfaces are more adapted to the latter than the former.

        Plus, remember that we’re only looking at hard tissues at the moment (and pigment). It’s possible the Mongoloids have stuff that they share with Neanderthals in the soft tissue area (Neanderthals may have had some cold adapted stuff that would be useful to Northern Mongoloids for instance, who are the most cold adapted populations of humans).

        1. I would just like to say that 1-4% Neandertal genes, well, I don’t think that is enough to effect phenotype all that much. If a race or ethnic group has 1-4% of the genes of another race or ethnic group, usually that is not a large enough amount to effect phenotype. Until we get more info on how these 1-4% genes are differentially distributed among OOA folks, well, it’s all just speculation on our part.

        2. Matt, I agree with you for the most part regarding soft tissue. Who knows, Neanderthals might have had epicanthic folds for eyelids. Nevertheless, I look at the skull (let alone the mid-face) of Neanderthals and it screams Caucasian more than it does East Asian.

          Also Caucasians of all latitudes have very robust torsos a la Neanderthals than the typically slender and narrow bodies of East Asians and blacks. They also seem to have thicker arms. You don’t need soft tissue to make these distinctions.

  10. I think you’re just mad that these findings have don’t mesh with a lot of left wing ideas about race.

  11. I have theory that is somewhat inline with the crazy “The Iceman Inheritance” theory. I personally think that Caucasians (not just whites) are likely part Neanderthal. And I think it is because of this genetic infusion that Caucasians, especially whites, are crazier (not necessarily more violent) than other groups of people. By crazy I mean that nothing seems to get in their way in their pursuit of experiencing things. For instance, think crazy stunts and what group of people first come to mind? What compels them to do these crazy things? I’m sure culture a bit to do with, but I also think there is a genetic factor.

    It might be my intuition speaking but I think this lack of fear and a high tolerance for pain is a quintessential Neanderthal trait. I could be wrong, of course.

    Whites seem to lack fear, relatively speaking, and have a higher threshold for pain. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it means little gets in their way of their curiosity, which may explain their scientific and technological achievements.

    I think that’s one that is thing that separates Caucasians from East Asians and Blacks. What do you guys think?

    1. Very interesting theories.

      However, I certainly would not argue that whites have a greater tolerance for pain and less fear than other groups.

      You look at whites today, and they’re arguably the most pathetic, fearful group on the planet. They’re so damn afraid of saying the wrong thing and getting into trouble.

      I certainly don’t agree with the high threshold for pain part. If whites really were so tough and had a high tolerance for pain, you would see far more white athletes, particularly boxers.

      However, if it is true that whites are more neanderthal than anyone else, that certainly means that neanderthal genes are not inferior.

      If having a small amount of neanderthal genes did make a group inferior, then Europe, not Africa, would be at the bottom of the world’s food chain.

      I’m not saying that blacks are genetically inferior. But one cannot argue with results.

      1. Bay Area Guy,

        I ignored the social aspects in that theory. Even the craziest people could be conditioned to be anything (for the most part).

        As for Neanderthals being inferior, I think they were superior in some ways. My intuition tells me that they probably has amazing spatial ability. They were also a lot crazier (my definition from my last post), which is reflected in their physique.

        As for boxing and other sports, a high tolerance for pain is not the only factor in becoming proficient in them. You need other skills. But even so, let’s look at some of the post painful and dangerous sports: Rugby….whites; football…a lot of whites; hockey….whites. What crazy people would invent such sports? I’m sure other populations have invented crazy sports, but I doubt they come close to whites in the the sheer numbers of such sports.

        1. Fair enough.

          However, your example of football is off. Blacks are the majority of the NFL, particularly wide receivers and running backs.

          If whites had a greater tolerance for pain and beatings, most running backs and wide receivers would be white, while most quarterbacks (although more blacks nowadays are quarterbacks) and kickers would be black.

