This Is So Wrong

First Yemen, now Saudi Arabia. There is something really fucked up about the men in this part of the world.

Childbirth under the age of 15 probably ought to be regarded as a hazard. The maternal mortality rate is quite high in this age group. I would advise any girl under the age of 15 who is pregnant to have an abortion. She’s probably not a fit mother either, not for a couple of years at least anyway. Sex under the age of 12, especially with an adult male, ought to be regarded as physically dangerous for females.

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5 thoughts on “This Is So Wrong”

  1. Well Robert, welcome to the world of the Arabian Peninsula. It is good to remember that these modern nation states were created by us, the U.S, in our quest for secure oil sources. After all, what was physically there before them? Certainly none of the great and ancient civilizations of the Near East. No, even these regions were avoided like the plague by every empire to arise and conquer that part of Asia.

    1. Yeah. Backwards! I believe that slavery was only outlawed in Saudi Arabia in 1962. The British never even colonized the heartland of Arabia. Who wants it? I think that before the discovery of oil, the Saudis were still living in mud huts. That was not even long ago, decades. Also Buraidah is one of the most conservative parts of the Kingdom.

      1. Yup. In the Middle East, even amongst Arabs in the Levant, Iraq and Egypt, the “Gulf” Arabs are a joke. Primitives who got really, really lucky. Not shocking that they still practiced slavery into the 1960’s, or that they export a religious school of thought so obscenely afraid of any change what so ever. I do not think anyone who dealt with or lived amongst Saudis for instance, can stand them or their “culture.” Mind you, I am not saying this of all Arabs. Just the Gulf ones. Especially the Saudis. The problem of course arises, that Americans come in contact with Gulf Arabs in huge numbers. They leave with the notion that everyone in the Middle East(minus the Israelis, of course) are the Gulf Arabs. Talk about pissing on everyone else’s parade.

  2. Thankfully I wasn’t born in that part of the world. I’m sure I’d be dead now. Women/girls are mainly burdens and killing them gets maybe 6 months in jail. The fact they have to wear black in the blistering heat while the men wear white shows the total disregard for their well being. I hope they rise up and start poisoning the men until they learn how to respect women. Sick bastards!

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