Interesting Article About An Alliance Between Alpha Males and Feminists

I don’t really agree with the premise of this article, that there is some nefarious alliance between Alpha Males and feminists, but it makes an interesting point. The suggestion is that Alphas are benefiting disproportionately from feminism, and the rest of the guys are losing out. There may be a point there, but I doubt if the Alphas set it up that way.

Anyway, under feminism, females are free to pursue their basic Cavewoman natures, which is not that great for most guys. Life ends up being an endless replay of high school, where 15% of the guys got 70% of the best females.

I am in my 50’s, and I must say, this is still ongoing! There are not many single Alphas left in their 50’s. Life, marriage, illness, death, disability, alcoholism, defeat, economics, takes its toll on most men by this age. If you’re still strutting around past 50, either you’re fucked in the head or you deserve a medal for survivorship if nothing else.

There are only a few Alphas left around age 50 or so, like I said. Nevertheless, all of the best women around my age (Yes, there are still some good women left at age 45-55) are all flocking to the few Alphas, and the few Alphas are cleaning up with all of the good women! And I know plenty of guys age 40-56 or so who are not getting anything at all. They are alone and lonely.

Now this is the age bracket where single females start outnumbering single males, and women supposedly start getting desperate and chasing any decent guy out there, so I was getting my hopes up. Forget it. The best women are as picky as ever. I don’t know about the less desirable ones, because I’m not interested. I know a beautiful woman aged 55. I saw her dating profile on a dating site. She is deluged with good-looking, moneyed guys around her age who are all fighting for her.

Anyway, single middle age is not exactly a sexual paradise.

There is a lot of good commentary at the end of the piece. As the piece points out, under feminism, 15% of the guys are getting 70% of the best women. They have harems, more or less. The lower 70% of guys are Betas. Betas are just your regular guy, nothing more, nothing less. The best women are shunning the Betas and all fighting over the few Alphas, who they are more or less sharing with other women. About 15% of guys are Omegas. Think 32 year old living at home in the basement, playing video games, never had a date. Hopeless.

The PUA and Game Community have been playing up the increasingly desperate state of the Betas under feminism.

This situation is best summed up from this quote from a PUA blog:

They are free from social, religious and economic constraints to revert to their Neolithic programming of seeking the best male genetic specimens (strong+ attractive +willful) and reject the genetically mediocre. Nature is cruel – Do not blame women for it!

The reason for this state of affairs is that women no longer need men economically. The old way was really better. Enforced marriage at an early age, followed by female economic dependence on men. Those that don’t marry early, their relatives set them up in more or less forced marriage later on. Everyone gets married, everyone gets sex, and frustration level is low. Feminism has gotten rid of this nice, stable state of affairs.

Thing is, Alphas make lousy mates. These guys are not reliable at all. Most women refuse to stay with them and leave them sooner or later. They’re fun for a while, like Spring Break in college, then it’s back to the serious stuff. Women, even the best women, often marry Betas later on, because Betas are good providers. I’m not sure how the marriages work out. Nowadays, a lot of these guys are probably pussy-whipped at home. At worst, he’s a Meal Ticket. At best, he’s a Reliable Husband.

There are endless debates about the meaning of the terms Alpha, Beta, etc. There are said to be high Betas and fake Alphas. That makes sense. If you cut off the Alphas at 15%, what do you do if a lot of the guys in the community have what it takes? In the post, one poster said that any guy who has had sex with over 100 women is an Alpha, no questions asked! By that definition, Sexmaniacman is just barely an Alpha, as he’s had sex with ~110 women.

I don’t think these labels are important so much as if a guy has what it takes to get women.

I define an Alpha as a guy who is charismatic and dominant, with leadership qualities, whether he uses them or not. He’s the guy who walks into the room and every woman turns around to look at him. These are the guys who get most of the best women, or they could if they wanted to. They’re not necessarily unfaithful, but they often are.