        2. The majority of players in the NFL are black not necessarily because they have a high-tolerance for pain, but because they’re faster (and possibly more nimble?) on average than whites. It pays to be fast (all things equal) in the NFL, regardless of the position you play.

          Given that blacks don’t seem to like books, they flock to sports. They end up having to get used to the pain. On the other hand, whites have a predisposition to having a higher tolerance for pain.

    2. I dunno. Chinese are damn crazy. You ever read the quirky little news stories about Chinese determined factory workers furtively taking bits home to build bikes and airplanes (all East Asian cultures seem to admire determined heros, but I think this is a human universal). Or if we’re talking physical pain, then them dragging trucks by their nuts and stuff or Chinese (and also Indians come to think of it) undergoing various crazy feats of endurance (especially to beat records and things), martial arts training, &c. This is an anecdotal small sample thing though.

      I’ve read a few association studies that tend to indicate that blonds and redheads have lower pain and higher fear thresholds. This is relative to other White Americans though, so maybe the group still has higher pain and lower fear thresholds relative to other ethnic groups (though that kind of suggests that mixed people might occasionally have a crazy genetic architecture in a “daredevil” direction). Don’t think any of this is too likely really.

      1. With the the Chinese, it’s the disciplinary aspects of their culture (Isn’t it often the Buddhist monks that do those things?) that makes them want to pull trucks with their nuts. They want to prove something about a certain discipline they follow. On the other hand, a white (Caucasian) guy would wake one day and, out of the bloom, decides to test out the dexterity of his nuts, all for the sake of self-gratification.

        I’m exaggerating a bit to get the point across.

  12. Robert, I do hope a good deal of your post was tongue-in-cheek.

    If you really think that blacks are genetically superior and are more human than whites, then you done lost yo mind.

    1. Of course it’s tongue in cheek. As far as whether I think Whites are superior, well, I definitely do NOT think we are inferior, not to anyone, really. I mean, logically, NE Asians are better than Whites, but if a NE Asian were to ridicule me as an inferior, I would laugh at him as if an inferior was laughing at me. Deep down inside, I really do feel that we are better than everyone else. I can’t prove it scientifically and I don’t want to, and people who argue this openly (White Supremacists) infuriate me.

      I’m perfectly happy with a world where everyone thinks, “The other races are often good or great, but we are even better!” If Blacks, Amerindians, Polynesians, SE Asians, NE Asians, Arabs, East Indians, whoever, thinks they are somewhat better than everyone else, but they are too polite to say so openly or shout the inferiority of the others, this is a good state of affairs for me.

      The other races are good or even great, but we are even better, even though we are too proud to say so openly.

      To me, this is a dignified form of ethnocentrism that is logical for any race or ethnic group on Earth. According to ethnocentric theory, everyone thinks their little group is the best of all. It’s basically a delusion, but not carried too far, it’s probably pretty healthy.

      Of course I’m no self-hater. I’m a proud White man! I wake up every morning, open my eyes in bed, and think, “Thank you GOD for making me White!”

      But open White Supremacists so infuriate with me with their despicable insistence on the inferiority of everyone else that I like to play games with them and say, “Whites are inferior,” just to piss them off. But I don’t really believe that shit, tbh.

    2. Well, at least Blacks are fully human! We Whites are part non-human! WTF man, damn, that’s embarrassing dude. But it’s ok, I’m a proud White man and I can take my lumps. I still love my people, and I still think we are hot stuff. What’s a little Neandertal DNA in a great White man? Pshaw! Nothing!

      1. Yeah, we are still hot stuff!

        Regardless of some nasty DNA (which isn’t necessarily all negative), one cannot argue with results.

        The most successful nations are white nations, and the most successful modern non-white nations (ie. Japan, Singapore, China, etc) are the ones that adopted western ways.

        Obviously, a little Neanderthal DNA cannot prevent greatness!

