This Does Not Exist

This suitcase nuke does not exist.

See this fake picture of a suitcase nuke? The pic is fake. Fake, fake, fake, fake. How do we know it’s fake? Because not only do suitcase nukes not exist, but even if they did, they could never fit into this suitcase here.

A footlocker from 1943, used by the US military in WW2. Think you might attract attention carting this down the street? Yeah.

They would need to fit into a gigantic footlocker. Not only is it so huge that it was attract much attention, but the nuke, even if it could be compressed down to the size so small to fit into this locker, would have to be so heavy that it could hardly be carted around. With a 40-kiloton yield, I assume that it would have to weigh around 10 tons or 2,000 pounds. You’d probably need at least a forklift to even pick the thing up.

As you can see with this disgusting piece, the terrorist nukes meme has been picked up by of all people, the Palestinian nationalist movement.

The suitcase nukes were always held to be developed by the USSR, but in the latest mutation of the lie, they are now held but the new version of the “Soviet Menace,” the land everyone loves to hate…drum roll…Israel! The evil Israelis either made them themselves or they got them from the equally evil Americans. Anyway, the diabolical Jews are set to set off one of these suitcase nukes in the US in one of their infamous false flag operations.

Sure, Israel’s done a few false flags, mostly long ago. But the False Flag crowd is really nutty. Every time some Arab commits some atrocious terrorist attack (an Arab specialty since Arabs specialize in terrorism), guess what? It’s not really Ay-rabs that done it! It was really those darn sneaky Jews! Damn those devious Jews get around!

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7 thoughts on “This Does Not Exist”

  1. So, this is something imagined that both Arab-haters and antisemitic types can cherish in their hearts?

    1. Yes, they are both into it. The Arab haters say that the crazy Arabs have a suitcase nuke, and the anti-Semites say that the Jooooz have a suitcase nuke.

      It’s all bullshit. There are no suitcase nukes.

      1. Of course you are correct. In reality, the Arabs have no nukes, and the Israelis have perhaps 200 functional war-shots, deployed on IRBM’s and through aircraft and cruise missile delivery systems. The only two viable Arab nuclear weapons programs to have existed are long gone. Iraq was sanctioned to death and conquered by the U.S, and Egypt gave up in the 80’s, figuring it was too expensive. They never got passed the planning stages. Better to just take Uncle Sugar’s $2.2 billion a year, instead.

        All this nonsense about AQ buying them off the Russians or Pakistanis is nothing but Hollywood fantasy.

  2. I sure hope there are none! I was scared shitless after 9/11 thinking that a terrorist would bring them here and set off a bunch simultaneously in different cities.

    1. Of course, at the time. Never concerned me much, though. Not even the Pakistanis. After all, how would a bunch of “jihad monkeys” like AQ get there hands on any nuclear weapon, let alone be able to deploy, use and even maintain one.

    2. You know what’s weird? People get mad at me when I tell them that these things don’t exist. They insist that they really do! I don’t get it. People want to be frightened or what?

      1. Hah! I know what you mean. More than you could imagine. In your case, you present facts that no known nuclear weapon “suitcase” delivery system has ever existed. You can hit people with facts, but they either repeat their ingrained nonsense, or get spiteful at you for trying to challenge their mythical worldview. You should see the fun I had in “scholarly” company over the years when the subject of Iranian military or technical capability came up. Same thing happens. Facts don’t seem to bother folks much in these types of concerns.

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