Anti-Racist Idiot Goes to Haiti, Gets Raped, Is Thankful for the Experience

The White nationalists just love this stuff. They can’t get enough of it.

But it does seem to show the sheer idiocy of some White anti-racists.

Amanda Kijera, a White liberal anti-racist (Facebook page here), went to Haiti to volunteer to help the Haitian people. After a few months there, she was raped one night by a Black Haitian man on a rooftop. After the rape, she says she feels grateful for having had this experience (Huh?!) and blames Whites for so screwing up Black guys all over the world that they do fucked up stuff like raping women. It’s all Whitey’s fault. You know, we’re forcing all these Black guys to rape women by oppressing them and all.

As she was being raped on the rooftop, she pleaded with her “brother” to stop and told him she was a Malcolm X scholar. I doubt if the illiterate punk even knows who Malcolm X was. As you might expect, this had no effect on the rapist.

If this woman goes back to Haiti without an armed guard, I say she’s an idiot.

Amanda Kijera, silly White woman from the Tim Wise School of Anti-racism, goes to Haiti, gets raped by a Black guy, then blames Whites, like a good anti-racist should.

Haiti’s rape rate is off the charts. I recently heard on the radio that 7

After the earthquake, there were widespread reports of Haitian men raping Haitian women and girls, even in the temporary camps set up to house them. That Haitian men have about a

This reminds me of the Amy Biehl case in South Africa during apartheid. This young liberal White woman went to South Africa to show her solidarity with the oppressed Blacks. At some point in her visit, she was surrounded by a mob of South Africans, including females, and stabbed to death. A radical group, the Azanian People’s Liberation Army, claimed responsibility for the murder. Apparently their revolutionary style was to murder any Whites in South Africa at random. They were responsible for a number of terrorist attacks on innocent South African Whites.

There was another fairly famous case of a young leftwing White woman who moved alone to a US ghetto to work with the oppressed. She was not there long when one night she was murdered by a crowd of young Black men by being set on fire in an apparent hate crime.

I’m not trying to make a case here that young Black males are so dangerous that all White females should avoid them. But there are some places a young White woman should not go to alone, like Haiti, a US ghetto at night and a South African Black township.

A lot of White liberals are actually secret race realists who are cynical about Blacks. They are non-racist to anti-racist in their views and politics, but nevertheless, they are frightened of Blacks and generally try to avoid them.

They live in White towns and send their kids to White schools. I admit I’ve been afraid of Blacks most of my life. That certainly doesn’t apply to all Black people, but it’s a general feeling. No doubt the standard anti-racist view is that this fear of mine makes me a racist. Well, fine, perhaps it does. OK, I’m a racist then. I’m comfortable with that, and I’m also still alive at 52.

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133 thoughts on “Anti-Racist Idiot Goes to Haiti, Gets Raped, Is Thankful for the Experience”

  1. Well, you can’t rape the willing…Really bad joke, I know. In all fairness, I agree with your notion that many White liberals are closet race realists. I have encountered this many times in my life. I also am aware of the fear you speak of, for the simple reason that I grew up around a lot of American Blacks, and learned a lot of lessons. I also learned the culture, and when to fight, and when to be “cool.” I love Black culture, and hence I both respect it, and have studied it all around. Most Whites have not. They don’t understand it. In my own experiences, I have actually been put down and degraded by White folks, especially when interacting with say a Black man in a less than favorable situation. The fear kicks in, and I get the finger pointed at me for doing what I learned as a kid. Playing the game to win, and the folks behind me blame me for doing what I know is right…Strange.

  2. I wasn’t aware that this rape situation was going on in Haiti. I just looked it up and it sounds pretty bad down there. Honestly, I don’t know much of the crime situation in Haiti. My impression was that it’s a very poor and corrupt country with some strange religious practices, but the people themselves are probably laid back and not all that dangerous. I’ve even heard that Haitians are friendly people for the most part. I guess I was wrong about the danger situation.

