Excellent Shot Across the Bow at the Nordicists

This is a great comment from an earlier piece I wrote, The Racial Makeup of Hispanics. It has attracted many an idiotic comment, especially from ignorant Hispanics. However, this comment was a nice one. It was written by a Spaniard in response to a stupid comment by a Nordicist claiming that ancient Greece and Rome were Nordic and that Mediterranean types were inferior non-Whites.

Spain a bastardized race? Britain is by far more bastardized.

Tacitus, a Roman historian made a clear description of how the Romans, Greeks, Celts, Germanics and Middle Eastern Scythians were.

First of all, Roman historical documents describe Carthaginian port towns as far as in Ireland. Carthaginian traders were originally from Phoenicia. These documents from around 300 B.C. clearly describe the phenotype differences of the Romans from other Barbaric tribes.

The Roman description of themselves is clearly the same as modern day Spanish person, Roman nose profiles resemble a Spanish nose profile. Romans describe themselves as having pale, easily tanned skin, dark hair and mostly having amber, light brown and more commonly hazel eyes.

The Celts, contrary to common ignorant beliefs, were described in 300 B.C. as having pale skin that could tan, dark hair and to a large degree, blue eyes.

Many Hibernians (Irish), however, were describe as having brown skin and dark eyes. Others as White with dark eyes and large noses. Ireland was then inhabited by a majority of Basques, some Celtic tribes and many Carthaginian traders.

The Germanic tribes were described as tall, blond and and light blue eyed, and reddish white skin.

Scythians originated in what today is Kazakhstan and were describe by Tacitus as tall, grey eyed and red haired.

These historical descriptions explain why Italians, Spaniards, Southern French, Portuguese, and to some degree Romanians look alike. Romans were never a Nordic race, nor did they ever have blue eyes. The Mediterranean people are not a result of a bastardized race.

The Roman Empire extended its influence to Britain, and many Roman Nobles moved in what is today known as Wales. As an obvious result, a great % of Welsh people have hazel eyes, Roman nose profiles and Mediterranean skin, perhaps paler due to the fact that Britain is located in a Northern region. Some might even still look Basque. The only reason Carthaginian or Semite phenotypes became uncommon is because of a constant absorption by other ethnicities.

Greeks thought that blue eyes were a sign of cowardice and uncivilized people.

Romans viewed Celtic, Germanic and other tribes, except Greeks, as inferior to them. Before the Roman conquest, technologically and culturally speaking, they were right; they possessed a poor writing system, did not have massive constructions and lacked a truly organized state. Germanic tribesmen rarely possessed any metal armor and fought naked. For Romans, Celtic or Nordic features were barbaric.

Ignorant people think mestizo people look like Indians or Arabs. I’ve been to Mexico and have some friends who are blond, blue eyed and both their parents look Indian; some others have green, hazel and grey eyes with white reddish skin, and some are even red haired with swarthy parents.

I’ve seen mixed people in Sweden (a great % of population) who come from Sami parents (who came from Siberian Mongoloid tribes) and are light blond haired and light blue eyed. The same in Finland and even in Greenland. This mix happened thousands of years before the Viking invasion, so DNA tests prove that English people have Sami blood to a certain extent too – they just lack the phenotype.

Ignorant people think mixed races among European and non-European have to look non-White, which is really stupid.

Hungarians are also a mixed of Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Magyar and Mongols. Many Russians absorbed Sami, Ugric and Mongoloid people for centuries. And Jews have also been mixing for almost a thousand years with some Europeans. If Jewish people hadn’t preserved their religion, they would be considered European. In Germany many blond Nordic looking folks were accepted in the Army even when their parents were Jewish.

The final point is that when mestizo populations are constantly absorbed by another group, over the centuries they become part of the culture that absorbed them. That is also the main reason why our languages constantly change; all Germanic languages used to be one but got mixed and changed. Same with Romance, Slavic and probably every single language in the world.

Some very nice comments here. First of all, my prejudices. I regard Nordicists as splitters who are trying to divide out great White race. Further, I like Med Whites a lot, and I surely consider at least all of the Meds in Europe as fully, 100% White, whatever their petty genetics may look like. If you look White and act White, you’re White. Real simple. As far as Extended Mediterraneans in North Africa, the Middle East, etc., it’s a much more mixed bag, but I think there are a lot of White Berbers and White Arabs too. It probably mostly boils down to individual phenotype.

This comment makes clear that Meds and Spaniards are not some bastardized race, instead, they are simply the Meds, an ancient White people who are the direct ancestors of some of the greatest Whites that ever lived, the Romans and the Greeks.

