New Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill in Arizona

Arizona just passed a new anti-illegal immigration bill which has people freaked out all over the country.

There is really a lot less to it than either side recognizes. All it does is make Arizona law the same as federal law, so it ought to be immune to court challenges. It also stipulates that cops can only check for immigration status after they stop someone for a legitimate reason, for example, for a traffic stop or if they are a suspect in some other crime. So there are not going to be any roundups or stops on the basis of someone looking Hispanic or speaking Spanish.

The Left has gone nuts over this bill, and the Obama Administration has registered their disapproval. That bills like this are being passed at all reveals frustration over the Feds’ refusal to enforce immigration law. So the solution, says everyone, is some crap called “comprehensive immigration reform.” Every time you see that word “comprehensive” with regard to immigration, start running away. That word is code for “amnesty.” Comprehensive = amnesty. It’s that simple.

It’s actually much worse than that.

The pro-illegal crowd not only wants amnesty for 12 million illegals, they also want to end “the militarization of the border.” What that means is that they want the Border Patrol pulled off the border.

They also want “an end to the raids.” What that means is that after we do amnesty, all of the new illegals will get a free pass into the country.

There won’t be any Border Patrol at the border, so the illegals will just walk across. Once the illegals are in the country, there won’t be any more raids, so they will get to stay here as long as they like. Until the next amnesty, that is. In other words, Open Borders.

The Democrats are trying to sell this “comprehensive immigration reform” stink bomb on this basis: We will legalize the 12 million already here, and then we won’t let one more illegal stay in this country. After we give them all amnesty, we are going to massively beef up border security and finally get control over the borders. They we will bust all the employers hiring the illegals, and we will make constant raids on any new illegals. The line is, “Sure, we are doing this amnesty once, but after that, there will never be another one.”

Forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. The US is never going to get control over its border because it doesn’t want to. The Republicans want the illegals to flood over for cheap labor, and the Democrats want them pouring over because that’s what their traitor Hispanic constituency wants.

The US is never going to bust all the employers. Ain’t gonna happen. There is already a workable program called E-Verify that can easily determine if any employee is an illegal or not. The Democrats have killed mandatory E-Verify and will continue to kill it forever.

The raids necessary to remove all of the illegals are never going to happen either.

Keep in mind that this was how they sold us that last treasonous amnesty in 1986 under Reagan. First it was only supposed to be for 500,000 illegals. It ended up legalizing 3 million of them. Back then, they said the same thing. We will give them amnesty this once, then we will get control over the border, crack down on the employers and remove all the illegals already here. None of these things happened because the powers that be want these millions of illegals here.

Furthermore, there will not just be 12 million illegals legalized. There will be another 30-40 million of their relatives coming in subsequent decades under family reunification, a much abused immigration law that needs a serious working over.

Let’s get this straight. Comprehensive immigration reform means not just amnesty for 12 million illegals and adding their 40 million relatives. It also means Open Borders. Because the pro-amnesty stance is essentially an Open Borders stance. Comprehensive immigration reform = amnesty = Open Borders.

I am going to tentatively support this law until we see how it actually works out. Supposedly, this makes me a fascist and a conservative. Fine, I’m a conservative and a fascist then, no problem.

Arizona has also done two other cool things.

They passed a law banning all ethnic studies programs at K-12 schools. There are Chicano Studies programs in many Arizona high schools, and they’re terrible. They are all being taught by Reconquista Aztlan MECHA and La Raza Hispanic traitors. This curriculum is furiously anti-White and openly treasonous. It has no place in US K-12 schools.

It’s lamentable that it exists at universities too, but all sorts of nonsense is taught at university level, and you can’t much get rid of it without running the risk of censoring higher education, which I don’t want to do.

Arizona also passed a law mandating that all English teachers in Arizona K-12 schools must be fluent in English and speak without a strong accent.

One wonders why such a law was needed.

Here is what happened. A while back, Arizona had bilingual education, which I actually support, since I have a Masters in Linguistics, and I know bilingual ed works for those who need it. Opposition to bilingual ed is not pedagogically sound or proper.

Eight years ago, Arizona got rid of all bilingual ed, a very bad idea. The schools had hired all these Hispanic bilingual ed teachers for their bilingual program, many of them from Latin America. Many of these folks spoke English only as a 2nd language and were not native English speakers.

After the state got rid of bilingual ed, the schools shifted the bilingual ed teachers to other subjects, mostly to teaching English. This bill is an attempt to deal with that problem. The bill is pedagogically sound. Indeed, only native English speakers should be teaching English in the US, where English is the de facto national language.