Many marry, but they tend to be unfaithful after marriage. In marriage, Alphas rule the roost. Being pussy-whipped at home is basically a disqualifier in terms of Alphahood. This is where you see a lot of your fake Alphas. I know a lot of guys who try to act really Alpha, but they’re p-whipped at home. Forget it. Fake Alpha or High Beta.

Alphas do not always make a lot of money. In fact, even far into adulthood, quite a few of them are broke. Many more or less live off wives or girlfriends who bring home the bacon. Even in relationships or marriages, they tend to come and go as they please. They’re not always phoning home and asking Wifey permission for this or that. They don’t need her permission for all that much. Many have continuous affairs while married, toning them down somewhat as they move into middle age.

Many Alphas are not very nice people. Quite a few are criminals. Many are ex-cons and even ex-felons. Some are killers. Serial killer Ted Bundy was an obvious Alpha.

Here is an Alpha who is not a very nice person, doesn’t treat women very well, is a criminal and ex-con, yet has women crawling all over him. He has sex with 200+ women a year (hard to believe but anyway you get the point). My opinion of women just dropped 99% after reading this:

On “harems”-

A guy i was friends with in high school is now an ex-con neo-Nazi drug dealing “enforcer” for a gang in his blue-collar town. He is extremely popular with women and definitely has a harem, though he probably doesn’t even know what that word means.

A couple of years ago I went out for beers with him and women were literally running to him and letting him grab and squeeze their breasts, hard. He would also scream in their face “I am going to fuck you in the ass until you bleed and then I’m going to stick it in your pussy,” and they would giggle and squeal like he was George Clooney. He says he sleeps with hundreds of women a year and I believe him.

I learned more in that night about the true nature of women than any library of books could have taught me.

There’s a notion that Alphas are all assholes, but I doubt if this is true. For sure some of them are. But I’ve known quite a few who were nice guys. Alphas are leaders, and they are dominant. In order to be a good leader, you have to get people to like you. If you’re a natural leader, you don’t have to be an asshole. Everyone knows you’re in charge, and you don’t have to be a dick to prove it. Nevertheless, quite a few Alphas are bastards. In particular, they are often highly narcissistic and can be very much the fair weather friend.

On PUA sites, there is endless discussion about Alphas and how to act like one. PUA is really about teaching the 70% of Betas to act like Alphas to help them get women.

Women hate PUA because it confuses them. They all want the 15% real Alphas, and if you have all these fake-Alpha Betas out there pretending to be Alphas (that no women want), how is an enterprising lass to determine the fools gold from the 14K real deal? So women feel they are being conned by PUA. They thought they were buying the 24K Alpha, and instead they bought the Shopping Network Zirconite Beta. Haha! They got played!

This is behind a lot of the rage against PUA. That only a select group of men has a right to access the best of women. Rightfully, PUA rebels against this.

In the discussions about Alphahood, there is a lot of discussion about developing an Alpha state of mind, about sizing up other guys as far as their Alpha or Betaness and being submissive or dominant to them in return. Supposedly, when Alphas meet a Beta, they express dominance over him and basically treat him like shit somewhat.

I don’t buy it for one second. First of all, real Alphas are not walking around all of the time thinking, “I am an Alpha.” They are not sizing up other guys regarding their Alpha or Betaness. An Alpha could quite well be very nice and friendly to a Beta or even an Omega. After all, the Betas and Omegas are no competition, so why worry?

So I don’t believe that Alphas think this way at all. To me, and Alpha is thinking of two things:

1. What am I doing now?

2. What am I going to do in the (immediate) future?

That’s it. He doesn’t think of the past much (What for?) and he doesn’t worry about the future either (Do animals worry about the future?) No Alpha consciousness, no sizing up other guys, no dominating them, none of that. An Alpha is like an animal, or a machine. He’s almost a sociopath (in some cases he is) but not quite.

