Two Top White Nationalists, Richard Barrett and Curtis Maynard, Killed

Maynard by his own hand, Barrett by the hand of another.

Probably better to call both of these guys White Supremacists than White Nationalists, because they really were more the Stormfront type than the American Renaissance type.

The first case, the death of Richard Barrett, a famous White Supremacist from Mississippi, is being widely reported in the press. Barrett, age 66 when he was killed, was quite a character. Originally from New York, his family supposed moved out of there when a lot of Puerto Ricans moved into the neighborhood. They relocated down to Mississippi. Barrett got a BA, served in the military where he rose to officer, then came home and got law degree, passed the bar and became an attorney.

Richard Barrett, aging White Supremacist queen, couldn't seem to reconcile his racist politics with his jungle fever, an itch that finally left him dead, full of knife holes in a house of flames. This is as weird as it gets!

In subsequent years, he formed his own White Supremacist grouplet called the Nationalist Movement. He was also a leader of the skinhead movement. His skinhead site is here, and his Nationalist site is here. If you look closely at both sites, you get a homoerotic feel from them. That’s no accident, but we will get to that later.

He organized a booth at the Mississippi State Fair for the public to shake hands with Edgar Ray Killen, on trial for the famous 1964 murder of three civil rights activists.

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, Barrett was found dead in his home, stabbed to death. He appeared to have tried to escape his assailant. His home had been set on fire after he was killed. Police soon arrested Vincent McGee (Facebook page here), a Black man who had just been released from state prison after serving a 5-year term. Later, Vickie and Michael Dent and McGee’s stepfather, Alfred T. Lewis, were also arrested and charged with being accessories. At least one of them set the fire in Barrett’s home.

At first police said that the motive for the killing was a wage dispute, similar to the case of Eugene Terreblanche, also murdered by Blacks he had hired to work. Barrett had driven an hour to pick up McGee and bring him back to Barrett’s place to mow the lawn and do some yardwork. McGee thought he was going to get paid $60-70 for the work, but he only received $26.

Mississippi and four other Deep South states are the only US states that have no minimum wage. Isn’t Southern conservatism cool?

The story did not seem to make sense. Why would arch-segregationist Barrett hire a Black man, especially one as shady-looking as McGee, to work on his yard? Soon other motives started to crop up. Neighbors said McGee and Barrett had had a relationship, whatever that means. This morning, McGee said that Barrett made a sexual pass at him, sending McGee into a homicidal rage that ended with Barrett’s death. But McGee, in addition to looking like a gangster, also looks queer as a 3 dollar bill.

Vincent McGee, after five years of being punked out by Black toughs in prison, looks about ready to star in a gay porn flick. Let's call it "Behind Gay Bars." The strange love story of hot gay prison sex followed by the bizarre love affair between an aging White Supremacist queen and his Black prison bitch boy toy. Sure to be a bestseller.

Which is something he would have in common with Barrett.

On the WN scene, Barrett had long been regarded as a flake and a nut. His website appeared homoerotic. He meet young, confused White teens, turned them into skinheads and then invited them to stay at his home. He also made them shave their eyebrows! Images of shirtless skinhead males copied from gay porn magazines adorned his site.

Most people on the scene described Barrett as “an old queen.” So it appears that this strange White Supremacist was also a queer who was having sex with young Black punks. Weirder than weird!

Barrett was also hated on the scene for being part-Jewish on his father’s side. Barrett always tried to hide this part of himself, but it’s true he was not big on anti-Semitism. He required his skinhead followers to not wear Nazi tattoos.

Barrett fought with everyone on the scene, and he could not get along with anyone. He was constantly either suing or being sued. A real crank. His WN views were also beyond weird. Only Hellene-Aryans were the real Whites with a right to the US. Everyone else needed to take off. Like Hitler, he hated Slavs. He also worked as an FBI informant and ratted out various people on the scene.

He will not be missed either on the scene or outside of it. I shouldn’t say these folks should be killed, though. We can’t generally say people should be killed for their politics. A lot of folks find my politics infuriatingly repugnant, and I wouldn’t want them saying I should be killed.