More states are going to pass such laws. Utah and Texas have introduced copies of Arizona’s bill. This will be nice because the more states that pass these bills, the harder it’s going to be for the pro-illegals to pull off their, “We are going to boycott this state!” threat. It’s fairly easy to boycott one state, but when it gets to two, three and more states, it’s going to be harder and harder to boycott so many states.

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30 thoughts on “New Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill in Arizona”

  1. All that immigration liberals do is oppose and call any act draconian that attempts to enforce immigration laws. Yet when you ask such people are they in favor of open borders, they will all deny it. So they are supposedly against open borders, yet don’t believe in doing anything to crack down on illegal immigration, which means they are tacitly for open borders anyhow.

    What sickens me is that mayors of major cities like L.A., S.F. and NYC can openly and proudly declare their cities as “sanctuary cities” and they welcome them to come here and break the law and use social services. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the legality/constitutionality of these mayor’s policies? Advocating that non-citizens violate the law? That should be legal grounds for impeachment of their office.

    It’s a shame this issue wasn’t dealt with long ago, because it has now gotten to the point that it’s so entrenched with racial politics that nobody can do anything about it for fear of being labeled racist. Some of the true wackos are comparing the Arizona law to nazism. It’s unreal.

    1. The neocon philosophy is best summed up as, Invade the World, Invite the World. If you know what I mean. Attack all of America’s, or Israel’s (Which is it now?) enemies the world over, then invite the whole world to walk across our Open Borders and make themselves at home.

      1. Well, unless those coming over are Arabs. A few years back while the Iraq War was ragging and hundreds of people were being murdered a day…There was talk of allowing the Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria to come over to the U.S. Many of these were people were running for their lives, for having helped the American occupiers. That idea was shot-down so fast by people on every side of the aisle, it actually made my head spin. Not only were the Bush crew neocons against it, the charge was lead by then Senator Hillary Clinton.

        Translation. 12, 20 40 million Mexicans and Central Americans = good. 50,000 Iraqi collaborators = bad.

        Need I spell out why the notion was shot down so quick? I think everyone here knows where I am going with this. Modern American thinking for you.

        1. Cyrus –

          just a note on the Iraqi refugee population. The vast majority of the refugees were not collaborators. Many of them were religious minorities (mostly Christian) and many were just leaving a war torn country. A lot of them were educated (doctors, engineers, etc) and had no future in Iraq because of the war. They were leaving because of the chaos that was started by the initial invasion of Iraq by the US and UK.

        2. You are in fact correct, Husaayn. Many were Christian minorities, as well as just plain educated people of any background trying to survive something far out of their control. Of course, here in the U.S, we evidently did not want a bunch of doctors or engineers to relocate to the U.S. Oh, no. We prefer tens of millions of folks from south of the border, most of whom are lucky to have a 3rd grade education, and are hardly grateful or indebted to the U.S when they get here.

          Sometimes I wonder if this still is a the same society that landed men on the moon 40 years ago, invented the airplane and nuclear weapons, created the internet, developed a vaccine for polio. Etc, Etc, Etc…

          No. We are better off becoming like Mexico, and the rest of Latin America, I suppose. Or, so my fellow “yanks” tells me.

          1. I would have been perfectly happy to have taken those Iraqi Christians. I don’t see why they were a problem at all. It’s ridiculous. I’ve seen some of these Iraqi Christians. Good, traditional people. They look quite White too, Whiter than your average Arab for some reason. They’re really Assyrians.

  2. The Republicans want the illegals to flood over for cheap labor, and the Democrats want them pouring over because that’s what their traitor Hispanic constituency wants.

    @ Robert

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: both political parties are absolute scum. They’re both one side of the same coin. Each party screws this nation in its own unique way.

    I am absolutely sick of this nation’s 2 party system. It’s time guys like you and me lend support to a political party that actually deals with various problems, such as illegal immigration.

    Let’s not whine, because nobody likes a whiner. Instead, let us take action and kick all traitors, Demorats and Rebubbalicans, out of office.

    The neocon philosophy is best summed up as, Invade the World, Invite the World.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Neocons get us involved in expensive and internationally unpopular wars in 3rd world countries, and also have no problem with inviting the 3rd world to live here. They are traitors who should all be banished from this nation.