Also, one can probably fade and in and out of Alphaness. There are guys who had it in high school and/or college, then lost it, as what it takes in school is not really what it takes to do well in life after school. There are guys who move in and out of Alphahood in various phases of their lives. I know guys who have lived as Alphas, Betas and even for a while, lived the monastic, no date in 100 years of solitude life of Omegas. Life is strange.

But as much as Alphahood can be lost in one who once had it, and then regained (as the base is already present in the mind), I’m not sure that Alphahood can be created out of scratch. My Mom loves men, so she finds Alphas fascinating. As she said about Alphas and the PUA notion of creating them out of thin air, “I doubt if it can be done. You’ve either got it or you don’t.” If you’re not an Alpha and you’ve never been one, past a certain age, you may never become one.

This is an interesting subject, and I hope to write more about it in the future.

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53 thoughts on “Interesting Article About An Alliance Between Alpha Males and Feminists”

  1. Great. Article. Thats why feminazis are cracking down on prositution, sex tourism, and mail order brides. They want to deprive ALL men of sex accept for a select few. They have themselves to blame for nutcases like Sodini. In the old days before feminism men like that would of been married at a young age. Now that women get married much latter a select group of alpha males hog up women while they are in their prime than when they are over the hill they expect a nice guy to take care of them.

    1. Great comment Dave! Yes, yes, and yes!

      And PUA is really all about Betas rebelling against this state of affairs with Alphas getting 70% of the best women then having to fight for what’s left, get the leftovers, or increasingly just do without period. So you end up with the pitiful Sodinis.

      The feminist blogs are raging. We don’t owe you guys anything! No one owes you tools anything! Yet in a way they do. Back in the old days, yeah, women owed men sex. Men gave women support and marriage, and in return women gave men sex. Both got laid and got love or support or whatever they wanted out of it, and everyone was happy. Under mandatory marriage, women did in a sense owe men sex, but men owed women support and love too, so each sex owed each other something, and things were cool.

      It’s creepy to hear these bitches screaming, “No one owes you sex!” Presumably, these bitches are ok with low Betas and Omega like the Sodinis more or less having sexless lifespans. That’s anti-humanist and goes against the Sexual Revolution, which was one of the Liberations of the 60’s that we fought for along with feminism.

      Fine, you bitches are willing to create armies of these pitiful sexless Sodinis, well then, you may just have to deal with more and more nuts losing it and shooting chicks. Not sayin it’s right, but it’s just how it IS.

      1. It’s creepy to hear these bitches screaming, “No one owes you sex!” Presumably, these bitches are ok with low Betas and Omega like the Sodinis more or less having sexless lifespans. That’s anti-humanist and goes against the Sexual Revolution, which was one of the Liberations of the 60′s that we fought for along with feminism.

        True but I’m willing to go along with the no one owes you sex idea as long as its part of the no one owes anything idea. Women are very happy to scream that they don’t owe me sex, but they’re nothing but hypocrites since they think that I owe them money through socialism. They also think they have the right to take away my job.

        Fine, you bitches are willing to create armies of these pitiful sexless Sodinis, well then, you may just have to deal with more and more nuts losing it and shooting chicks. Not sayin it’s right, but it’s just how it IS.

        And you know what guys like me are going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. It’s not my problem. All I have to do is stay out of the line of fire which is not difficult because the Sodinis aren’t shooting at me.

  2. Also, you might want to consider looking for a girl abroad. White American guys do incredibly well in Latin America and SE Asia. In Brazil, I saw these 5 young Brazilian women in their 20s that were treating this Old white guy from S. Africa like a rock start just because he had blue eyes. It was crazy. Actually pissed me off since I hate that white-worshiping culture in Latin America. But hey, if I was white, I’m sure I’d be lovin’ it, at least when it comes to getting ladies. I was hanging with this Russian guy in Brazil and he was having ass just handed to him. We were standing on the sidewalk in Rio in front of this bar just having some beers on the street. This one white Brazilian girl just came up and stroked his face, smiled and kept walking. I told him to go talk to her. He was acting all shy about it. He ended up talking to her. Within 10 minutes they were making out. I left those two alone and the next morning he told me he sealed the deal at a love motel. If you don’t have a problem with non-white women, look to Latin America or SE Asian, or even Eastern Europe. You guys have it easy there! Supposedly black and brown guys clean up in Scandinavia, but I don’t really prefer strongly Nordic-looking women. I’d prefer a Brazilian chic myself.