    It is interesting though that WNs revel in these stories. I guess it’s sort of a cathartic way of saying “told ya so!” Not to mention they hate liberals and enjoy seeing bad things happen to them. Anyway, I don’t see why this story is any more significant than the black women that get raped in Haiti. Whenever something transracial happens, all this racial drama gets projected onto it when there is none.

    Fact is, she was just a woman at the wrong place at the wrong time. Black women are getting raped like crazy and if she’d been a black woman in that same exact place, she’d have been on that roof getting raped too. Only difference is that if she’d been black, nobody would give a damn, but since she’s white, it’s news. Kinda like when a white woman(esp a pretty one like Natalie Halloway) goes missing, it’s the story of the month. A black woman goes missing and everyone yawns. So why this is racial, I don’t know, unless the rapists specifically targeted her for being white.

    The woman is a fool no doubt. Not because she wanted to help Haitians. Most Haitians like most people anywhere aren’t looking to hurt anyone and many genuinely need the help. Some people I know of that have been to Haiti have reported nothing but complete hospitality. But if she’s going into a place that is virtual anarchy, it’s her responsibility to know something about the situation and take precautions. Such as not going out at night into dangerous areas, especially if there’s a rape epidemic going on. Just like you know that if you’re a gringo, you don’t go walking into a favela, even though most the people that live in favelas are harmless and would probably welcome you, a minority of them will also kill you for being there. So I would never say to a white liberal philanthropists to never go do humanitarian work in a favela, I’d just say know that it’s a dangerous place and your safety is not guaranteed, however most the people that live there are harmless, however the ones that aren’t will kill you if they don’t like you. So take precautions. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever in whites going down to Haiti to help out. Just don’t do anything stupid like walk around at night by yourself if you’re a woman.

    I know of one such white woman similar to the ones we’re talking about her. Extremely liberal, seems very anti-racist, is into fighting global poverty and that sort of stuff. The type that Stormfront types probably hope gets raped. She’s traveled to Africa alone, admits it was a bit naive but wanted to anyway. She says that the cities are often dangerous, yet the people that live in the countryside in the huts are some of the most wonderful people she’s ever met. Says that they could be without food, yet are so hospitable that they would still give you the last bit of food they have. Says she has never anywhere in the west met people so nice. I think you have something of a duality in Africa. The cities are like Detroit on steroids, yet the rural people sound of a different nature. Mostly simple living, hospitable people, subsistence farming or herding and carrying on their ages old traditions, glad to share their culture and way of life with you. One of my best friends and his girlfriend, he’s a white guy was in Kenya and reported an identical experience. Said Nairobi was dangerous, but when he stayed out in the countryside with the Masai, he said it was one of the most amazing experiences of his life and had nothing but good to say about them.

    Getting back to the woman, as for blaming her rape on racism and such and appreciating the experience. She’s just an idiot, and what she said is disgusting. But that’s nothing new. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome and the phenomena takes place across all cultures and in a myriad of circumstances. There were blacks Confederates. Hell, there are still black Confederates. We live in a strange world.

    1. Thing that bugs me about WN’s is that the only victims of Black crime that they care about are the White ones! I’ve thought about that a lot, and I just can’t think that way. You mean, I should sympathize with a victim more of they’re my people as opposed to the other people? Forget it. My heart goes out to any innocent victim of violent crime, White or Black. Why should I care more about a White victim than a Black victim? Forget it.

      The WN’s and racists say that Black crime is a great reason to hate all Blacks. Well, maybe it’s a good reason to be cautious around them. But to hate them? You and the other Black commenters will probably never commit a violent crime in your lives, yet the WN’s say you should be hated because what some Black scumbucket thugs do. Huh?

      There are many Blacks whose only serious involvement with crime is to be *crime victims*. That’s it. That’s all they are. Victims. Innocent Black women who get raped by the 10,000’s. The racists say we should hate these women because of that their victimizers do! Huh?