Furthermore, the commenter notes that the British are quite mixed, with many Med types and Med features, especially among the Welsh. There is substantial Phoenician and Semitic (Middle Eastern Arab) blood in both the Irish and the British. Going back 2,300 years, the Irish were a dark haired and dark eyed people with heavy inputs from the dark Basques and Phoenicians and Celts.

Even the Celts, romanticized as uber-Nordics, are proven here to be have been dark haired with skin that tanned easily. They were very different from the Germanic types. Further, it is important to note a huge Celtic component in the Spaniards and Portuguese, especially in the north of Spain, in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Argaon and Catalonia. There is substantial Celtic input in northern Portugal in the Lusitania region.

Celts are considered to be uber-Nordics, but the Spaniards are heavily Celtic, so are the Spaniards Nordics or what? The whole Nord vs. Med debate starts to get absurd because there has been so much Nordic-Med mixing over the millenia.

I laughed when I read that the ancient Greeks and Romans thought that Germanic Nordic types and features were inferior and barbarian phenotypes and peoples. How the world has changed, but it goes to show that all this crap is pretty subjective and there’s not a lot of “science” going on in the intra-European fights.

Surely the Hungarians are part Asiatic. You can sometimes see it in their eyes. Definitely, Russians are part Asiatic, mostly Siberian, as are Swedes and Finns, who have considerable Sami in them.

And of course Hispanic mestizos look like everything under the sun. One or both parents can be quite dark and indigenous looking, while one or more of the kids can be quite light, and vice versa. In the Caribbean, it works the same way, but the mix is Black and White. A genetic approach to Whiteness is nonsensical when denying Whiteness to someone who looks and acts White.

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31 thoughts on “Excellent Shot Across the Bow at the Nordicists”

  1. Dear Robert
    After the Roman imperialist bastards had conquered all of Italy, they conquered large areas to the West, East, North and South of them. Given that Roman wars were also slave hunts, many members of the conquered people ended up in Italy as slaves. As a result, the Roman population must have been fairly mixed by 100 AC, and even more so at 300 AC.
    As to the population of the British Isles, according to some recent genetic research, 80% of the genes of the population of the British Isles come from the people who were already there before the arrival of the Celts. In other words, only 20% come from the Celts, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and the Normans. This isn’t really surprising. Guatemala is a Hispanic country but over 80% of Guatemalan genes come from the pre-Columbian natives. It was linguistically and culturally but not genetically hispanicized.
    When two peoples live in close proximity, there will usually be some mutual genetic penetration, but obviously, the smaller group will receive proportionally more genes from the larger group than vice-versa. That’s why there should be much more Nordic admixture in the Laps than Lap admixture in the Swedes, more Gentile admixture in Jews than Jewish admixture in Gentile.
    Suppose that in a certain country, the greens are 5% of the population and the blues 95%. If 1% of blue women are impregated by green men and 1% of blue men impregnate a green women, then the blue admixture in the greens will be 19 times higher than the green admixture. in the blues.
    Regards. James

    1. You are correct, James. For instance, Filipinos have few Negrito genes as I understand it. However, Negritos have about 35% Filipino genes. Filipino genes have heavily introgressed Negritos, but hardly at all the other way around. This was because the large size of the Filipino cohort genetically swamped the small group of Negritos.

      Same thing with US Blacks. Almost all US Blacks have some White in them, on average about 15% White genes. However, it is other way around. Only 30% of US Whites have any Black genes at all, and of those who do, they only average 1.3% Black genes. So White genes have substantially introgressed US Blacks, but not the other way around at all. This was because of the size differentiation in the cohorts once again.

  2. Back when I argued w/ WNs a lot, I satirized the Christian Identity creeps by claiming that the Jews were the true Irish, because the ancient Irish had dark hair and eyes. I also used some of their own material, like their claim that the Gaelic language was pure Hebrew. According to this scheme, the people claiming to be Irish today were impostors trying to sucker the world with the Irish Potato Hoax. All satire, nothing against the real Irish of course. I was just holding the Identity creeps up to the ridicule they deserve.

        1. To be precise, I think it was Welsh that they claimed was pure Hebrew, but once you get that counterfactual, who cares? Yeah, the Christian Identity people are particularly offensive because of the sheer idiocy of their beliefS. I seriously would have no objection at all to gassing them.

  3. Here’s another one: their etymology of the word “British.” “Brit” is covenant in Hebrew. “Ish” is man. British means “covenant man.”

  4. The Sami are not Asiatic or Siberian or Mongol. At least not more than other Europeans.


    The are more likely related to ancient Iberian/North African peoples who were pushed upwards after the last ice age receded, and other population groups moved northwards into Europe.