        About ethnocentrism, I completely agree with you. I think my people are hot stuff, and I’m proud of whites. I prefer my people and their achievements to others.

        I too am a proud white man, and will be loyal to my people through thick and thin.

        Speaking of healthy ethnocentrism and race realism, I think a post on liberal race realism is in order.

        A post on Fred Reed and his humorous/irreverent race realism would also be funny and informative.

        1. I get a little tired of this “we are the most sucessful…..” Look, you can take a snapshot view back in history in 1,000 year increments and everytime, you’d get a different race that could make the claim “we are the most successful in history!” A thousand years ago the Arab world was in its golden age and at the forefront of science, math and enlightment while Europe was a backwater. Now the position as reversed. Go back further and it was Romans, or Egyptians or Chinese or Persians. By the year 3,000, maybe China will be the pinnacle of human development and they’re be wondering why Europeans are so far behind them. Maybe by the year 4,000 it’ll be Africa or Latin America, who knows. I’m sure you get the point I’m making. The world is 4.5 billion years old, recorded human history isn’t even 10,000 years old I believe. That might seem like a lot of time, but by comparison, humans went from hunting and gathering to the international space station in a blink. 10,000 years from now, it’s going to seem pretty damn insignificant who was ahead at one certain point in time. Just like nobody watching the Indy 500 at the final lap cares who was ahead at lap 43. The guy who was in 7th place might be in 1st place by the end and they likely all switched places numerous times.

          1. I agree with that. I love my people and deep down inside, I do feel that we are at least somewhat better than other groups, but I can’t prove it scientifically and I don’t want to. Also it’s very unseemly to run around beating your chest and yelling, “We are the best!” and implying the others are a bunch of losers. I would be perfectly happy if tulio, Car Guy and the other Blacks had the same feelings that I do: That, deep down inside, they do feel that Blacks are a bit better (because they are Black) but they feel that other groups or races are good to great too. I’m happy with a world where everyone deep down inside feels that his group is a bit better than everyone else, but respects the others as good to great too, and is generally too polite and dignified to run around screaming, “We are better! You’re inferior!”

        2. Tulio, I do get the point you’re trying to make.

          And yes, I’ve heard the standard “while Europeans were living in caves and eating raw meat, Africans/Arabs were drinking wine from golden cups” line.

          I know that everyone has had their ups and downs.

          For the past few centuries, Europeans have been dominant, and even before then, they had made great strides.

          I’m going to take pride in that. Just as I’m sure the Arabs 1,000 years ago took pride in their peoples’ accomplishments.

          What I want to ensure is that my people can continue to be proud.

          However, if we are to remain successful, some drastic changes/internal improvement will have to take place.

          How we go about that is another story.

        3. By the way, Europe wasn’t as advanced in ancient times due to a lack of natural resources and poor geography for agriculture.

          Europe didn’t have the Nile, Yellow, Tigris, Euphrates, Yangtze, or Indus rivers to build large empires around.

          To me, Europe’s lack of resources and suitable land/climate for successful agriculture makes their accomplishments all the more impressive.

          Of course, other groups have much to be proud of as well. I think that Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners, and others should all be proud of their peoples’ achievements.

          Like Robert, I believe in a healthy form of ethnocentrism for everyone.

          That’s going to include me being proud of my people.

        4. I don’t think it needed navigable rivers. What we call the “Western civilization” is really a northern extension Mediterranean civilization. The close proximity to early civilizations such as Egypt and Phoenicia and facilitated trade as well as ideas. I’m not saying the Greeks and Romans didn’t make great developments of their own making. But they had a large body of water there for trade and travel and many previously existing advanced civilizations to their south and east.

          If you look at Northern Europe, there was really no high civilization to speak of until this Mediterranean civilization brought it there. Read the Roman’s accounts of the Druids. They were pretty damn primitive, practicing cannibalism and all.

