Good Article on the Israeli Flotilla Attack

I hate Stratfor, but the guys who run that site are really smart, no matter if they are tied in with US imperialism or not.

This is the best article I’ve seen on the flotilla attack.

The flotilla was an obvious provocation designed to break the siege of Gaza. The flotilla folks were told they could sail into Israel, have the stuff offloaded, and then Israel will ship it overland to Gaza, but the flotilla folks blew the Israelis off.

Like the famed and similar Exodus incident of 1947, this was a gigantic trap. But this time it was the Zionists as the prey instead of the bait.

The whole point of traps, honey, booby, doors or otherwise, is to not fall into them. Israel fell into this one headfirst.

No matter what went down, and each side has wildly different narratives at this point, Israel fucked up bigtime in the court of public opinion in many ways. At the very least they could have waited to attack the ship until it was 20 miles offshore instead of 72 miles offshore in international waters. War is the continuation of politics by other means, notes Clausewitz. And the information war is often at least as important as the hot war.

With that in mind, this is one battle Israel lost.

IQ Scores of Oppressed Minorities

There is some interesting literature out there about IQ gaps in minorities and in particular in oppressed minorities.

For instance, in Japan, Burakumin (a caste-like minority) and Koreans (an oppressed minority in Japan) have very low IQ scores and poor school performance relative to Japanese. The Burakumin have a 15 pt gap in IQ. However, it is said that when Burakumin immigrate to the US, in the second generation, the 15 pt difference evaporates and their children score even a bit higher than Japanese.

Japanese Koreans are also said to do very well in school and on IQ tests in the second generation after migration to the US, but they do poorly when they are in Japan.

There are also other examples of IQ score differences between close neighbors in the same nation who would appear to have similar genetics, for example between French vs. Flemish speakers in Belgium, Irish and Scottish vs. English in Great Britain, and Afrikaans speaking Whites vs. English speaking Whites in South Africa.

Children of immigrants of all types seem to score higher than those who stay behind. This difference is mysterious and apparently cannot be accounted for on the basis of selective immigration. Something about immigration itself seems to stimulate cognition in immigrants and their children.


Sternberg, Robert J. (Editor), Grigorenko, Elena L. (Editor). 2001. Environmental Effects on Cognitive Abilities. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Israel Attacks Flotilla, 10 Killed, 34 Wounded


10 killed, 34 wounded on the boat

The Israelis were attacked with account from the Israeli POV here.

7 Israelis were wounded, 2 critically. 2 received gunshot wounds.

In Turkey, stone-throwing mobs yelling, “Damn Israel” tried to overrun the Israeli Embassy.

Do Asians Have a Short Bell Curve?

In race realist circles, much is made of a so-called short curve in Asian IQ. That is, Asians are said to have few geniuses and few idiots – there are few Asians below 70 IQ (gifted) and few above 130 IQ (gifted). So, while Asians are highly intelligent, it is said that they lack a large number of the sort of extreme geniuses that really move a society forward. On the contrary, European Whites are said to have a long curve.

Quite a few geniuses and idiots, and therefore more likely to produce truly innovative and forward-looking societies. White Supremacists have jumped all over this, as they are stung by IQ studies that show NE Asians scoring about 5 points above European Whites. By emphasizing the short Asian bell curve, White Supremacists fight back by arguing that European Whites are in fact the most superior race of them all, and NE Asians are inferior to them.

There are a lot of problems with this data. For one thing, it is not holding up well in the US. Our very top universities are overflowing not just with Ashkenazi Jews (IQ = 112) but also with NE Asians (IQ = 108). One would think that the competition at top schools such as the Ivy League would be among the most high IQ of them all.

Let us also look at the data below regarding gifted programs in the US. As you can see, Asians, especially but not exclusively NE Asians, have a higher

The graph below is confusing. It shows what

I have no explanation for some of the results below. Why do Amerindians have more gifted than Hispanics? Why do Hawaiians and Guamanians have so many gifted, but Samoans and other Pacific Islanders have fewer, when both groups have the same IQ?

The IQ scores may seem confusing. They are set at the new ranking of US IQ = 100. Scores were formerly set at US White IQ = 100. The new ranking pushes US White scores up to 103, and pushes everyone else’s score up 3 points. But the scores are still the same; only the scale has changed.

Asians are overrepresented in the gifted programs in the US, contrary to WN propaganda about narrow Asian SD and relative lack of gifted students.

For 1997, according to the Office of Civil rights (1999), 5.6

Examination of data for those assessed and those who qualified for GATE during the 1998-99 school year indicated that of 14,778 students tested during the year, 3,108 (21.0

Examination of data for Asian subgroups showed a wide range in percentages of children who qualified, with Chinese (50.4

Laotians (15.7

APA Subgroup               

Chinese                     50.4
Koreans                     47.44        108
Asian Indians               45.45        109
Japanese                    41.30        108
Vietnamese                  29.76        102.5
Hawaiians                   28.00         90
Filipinos                   28.00         97
Other Indochinese           25.00         93
Guamanians                  21.95         89
Total Including non-APAs    21.03         100
Laotians                    15.79         92
Hmong                       14.12         85.5
Cambodians                  12.58         92
Samoans                      7.32         89
Other Pacific Islander       5.56         89

In conclusion, it is not yet proven that Asians have a short bell curve relative to European Whites, and there is considerable evidence against the hypothesis.


Cheng L. L., Ima K. & Labovitz G. 1994. Assessment of Asian and Pacific Islander Students for Gifted Programs. In S. B. Garcia (Ed.), Addressing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Special Education (pp. 30-45). Reston, VA: The Council for Exceptional Children.

U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. 1999. 1997 Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Compliance Report. National and State Projections. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education.

“The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment,” by Peter Beinart


This is an essay that first appeared in the New York Review of Books. It’s generating a lot of passionate debate around the journals, mostly among Jews. It looks like it’s going to become a pretty important work. Anyone passionately interested in the Jewish Question as it relates to the US and Israel and the symbiotic relationship between the two might want to read it and think about it.

I agree with Beinart’s essay.

I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines myself for some time now. This setup has never really made sense. Zionism is nothing but Jewish fascism, hence we on the Left oppose it. Nevertheless, the super-liberal US Jews, committed and impassioned liberals all, support this fascist state that in so many ways opposes everything they stand for.

Well, it’s tribal thinking. They’re supporting their people. But US Jews won’t let Whites do the same thing: support our people.

This was always a foundation made of clay, and it’s starting to crumble. Young Jews are increasingly estranged from and apathetic about Israel. They act like the less they hear about it, the better. And it makes sense, since Israel represents the polar opposite of the liberal values that young American Jews uphold.