  3. “It’s creepy to hear these bitches screaming, “No one owes you sex! That’s anti-humanist and goes against the Sexual Revolution.”

    LOL Next time I debate with a feminist I’ll have to use that line. If you have sex with me you will be helping humanity. I would probably get punched in the face, but it would be funny non the less. Lucky for me the women in my part of the country are more laid back, and down home. Not very many feminist in Appalachia.

  4. Yeah I agree with you Tulio about going overseas.

    The best revenge agaisnt these chicks who are sluts with alphas in their teens and turn down nice guys but once they hit 30 and want a nice guy to settle down with if for nice guy to build up a career by the time their 30’s and get a wife who is much younger overseas. This will teach them a lesson not to turn down nice guys when their in their teens and twenties.

  5. check out this foreign dating site. There are very atractive 18 and 19 year olds who are willing to marry guys even in their middle age. A guy in his 30’s would be at his prime. I noticed on American dating sites like a lot of 18 year olds won’t even date guys over 25.

    1. The hell with Full of average looking women that think they are 9s and 10s. They get inundated with emails from desperate guys treating them like they are models or something. All those sites do is inflate women’s egos. It’s hard to even find an American woman that knows how to cook anymore. In Latin America or Asia, women cook. There’s nothing “sexist” about it, they learn it from their moms and they expect to cook for their families. American women seem like a whole lot of work for little reward. Seriously, when I’m ready to settle down and find a wife, I think I’m going to Brazil.

  6. The thinking is that under feminism, women are free to pursue their Cavewoman natures. What does this mean exactly?

      1. Yes, I have a feeling that people think it means women are free to be as promiscuous as they want, seeking no-strings sex.

        But this may be a misreading of women’s nature, IMO. I think smart women understand that there is really no such thing as no-strings sex.

    1. When 70% of the best women are lining up to share and be a part of the harems of the 15% of men who are Alphas, while shunning the 85% of men who are Betas and Omegas, that’s acting like a Cavewoman. They’re all fighting over the best men and allowing the best men to monopolize them. They’d rather be part of an Alpha’s harem than to go with a Beta/Omega loser. That’s acting like a Cavewoman!

      And that’s bad for society, because you have like 85% of males who are losing out in the sexual race. They either are getting the leftover females, getting no females at all, competing for the best women and constantly losing out to the Alphas, or they are in relationships with women who treat them poorly and dominate them since they are not Alphas, they are Betas or Omegas, and hence deserve to be dominated and stomped on.

      Before feminism, this did not happen. Women needed men to survive and young marriage was almost mandatory. Everyone just got married. Men gave women love and money and marriage and women gave men societal respect, sex and kids. Each sex owed the other one, but the owing was equivalent, and no one really lost out. Most all guys got most all the sex that they wanted to in marriage.

      Women gave sex in marriage whether they liked it or not since that was a woman’s duty. This was a very stable state of affairs and now it’s all been upset and the tables have been turned.

      In primitive agricultural societies where women did not need men for support, most women just held out and decided to become part of a chief’s or Big Man’s harem as in Africa or Papua New Guinea. A lot of guys just ended up being bachelors and never getting any. This is similar to the animal world where a few dominant males monopolize most to all of the females and lots of guys just form bachelor herds and whack it their whole lives.

      Males in Africa and Papua New Guinea evolved high testosterone and strong body strength due to competition for females in which the Big Man got to monopolize the females. His super aggressive, heavily built, high testosterone genes got passed on and now you have societies full of bulked him, high-T males who are prone to crime and disorder by genetics.