      The WN’s go on and on about White victims of Black crime, especially rape (that really gets them good) but I’ve calculated that a Black woman is 4-5 times more likely to be raped by a Black man than a White woman is. If there’s some Black Male War on White Women, like the WN’s say, then Black women must be experiencing a Holocaust.

      Black crime is way too high and rates are elevated for nearly all offenses. Black men are 6 times more likely to rape, 9 times more likely to murder, on and on. We can go on and on about the how and why of it all, but the bottom line is all these Black fools need to quit doing so many crimes, especially raping and murdering.

      In addition to the horrible human cost (mostly borne by innocent Blacks) it also causes a TON of racism against Black people. On the other hand, that’s probably not going to happen.

      But I doubt if Blacks are genetically doomed to commit tons of violent crime. I’ve been doing some research lately and I found some all-Black countries with incredibly low homicide rates. Mostly Muslim nations but still.

      An old friend of mine, a Black attorney, went to West Africa to set up some businesses there. I think they ended up setting up some factories or something. Anyway, this guy hated Africa and Africans. He had armed guards everywhere he went and he was terrified of Africans. He said in Ghana, “The men all look like they just got out of prison!”

      I think he was smart for having an armed guard. US Blacks are not necessarily sympathetic to Africa at all. A lot of them think it’s a scary Hellhole.

      1. WN’s hate Black women because they are a vital part of the circle of life that creates a rapacious Black man. If all Black women were to cease to have Black babies, then the world’s crime rate would decrease so fast you wouldn’t know what happened.

        Look at what happened in Texas recently. 18 Black boys and men, middle school age up to 28, I believe, gangraped an 11 year old little girl; the most innocent among us robbed of her innocence.

        The level of violence and criminal behavior seen in Blacks is magnitudes higher than any other race, and it is virtually the same world wide. They are violent pack animals that simply cannot exist in an advanced society.

        Yes, there are exceptions- at the front of my mind are Obama, Clarence Thomas, Alan West – but they’re exceptions. The sad truth is that most Black men are felons, and 20% of Black men in the USA are at this very moment either incarcerated, on bond, or on probation because of their willful flagrance of the law.

        Ever watch the videos of Black women lipping out on the cashier at McDonald’s? It isn’t only the men that are out of control.

        WN’s are realists. The racial harmony cool-aid drinkers are the ones with an unreal view of the world.

      2. Of course WN get all riled up when White women get raped by Black men. It’s the “We must do something about it” mentality.

        Black women get raped: it’s cultural. Nothing here to see, move along.

        1. It’s the powerlessness that’s offensive. The rape victim is powerless. It stings more if they’re White. If the victim resembles my daughter, I’m going to feel it more.

          Many men in my family are marrying Black single moms. So they may feel the Black rapes more. The best Black gal I know is way taller than me, and I’m 6’2. I’m not worried about Shaq getting raped.

          I suspect Western White women are the most mentally devastated by being raped.

    2. I think we should also try to understand racism, especially against Blacks. Not all anti-Black racists are evil scum who hate Blacks for no reason. A lot of them are reasonable and possibly even decent people reacting to very real fears like Black crime. It’s lamentable that they take that fear all the way into racism, but it’s unfortunately understandable. A lot of anti-Black racists are probably hopeless, but a lot of others probably are not and can be salvaged.

    3. I think the difference in generosity, etc., between the rural and urban populations you’ve mentioned is similar in many countries. I found the poorest Indian in Mexico would share their food with me and would be insulted if I offered money for an act of generosity. While, much as I’d love to enjoy the cultural aspects of Mexico City, I think it’s well past being safe to travel there. Years ago, one college roommate had spent the summer in the countryside of France–outhouse-level countryside, and she found the same stark contrast with Parisians.

      Someone I dated briefly, a Sociology prof, wrote a book about the ‘Rich Get Richer’…an analysis and cultural comparison. He and his former wife were held up at knifepoint in a popular tourist area, ON the beaten path in Rio, not a favela, and it was a wakeup call to him about third-world societies, which clearly exist in large US metros, like Detroit, LA, Philly, and Miami.