Jewish liberalism in Israel is also dying, as it never made sense anyway. Liberalism in a fascist state? Come on. What’s happening now is that Zionism’s logic is finally starting to manifest itself. Zionism has always been fascist, but at the same time Israel has always prided itself on being some kind of liberal democratic state. The two views of course are incompatible.

Hence, in recent years, Israel has been moving further and further to the Right and towards a fascist politics more in line with the founding logic of the state. Sure this makes sense. A society founded on fascist ideology would seem to logically support a fascist politics. So lately the Orthodox, the settlers, and out and out fascists like Avignor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu have become increasingly powerful in the Jewish state.

Orthodox Jewry is profoundly illiberal, and Jewish fascism would seem to go over well with the Orthodox. So the Orthodox play an increasing role in Israeli society. In the US, the strong supporters of Israel are increasingly the Orthodox as the secular liberals sit on their hands, close their eyes or put fingers in their ears. A recent pro-Israel rally in Washington DC attended by Paul Wolfowitz drew 10,000’s, 7

The Jewish Establishment, including punks like Abe Foxman of the ADL, still cheers for Israel nonstop, even as it moves increasingly towards a fascism repellent to most liberal Jews. The Establishment deals with this conundrum by denying Israel’s move towards fascism, cheering on the fascists, or redrawing the fascists as democrats.

It isn’t working, and young liberal Jews can see through it.

If People Can Drink Cow’s Milk…

Why can’t cows drink human milk? Seriously. Good question, no?

I'm not one to don calf's suits just for the Hell of it, but I might do it for an occasion like this.

I assume you are wondering just who this chick is? I don’t know her name, but she is some kind of an activist against dairy products, and this is one of her strange stunts.

"Who Owns the Restaurant?" by Alpha Unit

Go into almost any business, particularly a restaurant, and you might see a posting that reads, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” This is perfectly lawful. But you can’t refuse service for just any old reason. The government said so. You can’t refuse to serve someone because he’s Black. Or Jewish. Or White. Or because she’s a woman. Or disabled. Or Muslim. The federal government says that you can’t refuse service on the basis of:

  1. race
  2. color
  3. religion
  4. national origin
  5. age
  6. sex
  7. familial status
  8. disability status
  9. veteran status

You can’t. That’s all there is to it. “Well, I own the restaurant!” you declare. “Why can’t I decide who I will and won’t serve, however I want to?” You own the restaurant, but the government lets you own it, you see. The government decides what you have to do to be able to own it and to keep owning it. Government-created infrastructure and government-mandated regulation of commerce make it possible for you to be in business. The government’s got its hands all over and all into your restaurant. (It’s got its hand in the till, too.) It gets to tell you how you can run your restaurant. That includes laying down the rules for refusing service. “This is government going too far!” you and Rand Paul might insist. Maybe. Government has a way of doing that. Somebody is always thinking that the government’s gone too far. And somebody is always thinking that it hasn’t gone far enough. One act of government can create both criticisms! No matter what it does, somebody’s not going to like it. Guaranteed.

“Who Owns the Restaurant?” by Alpha Unit

Go into almost any business, particularly a restaurant, and you might see a posting that reads, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” This is perfectly lawful.

But you can’t refuse service for just any old reason. The government said so. You can’t refuse to serve someone because he’s Black. Or Jewish. Or White. Or because she’s a woman. Or disabled. Or Muslim.

The federal government says that you can’t refuse service on the basis of:

  1. race
  2. color
  3. religion
  4. national origin
  5. age
  6. sex
  7. familial status
  8. disability status
  9. veteran status

You can’t. That’s all there is to it.

“Well, I own the restaurant!” you declare. “Why can’t I decide who I will and won’t serve, however I want to?”

You own the restaurant, but the government lets you own it, you see. The government decides what you have to do to be able to own it and to keep owning it. Government-created infrastructure and government-mandated regulation of commerce make it possible for you to be in business.

The government’s got its hands all over and all into your restaurant. (It’s got its hand in the till, too.)

It gets to tell you how you can run your restaurant. That includes laying down the rules for refusing service.

“This is government going too far!” you and Rand Paul might insist. Maybe. Government has a way of doing that.

Somebody is always thinking that the government’s gone too far. And somebody is always thinking that it hasn’t gone far enough. One act of government can create both criticisms!

No matter what it does, somebody’s not going to like it. Guaranteed.

The Agenda of the Racial Hereditarians

Almost all of the leading hereditarian race researchers have come out saying that they want to get rid of all anti-discrimination laws. The reasoning is clear. If it can be proven that Blacks are genetically stupider than Whites, then clearly, people ought to have the right to discriminate against them, right? Anyway, that’s how their thinking goes.

A lot of these folks have recently been taking this further. Jason Malloy of Gene Expression spent some time trying to put together an argument that lower Black IQ made Blacks inferior employees. The conclusions are ominous. If we can scientifically prove that Blacks are worse employees, then the logical thing to do would be to discriminate against them.

But their arguments are not as good as they seem. Let’s take a look at them. First of all, are South African IQ scores valid? Yes, it appears that they are.

In South Africa it was found that job performance correlated with IQ. A Black with a 70 IQ performed the same as a White with 70 IQ, and a White with 115 IQ performed the same as a Black with 115 IQ. That is, based on this study, IQ scores for Black South Africans appear to be valid.

This study is used to claim that Black-White job performance differences are caused by lower Black IQ.

But this is not what the study proved at all. Black job performance, if caused by low Black IQ, would have to be over 1 Standard Deviations (SD) (maybe 1.3 SD) below White. Instead, Black job performance is .33 SD below Whites. Black lower job performance is not very much lower than Whites anyway, does not correlate well with Black IQ. In other words, Blacks perform far better on the job than would be predicted by their IQ scores.

From the study:

Black-White differences on job performance are rather small and much smaller than would be predicted based on IQ differentials.Main Effects

The results of this study reinforce some beliefs and change others. For Black-White comparisons, the overall results show a standardized ethnic group difference for job performance ratings of approximately one third of a standard deviation (when corrected for criterion reliability), and this is quite similar to Kraiger and Ford (1985).

We also had similar results for one of three types of performance measures used by J. K. Ford et al. (1986). Specifically, we found larger d’s associated with objective measures of job knowledge than with subjective measures of job knowledge.