    All it does is make Arizona law the same as federal law, so it ought to be immune to court challenges. It also stipulates that cops can only check for immigration status after they stop them for a legitimate reason, for example, for a traffic stop or if they are a suspect in some other crime. So there are not going to be any roundups or stops on the basis of someone looking Hispanic or speaking Spanish.

    Thanks for clarifying this, Robert. I must confess that I was initially under the impression that this law gave license to law enforcement officers to randomly search any Hispanics who fit the profile. I too couldn’t help but think that the law was a bit draconian.

    You’re the first person to really describe this law in simple, yet detailed terms.

    WN’s simply celebrate the law (without critically analyzing it), while the loony anti-racists denounce the law as oppressive.

    While I don’t agree with all aspects of this law (I’ll elaborate on that if you wish), this is definitely a step in the right direction. I also applaud Arizona for the other two laws that you mentioned.

    I think many angry whites, tired of being displaced by the 3rd world and cultural Marxism, are finally saying “enough is enough!” Let’s hope that this movement in Arizona spreads throughout the nation. At least two more states are planning to follow Arizona’s lead.

    @ Tulio

    Some of the true wackos are comparing the Arizona law to nazism. It’s unreal.

    It takes either extreme ignorance or some great nerve to compare this law to the plight of Jews living in Nazi Germany.

    So, am I to believe that kicking illegal immigrants out is the same as sending your own citizens to the gas chambers? Give me a break!

    Also, as a black person, don’t you get sick and tired of people comparing illegal immigrant movements to the Civil Rights Movement?

    Are some fools seriously trying to claim that the struggles of 2nd class citizens (note: citizens whose ancestors have been a part of this nation for 3 centuries) against attack dogs, violent mobs, and truly draconian and discriminatory laws is the same as illegal aliens wanting to have open borders and the right to live here illegally?

    In conclusion, to reiterate what I’ve said earlier, both the right and the left suck!

    The right, through their wacko tea baggers, religious right, war mongers, and pro-corporation pigs, and the left through their pro-amnesty (*cough* I mean “comprehensive immigration reform”), cultural Marxism, and their masochistic ass kissing and self-flagellation.

    And when it comes to immigration, to me there’s no difference between a neocon and a leftist.

    These are truly troubled times.

    1. As far as I see it, illegal immigrants don’t have any civil rights. Civil means that which applies to the civilian, and you must be legal to be a civilian. That’s the whole point of wanting to become a citizen or at least legal resident, so that you earn civil rights.

      1. Exactly!

        What part of illegal alien don’t people understand?

        What part of citizen don’t people understand?

        What part of the idea that a nation has every right to determine who can enter don’t people understand?

        These pro-illegal arguments have nothing to do with logic or morality, but everything to do with politics.

        As Robert pointed out, Republicans want cheap labor for their rich corporate pals, while Democrats want future votes and dependents.

        But really, the next time I hear someone compare this law to Nazi Germany or Jim Crow, I’m going to explode.

        Are some pundits and radicals really that dishonest and devoid of logic?

        It’s maddening, to put it mildly.

  3. Excellent article Robert.
    That’s why I love your site, you are that rare bird – a lefty who actually has a brain.

  4. Saying that strengthening illegal immigration enforcement is ‘anti-immigrant’ is like saying strengthening rape laws is anti-sex.

  5. Dear Robert
    What the sorry state of immigration policy in the US reveals is a democracy deficit. The majority in nearly every Western country, the only ones receiving a large number of immigrants, are opposed to large-scale immigration and certainly to illegal immigration, but immigration policy does not reflect their wishes because the political elite knows that opposition to immigration is just a manifestation of bigotry and ignorance.
    In Canada, the elite has thoroughly succeeded in convincing the electorate that immigration is indispensable for economic growth. All historical evidence demonstrates that prosperity attracts immigrants, not that immigrants create prosperity, but such evidence is completely ignored by Canada’s elite.
    As long as the political establishment believes that immigration is necessary and that opposition to immigrationis motivated mainly by Neanderthal instincts, immigration restriction will be a pipedream.
    Regards. James

  6. You know Robert, I have noticed that to. The Iraqi Chaldeans and Assyrians are a lot whiter(As opposed to the Shias, who always struck me as “darker”). Since they are extremely ancient and closed communities, they may very well be the true descents of Assyria and Babylon, and of perhaps all of ancient Mesopotamia. Shame what happened to them because of our dumb ass invasion. I’ve said it before, and I’ll it again…My fellow Americans(especially the White ones) are stupid, with no sense of priorities, or even what is good for them personally or as a group. I am just glad there are others around that have noticed this as well.