        5. And once again, I don’t have any problem with anyone having a benign pride in their group. Or at least having self-respect at the very least. Yes, even whites. I mentioned before, I don’t respect whites that are anti-white anymore than I respect blacks that are anti-black. If a white is extremely anti-white, they make me suspicious. Deep down I think they are overcompensating for something, or they just have issues. A benign pride is the best inoculation against toxic pride.

        6. Bay Area: I don’t think Europe’s climate makes it more or less impressive that Europeans built their civilization and doesn’t make it, in itself, more or less impressive (it’s impressive). But it does explain it.

          It is kind of funny the way that some people who are all hepped up on their Jared Diamond tend to say “Oh well, it was easy for Europeans to build civilization there because climate x, y and z” when the subject moves to modern civilization and any advantages that Europeans may have had BUT then turn around excoriate Europeans for the “late date” of civilization as if something were wrong with them rather than look at climatic explanations.

          I mean, either climate is deterministic or not – it’s not the case that it is when you’re conveniently trying to “skewer” European ethnocentricism and that it’s not when you’re trying to explain why other groups are so incredibly amazing because of their outstanding culture and briliant ideas and great men.

        7. @Matt

          Good point. I confess I’m not a geography expert, but my study of ancient civilizations and empires revealed that the four most successful ancient civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India) all developed around fertile rivers. Europe didn’t have those great rivers at their disposal.

          You’re right about the hypocrisy of the anti-western crowd. You go over to Stuff White People Do (a blog run by a self-hating white) and many commenters frequently quote Jared Diamond as a way to discount European success.

          And yet, they also castigate Europeans for developing civilization later than others, as if it were something wrong with them instead of climate or natural resources.

          So when Europeans are successful, it’s because of the Jared Diamond argument. But when they’re not successful, it’s because of them.

          Well, it all depends on your bias.

          @ Tulio

          By the druids, you mean the people from Spinal Tap? Lol!

          You’re right about the Romans seeing the ancient Britons as some of the dumbest and most primitive people on the face of the earth.

          Funny how the descendants of those dumb Britons eventually (at least in the U.S.) looked down on Italians as greasy wops!

          You are right about history dramatically changing over time. That’s what I find so fascinating about the subject.

        8. To clarify, most whites today accept Italians as fellow whites (except among extreme Nordicists).

          But a century ago, and Italians were seen as no good.

          I love that scene in “The Sopranos” where Tony and his crew are interrogating a Hasidic Jew over some business deal.

          The Jew talks about how Jews in ancient times were able to resist the Romans before the Romans eventually conquered them (or something along those lines). He then asks “what good have the Romans been since then?”

          Tony replies, “you’re looking at them, asshole.”

          Classic scene.

        9. That’s why White nationalists suck, BAG. In the US, I estimate that 70-80% (minimum) of WN’s say that Southern Italians are non-Whites. At best they say that some of them are White and others are not. The latter view probably represents 90% of US WN’s.

          In the UK, it seems to be about the same. UK WN’s seem to have extreme hatred for Southern Euros and almost unanimously say that they are non-Whites. This is because the UK has always looked down on the continent. Hell, the Brits don’t even like the French! Of course they think that they Southern Euros are greasy wogs. This view is most prominent among British conservatives (Tories). In the rest of society, it’s seen as nuts, weird or old-fashioned.

          In Australia, same thing. As recently as the 1980’s, there was strong hatred in Australia (settled by Brits) for “wogs.” Wogs means Southern Euros, especially Turks, Greeks, and Serbs.

          However, you are right, among the sane Whites, hatred for Southern Euros is strictly out. Saying they are non-Whites is viewed as ridiculous and old-fashioned, a view that died out in 1940. That 80% of US WN’s are lunatic Nordicists just shows you what fuckwads these idiots are and how loserish their movement really is.

          If they can’t even accept South Euros as White, they are so seriously fucked it’s not even funny. They think they are going extinct? Hell? Wait til they redefine themselves as Nordicists. Then they will go seriously extinct!