Furthermore, Black-White wage gap is far worse than predicted based on B-W IQ gap. This is important because the hereditarians are going to say that Blacks make less money because they are worse workers, and they are worse workers because they are stupid. However, as you can see, the wage gap is far worse than would be expected by IQ, not to mention Black job performance, which exceeds Black IQ.

Nice try guys, trying to justify paying Blacks less, but it didn’t work. This study implies that there are other factors behind lower Black wages beyond IQ and job performance. One of them may be discrimination.

The hereditarians, whether they are right or not, do not have Black people’s best interest at stake. In fact, they are trying to provide scientific evidence to justify racism and discrimination. Blacks have every right to be skeptical about these people.

White American Decline: A Confession

I have a confession to make.

Part of me wants to retain White culture as the dominant American culture.

Problem is that US Whites are unspeakably rightwing. So with White decline in the US should come to the decline of this horrible White US conservatism. White decline should lead to a more liberal America, which I support in most ways.

The US non-Whites are very liberal. The young CA Hispanics are almost Communists or socialists. A non-White America could finally give us a shot at a socialist America, like the socialist states in much of the world. So my preferences for White culture clash with my politics. This crap could all be avoided if US Whites would just be sensible and vote liberal. But they won’t. As it is, it’s pretty much a wash, and a strong part of me wants White decline due to the political benefits.

I like White culture, but I hate this ridiculous conservatism, so out of step with civilized humanity. Non-Whites oppose this nonsense much more than Whites do. Looking for someone to blame because your Senator or Representative is a conservative dinosaur? Look no further than the White

I like liberalism and socialism, but I’m not wild about Black and Hispanic culture. But increasingly, non-White areas are just developing the “multiculture” instead of some explicitly Black, Hispanic or otherwise culture. The multicult is hard to describe, but it’s not White culture, at least politically, and it doesn’t dive into the depths of Black or Hispanic culture. It’s common among civilized Blacks and 2nd generation people of all ethnicities, not just Hispanics.

As you can see, I’m torn. At this point, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. I live in a non-White town in a non-White state, and it’s not exactly the end of the world. I figure we are going to transition towards a Latin American model with a White elite anyway. I’m White. What’s not to like?

Dead Issues

Gang Bang Funeral

In some societies necrophilia was enacted owing to a belief that the soul of an unmarried woman would not find peace; among the Kachin of Myanmar, versions of a marriage ceremony were held to lay a dead virgin to rest, which would involve intercourse with the corpse. Similar practices existed in some pre-modern Central European societies when a woman who was engaged to be married died before the wedding.

Good God, how horrible!

Cool Sculptures

Acts of necrophilia are reportedly displayed on Moche artifacts of Peru.


Wisdom of the Ancients

Herodotus writes in The Histories that, to discourage intercourse with a corpse, ancient Egyptians left deceased beautiful women to decay for “three or four days” before giving them to the embalmers. This practice originated from the need to discourage the men performing the funerary customs from having sexual interest in their charges.

Indeed, the same famous work discusses one Pharaonic era undertaker whose particular kink was screaming for his “Mummy” while doing the deed.

Birds and the Bees, or Animals Do It Too

Necrophilia is known to occur in animals, with a number of confirmed observations.

Kees Moeliker allegedly made one of these observations while he was sitting in his office at the Natuurmuseum Rotterdam, when he heard the distinctive thud of a bird hitting the glass facade of the building. Upon inspection, he discovered a drake (male) mallard lying dead about two meters from the building. Next to the downed bird there was a second drake mallard standing close by.

As Moeliker observed the couple, the living drake picked at the corpse of the dead one for a few minutes and then mounted the corpse and began copulating with it. The act of necrophilia lasted for about 75 minutes, in which time, according to Moeliker, the living drake took two short breaks before resuming with copulating behavior.

Moeliker surmised that at the time of the collision with the window the two mallards were engaged in a common pattern in duck behavior which is called “rape flight.” “When one died the other one just went for it and didn’t get any negative feedback – well, didn’t get any feedback,” according to Moeliker. This is the first recorded case of necrophilia in the mallard duck- though not the only recorded case of homosexuality within the bird family.

The Cane Toads: an Unnatural History film shows a male toad copulating with a female toad who has been run over by a car. He goes on to do this for eight hours, although the entire eight-hour act is not depicted in the movie, thank God.

In the case of a praying mantis, necrophilia could be said to be part of their methods of reproduction. The larger female will sometimes decapitate or even eat her mate during copulation. However, this only happens in 5-3

Dang man, a queer necrophiliac birdbrain odd duck, a ugly toad fucking a toadly chick for a full eight hours without even getting bored, worrying about genital warts or stopping to eat a fly, and male praying mantises with their brains in their dicks. I’ve heard of guys thinking with their dicks before, but that’s ridiculous.

He Said He Would Lend Her an Ear

But this not what he meant.

A truly bizarre story. What in the Hell is with this chick anyway? The White nationalists are going nuts over this story as proof of Black depravity. True, Blacks can be depraved, but this is not an example of such. If anything, this chick appears to be not right at all in the head. This is about a crazy person more than anything else.

She only got 60 days? Damn.

She apologized profusely? Well, that’s nice, but you still need to do the time. She’s apparently dangerous, and 60 days ain’t long enough to let her think it over.

She lost her junior high school teaching job? This chick was a teacher? Jeez.

Pretty nice looking chick though. Too bad she’s a fuckin cannibal.

Alt Left: How Do You Get HIV Anyway?

I figured everyone knew all about how AIDS is transmitted, but considering the dismal state of sex ed in schools and elsewhere these days, I guess not. Plus, with all the focus on “heterosexual AIDS,” people just want to scare you away from sex period, and they don’t want to get into details about how you get it, because then you might think it’s low risk and go for it.

So it’s time for an educational post about HIV.* Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this stuff. It’s not as if they’re handing out brochures on the street corners.

A commenter asks:

Also, why do gays get Aids more than Heterosexuals?

Answer: They get fucked in the ass by other guys. Fucking a woman in the ass is also a great way to give her AIDS.

AIDS = Anal Injections of Deadly Sperm.

That’s a sick joke.

Semen has a lot of HIV in it. When you fuck someone in the ass, the anus is very sensitive and has only a thin layer of protection. There is often a little bit of bleeding during anal sex. The sperm is ejaculated into the anus, and it just goes right into the bloodstream through those thin walls and tiny tears. Generally, this is no big deal, but if the semen has HIV in it, that’s pretty much a guaranteed HIV infection .

The guy who is fucking has a much less chance of getting HIV from the ass of the other person with HIV. That’s because the HIV has to go into your dick, and that’s hard to do because your dick is pretty solid. Also the HIV is mostly in semen. There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.