    Non-Africans have Neanderthal DNA. That’s the latest news. – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/07/science/07neanderthal.html?src=me&ref=homepage

  5. The Lebanese Phoenicians have a history of beauty legends and Misses, Like Miss Europa,Jezebel (king Jashwa wife), Elisar (the founder of Cartage)and more.
    DNA is a strong evidance to the Phoenician heritage of the Lebanese people.
    What about Salma Hayek, Shakira in Hollywood main street.
    Lebanese are not Arabs, but they …contain two memberships one with the Francophone and the second with the Arab league. Every membership has its own rules and requirements and reasons to claim what really belongs to Lebanese and Lebanon, but that will not make the Lebanese Arab or French, the Lebanese are Phoenicians of the east cost of the ancient sea.
    Many neighbours like to claim what is originated from Lebanon, like Israel killing of the Queen Jezebel because of her religion and the Humus claim of its origin and more like provoking Lebanon and campaigning against it. The Arabs also want to paint Lebanon their own way according to their understanding. Again Lebanese are Phoenicians.

  6. Increible el pensamiento ebreanglicano!
    La verdad la tiene la ciencia genetica.
    Los españoles no son morenos o pelo negro, pero los rubios son minoria.
    Iberia es el refugio glacial de Europa, por tanto, los ingleses morenos no son descendientes de españoles, sino lo contrario. jeferrson es un gales con haplotipos egipcios, inexistentes en españa, por tanto muchos britanicos son semitas casi puros.
    Los morenos britanicos descienden de los judios y los españoles no tienen el pelo negro, que es muy raro en españa
    En españa a los que tienen el pelo negro los llaman gitanos, es cierto que en españa hay muchos gitanos de la India, pero sin mezclar

  7. were did you get the info about Hazel eyes? I guess that means that I have Roman ancestors since I am part Welsh and have Hazel eyes which are fairly rare in Northwestern Europe.

      1. I was referring to the comment by Stefan you used, me personally I dont care for the North South divide in Europe its a waste of energy. What I know is Red Haired people were the first persons to inhabit Europe, then came Blonde, Brown and Black haired people, not sure in which order.

    1. Greek family from 550 B.C.:

      Two Greek soldiers (note gold helmets, not hair – black hair streaming down below helmets):

      Greek ceramic vase art from around 500 B.C.


      And WAY more where those came from. You can only find a VERY small minority of Greek art with red hair in it, thus hinting at either hair dying or foreign mixture from some few migrations not spoken about in ancient times, or slaves caught in war, later had children (it happens – even Thomas Jefferson had children from slaves) and thus that popped out.

      As quoted above by that Spaniard, even certain ancient Greeks spoke of light (red/blond) hair, blue eyes and pale white skin as FOREIGN to Greeks. They said clearly that these light features are from people of the north! Deny it all you want, and point out few exceptions all you want, but the obvious truth stands out!

      Romans, as spoken of by Tacitus, said the Germanic tribes of the north had light hair and “fierce blue eyes”, as well. It’s obvious that they were pointing out the clear DIFFERENCES of northern Germanic peoples from the DARK southern peoples of Rome! As said above, Greeks did the same. No wonder, Romans and Greeks were basically the same peoples – both Mediterranean, dark in complexion (black hair, brown eyes, olive skin tone – medium, etc.) – thus became the GRECO-ROMAN empire.

      Germanic tribes invaded Rome and Greek lands in around 300 A.D. and onward; they stole everything, that’s why it’s so different today as compared to ancient (B.C.) times in Europe.

      Besides, light people burn in the Mediterranean sun. It’s obviously not their indigenous homeland. Dark and swarthy peoples in the south can tan with ease – this is their land, they made the advanced civilizations back then.

      Nordics (Germanics) are simply jealous of that great history and want to claim it as their own to try and prove some supposed ‘continuity’ of “racial superiority” which is quite moronic, but they’re desperate. lol

    2. Ohh, I’ve seen you on YouTube trying to spread your silly lies and propaganda. You ignore all of those DARK and SWARTHY paintings of ancient Greeks and pick out a RARE exception to rule over your “logic” behind what color Greeks were in ancient times?

      Shows how desperate (and clueless) you truly are. lol 🙂

      1. the people in those links look Caucasian with dark hair, similar to a lot of modern Greeks and Italians. They actually look quite pale.

        1. I never tried implying they were anything but Caucasian. But they weren’t NORDIC (Germanic) in appearance, yet that is what these insecure idiots try to make others believe ancient Greeks used to look like before they supposedly “mixed with darker peoples”. These Nazis are trying to spread racist propaganda in order to claim ancient Greek/Roman civilizations as their own. Such pathetic idiocy.

          Greeks did not have pale skin, but light olive at best. Pale as in seen on Germanic peoples that burns in the sun, original Greeks do not have this. Greeks are adapted to sunny environment (the Mediterranean), so they tan with ease.