          WN’s are completely out of touch with mainstream sane White America’s view of Whiteness. As long as it stakes out such extreme positions, it will never resonate at all with sane Whites.

          This “we don’t want the Polacks and the wops” shit has got to go. That they won’t let go of it shows what total tools and epic failures WN’s are in the Anglosphere.

  13. Hey, if Jews really are neanderthals, then that must mean neanderthals are intelligent and financially adept!

    If the neanderthals were alive today, they would be the nobel prize winners, professors, bankers, authors, etc.

    You know, perhaps being 4% neanderthal is actually a good thing! While we get to avoid the worst aspects of neanderthals, we also get their brains!

    Who knows? This is all purely wild speculation.

    1. Yeah right dude. They’re fuckin blockheads. The OOA people (really Blacks) came out of Africa and quickly outcompeted the Neandertals. I think they drove them extinct. Neandertals probably couldn’t even talk!

      Neandertal DNA is just some ancient DNA. No one knows what it does. It could be good, bad, indifferent, or fair to middling. No one has any idea, and anyway, all of the races massively evolved after getting some Neandertal DNA, so it’s moot what role Neandertal DNA plays. If it’s such kickass DNA, why did the OOA people quickly take them out?

      1. I’m not saying that the Neanderthals were superior. Hell no!

        The point I’m trying to make is that people who are overwhelmingly cro-magnon, but have a small amount of neanderthal mix thrown in there, might have a slight edge.

        The Neanderthals, while on balance behind cro-magnons, did have some positive attributes.

        Mix some of those positive attributes with people who are overwhelmingly cro-magnon, and you’ve got something good!

        All I know is that whites certainly are not inferior on account of being part Neanderthal.

        If that were the case, Europe would be behind the rest of the world, as opposed to creating the modern world.

    2. The Jew talks about how Jews in ancient times were able to resist the Romans before the Romans eventually conquered them (or something along those lines). He then asks “what good have the Romans been since then?”

      Tony replies, “you’re looking at them, asshole.”

      Classic scene.

      heg: What you B.A.G do NOT understand is that the jew despise the italians. Just look at the dumbfuck JohnGotti. He really thought, think (is he alive?) he was some hotshit gangsta. When the truth is tha the jew uses the italian mobster to fool the stupid american people to believe that the mafia is italian, when the truth is that the Jew mafia in America is far worse then the hillbilly italians.

      Red-mafiya-how-the-jew-mafia-invaded-america – The whole book online in full text.

      And a link to all blacks out there. The slavetrade over the Atlantic, that is the big blue part to the east of America and west of Africa, was a JEW ONLY monopoly. lf your pizzed off by the black slavetrade, go get the jew who did it.

  14. Give that Neanderthal woman above a shower, and I’d say she’s quite doable. Sure she might have a robust face, but she’s not ugly. I dare say she looks Jewish.

    Also, Robert, there is nothing ugly about that Neanderthal child. He just looks like a slightly unusual human child.

      1. Tulio,

        I wouldn’t be pushing it by saying that there are dirty white women that look like the woman you just posted. She could pass for an unattractive Caucasian/East Asian mix, someone you would find in Siberia.

        No, I wouldn’t do her or anyone that looks like her (homo sapien or Neanderthal). She does absolutely nothing for me.

        I still think the women above — after a shower — is doable. For one thing, she doesn’t look scary, even when dirty.

      2. Tulio, I’m not saying she’s beautiful or anything. All I’m saying is that I have seen white women that are even more unattractive than she is. There are obviously men impregnating these white women.

    1. You fuckin kidding man? Damn, she’s ugly. That said, a lot of the White guys around the towns I hang out in have wives and gf’s that look something like this. There’s no race to get a hot looking White woman around here. Everyone seems to be satisfied with a basic looking chick. Same with the Hispanics and Blacks. Hispanic and Black guys around here often have fat or ugly chicks, and no one seems to care. There’s not a lot of competition around here for women or a lot of pressure on guys to get a hot looking chick. Basically, any chick’ll do, and no matter how fat, ugly or both, there’s plenty of guys who will line up for them.