The other White Supremacist death is that of Curtis Maynard, another WN nutcase, just like Barrett. I had read Maynard’s blog a few times, and it was really over the top! Ranting, raving, screaming, yelling and racist as all get out. He struck me more as a raving nut as opposed to your often cool-headed White racist. It turns out, incredibly, that Maynard, like Barrett, was also sampling some interracial sexual forbidden fruit (What is it with these guys, anyway?)

His ex-wife was Hispanic. They had a big messy divorce and breakup, and the other day Maynard went over to her house with a shotgun and chased her around the yard. She hid, terrified, with her young child, in the bushes.

Maynard found her and shot her dead.

Then he ran to his truck and drove away. A neighbor came out with his rifle but decided it was too dangerous to engage Maynard. The police quickly caught up with him and pulled him over.

Maynard pulled out his shotgun and blasted a round in his skull.

The strange saga of Curt Maynard was over.

I must say I don’t understand these guys. If they hate non-Whites so much, why can’t they stop fucking them? Fucking’s about as intimate as you can get. If you as a White person want to screw non-Whites of your own, the opposite, or both sexes, by all means help yourself, but why be a White Separatist at the same time? Something tells me a lot of these WN types are just not right in the head.

It’s a common line these days, mostly promoted by anti-racist Jews after the Holocaust, that racism is some sort of a mental disorder, and racists are all mentally disturbed, if not stark raving nuts. They’re all portrayed as dysfunctional fuckups and societal outcasts. I doubt if this is true. It’s understandable the Jews want to get back at their enemies for what was done to them, but there’s no reason to lie. A lot of this stuff is coming out of the Frankfurt School in Germany, where Jewish sociologists recast anti-Semitism and racism as a mental illness.

The Old South was extremely racist, and much of the rest of the US was too. Racism against Indians, Blacks and others was simply normal. Even in most of this century, casual White racism was the norm. In Germany, an entire nation went over to wild racism during World War 2. The Arab and Muslim World is furiously anti-Semitic.

I seriously doubt that the majority of Southerners, Germans, Arabs or Muslims are mentally ill, dysfunctional societal fuckups and losers. Racism isn’t all that healthy, but a society seething with racism is not a society of the mentally ill losers, outcasts and fuckups. Forget it. Many people can be well-adjusted in spite of their virulent racism.

The reason so many WN”s are whacked-out mentally disturbed loons nowadays is that White Supremacism is proscribed, thanks to decades of hard work by us anti-racists. As a condemned and disparaged philosophy, most normal Whites will shy away from it, whether they have tendencies that way or not. A society of outcasts will tend to attract a lot of flaky people who are already on the margins of society in addition to more normal folks.

This is the reason there are so many kooks and whackjobs on the WN scene.

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16 thoughts on “Two Top White Nationalists, Richard Barrett and Curtis Maynard, Killed”

  1. The reason so many WN”s are whacked-out mentally disturbed loons noawadays is that White Supremacism is proscribed, thanks to decades of hard work by us anti-racists. As a condemned and disparaged philosophy, most normal Whites will shy away from it, whether they have tendencies that way or not. A society of outcasts will tend to attract a lot of flaky people who are already on the margins of society in addition to more normal folks.

    This is the reason there are so many kooks and whackjobs on the WN scene.

    I agree. The reason why a decent amount of WN’s are kooks is because all healthy forms of white pride and self-respect have essentially been outlawed by the anti-racist thought police. Since WN is a fringe movement, it’s bound to attract loons.

    At the same time, there are loons in all movements, anti-racism included. That woman who got raped in Haiti is a good example.

    On another note, regardless of Richard Barrett’s beliefs and actions (and I believe that he was scum), that doesn’t justify murder. I doubt this crime was a politically motivated crime on account of Barrett being a white supremacist. Any non-white supremacist could have been killed. No one has the right to be killed just because he/she has repugnant beliefs.

    Robert, if more whites embraced healthy white pride and advocacy like you, there wouldn’t be as many loony WN’s (and again, there’s plenty of crazy to go around, regardless of ideology. This is hardly confined to WN’s).

  2. So if healthy forms of pride and self-respect are denied people, it can take a toll on their mental health.

    Some Black people have been saying this for a long time.