      Primitive hunter gatherer societies generally have males with lower testosterone since most females marry by age 18-20 or so. Why? Because females need a male in these societies, so everyone just gets married. There’s no competition for females, and the high-T, bulked up Big Man’s genes are not the only ones getting passed on.

      Societies with large numbers of males who see no chances of leaving offspring are unstable and tend to mass crime, civil disorder and civil war. Because if a man is kept from having kids, many guys just see that as a death sentence. You won’t let me have kids, fine, I might as well be dead. And I’m going to take some of you fuckers with me.

      Marriage was instituted for a reason! A civilizing reason! The Wild West was full of unmarried men with no women around to civilize them. It was a profoundly unstable place with an extremely high crime rate and horrible instability. Society forces near mandatory marriage for a reason. Lots of single guys are bad news!

      1. So out there in Single America, 70 percent of the desirable females are fighting amongst themselves over 15 percent of the males. And these single women are willing to belong to harems if they have to.

        I would love to hear from some single women to see if there is anything to this.

        1. All we have are anecdotes. But people say that this is how it was at high schools and colleges up until at least 15 years ago. Also we have a recent report from an MBA grad school program, average age 30, where 15% of the guys got 70% of the best of the best women by the end of the program.

          And I can tell you that in my Yahoo group, this guy came into my group, 60’s, full on Alpha, bragging his ass off, starting fights with me, the owner right away, about how he used to run the Alaska BBB and he knew all these famous people all over Alaska, went hunting with them, bla bla, like he’s the most important guy in Alaska. I had to spank the dude and tell him to knock it off.

          It seemed like 1/2 the women in the group (mostly single women age 40-65) were all chasing after this guy, and they all jumped all over me for spanking him and a bunch of them up and left the group. Same thing: 50% of the women in the group (maybe 300 women) all fighting over one ultra-Alpha, total asshole, man.

          In high school, we used to say that 10% of guys got 90% of the best women. I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s how it seemed. And yep, they were just lining up for these guys and taking numbers.

          You don’t have to believe it…

        2. I can believe that in certain environments, a small percentage of the men get most of the women. I don’t really dispute that.

          But I don’t always agree with how the behavior of the women in these situations is being interpreted by male observers.

          For instance, this Alaskan guy who came along and made all these women swoon…to me, this guy is the farthest thing in the world from an “Alpha” male. This kind of insecure, swaggering jerk is a phony, and any woman who can’t see through it is his equal. They deserve each other.

          This brings up the whole issue again of what an “Alpha male” is, but to me that guy doesn’t rate.

      2. What do you think of this recent- albeit unpopular- study about the fluidity of female sexuality? it seems to tie in nicely with the 15/70% theory. Do you have the data for that btw?

        The idea is that certain females are more likely to be bisexual than men, in order to ease feelings of jealousy and conflict in polygamous relationships.

        The study was done by the infamous Kanazawa, who i know you dislike very much.

  7. Roissy recently wrote an interesting article on what’s happening in China with the huge surplus of men due to the abortion of Chinese girls. You are starting to see rising random violence and I think it will increase. Show me a man that is involuntarily celibate for extended periods of time and I’ll show you an angry man.

        1. did that article mention that was the motivation of the man in China? He could just be mentally illl.

        2. I don’t think that any of these guys were really mentally ill in any real way, but I can’t find out much about them. The one recently was a *physician*, yet unmarried at age 42, who had been courting a woman. She and her rich family turned him down as not good enough. He went nuts and afterwards said, “Life is not worth living,” when asked why he did it.

          Another guy was also older and had been unemployed for a very long time. He was recently a victim of a pyramid scheme in which he apparently lost his life’s savings.

          Yet another guy was a 32 year old art teacher. He had been on disability leave for 2 years due to “mental illness.”

          Another guy was a farmer in his 40’s. He had recently used his life’s savings to build a home, but he built it on farmland, which is illegal in China. The state ordered him to tear it down, but his life’s savings were in that house.

