“Modern Day Minstrels,” by Alpha Unit

Yet another video of Blacks Acting Up has surfaced, and is being presented for your consideration. The latest one here shows some Black women in an eating and drinking contest, and the very thought of it infuriates me. I hate seeing this kind of stuff, but I realize that a lot of people find it quite entertaining – including the people participating in it.

Some Whites really get a good laugh out of seeing Black people “confirming” everything they believe about Blacks anyway. And there’s nothing new about that.

Black people have always been entertaining to Whites. From slavery until now. Black people clowning, acting like fools, and misbehaving are comic staples in America. That’s one thing White America would reward us for doing: making them laugh. And so we always have.

White people loved the way we entertain so much that they would dress up like Blacks, act like Blacks, and try to sound like Blacks – to entertain each other! They couldn’t get enough of it. They made such entertainment so lucrative that some Black entertainers even used to perform in blackface. Actual Black people being entertaining wasn’t good enough. You had to be the kind of “Black” that they could recognize as funny.

Nothing’s changed. The minstrel shows haven’t gone anywhere. Black people do it themselves now. They’ve been doing it themselves for quite some time now.

And the White folks don’t even require you to wear blackface. Ain’t it cool being free?

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4 thoughts on ““Modern Day Minstrels,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. Hmm, seems like something touched a nerve, Alpha!

    I’m a bit confused. Is this post intended to be a diatribe against whites who enjoy black fools, or against blacks who act like idiots, thus degrading their people?

    Are most blacks wonderful and well behaved people, and are all poorly behaved blacks simply putting on minstrel shows? Do whites like me force them to put on minstrel shows? Or are some blacks simply so deluded that they act a fool in spite of themselves?

    I’m not entirely getting your angle here.

  2. Alpha: Your link may not be what you think it is. The link seems dead, so perhaps the context here is lost?

    I think Black people who act in a foolish fashion do so, in general, more because because it impresses other Black people or because they are themselves foolish and think it’s a cool way to act or because they are not very uptight about appearing ridiculous.

    I think the number of White people who are interested in watching Black people acting in a foolish fashion must be low, or else Black comedies where Black people act in a foolish fashion would be popular amongst Whites, which they aren’t (compared to standard Idiocracy fare and their popularity amongst Black audiences). So the most reasonable explanation is that they make these things to be compelling to Black people and make their money in this fashion.

    I also think the number of Black people who mock the Black people for Whites is probably lower than the number of Black people who mock Whites for Blacks and Whites or on a par. If it is different than I have said, there’s not much in it.

    I think the number of White people who laugh at odd characters amongst Black people is probably many times more than the people who think there’s something funny about the whole group. I just don’t think there are many White people who laugh at Black people just because they are Black and their racial features.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Lm4YpUtMM&feature=related >> Example: Quite a funny guy, perhaps unintentionally, but not because he’s Black but because of his expression and monotone delivery and his pseudo-hardman scowl/pout and all the ridiculous things he says.

    1. Thanks for informing me about that link. I didn’t actually put that link in; Robert added it to my post. I was actually referring to a video on this blog about some Black women in an eating and drinking contest. It annoyed me, to put it mildly.

      From what I have learned, there are Whites who find these videos of Black people behaving stupidly quite entertaining. I understand that they are put up here partially for their entertainment value, as well.

      Black people are actually their own worst enemy when it comes to this sort of stupid crap.

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