When a guy fucks a woman’s pussy, well, the pussy evolved to get fucked regularly, so it can take a good pounding no problem. It has really thick walls. So even if semen is ejaculated into a vagina, it’s kind of hard to get AIDS that way because it’s hard for the semen to penetrate the walls of the vagina and get into the bloodstream.

Sometimes if sex is really rough or violent, the woman can have minor bleeding in her vagina. Sometimes there are tiny tears in the vagina too, and you can for sure get HIV from getting fucked in the pussy, but it’s not all that easy.

All of the women getting HIV in porn got it from getting fucked in the ass without a condom. That’s a much easier way for anyone to get it, even hets.

It’s hard to get HIV from giving blowjobs. There have been a few cases, but it’s rather rare considering how often the act occurs and how few cases there have been. All known cases were in gay men who were giving blowjobs 100’s of times to scores to 100’s of men, many of whom probably had HIV.

There’s lots of HIV in semen, but it’s just swallowed and goes into the stomach, where your stomach kills it like that. It would be hard for HIV to get into your bloodstream from your mouth or throat. Maybe if you have a really bad sore throat or better, a little bleeding in your throat it would be easier.

It’s basically impossible to get HIV from getting a blowjob. There is almost no HIV in saliva.

Handjobs are safe sex. You can’t get HIV from giving one or receiving one.

It’s really hard to get HIV from fucking a woman’s pussy if you’re the guy. It’s possible, probably more likely if she is on her period because there is bleeding and your dick contacts the blood, which has tons of HIV in it. Vaginal secretions have HIV, but only a small amount. It’s hard to transmit HIV from a vagina to someone else.

Objections have been raised to this, pointing out that HIV from straight sex is common in India, Thailand and Africa. However, in Thailand and Africa at least, there are completely different forms of HIV than the types of HIV found in the West. Those types seem to be easily transmitted heterosexually, but the type in West seems to be hard to transmit heterosexually.

It’s almost impossible to get HIV from eating pussy, but one guy got it. He had sex with an HIV-positive prostitute every day for six months, and that was his only sex act, since he was an older guy who was impotent (Weird!). Realistically, it’s next to impossible to get it this way, much less likely than fucking a woman.

You can’t get HIV from finger fucking or banging a woman. It’s safe sex.

You can’t catch HIV from kissing someone or getting kissed.

For the reasons above, HIV is almost never transmitted via lesbian sex. One case has shown up in lesbians, but those two women were doing things like shoving dildos up one woman’s ass and then sticking the dildo up the other woman’s ass. Sticking a dildo up your ass can cause bleeding, and if you then stick it up the other woman’s ass, it can go into her bloodstream via her anus easily since there is some blood with a lot of HIV on the dildo.

Another thing we can look at is HIV infection in swingers. Swingers are people who are part of a lifestyle where they have sex with lots of people, sometimes including group sex. All of the HIV cases in swinger males that I am aware of were in bisexual men. A number of swinger women did contact it from straight sex with these guys. There are plenty of women out there having sex with men who they know are bisexual. This is definitely high sex behavior in women, since these guys are at high risk for HIV.

*How do I know so much about this stuff? I’ve been studying AIDS since it came out in February 1982. I remember it before it was even called AIDS – it was called GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Back then, they had no idea what caused it, only that certain groups were getting it (like Haitians). This gave rise to jokes like, “What’s the worst thing about AIDS? Trying to convince your parents you’re Haitian.” LOL.

Around 1992-94, I used to go to a medical library at St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, California. Those places are really cool! You’re supposed to be medical professional to go there, but this Black guy who ran the place and he liked me and let me in anyway. Mostly he was freaked out that a non-medical person would even want to go to a place like that.

They had a journal in there called something like, The Journal of AIDS. It’s the ultimate journal on HIV. I read about 8-10 years back issues of that journal, 100 issues or so, and that’s where I learned much of what I know about HIV. Most of the above post came from my readings in 10 years of that journal.

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Alt Left: The Myth of Male Heterosexual HIV

Update: The comments section on this article is now closed. Continue your comments at the new thread.

We have a reactionary commenter in the comments section who is posting the usual scare stuff about the risks of males in the US getting HIV from a woman. In truth, the risks are very low. To the extent that they exist at all, they exist in the form of regular sex with a woman who has HIV. I mean regular sex. Like hundreds of times, preferably over years. That’s how a male gets HIV from a woman in the US.

Your chances rise slightly with every encounter with an HIV positive partner, so if you are having sex 100’s of times with an HIV positive woman, you risk starts going up. Your risk from a one time or casual encounter with even a known HIV positive female is nearly zero. Your risk from a woman with unknown status is even lower.

These folks like our commenter like to go on an on about how condoms don’t prevent HIV. Well, technically it is true. There were some studies in which serodisocordant couples (one had HIV, the other did not) were followed for ~5 years. Some used condoms all the time, others sometimes, others never. There was significant risk to the females in the never use category, some risk to the females in the occasional category, and low risk to the females in the always category.

There was no risk to the males who used condoms. Of the males who never used condoms with their HIV positive partners, only 2

If condoms were such a big risk to women nevertheless, we would expect to see some women in porn getting HIV from men using condoms. Not one case has yet been reported.

If HIV is such a risk to men from having sex with women, we should be seeing some infections in porn. Not one man has caught HIV from a woman in porn yet, even though for decades, most scenes did not use condoms and to this day, many still do not.

It’s so hard to get HIV from a woman in the US that most guys should not waste time worrying about it. If you regularly have sex with women who shoot dope, you have more to worry about. If you have a regular partner, you might want her to get tested if you don’t know her status, as regular sex with an HIV positive woman over 100’s of acts is somewhat risky.

It’s always nice to know people’s status. I know mine. It’s negative. I’ve been tested. A few times.

Males get HIV infection in three ways.

  1. Gay sex. Usually receptive anal sex. Other acts and positions are much less risky.
  2. Sharing needles with illegal drug users. Don’t do it.
  3. Heterosexual sex. The number of cases is so small that I would almost say don’t worry about it, but not quite.

All these Black and Hispanic guys with HIV who are giving it to women in their communities are getting it by gay sex and sharing needles. With the Black guys, there is a lot of down low gay sex and some needle sharing. With the Hispanic guys, it’s almost all needle sharing.

