Too Sick For Words


You know, something is seriously wrong with the men in this part of the world.

Everybody and their brother in the US was cheering on the glorious mujaheddin in Afghanistan. I did myself for a while, as my politics was not well-formed yet. In the early 1990’s, I learned that our glorious mujaheddin were blowing up girls schools and forcing the girls out of school at gunpoint. That was one of the things that got them fired up about the Communists in the first place.

The Communists banned the buying and selling of women and sent the girls to school. For that sin, they were as good as dead in reactionary Afghanistan. That the US egged this charade on with mountains of guns and money is beyond sickening. The Communists were pretty bad, but the reactionary warlords and religious idiots who have replaced them are no better, and are arguably worse.

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2 thoughts on “Too Sick For Words”

  1. That region is Afghanistan is also very “mixed” along ethnic and religious lines. I wonder if the “education excuse” was also a thinly veiled attempt and simply killing the other tribe or groups kids?

  2. Robert

    Nowhere in that article you linked to does it show any evidence that the Taliban had anything to do with these alleged “poisonings.” This is not to say that they aren’t capable of it, but there is no proof, only speculation.

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