  15. You guys gotta remember whites are also the overwhelming majority in MMA. I doubt it has anything to do with pain tolerance though. If you count Hispanics (many are European decent) as white they are also the majority in Boxing as well.

    1. In the MMA, I have noticed that the fighter that can take the most pain/abuse are usually white (Northern European morose than the Brazilian whites). I can’t say the same for the black fighters.

      Yes, I’m somewhat a fan of MMA.

      1. mma sucks

        Now, professional video game playing is where its out


        ..i wiash i was of the master asian race,sigh. Im just an inferior WASP

        1. MMA is best sport ever, at least until they allow prisoner vs. prisoner death matches. Seriously. WHy not? They think prison rape is such a jolly joke, why not at least let them go out w/ some honor?

        2. I’ve seen him taken out pretty early in a few matches. I’m not sure his pain tolerance is below average; some of the stuff looked pretty painful. For example, I think he took a pretty sharp blow to the kidneys (or was it liver?) in one thing I remember.

  16. LOL

    Hey dude, have you heard of the sexy dance “all the single ladies” some 5 year old lolis pulled off?

    So, a magazine is conducting a pool to see if people thought it was appropiate. 1 hour ago, it was like 70 to 30, against it

    4CHAN found it. Now, its 80 to 15, supporting it

    brb masturbating

  17. Robert, always trying to piss off the WNs or the white supremacists. That’s like trying to piss of the “Hulk For President Coalition.” Not exactly on the verge of taking power, not here or anywhere. Set up a straw man why don’t ya?

    As for the Neanderthals, (sp?) This is good news. We can start a black sterilization program today. Pay any black 500$ to get a vasectomy, they can use it on chicken, Malt liquor, crack, whatever. Then breed them out. If we are all left with 1-4% we will still be okay. (that oughta piss somebody off).

  18. Robert, I don’t get your strange form of ethnocentrism. You claim to think “we’re the best,” as a sort of superstition, while knowing that we’re not really the best; while in many respects “we’re the best,” is obviously true. You can’t compare Black supremacist ideology with White supremacist. The former may take things a bit too far and sometimes be a bit off the facts, but the latter is simply laughable. Whites may not be perfect, but they do have a fairly high IQ and the most impressive track record in terms of scientific progress and high culture.

    As far as the West not always being dominant– the Chinese had not discovered that the Earth was a sphere or that the sun was larger than the Earth by 1600 AD. We beat them to it by more than a millennium. They were also amazed by Euclid as they had nothing comparable in mathematics; they had no system of formal logic or precise scientific method; excluding the Great Wall, no ancient architecture to compare with our great Cathedrals and monuments etc. you could go on and on. The Asians today have more great pianists to play Chopin, but where is the Asian Chopin? They are impressive people, but clearly less innovative.

    The Arabs had a bit of a renaissance partly due to having better access to ancient Greek manuscripts; but it was short lived. Who’s following in the tradition of Classical Civilization today?

    This whole “the West has only been ahead for a few hundred years,” line is silly. We really are in a different league than everyone else.

    I get your point about it being in ill taste to constantly harp on and on about your own group’s superiority. But when we’re under attack– being flooded with nonwhites and told that Western Civilization really isn’t anything to be proud of, and even if it is, nonwhites will do just fine preserving the West despite having historically shown little to no ability to do so– well then we need to start making the case for being able to do something they can’t. The facts are on our side, we just need to have the nerve to use them.

    If we want to preserve the civilization we love we’re going to have to accept that we can’t avoid hurting nonwhites’ feelings by telling them that they’re unable to maintain Western Civilization on their own.