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Financial Reform: Fail

Financial reform has just passed both houses, but now it goes into reconciliation. This is worse than the health care bill, but it’s similar. Neither one is going to solve the problem, but the consequences for not solving the financial time bomb are worse than for not dealing adequately with health care. This bill was supposed to do two things, at a minimum:

  1. Make sure this doesn’t happen again.
  2. Restore Glass-Steagall, the bill repealed in 1998 by both parties and signed by Bill Clinton. Phil Graham and his wife Wendy Graham are the principal authors of the decades long assault on the Depression-era bill. Getting rid of Glass-Steagall, perhaps more than anything else, caused this latest crash.

It does neither.

There are a number of good things in the bill, but if you don’t do those two things above, it didn’t solve the problem. Worse, just as with health care, Obama will now say we dealt with it and let’s move on and not go back to that again.

The bill is in conference right now. The Republicans want the anti-derivatives language in the bill to be stripped. Barack Obama, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke all support the Republicans in this. Unbelievable.

If this makes anything clear, it’s that the Tea Partiers’ accusations of Obama being a socialist carry no weight at all. No socialist or even social democrat work his salt would ever do something like that. It’s also clear that Obama is still backing his bankster buddies who helped put him in office with those record campaign contributions from Wall Street.

Leanne Holland Death Photos

The famous Leanne Holland death photos have been published on a gore site called Viral Death. We can’t post that stuff here, and they are copyrighted by the site and cannot be republished elsewhere without violating the copyright, but we will link to them for all you sick bastards on here.

Photos here.

Leanne Holland, a beautiful 12 year old girl, was murdered in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, in 1991. A man who lived with her family at her home in Goonda, Queensland, Graham Stafford, was arrested and convicted of the crime on what seemed to be good evidence at the time. He served 15 years, proclaiming his innocence the whole time.

He was finally released on appeal by a judge who decided that he was likely innocent. Based on new evidence, it appears that Stafford is innocent of the crime and the killer instead was another man, known by Leanne, who lived nearby.

He was an informant in the case and may have killed another 12 year old girl in the area two weeks later. He had crime scene photos of the death scene and his daughter is now accusing him of committing the crime. His daughter also said that he tortured her as a young girl in the same way that this girl was tortured.

Leanne had been tortured to death, in some cases sexually, by the killer. The killer was apparently a sexual sadist.

The photos have caused a lot of controversy and a lot of people want them taken down. They have not yet been removed.

You can’t really see that much in the photos. Mostly just looks like a child’s corpse in the woods, but she’s mostly clothed.

How the Socialist Obama Destroyed the US Economy

Yeah right, Tea Partiers. Try again. At the very least, he's done great on jobs, mostly due to that stimulus that you hated. But do Tea Partiers, as a high middle class White faction, even care about jobs?

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words, eh? Bush never cared about jobs. Republicans don’t are about jobs. Jobs are for workers, labor. The workers and labor are the enemies of the capitalists, and the Republican Party is the party of the capitalists. It’s fascinating to watch to the stock market. It’s almost an Index of Evil. I’ve seen a number of times when the unemployment rate dropped, and the stock market went down in response. Oh no! Too Americans are working! We can’t have that!

The reasons for this are obvious to anyone with a modicum of understanding about economics. Low employment means we are heading towards a labor shortage. Labor shortage means workers will get choosy and demanding, start asking for more money and bennies and a better working environment. They may even start going out on strike. Bottom line is labor shortage tends to put pressure on wages to go up. The last thing on Earth a capitalist wants to do.

Capitalist enterprises run off profits. The profits come in, and you figure out how to divvy them up. If you give them all to the company and none to the workers, your stock goes up. The greater

I know some folks who took Economics in college and were set off to a lifetime of socialism as soon as the professor starting going on about the necessity of unemployment in capitalism. Of all the sickening things! Capitalism needs unemployment! The more the better, up to a point.

The capitalists want a huge “reserve army of labor” (as they call it) out there, the more desperate the better. If you quit your job, you may not be able to get another one right away. That’s scary, so you stick with your shit job. And no matter how lousy your jobs, there’s 10 suckers even more miserable than you are, who will grab it in a New York minute as soon as you quit. This is the Sword of Democles that capitalists wield over every worker’s head. Economics 101 again. Isn’t about time you took the course?

Are Iranians White?

It’s certainly a reasonable question, as White nationalists in general answer a resounding “No!” to that question. But even they are funny. Stormfront threw out 300 Armenians on the grounds that they were non-White. However, this decision was very controversial, and after a while, the Armenians were quietly let back in.

They have a Pan-Europeanist policy, which is one of the few noble things about that site.

Recently there were a lot of Iranians on the site, and though I believe Stormfront does officially state that Iranians are not White, there has been a quiet hands-off “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about them, and the Stormfronters quietly let the Iranians stay in what boils down to an open secret. In other words, Stormfront offically states that Iranians are not White, but unofficially, they turn a blind eye to Iranians joining and even organizing themselves on the site.

Iranians are funny people. In 1978, I drove an ice cream truck for a living. There were a bunch of Iranians were who driving trucks too. We were all sort of budding capitalists. You lease the truck every day, buy your ice cream, mark it up, and hope for the best. A lot of us supplemented our incomes by selling dope, including me.

The Iranians were very good at this, selling joints for $1 each mostly to the many Mexicans in the parks of Santa Ana (Santa Ana was a heavily Mexican city even 30 years ago).

Once at the end of the day (we lined up at the end of the day to have our coins rolled and get our payout in easy cash) I asked them if they were Arabs. They were adamant. “We are not Arabs!” Later I learned that they don’t like Arabs much. It’s a superior versus inferior thing. The Iranians think they are better and that the Arabs are inferior, a bunch of animals.

At worst, Iranian nationalists call them “lizard-eating Mohammadens.” Image is heathen Arab Muslims charging out of the deserts of Arabia to destroy the great and proud Iranian culture. And it’s true that the Muslims did devastate Iranian culture, but they did this to all non-Muslim cultures they encountered. After all they were Jahiliyyah or grounded in ignorance.

The modern Islamic state has reinstated this view, downplaying traditional Iranian culture, making Arabic practically a 2nd official language, etc., all of this infuriating Iranian nationalists.

The real hardcore Iranian nationalists often abandon Islam altogether and claim to be Zoroastrians, the true ancient religion of Iran.

Iranian nationalists are interesting people.

Iranian nationalists hate Arabs, so you might think they like Jews, but they hate Jews about as much as they hate Arabs. They especially hate Israel. “Marg bar Israel!” is a common cry on Iranian forms (“Death to Israel!”) And the guys yelling this stuff were older professional guys in their 40’s with young kids, secular, and while respectful of Islam, not very religious.