  7. Robert,

    This is a great post – far more reasonable than anything I’ve read in other blogs or opinion pages of newspapers.

    I fear illegal immigration is here to stay for precisely the reasons you state: the corporate elite loves the cheap labor and the Democrats love the votes from the (Spanish-speaking) Latino bloc. The more powerful driving force is the former, cheap labor; both Republicans and Democrats depend on corporate donors for their expensive political campaigns.

    Unfortunately, rampant illegal immigration has caused massive economic and social problems here in the US. Black Americans are especially hurt by this system (because it pushes wages so low that it is often wiser to take welfare than it is to work), yet are seemingly complacent. This is understandable from an historical perspective – blacks are often weary of white people due to the disgusting legacy of Jim Crowe, lynching, and slavery. Naturally, they fear the anti-illegal immigration cause because: (1) it is supported mainly by white people; and (2) it is painted as “racist” by the media.

    Nonetheless, how can a low-skilled black worker with a family to support possibly compete with a low-skilled, undocumented Mexican immigrant who lives in a tiny one-bedroom apartment he shares with nine other illegal immigrants? The black worker cannot possibly support a family with such low wages. Yet, they hardly complain about this injustice.

    Do illegal Mexicans return the favor and help out black people? No! In my experience (I live in Long Beach, CA), Mexicans are amazingly racist against black people – calling them lazy, among other things. (In my opinion, black people are not lazy; they just want a fair wage and those illegal immigrants who call blacks “lazy” are partly responsible for keeping wages so low.) Low-skilled white workers face a similar plight as their black peers, but are noticeably outraged (and get labeled as racists by Latinos).

    You also mentioned the ethnic studies issue. I feel the illegal immigration problem is perpetuated by university and high school “ethnic studies” curricula which often deride white culture as imperialist and racist while ignoring all of their contributions to society (namely, scientific inquiry and open societies with clearly defined civil liberties). In my experience, these courses often serve to give non-white students the impression that the “real” struggle is against all white people.

    Ironically, the truly powerful (and overwhelmingly white) class are the only ones who truly benefit from this arrangement. They get cheap labor and can afford to shield themselves from all the crime and despair that illegal immigration causes. The illegal immigrants themselves just get exploited. Worse, sometimes illegal immigrants are the victims of vicious hate crimes.

    I have no problem with immigrants of any race. Those educated Iraqis would have made great immigrants to this land. Moreover, it should be our moral duty to take them in since our own government caused the horrors they are escaping.

    However, I feel we have enough low-skills workers in this country already. When you have unemployment rates of 30% or more among black males in their 20s (in a relatively rich country), then something is wrong. Black men I speak to often don’t work simply because it makes no sense to slave away in the sun for shit wages when you can just scrape by. I am convinced some of these young men would make great entrepreneurs – starting the same types of businesses (lawn care, food trucks, etc.) that today are dominated by a Spanish-speaking illegal workforce.

    I also support the Arizona law. However, I am convinced this system, as a whole, will not change until all people will realize that it remains in place because of big corporations and serves only to benefit that group. Interestingly, our poor education system is largely to blame for our ignorance. Hence, the law you mentioned which bans ethnic studies courses in public schools is a great first step.

    1. I concur. This has got to be one the better “rundowns” on the issue I have read. Realistic analysis. Too bad Robert will get avoided by any mainstream outlets like the plague.

    2. Very well stated and I agree with everything you said. The part about who benefits is especially important. I’ve seen many a upper class white with their “undocumented” gardener or maid who supports illegal immigration, yet they live in lily white suburbs in gated communities far from these illegal immigrants and put their kids in private schools. They wouldn’t dare live anywhere near them and wouldn’t even think of putting their kids in the same schools with them.

      It’s always funny to me that WNs think that when America becomes majority non-white, that whites are going to become some sort of oppressed 2nd class citizens. Give me a break. Are you fkg kidding me?? Is that the case in Latin America? Mexico is like 90% non-white and whites still have most the money and power. Same with Brazil. What makes these guys think it’ll be any different here?

      What you will start to see happen though is that the United States(starting with the southwest) will more and more resemble a Latin American country in that you have a white, wealthy minority that lives behind barricades and puts their kids in private schools and then a large swath of poor and un/under-educated non-whites living in the underclass(like East L.A. but even bigger), and then this anemic, struggling middle class in between. Even in a majority non-white country, I’m willing to bet most the presidents will still be white, like Latin America. Of course not all whites will be wealthy and not all non-whites will be poor, but the trend will still be whiter means richer and darker means poorer generally speaking, as is the case with Brazil.