      I agree with another poster about this not being Stockholm Syndrome with this woman. Actually, she likely is pretty fragile to have to hold on to illusions, in spite of the ‘elephant’ who’s sat on her. Rape can be devastating, and it may be that she hadn’t had time to really integrate things when she made that statement. More likely than Stockholm Syndrome is ‘cognitive dissonance’, when the more negative the consequences to an action, or higher the cost, the more a person has to justify it to retain ‘consonance’. The old example was fraternity hazing. ‘If I had to go through so much abuse, it had to be worth it–or the dissonance is too uncomfortable. (I wish I they had a reverse form I could adopt, like, sure I didn’t buy a boatload of Google when they went public the day I closed on my home, but, hey, I’m really happy being povertystricken. I’m learning so much from this experience 🙂 I can’t quite get myself there..

      Sorry for the typos in this and my other meandering post. I can’t find my glasses and I’m really tired, being an old, really old, person 🙂

    4. What a poon. I think race had a lot to do with it. This idiot saw that white idiot, and thought what the hell this is a chance to drill a human, and he took it. The woman truly is mentally ill, she openly admits that she enjoyed it. What a freak. Who cares about Haiti. The situation is terrible, was terrible before the quake, and will always be terrible until a disease or a civil war, or the Dominicans finally get rid of the retarded race that is there currently.

  3. What this reminds me of is the fact that feminism, or at least a certain strain of it, hasn’t really served women well.

    There have been a couple of generations of women now who have the expectation that they should be able to go anywhere they want and do anything they want. They don’t seem to understand that some situations are inherently dangerous and you must take precautions if you insist on going into them.

    1. Yes, I hate to say it, but what the Hell is she doing on a rooftop in the middle of the night in Haiti with a Black guy? Um…

      Middle of the night? Haiti? You’re indoors, hopefully with a bunch of non-Haitians or other females. Period.

      That’s all there is to it.

      1. There is a well-known scene of white women that go to the Caribbean looking for sex fantasies with dark skinned black men. The locals jokingly refer to these jigalos as a “rent-a-dread”. I don’t know if this woman was one of these, but it’s always possible.

      2. Robert this is a crime against a woman. Rape is mainly committed by males against females. Most white women are raped by white men. I’m not saying there is no need to look at black crimes in America(or anywhere else), but why this constant reaction? When children are molested in churches by white popes and pastors no one says ‘hey white males rape little boys I need to take my son to a different school.’ But when an article deals with crimes committed by blacks the whole race has to suffer the stigmatization and incrimination for one evil-doer. The story does break my heart though. It’s just sad on so many levels. I read her article and she is dealing with this horrific event publicly too soon. Race should only be brought up because she the victim brought it up. She’s obviously not in her right mind. She was raped by a black man. But this is a man on woman crime. This shouldn’t be fodder for the “racialists”/”race-realists”/”racists,” etc to feel validated in their views.

      3. Of course White men rape. They rape a Hell of a lot of girls and women in the US every year. Even the most virulent White Supremacists are aware that there are 10,000’s of White man rapes every year. Our community knows about this element and we are wary of them. Nevertheless, living in a White area, you really don’t hear about rape too much. Maybe a little date rape at the college level.

        So, White men rape, Hispanic men rape, Black men rape.

        What the racists talk about it, and even a lot of White liberals fret about it, is the wildly disproportionate rate at which Black men rape as opposed to White men. The rate is about fully 6 times higher. Not 20%, not 30%, but 500%. That is a stunning figure that ought to knock your socks off. It’s shit like this that is behind much of White racism.

        *I* even warn White women to be careful about Black men. I realize there are plenty of good ones out there, but there are so many bad ones too. And I’ve known 3 White women raped by Blacks.

        The hard, cold, brutal truth is that if a woman of any race wants to lessen her chances of being raped, she will act cautiously around Black men, or avoid them altogether. Sure, she ought to be cautious around all males, of course. But there is that 500% excess ratio figure staring you right in the face.