          No info on marital status of the last 3 guys.

          3 out of 4 guys seem to have “lost everything they worked their lives for” and went nuts at age 32-50 or so.

          There’s little to no treatment for mental illness in China. I doubt most of these guys were really mentally ill. I think at most they were just depressed. But there is poor treatment for depression in China. Most of the good drugs are not available and it’s a condition in which there is a lot of shame and most folks just somaticize and say their stomach hurts or something instead, as that’s socially acceptable.

      1. ALL

        ok. Ted bundy. Quite a handsome stud, who got women to come to him, because he was so dashing.

        and another dude, who i read in a serial killer book, whos name escapes me.

        1. Ted Bundy was probably just a Sadist who got a sexual rush out of torture but I do think sexual frustration causes a lot of violent crime and especially sex crimes do to anger and sexual frustration.

      2. Thats the greatest hogwash I have ever heard.
        Isaac Newton, Leo Tolstoy, George Clooney, Thomas Jefferson, and of course Jesus Christ…. are all serial killers then?
        Only spineless males (won’t call them men) need women’s approval and phony affection to survive. Men are absolutely capable of living a rich life of solitude and peace. Except sex, women are not needed for men’s survival. Women need to constantly leech of men and their labor. All these harpies can claim women supremacy and independence only when men are holding the backbone of society from behind the curtains through courage, hard work and self-sacrifice. The day when men let go and say “screw this” and go their own way, this so called civilized society which exploits men upto the hilt and then deny them even the most basic human rights will come crashing down on the ugly misandric society’s head.
        And on the topic of serial killers, most of them comes from a single parent family headed by an absolute fiend for a mother. So much for strong and independent single mothers raising the next generation of Einsteins and Bill Gates. 99.99% of women in this world are nothing but worthless eaters and consumers. Thats why the Govt loves them.

        1. Well now!

          Why start off the New Year with a savage blast of misogyny? Hell, why not!

          Happy New Year Akshay and welcome to the blog.

          And if I were you, I would not worry about women being in control over there in India. They are under a firm boot over there. Last thing I would worry about.

  8. probably a cause of violence in the Muslims world caused by polygimy and many sexually frustrated men who have no future in a wife and family and see nothing to loose in becomming a terrorist. It hasn’t been researched but I am sure it is a major cause in the rise in violence crime since the collapse of marriage and the feminist revolution in the 60’s seem to coincide.

  9. In some ways I am a traditionalist were I think that we would be better off were men and women treated each other decently and were in long term monogomous relations such as early marriage. However that is not the case and we have to deal with reality. Tom Leykis has a point here.

    He is right on these women are sluts with alpha males in their teens and twenties but expect a decent man to settle down with them when they are over the bill. This creates a shortage of good women in their twenties but who wants some used up 30+ slut. prositution does serve a purpous and thats why feminazis want to cut off prostitution but they don’t want early marrage either so men are screwed over completely.

  10. I hate to say it, but the chicks have a point. Why should they lower their standards if they think they can do better? Clearly none of us are willing to do so. I suppose what annoys me is the self righteousness with which they assert their claims.

  11. Some feminists I have noticed tend to be very soft on Alpha Males. They will criticIse males as a whole with great vigor, but strangely, while feminists attack the “patriarchy” they seem oddly reticent about attacking the men who created it and sustain it.
    I’m very pro-equality, I believe we humans need to create something new for ourselves and stop being nature’s little bitch. I am more radical than feminists, who seem to be pretty happy with certain inequalities.
    Some feminists even believe there is such a thing as an Alpha Male Feminist, which is the equivalent of an Anti-Racist Kuk Klux Klan member.
    Hmmm…maybe feminists only wnat to get rid of the parts of the patriarchy that they don’t like. Alpha Males would be pretty happy with this as the things which enable them to dominate other men would ensure they are never deposed from power.
    Yes, I think SOME feminists are colluding with Alpha Males to shaft the Betas and Gammas.