    1. Not to say I agree with you or anything, but I always suspected that Robert’s love for East Asians wasn’t just for their women. I think that if there was an afterlife, he wishes he came back as an East Asian.

  19. wow! wicked links. the human flatworms…damn. i was on the subway a couple of months back and the dude with no legs came scooting through the subway car on his skateboard. just a stump with arms on a skateboard. and his can of change that he slams on the floor to make as much noise as possible. creeps me out so much.

    i kind of want to do the neanderthal child. she looks cute. does that make me a pedophile? a beastiality lover? both?

    1. “i kind of want to do the neanderthal child. she looks cute. does that make me a pedophile? a beastiality lover? both?”

      I’m speechless.

      It makes you all of the above. Plus, we don’t know if that kid is a girl or a boy, so it could potentially mean you’re gay as well.

      When we add it all together, it makes you one disturbing freak!

  20. The big lie really is our Neanderthal DNA and these Neanderthals control the world. Well they control Western Civilization at least. The thing to look for is in their blood, mainly whether they are Rh(D) Neg. Basque people, Gypsies, Jews (mostly Ashkenazi Jews), Prince Charles, the Caucasus, and in people who can trace their roots East of Sweden in Norther Russia are where Rh(D) Neg is the most common..

    Not surprisingly, this is where most Neanderthal remains have been found. Northern Spain (Basque people), Northern Germany and the Jutland Peninsula (or should I say the Judenland Peninsula? Jewland works too), and all those areas that brought us such “wonderful” people like Vikings, Scythians, Mongol and Tatar hordes (who also gave us Down Syndrome), and other various Barbarians. Usually white skinned, red (or dark black) hair, and blue eyes. They possessed superior physical strength, were muscular, raided civilization, conquered civilization and invented the concept of law (Thank a Neanderthal named Hammurabi for that.. In his mind it was a good thing. Except those vary laws are what destroyed civilization), dogmatic monotheistic religion, caste and class system, racism, etc. Not surprising these people are depicted with horns (like the devil or the bull) and eating raw read meat. Often they have bow and arrows, clubs, or scythes, and perform ritual sacrifice.

    Their mathematical brains were jealous of the creative and artistic mind of the more-evolved cro-magnon. So they conquered them and have oppressed them ever since, subjecting all indigenous people to lower classes. Neanderthals invented colonialism. They believe they are a superior creature and that they are entitled to this planet. They have a strong desire to rule over everything, and the more pure-blooded species ‘speak to god’ because they still have bicameral minds (god being a hallucination similar to schizophrenia, another thing we can thank them for).

    Being negative for Rh(D) seems to be what I call the ‘god blood’ and is common among royalty. AB is most prominent among Neanderthal-related peoples (and Japanese) as is B which is common among Aryan areas (Indo-Iranian, not as in the third Reich variety of Aryans). O is common among indigenous people near or below the equator. In South America there are 100% O populations. The Jews might be right about it belonging to “Adam” but they don’t have very much of it compared to the Far East, India, and Native North and South America. Black Africans, Native Americans, Indians, and Far East Asians are nearly 100% Rh(D) Pos

    Common behavioral traits are mental illness, sociopathic behavior, psychopathic behavior, pedophilia, rape, anger, uncontrollable rage, domination, non-creative and boring, violence, pathological lying, mimicking empathy but completely incapable of feeling it, etc. Like you’ll find in all Hollywood Execs, the music industry, and Israel. Remember, the more purer specimens view us as an entirely different species. They are predators and we are the pray. Unfortunately many of us have inherited varying degrees of their traits. The best thing to do is to tame the Neanderthal beast and get all the various aspects of yourself to act as one so we can ‘evolve’ instead of devolve and destroy this planet. Many people will be incapable of this, I advocate testing blood for the known-traits, give them a behavioral trial period and perform check ups. If they can’t assimilate into our society, extermination is a viable solution which will solve the problem.

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