      1. Tulio, I don’t think you can really compare the U.S to Latin America racially (though we are starting to look more like a 3rd world Latin American country).

        Is there racism in Latin America? Definitely. There’s probably as much, it nor more racism there than here. Do whites enjoy more benefits despite being a minority there? Sure.

        However, the racial dynamic is a bit different. For one, there isn’t the One Drop Rule, and whiteness is a lot less restrictive. As a result, you see more colorism and more people accepted as white.

        Also, while there’s definitely severe inequality, there isn’t the same level of hatred. Latin America doesn’t have the same baggage as we do, in terms of Jim Crow, race riots, O.J. Simpson and James Byrd, battles over affirmative action and integration, and other racial headaches that this nation has to deal with.

        I’ll wager that non-whites here are far more organized, militant, and angry than non-whites in Latin America. You point out that in many Latin American countries, whites are still the president.

        Well here, in a majority white country, we have a non-white president. Also, in cities where whites are the minority, you almost always have a non-white mayor.

        So no, I don’t think that whites as a minority will enjoy as much privilege as white minorities in Latin America.

        Besides, I don’t want to live in a society where I have live in a gated and electric fenced neighborhood on account of being outnumbered by non-whites.

        Either way, when whites are a minority in this nation, it won’t be much fun.

      2. By the way, Tulio, way to school those commenters over at Abagond.

        I would add some of my own insight over there, but I left Abagond a while ago with the promise that I wouldn’t comment again (I’ll explain why in case you’re curious).

        I think Herneith’s assertion that we shouldn’t care about illegals because native born Americans commit crime is absurd.

        Like you said, should I not get mad at kids across the street who steal my car simply because my own kid took 20$ from my wallet?

        Of course, even without illegals, there certainly will be tremendous crime.

        However, by getting rid of crime and social problems caused by illegal immigrants, that’s one less headache we have to worry about.

        Sure, both groups who commit crimes are equally at fault, but at least one group of people have the right to be here.

        If you misbehave and come here illegally, you should be shown the door. End of story.

        1. I posted a link there about Mexican cartels coming up here(illegally of course) and planting drug farms in the Sierra Nevadas on public land. I’d never even heard about it but it’s pretty widespread. These guys are also heavily armed and ready to kill to protect their cash crops. On top of that, they use chemicals that are poisoning the pristine environment(which sickens me as a person that enjoys nature and having pristine parks).

          I’ve traveled to a number of countries and when I am in someone else’s country, I always am very sensitive to following the norms of that society and keeping a low profile. I wouldn’t disrespect anyone else’s country by breaking laws. The sheer brazenness of these guys to come up here and disrespect our land by cultivating drugs in our national parks and being willing to kill us to defend them makes me think that perhaps America really is a paper tiger. They might as well just laugh in our faces. They know we are weak, won’t do much to protect our society and our interests, so they exploit our liberties. We can speak of sending men to Mars but can’t even protect our own border. Maybe we deserve what we get. The average person is also disgusted, but when you try to do something about it, some liberal judge will block it, or you will face boycotts like the case with Arizona. I feel fed up with the situation.

      3. What the future holds for US race relations is an interesting topic. There may develop a Latin American style system dividing “whites” from everyone else. Others are predicting that the major division will be between blacks and everyone else. Personally, I think some Hispanics (especially those who are light-skinned) will successfully assimilate into the mainstream while others will join the underclass ranks. In general, I expect class will increasingly outweigh race as the the most important distinction.

  8. I agree with FG. In the future I predict that the lighter hispanics will just assimilate in the white population so the hispanic population projections may not be as high as projected if illegal immigration is stoped. darker hispanics will mopre likely form a permanent underclass and the US could say a Latin American Style caste system with the elites being a mix of whites, jews, and asians, and mixed hispanic white middle class, and an underclass of blacks and darker hispanics.

    1. Dave, I ofter speculated on that myself, and came to the same conclusion. “Lighter” more European Latin Americans do assimilate very quickly into “white America” without doubt. Take the Cubans for instance. It is the huge underclass of poor largely racially Indian illegal immigrants that will fall into an ever increasing underclass.