    1. So if healthy forms of pride and self-respect are denied people, it can take a toll on their mental health.

      Some Black people have been saying this for a long time.

      Well no kidding! One of the reasons why I’m a white advocate is because I’ve seen what happens to people who have been deprived of a healthy knowledge of themselves. I’ve seen the consequences of being denied pride and self-determination.

      I know full well the crap blacks have been through. While I don’t like most of them (with the exception of black nationalists), I understand where they’re coming from. I’ve read “Black Boy,” “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” and read various non-white and anti-racist literature.

      On another note, I also know all too well what it’s like to be a white minority whose people are constantly being castigated.

      The reason why I’m a white advocate is because I don’t want what’s happened to others to happen to us.

    2. This is Carol Swain’s main point in her book The New White Nationalists.

      A lot of them simply see differences that our culture denies the right to express and never gets discussed outside WN sources, primarily websites. She says that if their reasonable views weren’t treated as being in the same boat as Stormfront by those who draw the “racist” line anywhere to the right of Al Sharpton, they wouldn’t be there.

      My primary news sources are a well-respected urban paper and a weekly magazine; then I check Half-Sigma, iSteve, Vdare and Amren to fill in the blanks.

  3. Hey Robert, that black guy could be in a gay flick! A movie about a gay white supremacist and a black thug raped in prison getting it on would arouse great interest!

      1. Sorry, bro, your comments were all going into the spam bin automatically for some reason that I can’t figure out.

        It’s kind of hard to get banned here, but it’s possible. Read the comments policy closely or ask around. Mostly you have to be nice to the owner and guest poster. That’s about it really.

  4. Stormfront type vs Amren type?

    I know that Amren shys away from the problem of Zionist control of the USA, and turns the attention to immigrants and blacks.

    As for White Supremacist vs White Nationalist, there are a lot of WNs on Stormfront that don’t qualify as WS.

    Most of them probably do though.

    What is it about the White liberation people, not respecting people of all races? That is how they shoot themselves in the foot every time.

    I was disgusted by Maynard’s throwing ‘spic’ and ‘nigger’ around every time while having Mexican wife and kids(!), even though he had some good insights on the Zionists, or as he put it, “it’s the Jews, stupid”. I don’t like that kind of mass blame… kind of reminds me of Israhell’s policies of collective punishment against the Palestinians.

    Too bad Maynard couldn’t have put it all behind him, and get his head straight.

  5. “The Arab and Muslim World is furiously anti-Semitic.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  6. Richard Barrett was a Vietnam Veteran decorated with two purple hearts, a Supreme Court winning attorney, author, publisher, activist and friend. There is no evidence what so ever that Richard either hired McGee or was gay unless you believe the black, murdering gang member let out of prison early who killed Richard. -And the only reason he is saying it of course is to skate on the hate crimes charge.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-White hate group whom Richard Barrett beat in court on multiple occasions and who seeks to slander him in death in a way they would never have gotten away with while Richard was alive. They’re always for the hate crimes charge unless it is a black person killing a white person such as this case.

    Marxist liberals have forced “homosexual rights” on the majority for 50 years always saying they can do anything anyone else does, but their greatest lie is saying that there are many in the white nationalist side who are gay. It really is a pipe dream of theirs after all. I mean they hate us in public but have always longed to lick our boots…

    The SPLC sides with black murderers; like the US Supreme Court, I side with Richard Barrett.

  7. A former senior BNP official and WN in England Martin Webster claimed he has a homosexual affair with Nick Griffin.

    An early member of the National Labour Party and the League of Empire Loyalists, Webster was John Tyndall’s closest ally and followed him in joining the British National Party (1960), the National Socialist Movement and the Greater Britain Movement.[2] Webster also spent time in prison for knocking Jomo Kenyatta to the ground outside the London Hilton hotel, for helping to organise the paramilitary organisation Spearhead,[3] and was convicted under the 1936 Public Order Act.[4] He attracted further notoriety in 1972 when he was recorded as saying: “We are busy setting up a well-oiled Nazi machine in this country.”

    Webster re-emerged in 1999 to claim that he had been involved in a gay relationship with Nick Griffin during the 1970s.


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