  12. it’s really easy and i’ll spell it out for all of you: if a woman SAIS she want a nice guy? BE THE JERK AND YOU’LL GET HER! if woman sais she likes a jerk? BE THE NICE GUY! now, once the woman hits 30+, just make sure she knows you got money, and make DAMN sure she knows that if you so choose, you can have a line of women around the block to date you! and presto! you’ll get laid every night of the week if you so desire! it’s only too bad that i’m not the kind of man to cheat….because i discovered this very well hidden SECRET AFTER i (finally!!!!!!!) got a girlfriend….wish i knew this secret when i was still a teen and single, because then i would’ve been the mega-playboy of PA! you know whats REALLY sad? I’M ACTUALLY 1000000000000000000000000% SERIOUS AND CORRECT! it’s amazing, i’ve got a girl, and now (you can argue it’s because i’m in a relationship) i get offers for bj’s/sex/whatever i want sexually basically with just about any walking cum-receptical i walk past nowadays! day OR night! but before i go, let me ask you a question: whose the REAL monster? the man who shoots up women because he was denied the “privilage” of women his entire life? OR the woman who just smiles and secretly laughs at this man knowing he’ll iether commit suicide, or just kill off more of her competition when she’s an old shriveled up hag? furthering her chances of getting a mate? now there was a study that said “as women get older they become less happy whereas men get much more happy” wanna know why? because when women are young (attractive), THEY run the dating scene! they have all the power! and when the big 3-0 comes around? THE POWER SHIFTS TO MEN FOR ONCE! attractive women can get any man they want! but once your over the hill? it’s MEN who now can turn YOU down for a “better newer hotter model”. and feminists are FURIOUS when the “nice guys” they spurned in their youth are now iether dating their daughters, or just going oversea’s where women are FEMANINE! news flash ladies: men DESPISE all the “hoops” you make us jump through, while all the “alpha” has to do is say “my place or yours?” you women are mad because when your old, WE MEN get to give YOU WOMEN the “jump through these hoops, and MAYBE you’ll get me” tests! funny how it works isn’t it? beauty is fleeting and LOOSES value over time, wheras men? we get this cool thing called “status” which NEVER depreciates in value! so i say to all you women who moan about “not finding a nice guy now that i’m old/ugly/got kids/sickness/massive debt/etc…” i now say “you reep what you’ve sewn” enjoy marrying the abusive but attractive “bad boy” while us nice guys find REAL women in foreign countries who LOVE us! NOT because were white or americans, but because american men for the most part, RESPECT women, and foreign women LOVE it when men respect them!not only that, but they RETURN love and desire with us! so be happy being miserable old crones complaining, because us nice guys (while misreable as teens/20’s) once we get into the 30’s/40’s? we move to where the real women are YOUNG HOT ATTRACTIVE NICE women!

  13. One of thing that the PUA bloggers are always saying that is that women want Alph types or bad boys when there young and and than when they are pass there prime try to get some nice guy with a decent job to settle. Do you agree with this. It seems in Patriarchal societies men get young virgins in our current society it seems that girls can be sluts at an early age but guys who like teen girls are pedos and they have to wait for these ho’s to turn 30 and all used up. Men to wake up and boycott these biatches!

    1. Robert, the creeps you speak of can redeem themselves in the eyes of civilised society by wifeing up a struggling single mom. That is a noble cause. On the other hand, if these single moms have epheb age children, not a good idea. OK, scratch that. Incel is the only way forward for these creeps.

  14. Was the other post blocked anyways. Besides the point that the term creepy is now banned why are the men allways the perverts while the girls can be sluts?

  15. One thing I will say is we do not live in a Matriarchy. I used to believe so but the men at top you refer to as Alpha Males are using feminism to keep down the common man the same way they use the diversity stuff to keep down the white prolitariate.