Why the hatred of Israel? Probably, if you are an Iranian nationalist, even a secular one, Israel is seen as your mortal enemy. That’s a logical assumption.

The harder-core Iranian nationalists also dislike Pan-Turkic types, since the Turanian lunatics usually claim some or all of Iran.

The saner Iranian nationalists hate not Arabs but Arab nationalism. Arab nationalism is funny. It’s Leftist, secular, supposedly anti-racist, but they are bristling with hatred for Iranians. Saddam Hussein’s Arab nationalist uncle, who profoundly effected his views, wrote a famous tract, somewhat humorously titled, Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Jews, Persians and Flies.

The hatred of Arabs towards Persians is similar to that of Gentiles towards Jews or Blacks towards Whites: resentment against a group that thinks they are superior. A common claim, similar to anti-Semitism, among Whites is, “The Iranians are trying to dominate the Arab World!” It’s true that the Iranians opposed Arab nationalism, but who could blame them? The Pan-Arabists were a bunch of anti-Iranian racist shits.

What’s funny about this is that there are Iranian genes running all through the Arabs of the Levant, Mesopotamia and Arabia. It is particularly the case with the Mesopotamian Arabs. The Arab Shia in Southern Iraq have a lot of Iranian blood. One of the reasons Saddam persecuted them so harshly is he thought that they were Iranian fifth columnists. In general, it wasn’t really true, but there was reason to be concerned.

In recent years, as Iran and its Shia allies have turned into the greatest defenders of the Palestinians, the Arab nationalists are in a tough spot. They hate Iran, but how can they deny that Iran is the best defender of the Palestinians in the pitiful and sold-out Arab and Muslim world? There are particular conflicts with Hamas, a Sunni fundamentalist group which is strangely also pro-Iran, and Hezbollah, whose defense of the Palestinians puts the Sunni Arabs to shame.

These realities have forced the Sunnis into all sorts of cognitive dissonance that as usual does not make much sense.

I’ve known a few Iranians. They definitely look like White people. Their skin is often very pale White, especially the females (Why is that?). Some charts strangely enough put them right next to British, Danes and Norwegians genetically. No one knows what to make of it, but we were all together in Southern Russia 4,500 years ago. Some of us took off south to Iran, and others went into Europeans to constitute the modern Europeans. We are born of the same modern roots.

I’ve asked a few Iranians, “You’re White like us, right?” You might think they would get pissed, but they usually give an instant yes or break into a huge smile. They clearly consider themselves “Europeans outside or Europe.” One even told me explicitly that.

Scientifically, it’s an reasonable assumption.

Genetically, Iranians probably have little if any Black in them. Your average German has more Black in them than an Iranian. They do have some Asiatic genes, but probably not many.

The Iranians are actually an interesting link to populations further east. There is a close link between Italians and Iranians (Italians are probably the closest Europeans to Iranians) and then there is another close link between Iranians and Indians, especially North Indians.

So the linkage goes like this (all groups separated by only one arrow are closely linked, but groups separated by more than one arrow are not so close):

Core Europeans -> Italians -> Iranians -> North Indians

So, neither core Europeans nor Italians are all that close to North Indians per se, they can become closer to them through this linkage process.

Iranian genes are common in the region, even outside of Arabia. Many Afghans have Iranian blood and it’s quite common in Pakistanis too. There is a lot of Iranian blood in the Caucasus. Most of your Chechen, Dagestani, Ingush, etc. types seem to derive from some sort of Iranian-Turkish mix. The Ossetians are actually a transplanted Iranian group living in Russia and speaking a language related to Iranian.

There is Iranian blood running through the Stans – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s probably most prominent in Tajikistan.

Persians are only 5

The Kurds and Balochis have serious separatist tendencies. The Arabs (Ahvaz) just fight for more rights as an oppressed minority. Azeri separatism has not really gone anywhere, since the Azeris are actually a dominant minority in Iran! The Talysh have separatist tendencies, but in Azerbaijan, not in Iran.

I don’t support the separatism of the Balochis and Kurds in Iran as long as Iran is under imperialist assault, but if this were not the case, I would think they deserve the right to self-determination. Iran is correct to suppress Arab separatism and the desire to take Iran’s oil and gas wealth with them to a separate state.

Modern Women Have No Understanding of Males Whatsoever

Modern women have no understanding of the male sex drive and what it means to be a male whatsoever. My Mom’s generation and Third World women understand us very well. They’re not wild about our sexuality, but they figure boys will be boys, that’s just the way men are, and what can you do about it?

The feminist generation is the first one to actually declare war on male sexuality and pathologize it. It’s also led to profoundly disturbed views among females about male sexuality. Modern women seem the extremity of a young man’s sex drive. He almost literally has a fucking hardon all day. If not, all it takes is a breeze and he’s got one. And often no place to put it at that.

Hence the epidemic of situational homosexuality among young males (at least when I was growing up). Most of these guys were not the slightest bit gay, but they just were not getting laid. For a young guy, that’s a damned five-alarm fire. If there’s a queer around who will jerk you off or give you head, hey, any port in a storm. I’ve followed up on a number of these guys. Most of them got married, had kids, live in the suburbs, and as far as I can tell, knocked off the situational bisexuality crap.

I once had a friend who was a bisexual guy. I don’t like these guys too much because they always try to screw me, but anyway, after I turned this guy down at his place, he started confessing. The guy was basically gay, but he liked women too. He brought out a collection of pics of young guys, head shots. There must have been 40-50 pics in the collection. They all looked like young, macho construction workers around 20-25. They’d all let this queer suck them off, and not a one of them looked queer themselves.

A friend of mine served on a ship as a young man.

“There was this fag on the ship,” he told me once over some wine and weed. “He was going around sucking guy’s cocks on the ship.”

I winced. I didn’t want to hear that.

“I guess he sucked a lot of cocks,” nodding his head with dead seriousness in his eyes.

“I guess so,” I said, wincing again, this time twice as hard.

Modern women don’t understand how often a horny young guy will jerk off. A young man with no partner may well jerk off every single day, often more than once. I know guys who told me they did it for hours a day, for weeks and months on end. Modern women think there is something sick, weird, strange, or stupid about that. There’s an attitude that only losers jerk. No, you silly dames, only men jerk off.

In marriage it’s even worse. Apparently even most young married men keep on masturbating. Modern women think this is horrible and consider it perversion and infidelity.

Same with porn. Young single males nowadays often look at tons of porn. I know guys who have hard drives full of the stuff. Even young married men probably look at the stuff. Modern women are freaked, once again consider it cheating (LOL!) and are divorcing men for looking at porn, accusing them in court papers of sexual perversion and “pedophilia” for looking at porn. There are a few cases right in my town.

