2 FARC Guerrillas Killed In Ecuador

Details on this incident are sketchy, but it looks like 2 FARC guerrillas were killed in a shootout with the Ecuadorian military in Sucumbios Province in Ecuador. There has long been a heavy FARC presence in this area, and they have a lot of support from the locals too. There are probably also Colombian paramilitaries in the area.

FARC in Ecuador is actually known as FARE (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Ecuador). They’ve had a presence there for a while now, but they don’t do much, especially with Leftist President Correa in office. I don’t know why Correa’s army is attacking the FARC, but he’s probably under pressure from Colombia. Colombia claims he supports and harbors the FARC, but that’s dubious. He’s just neutral.

Colombia, probably with US assistance, bombed a FARC camp in Ecuador in 2008, killing Raul Reyes, FARC’s leader, and some other top commanders. A laptop was seized, through which a tremendous amount of dubious information has been obtained, implicating everyone the Colombian Terror State hates with the FARC. But Interpol looked at the computer and said that Colombian security forces had tampered with it, so any information coming out of it is dubious.

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