      1. Another problem is that of cultural values. I was reading some news stories regarding the law and hearing personal testimonials. I’d read stories about how an illegal immigrants up here from Mexico has 5 kids and is up here working so he an support them. Then I think, what the hell is a poor person doing having 5 kids that they can’t support?? In a Catholic country where birth control is frowned upon, it’s pretty common for families without a pot to piss in that have a house full of kids, then have no idea how to support them. You wonder didn’t they ever think about that before conception? “Hey honey, we’re already dirt poor, what are we going to do if we have another kid on top of the 4 we already have??” I don’t care who it is, what their nationality or ethnic background, I get angered when I see people having a bunch of kids they can’t afford.

        1. …though I’ll never be a Libertarian, that’s the type of shit that sometimes makes me want to reconsider.

        2. Actually, the Mexican birthrate is pretty low now. It’s not at replacement yet, but it’s been heading down since the 1960’s. The era of the huge Mexican family is ending. However, they come up here and feel that they have struck it rich and can afford to have more kids. The Mexicans who come up here have bigger families than the Mexicans who stay down in Mexico. Mexican birthrate is 2.27. Replacement rate is around 2.1, so they are getting down near replacement now. US is 2.05 even with all these darned high fertility immigrants – that’s below replacement. The only thing driving up the US population right now is immigration, legal and illegal.

  9. I don’t know why Arizonans would want to protect their citizens from Mexican drug cartel violence, safeguard the public treasury, or prevent the strain on their already choked social services. I mean, not doing that has done wonders for LA! That movie, American Me, I want to recreate that in my city. Yes!

    I have no idea why they’d want to enforce the laws that have been on the books since the USA formed or why they’d be mad at the Feds for not doing their jobs of securing our borders. Arizonans are racists, red-neck, bigoted, right-wing conspiracists for wanting to protect the quality of life of LEGAL immigrants already living here. What’s up with that? They should enjoy picking up the 2 million tons of trash the illegals leave strewn across our lands as they make their way north because they always have beautiful, sunny skies.

    Did you know that asking for someone’s citzenship papers is the equivalent of slaughtering 7 million Jews in Nazi Germany. If you didn’t, then you’re not reading the main-stream, unbiased, good-intentioned media. Get with the program, Comrades! Read the NY Times, the LA Times or the Washington Post, or any newspaper that feeds off of them. It will really educate you and keep you from losing your public education indoctrination.

    Why not let the entire world into this country, starting with Haiti, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Yemen — oh, and don’t forget a few “mainstream” Castro-loving Cubans. I’m sure the freedom-loving Cubans already living in Miami who hate Castro won’t mind. Let’s blow taxpayers’ money overseas by sending travel vouchers to the Middle East so they can fly to Mexico and come across the border. Can’t we all just get along? If we just sat down and negotiated with them, all war, poverty and disease would end and Obama could save us all.

    After their amnesty, they’ll vote Democrat in order to keep the taxpayer dollars flowing freely and keep Democrats in power. What’s so wrong about that? That stuff going on in Greece — riots, protest. Yeah, I like that. Let’s get some of that. After all, we’re no longer a Republic. We’re a dictatorship. Just ask the folks who passed healthcare with the Slaughter House Rules, instead of abiding by the will of the people. If you can’t afford health insurance, you should be jailed or fined by IRS agents, so there will be no room for locking up illegal aliens. Obama is going to help this country like Chairman Mao helped China take the Great Leap Forward, or how Stalin helped unite the Russians. CHANGE, TRANSFORM. I really love it.

    All I ask is that you don’t complain as your paychecks get smaller and smaller. After all, someone has to pay for all those bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, etc. Well, you get the idea. It might as well be you. We know from history that the rich ALWAYS get soaked, so none of it will effect your pocketbook. Right? I mean, look how many millionaires are now living in boxes by the river. Plus, the more money you rob from rich people and give to poor people, the more jobs that are created. Right, Nancy Pelosi? It looks like rain today — maybe too much. I hope the government is doing something about that. Maybe a rain tax is needed.

    1. It’s funny how you laugh (rightly) at the Nazi comparisons to the Arizona SB 1070, but then compare the Obama administration to Stalin and Chairman Mao. Ironically, your post speaks volumes about the overwhelming ignorance found on both fringes of American political debate. Sadly, the fringes are beginning to overtake the reasonable voices from both sides. Good job! Have fun watching Fox News.

  10. The law is just and Jan Brewer is right on target.

    Its time that American govt. gets rid of these illegals and start focusing on helping American citizens.

    When an illegal is employed but an american citizen with great qualities and skills won’t be hired, that is an obscenity and its wrong, period.

    Jobs and citizenship belongs to LEGAL immigrants.
    Not to a bunch of sneaks and criminals that think america owes them something.

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