My First Interview

I Just got interviewed by the Robert Stark’s Voice of Reason radio show. VOR is an Internet radio channel and Stark has one of the channels on there. His show is a little fringey, but I’m pretty fringey myself, and no MSM folks are going to touch me with a 10 foot pole and an 11 foot extension.

The interview went pretty well, considering it was my first one. It lasted about an hour and was done over the phone. I was nervous, but a glass of wine always helps that problem.

The interview was wide-ranging, covering Liberal Race Realism, Political Correctness, Identity Politics, immigration, legal, illegal and Hindu-1B guest workers, White nationalism, economics, the banking crisis, Ron Paul and the Libertarians, environmentalism, California politics and political views, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the Jewish Question, the nuttiness of Jewish conspiracy theory, the meaning of the terms anti-racism and racism, White positive self-identity, the terms Right and Left and what they mean anymore, the need to empathize with other races and political views, corporatism, capitalism, neoliberalism and other economic systems, what it means to be an American, etc.

It will be online in about a week on Robert’s website.You can listen to it then. This was very much a new experience for me!

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3 thoughts on “My First Interview”

  1. You can throw Rand Paul, Ron’s son running for Congressional office in Kentucky, to the curb.

    Ron Paul is an avowed opponent of foreign aid to Israel and a special critic of the Jewish Lobby. His son Rand has backtracked from his father’s position due to GOP hiearchial financial support to his primary opponent, the Dick Cheney approved Trey Greyson.

    Latest fiasco, Greyson got bigwig Christian evangelical James Dobson to support him by
    lying about Paul’s alleged pro-abortion position.
    Although leading in the polls by 16%, Paul’s people hurridly corrected the lie and Dobson ran a commercial reversing his stand, backing Paul–and inserting in his promo which had otherwise absolutely nothing to do with foreign policy–that Rand Paul had also assured him he supports Israel.

    Isn’t the Jewish control of American politics pathetic?

  2. Hey Robert, how can you say that Jewish conspiracy
    theory is nutty when their power and control is so blatantly obvious to anyone who is not a brainwashed lemming?

    1. Just because they are so influential doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a conspiracy on their part. But I swear, if such was the case, then I really respect them. A minuscule population “ruling the world” through such teamwork is no easy task by a long-shot and seems implausible.

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