          When I say “dark and swarthy”, I mean dark curly hair, brown eyes, etc. This is “dark and swarthy” in comparison to pale white, light hair and light eyed Germanic Europeans.

          I’m not trying to say Greeks were not Caucasian. lol

  8. Britain ‘by far’ more bastardized than Iberia and Italy? Not according to an analysis of the Y chromosome haplogroups found in those places. A glance at the haplogroup map indicates that Spain is maybe slightly more mixed than Britain and Italy is significantly more mixed than both. They both have Y chromosome lineages that are found mainly in the middle east and north Africa.

    The Spanish and Brits are actually a very close match and are mostly from the same European haplogroups. It surprising how white Spanish people look- just google the Spanish football team. Italy has quite a big share of the J haplogroup which is most common in the Arabian peninsula and spread around the Muslim world. Move over to the Turks and they are very mixed as you are getting even more into the middle of the continent.

    Britain is a little more mixed than Spain according to the Mtdna haplogroups. Italy is very similar to Britain, maybe very slightly more mixed and Turkey is a lot more mixed.

    Lastly, Robert, what do you mean by ‘act white’???

    1. Well, here in the US, White people mostly just “act White.” You’re supposed to act like a White person, and most US Whites do. And most of the European Whites who come here seem to act like White people too. Even if you go down to Latin America, a lot of the upper classes act pretty damn White. Now here we also have Asians, Hispanics and Blacks. Black act Black, Asians act Asians and a lot of Hispanics act like Latin American mestizos. Arabs act like Arabs. Indians act like Indians.

      1. Greeks act like Greeks here in America( our culture is foeign and exotic to Europeans) so what’s ur point? so called whites sure as hell don’t act like Greeks

      2. What if there are Blacks that act likes Whites, Asians that act like Whites, Hispanics like Whites, Arabs etc

      3. another difference between american and asian japanese acting is that also the Japanese are very open about sex, unlike prudish Americans (and even compared to mexicans in many ways, though in some ways mexican are more open minded and in others the japanese, the video of this mexican woman living in japan will explain that very carefully)


    2. how are whites supposed to act, as for the asians, i don t know about most of them, but according to stereotypes of japanese, japanese society is very much a society of manners, which is why their etiquette can seem so complex, there is a strong need to be properly polite in every situation, so outwardly expressing your own politeness in short everyday interactions will show people and that will definitely be appreciated
      and the japanese girls act “kawaii” like some shojo animes (animes-mangas for female audiences like a certain one which is popular in both Japan and North America called “Vampire Knight”)
      how to be a Kawaii girl (or a kawaii man)
      -act a bit like a brainless fool
      -In pictures always have your eyes wide open
      -Kawaii is all about being adorable
      -be totally impressed by everything anyone else says as if it’s all new and exciting information, and agree with everyone else constantly
      this is kawaii girl ( she is white hungarian and is acting like a japanese kawaii shojo anime girl in this video)


  9. I really don’t see how you can act white. British people act a bit different to French people as a matter of culture…Italians and Greeks act different again, kind of more animated and impassioned. White Brits and British Indians maybe act a bit different for cultural reasons but in public you can’t really tell any difference. The only time act white makes any sense to me is when its contrasted with an American ghetto black person.

    1. Act White = act like a person from European heritage. Here in the US, it makes sense. Over there, I dunno, but I still think so.

      Latin Americans, Arabs, Indians, Asians, Amerindians, Polynesians, all act quite a bit different.

  10. Hey, this is an interesting blog post! I was born and raised in Mexico City, and, there, I never thought I was any different from other Mexicans. However, when I came to the USA, I could never identify with the majority of Mexicans living here – I frankly thought they behaved in a completely alien manner! Instead, around “White people” I always felt at home, because they behave and feel exactly the same way I do, and the way my family, friends and relatives do, even in Mexico. Mexicans, Asians and East Indians, on the other hand, feel completely alien.

    Nevertheless, I do not condone racism, because I have experienced it myself at the hands of ignorant American Whites that think non-Nordic looks = “Hispanic”* despite my having European features with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and having blond, blue-eyed first cousins, grandparents, and a niece on both sides of my family. It sucks to be discriminated by my OWN people. Das gefällt mir nicht!

    (*) Not all do this, though. Many who have traveled to Europe have asked me if I come from England, from Germany or Italy, Interestingly, they never ask if I’m from Spain! Furthermore, Germans themselves have asked me if I’m German quite a few times.

    Also, I had a college professor in Southern CA that looked like Julius Caesar, yet he was a professor of CHICANO studies decrying discrimination against Mexican Americans by giving examples from his own life. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help to act “White” and was married to an ordinary White American blond woman. Nordicism causes absurd situations indeed!

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