        In life, we basically play an odds game. A woman sees a Black guy coming at night, and he’s fully 6 times as likely to rape her as a random White man. Those are the kinds of figures that resonate.

        On the other hand, I must say, in spite of the statistics, I have known many White women who continue to date and sample Black men. There is something appealing to females about the Black male sexual animal. A raw sexual power that many of us White guys don’t have.

        But coming from your perspective, I can see your frustration. You’re a cool Black dude, and people are jumping all over you because of some Black ratfucks who are raping chicks. What are you supposed to do about it? How can you stop them?

        So I can sense your exasperation.

        In the face of statistics like that, I would recommend that Black guys like my readers just do what I’ve been doing my whole life. Lead by example. Lead an upstanding moral life, don’t attack, assault, rape, rob, or kill others, try to be civil and decent.

        I hate to say it, but I act good in part because I am setting an example for my race. I was raised that there is a White way to act. It’s dignified and civilized. To act otherwise is to act like those other races we don’t like too much. If I fuck up, it’s like I shame my whole race. Plus I have an exalted ideal to look up to, which involves acting better than a lot these non-Whites (and even a lot of the Whites!) around here.

        That sounds shitty I know, but that’s how a lot of Whites are. If it takes shaming people into, “Don’t act like the so and so’s,” then so be it.

        How I wish that Blacks felt that way. I’d love it if Blacks would chastise other Blacks acting bad and tell them, “Quit acting White! Act like an honorable Black person.”

        1. “Nevertheless, living in a White area, you really don’t hear about rape too much. Maybe a little date rape at the college level”

          Yeah, the only other time you hear about white rape is when children are involved.

          Also, it sounds bad, but not only do your chances of getting raped increase around blacks, but your chances of getting STDs skyrockets too. Do you remember that survey a few years ago that found that 1/2 of the blacks had genital herpes? That means that either a black guy or his girlfriend have herpes! (Okay that a misinterpretation…) But that’s still an atrocius figure. I also knew a black guy in college who informed me that one of my old student bosses at work at contracted herpes from a football player and was mad about it so she was intentionally spreading it. He told me to stay away from black girls and anyone who’s touched the football of basketball players. He said that he went for asian women. Probably sucks for black women though, considering that women contract STDs much easier.

        2. You mean that you know 3 white women that had consentual sex with black men but got caught and claimed they were raped. That happens at least 80% of the time. And I know white women too. And a lot of them secretly lovre black dick. Been going on for a long time.

        3. I ended up here as I was seriously annoyed by someone on NPR today going on about Haitian boat persons, these poor victims of the ruthless, bloodthirsty persons scamming them out of their money and that we should be thinking of them, in contrast to what we have, over the Thanksgiving holiday. I am sick to death of PC altering reality to the point that we are turning the US into a sinkhole of all that is wrong with third-world countries, and that persons who have never made the slightest effort to understand other cultures, or really know persons from seriously different backgrounds.

          I am what might be called a ‘liberal’, in that I believe that education and healthcare–let alone a healthy respect for the environment, are essential to a functioning society, and I don’t in any way want to identify with the dog-eat-dog mindless masses attracted by the ‘conservative’ side of the polarized population of the US. A lot of liberals, and Harry Reid is a sterling example of the profile I refer to, have socialized with the upper 1%, or actually likely .01%, of minority groups, persons who are bright and motivated enough to have adapted the mannerisms of the elite–and make the assumption that the rest of that national group, Hispanic, Asian, etc., will acculturate just as quickly and easily, if enough resources are thrown at them. They think they’re open-minded because they act like everyone is ‘essentially’ the same, which is insane, and a recipe for either ‘race’ war, or a breakdown of social stability.

          They also seem to think all Hispanics , all African/Afro-American cultures, etc., are the same, when the differences between countries is also significant. Humans are distributed along bell curves, but the curves are not identical among different groups. Their blank lack of recognition of the obvious is actually, to me, true racism, because they deny reality in favor of what THEY want to think it is, which is one in which everyone is a middle (or really, upper-middle) class white, once they’ve been ‘cleaned up’.