  16. When women dont need men to survive anymore it end up like in africa where alfa males get all the girls, kind of dysgenetics I would say, since usually the smartest ones are not the “alfamales”

  17. Oh well…cant wait that Islam will take over Europe… maybe then women have to marry “betas” once again. 🙂

  18. Very interesting article. Permit me to offer a female perspective of the NON-screaming bitch variety? 🙂

    Some may find it hard to believe that I actually agree with much of your article. At least, I found it to be a breath of fresh air in contrast to the usual, politically correct message that being a woman automatically entitles one to a life of constant societal praise, favorable double standards, ZERO accountability, and convenient victimhood status. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be a woman this day and age, where the women not only behave like entitled, unaccountable sluts but actually expect–and in some cases even demand– to be PRAISED for it.

    This might come off as a bit condescending, but I have trouble respecting (conservative estimate?) about 90% of American adult females out there. Its not just that I am more intelligent than most of them (which I am); that discrepancy would be an easy one to overlook if it were it mitigated by a quality conspicuously absent in the modern woman: SELF AWARENESS. Obviously I’m not speaking of an ability to analyze whether or not one looks sexier in tight jeans or a miniskirt (which is where most feminine self analysis is obviously spent) but of that seemingly archaic ability in which one competently analyzes their own mistakes and takes conscious steps to reverse their own negative behaviors and tendencies (and might even go so far as to apologize once in a blue moon). Instead, in a society where women are infallible and anyone who dare say otherwise is labeled either “misogynistic” (if a man) or a “hater” (if a woman with actual sense), a new, higher class of citizen has emerged: the feminist (both of the man-hating variety, and the variety that enjoys men a little too much, if you catch my drift).

    This is a frightening reality, because although some might rejoice at the poetical “justice” of the pendulum of patriarchy having swung in the opposite direction, there are others, like myself, who definitely don’t benefit from this paradigm shift. As a woman who is happily married to an Alpha male, I am sick and tired of women from 18-58 trying to fastball their pussies at my husband. I am lucky to be married to a good, honorable man with strong will; after all, he has been turning down beautiful women since he was 14 and–at least as far as these sluts are concerned– on the market. He got married because he CHOSE to do so, and I respect that by striving to make him happy and never, ever withholding sex or using it as a weapon. I don’t make the mstake of thinking I’m the only pussy in town, and certainly not the only pussy that HE could get. I’m very lucky in that regard, so I do disagree that Alpha males are innately promiscuous, perhaps the unmarried ones are, but again, bachelorhood is a choice, and Alphas choose their own paths; their paths do not choose them, in my humble opinion.

    That said, I hate going anywhere with my husband these days. In public and social settings, I have become a target for women who want to prove they can take him from me, and the worst part is, he cannot defend me from such bullying, for fear of what a “woman scorned” might pursue; remember, females are now a protected demographic and could wrongly accuse him of, say, sexual harassment. And they’d win. Purely because their reproductive organ is different than his. So no, not EVERY alpha benefits from feminism, although I do think you were on the right track when you wrote of men profiteering off the sexual revolution. My point is, women KNOW they have a free pass to act sexually aggressive, nymphomaniacal in nature, and even try to humiliate women they are jealous of, WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING CALLED OUT. Because I this new reality where anything goes, the one thing unaccountable, self entitled, passive aggressive whores will NOT tolerate is being called out on their actions. Hence, the actions become reinforced, compounding exponentially.

    Needless to say, I have no friends. Haha.

    I encourage you to google the term “mate poaching”… You will be surprised to learn that not only do these women prefer ONLY Alphas, but they STRONGLY prefer them to be MARRIED (or at least in a relationship). In other words, alphas are no longer good enough for these narcissists, unless of course that Alpha is willing to ruin his entire life–and the lives of his family– for the “privilege” of one wild night with them. So instead of analyzing what type of MAN these narcissists prefer, perhaps we should instead be analyzing what type of WOMAN would trade an innately fulfilling life of marriage for a vain life of sexual conquest.

    Again, enjoyed the article.

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