A surprising number of modern women think that single guys can have sex anytime they want to. They don’t get it. Who can have sex anytime they want to? Females! Attractive females spend every day swatting away horny males. Surely it must be the same for guys.


I’ve had women repeatedly tell me that any single guy can get as much as he wants, anytime he wants. There are all these women out there who want to make “sexual arragements” with you, you know. You know, you fuck her, she fucks you, no wedding bells, no babies, no mortgage, everything’s cool.

Yeah right.

Hell, women are ringing my phone off every day here asking for these sexual arrangements. At least 10 a day. I’m gonna need to change my number!

Well, if there’s no women around, a guy can always buy it, right? That’s not an option for most middle class White males. I know very few men who ever admitted to me that he bought sex. As a rule, if a young middle class White guy admits he bought sex, all of his idiot friends are going to pound him for him. “I’ve never paid for it!” They will all exclaim. Yeah right. Like Hell you haven’t.

Funny thing is I’ve never heard any man over 40 give me that line, “I’ve never paid for it.” You always pay for sex, one way or another. All men know this. That’s what is so retarded about the, “I never pay for it,” line.

I know one guy who had sex with a lot of whores. He also did it with a lot of women. I figure he’s had over 100 partners easily. He’s a great looking guy, sort of Alpha, and he’s horny as Hell. He just never got married, that’s all.

He’s screwed a bunch of whores, but he’s done a ton of so-called “non-whores” too (who also charged him). Back in the 1980’s, he used to buy high class call girls in Hollywood. Going price was around $65 if you were lucky. In addition to getting laid, you also got a Herpes infection. As he already had it, he didn’t give a fuck, but he kept getting new infections in different places, from both prostitutes and non-prostitutes, but the whores were the worst.

He also went to Oriental Massage Parlors a lot. You can get seriously get laid in these places, but they are also a serious bust, since they operate with open signs, advertisements, you name it. The women in these joints are Asian, often young and very often attractive to extremely beautiful. Going rate was $65-85+ for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Thing is, you often had to seduce the masseuses. They make a decent wage just giving massages, and a lot don’t want to go to jail or screw every client, or any client. If you’re not Joe Slick Alpha, you might never get laid. Even this guy, who is Joe Cool with chicks, often struck out in massage parlors. In that case, you just get a nice $55 massage. The sex is extra, tipped directly to the girl.

If you’re slick and cool, you can often seduce them. Then you get handjobs, blowjobs, even eat pussy and 69 if you like that sort of thing. Sex is rarer. The women are very clean, and he said he never caught a thing.

He also sampled street whores, who he said were a disaster. Often Black, often on drugs, often with very bad, sleazy attitudes, and yes, they have lots of diseases. They were cheap, $20 back then, but no sane guy goes there.

Here it is 20-25 years later, and the price must be around $150 for Oriental Massage and $130 for call girls, or possibly much more. Even street whores must be $40 at least.

There is another thing to consider. Prostitution is against the law. You can be busted as a john for trying to buy a whore. Oriental massage joints are often busted. The cops take over the joint and send in Oriental female undercover cops. You go in there, offer the chick $40, and you’re cuffed for soliciting.

My friend made good money, but even back then, he could only afford whores maybe once a month. That’s not enough sex for a typical young man. At the going price of ~$150 a shot, how many young guys can afford to buy whores?

Even if, as a single man, you find a women willing to give it to you, she’s charging. Dinner, movie, bar afterwards, is what? $100. I don’t know, it’s been forever since I did it. If you’re getting it regularly, she probably wants to be taken out once a week, if not 2-3 times a week. Figure $100/week easily for the girlfriend. I paid my dues as required, but my memory was endless bitching about how I needed to start making more money. And how the women I was dating were always making more money than I was, but would never even so much as pay the fuckin tip.

At $100/week for a girlfriend, how many guys can afford that?

Don’t forget anniversaries. It’s our one month anniversary, our two month anniversary, our one year anniversary. Don’t forget holidays. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, on and on. Fork, fork, fork. Now you’re going to be asked to actually buy some stuff. Jewelry, outfits, cellphones, computers, Hell, even cars!

Yeah, free love, right. What were we fighting for back then anyway?

Lots of Folks Having No Sex At All in These Post-Sexual Revolutionary Times

This does not surprise me at all. 2

Age 35 is about the key here. This is what the fairer sex starts losing interest in sex. Around 35, 2 or 3 kids, yep, no more sex, married or unmarried. I don’t know much about this, but I have known two women, both married, one 40 and the other 45, who simply told me that they didn’t like sex. Why their husbands were still with them is anybody’s guess. I assume it only gets worse later on.

I’ve never been married, but there are plenty of married men masculinist blogs out there. Cruising around a bit, a lot of them are pissed. Seems there’s often tons of sex at first. After about seven years of marriage, if you’re still getting much at all, you’re lucky! There’s that 7-year itch thing. So after 5-10 years of marriage, a lot of women don’t want much sex anymore, and the guys still want tons. The feeling from the men is rage and desire for divorce.

Honestly, the old way and the 3rd World Way was just better. Women were not necessarily supposed to like sex all that much, but it was definitely a wifely duty. You didn’t get a lot of reports of young women holding out in marriage. Men took sex with their wives any way and time that they wanted to, dammit. Women either enjoyed it or put up with it, at any rate, they didn’t feel it was within their duties to say no. Who knows how happy the women are?

From tales from women from my Mom’s generation, this sort of sex didn’t exactly make them miserable. They seem to be a happy lot. Of course the guys were quite happy.

Now the women have a right to say no, and they are doing so in army formations. The men, especially the young men, are furious. What the fuck? Why else would a guy get married if not for the sex? What else is there? The feminists are cheering this as some sort of bullshit female empowerment. The power to be a sexless prude. Some revolution, feminists. You proud of yourselves now?

From skimpy US statistics, at age ~60, only 4

That’s one major turnoff of women my age. They just don’t seem to be into it that much. Young women, whatever their faults, well, they’re generally pretty damn horny, or at least fairly horny. Some young women actually get frustrated if you don’t put it to them pretty quickly in my experience.

There are quite a few women, especially around 35-45, who actually want to get fucked every single day, and get pissed if they miss a day. They are often regular masturbators. I knew a 45 year old woman who masturbated once a day and looked toward menopause with utter dread.