          I haven’t read through your blog, but I expect that’s where you’re coming from in what you’ve written here. That myopic resistance to reality, even when you have it forced on you in a devastating way.

          I have a few other comments to make, and I’ve been rude enough by writing so much tonight, so I might come back later to add it. (I’m also seriously injured and it’s difficult to type.) But, on rape–and I may have missed comments here to this effect–rape is not about sex, it’s about power. I can say that after plenty of research following my own experience–uh, ‘s’.* Given the hatred and resentment of countries that have felt abused by anglo countries, and the higher statistical occurence of violent crimes in these countries to begin with, this woman was truly an idiot not to expect this to happen. She has this dreamy-eyed fantasy of what she wants the world to be, a simplified, black-and-white (sorry), case of abusive imperialistic whitey and poor, goodhearted victimized Haiti–actually an insult, as she’s totally inauthentic in her supposed altruism. And, she still persists…

          I had a roommate years ago whose father was a Peace Corps Director in Africa, particularly Tanzania. Her brother lived with Jane Goodall for a while, and translated a language formerly inaccessible to Swahili and then to English, and they both had pet Thomson gazelles. When she moved back to the states, she decided that the ghetto community was identical to her former experience. She hitchhiked back and forth to class everyday–safe at that time where she had lived–despite my warnings, and eventually got picked up by a black guy who saw his opportunity with what he reasonably expected was ‘some liberal out to get back at Daddy rebellious chick’. He drove her into an alley and started to assault her, but she really was so shocked and innocent that he stopped–she was crying hysterically when she got home. She looked up at me, with a brief, hopeful smile and said, ‘but he really wasn’t a bad person, he asked me why I was hitching if I didn’t expect this, and I told him I didn’t have much money as a student, so he gave me ten dollars to use for cabfare in the future’. And I said, ‘duh, he gave you that because if you try to press charges he’ll say you were a hooker who changed her mind…’ I suspect if this happened today, or in a tougher metro area, she’d be dead.

          While I could see that reality, I was also friends from a truly idealistic young black man, from the ghetto, ignoring sneers from the snotty sorority chicks when we hung out at the university–this was the sixties, and not everyone was pro-civil rights, even in the north. He had nothing, no money, wasn’t great looking, etc., but I felt inspired every time we met. He’s since done amazing things for his community, just as he used to tell me he had wanted to, is on the Board of Directors of our alma mater, and recently was awarded a MacArthur genius award. Oh, and he’s a top inspirational speaker 🙂

          What’s really ironic about all of this is that the persons who thinking they’re fighting stereotypes are actually just replacing them with their own, ones they like better. The reality is that people run the gamut in every culture, but some cultures are intrinsically more violent, more exploitive, more courteous, more generous, etc., and there’s variation within classes within the cultures. I was pretty green, despite what I said to my roommate, when I later moved to Philly, a town in which whites are a minority, and, if you don’t figure out the lay of the land, you won’t survive. (I didn’t go to Wharton for my MBA for several reasons–one was that a young Asian Wharton student was killed by a ‘wolf pack’ of 16 young black men–flash mobs existed in the 70s, too–while I was deliberating. This was in the professional area in broad daylight. I’m lucky I’m still alive from some of my own stupidities.

          Right now I’m living in an awful little town in Oregon, and the prejudice against anyone who literally wasn’t born here is incredible. I couldn’t get my professional license, current in another state, and will lose my house due to corrupt behaviors that are selectively applied to outsiders, particularly Californians-we’ve commiserated. The physical damage i referred to is completely the result of corrupt medical clinics, used to dishing it out to poorly educated, resourceless, locals. Outsiders are easily identified by functioning cerebral cortex and the absence of a dull, blank, facial expression.

          I had a stereotype that the states in the US had basic commonalities, with the obvious regional exceptions, and that Oregon was some sweet, outdoorsy Sierra Wilderness calender, not Children of the Corn…the reality: this state is 49th in the US in education, barely trumping Mississippi. it’s known as the ‘meth capital’ of the US, and the next town is quite proud of its only real event–the Corn Festival….