One amazing figure from the article is a 3

Mental Preconditioning Can Change the Qualities of Observed Objects

A commenter from India thinks that certain Caucasian women can look like “transsexuals.” I think he is saying that they can look somewhat masculine.

I think quite a lot of Arab, Persian and Middle Eastern Jewish women look a bit tranny. Its the face. The Persians less than the others.

Well, a lot of Asian guys don’t like White women much at all. They say that they don’t look very feminine, that they look masculine. It’s true that Asian women are the most feminine looking of them all.

I never noticed the masculinity of White women in my entire life, but as soon as I heard that, I started looking for it, and I found it! It’s true, a lot our fine White women do look kind of masculine. You just never notice it unless you are specifically thinking of it.

Like one time I was reading in some book about sex. They were interviewing lots of people, and they interviewed some queers. The queers were saying how they hated the way women look, how sickening and gross they were, disgusting, how much better men look. They kept saying that women are full of blubber and fat and all sort and mushy. They like guys who are firm, hard, muscular.

Weird, I never thought of it that way, but it’s true, even thin and in shape women are sort of fatty, because they have so much fat on their bodies. We hets like that and just say it’s their softness, but what the softness really is is fat! LOL, we just never think of it that way. It’s like a little bit of fat is fine as it just gives softness, but too much of it is gross and just makes her look like a hippo.

One guy said that women’s tits were disgusting! He said, “It’s sick! It looks like the udders on a cow! Gross, disgusting, ugh!”

Weird, I have always loved tits, but after I read that, I started looking at tits and wondering if they looked like udders, and it was starting to screw up the tits for me. It want tits and kept getting these udder things instead.

Funny how objects can change so much just depending on the object that we associate them with before we observe them. White women are never seen as masculine until we put the image “masculine” into our heads and look at them, then we see some masculinity in them. Breasts look fantastic until we put the image “udder” into our heads and look at them, then women look like cows!

It’s like perception can be preconditioned based on ideas in our heads.

I’m sure some philosophers somewhere have written about this before…I just can’t think of any offhand. Perhaps someone with a knowledge of philosophy can help out.

Rima Fakih Crowned Miss America

Rima Fakih, a former Miss Michigan, whose family are Shia Muslims from Southern Lebanon, was crowned Miss USA recently, the first Arab to ever win the prize. The neocons have gone insane, among other reactions, they are being led by some Jew named Debbie Schlussel, a blogger from Michigan. There are still a lot of Jews living around Detroit. In addition, many Arabs, mostly Shia Lebanese, have moved into the same area in recent years.

Rima Fakih in a bikini at the Miss USA contest. Hezbollah does not approve, and they said so.

No one knows whether or not Fakih sympathizes with Hezbollah, but 8

Excellent photo of Fakih after winning the prize. She has an interesting phenotype that I can't quite put a finger on. Italian? Armenian? Something like those Georgians? The closest thing she resembles at all is a former girlfriend, who was part Lebanese Maronite and part Greek, among other things.

The thing about Lebanon is that just about everyone hates each other. The Shia, the Sunnis of the North, the Druze and Maronites from the Center, there is no love lost with any of them, unfortunately. There are temporary alliances, but they fall apart a lot. The Greek Orthodox seem to get along with others better than the others, and they are not aligned with the Maronites in any way. The Orthodox have long lined up with Syria. Many of the first suicide bombers in Lebanon in the mid 1980’s were Greek Orthodox, often Communists or Leftists.

Rima Fakih photo in the dark, making her skin look a lot darker. I don't know what she looks like in this picture. Almost like a North Indian?

Fakih’s family varies. Some support Hezbollah and the more secular but still religious Shia Amal. Others are secular Shia who have no particular love for the religious parties. Some of these secular folks are even Communists. Communists are not unusual in Lebanon – there are still quite a few of them for some reason.

Here she is in her gown. A good look at her phenotype here, which seems pretty unique. These people probably are the remains of the ancient Phoenicians, and that was pretty distinct group of folks. Of course, now their genes are scattered about the Mediterranean. After Lebanese and Greek, my next suggestion would be that she looks something like some of the Mizrachi or Arab Jews in Israel, although their looks vary somewhat. I once met an Iranian Mizrachi Jew who looked something like this. A commenter has noted that she looks something like a famous Israeli Yemeni Mizrachi Jewish transsexual Dana International.

There is much misunderstanding about Hezbollah and Lebanon. Hezbollah is not trying to create a fundamentalist state in South Lebanon. They understand the secular nature of the multicultural Lebanese state. In interviews, Hezbollah said that they would only push for a religious state if they could get say 80-8

Here is another look at her, this time with much lighter skin, probably due to the heavy bright lighting. Notice that her skin is about the same color as the White women on either side of her, especially the one to the right.

The beach in Beirut is full of women in bikinis and downtown Beirut is full of women in skimpy clothing. Downtown nightlife is popping, with lots of bars, drinking and even call girls. Nothing much is done to crack down on any of this, and Hezbollah could care less. Down in the South were Hezbollah holds sway, things are a bit different, but I think booze is still legal, and you don’t need to wear a hijab, though it’s preferred.

Here she is pole dancing from two years ago. She won the contest. I think it's safe to say she's not a Hezbollah fanatic. I don't think that the Lebanese Shia, or any Lebanese, have much Black in them, but I am not sure. Syrians are about

Homosexuals are beaten, it is true, but that’s about as bad as Hezbollah gets. Beaten and turned over to the cops, as homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon and it’s pretty taboo. Gay rights groups have tried to organize, but it’s not going anywhere.

The religious leader of Hezbollah, Fadlallah, has issued some very interesting rulings lately, including one that sanctioned female masturbation, especially if the female is unmarried and has not outlet.

Keep in mind that the Shia are somewhat like Catholics in that doctrine is allowed to be continuously updated to keep with the times, as opposed to the set in stone philosophy of the Sunni, whose Christian analogy is the Protestants. Like the Protestants, the Sunni have no real head religious authorities issuing rulings. Like the Catholics, the Shia have religious leaders (Popes or Ayatollahs) whose job it is to continuously interpret doctrine in the face of changing reality.

The Ayatollahs, including Khomeini, have even allowed transsexualism, and a famous Ayatollah has had a sex change, is now a woman, and is married to another Ayatollah! Then there is the temporary marriage feint which allows for somewhat casual sex outside of marriage. A famous Iranian Islamic religious scholar, a woman, recently authored a book in which she recounted her temporary marriage affairs with 40-50 Iranians, often top Ayatollahs and religious scholars. No one much batted an eye in Iran.

Lebanon is simply a conservative Middle Eastern country, with life centered around families and extended families.


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