          Anyway, people like the ‘idiot’ you wrote about actually increase polarization between races, digging the trenches deeper on each side. It’s hard to be sympathetic when the person has set up the situation, but I did really feel for Amy–that was horrendous, and she was really young and reinforced in her naive idealism.

          I’m sure no one has read this far, so I’m going to indulge myself in one more anecdote: a while back I tried to warn my former Mexican national bf how dangerous Mexico City had become, based on reading an online newspaper from there daily, to improve my Spanish. He had gone to school there, had travelled there for work in the past, and basically–he was really arrogant–told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. That is, until he woke up in the hospital with a concussion, his briefcase missing, and a dim memory of the cabdriver being shot in the eye. Being realistic has nothing to do with racism…

          If I’m not ‘blocked’ for verbosity :), I do want to write about my experience working with Haitians in healthcare, and, while I had some wonderful Haitian friends from the mulatto class, the cruelty demonstrated to white patients–these were completely paralyzed persons whose lives were jeopardized by the behaviors–by lower class Haitian nurses aides knocked me out. They would leave a quadruplegic lying with their head inches from the floor after a perceived insult, then follow me down the hall screaming that they would file a discrimination suit against me for telling them they were not to abuse the patient again. With Haitians, it has nothing to do with race, they seem to have combined the worst of French arrogance with the worst of African societies that were infamous for physical cruelty. One of the LPNs took me aside one day to show me that, while the white patients were lying in excrement, they were plaiting the hair of the black patients. I worked in a teen pregnancy clinic in a really bad area of Philly, at Temple U for a bit, and have a pretty board range of experience with hostility towards whites, but most of the time it’s pretty easy to remind myself of the wonderful persons I know to fight off racism. (I once asked a really nice guy who worked at my gym if whites had ever selected him out to harm because of his race–he was so nice, I couldn’t imagine that, and I had been almost killed by someone who ran me off the road in a really rough area of Philly that day, nearly killing me, my axel was broken and the car couldn’t be driven, and the gas station refused to let me use the phone–the pay phone was out due to a lightning storm, and all of this was definitely a race thing. (This was pre-cell phones, and I had been warned to get a car phone asap for safety driving from the hospital, only three blocks from the freeway, to keep my windows up, and not to stop for anything ’til I got to the freeway, duh.) Anyway, Joe, just smiled and said ‘of course, they have, honey’. ‘Well, how did you keep from becoming bigoted?’ ‘Well, I just told myself that that was that particular bastard, l don’t think about whether they were white or black.’ That really helped me. But, the behaviors I’ve seen with Haitians towards patients who couldn’t protect themselves–and this was every single worker–Haiti is the last place I’ll ever offer assistance, with Jamaica a runnerup.

          …and the illegal use of other persons’ Medicare benefits….at least a third of the hospital population I covered in Philly were clearly Haitians and Jamaicans using illegal bennies, which means the seniors who worked and paid into this are getting less and less adequate care–and now I’m one, aargh.

          *I think the person who wrote that white women are predominantly raped by white males may present a slanted perception–given that ‘date rape’ is more likely to occur with couples of the same race, while I suspect ‘stranger” stats are different Whoops, started reading and some posters covered that aspect. These comments are so old, I’m pretty sure all that’s happened is that I’ve been able to vent a bit. Sorry.

      4. I have been saying that Hindutva is running fake call centers and using thugs to spam and bully repeated posts on internet forums

        Today a news magazine has did investigative report about Hindutva spam centers, from fake following in twitter,facebook and other social media campaigns, maligning those who speak truth against Hindutva

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  4. Disgusting. I don’t know how else to say it.

    It wasn’t so much the rape itself that got me, but rather the pathetic reaction to the rape. Rather than getting angry at the black guy who did it, she goes on to say she “enjoys the experience” and understands that racism forced that oh-so-oppressed black man to commit the rape.

    This does remind me of Amy Biehl. Some white anti-racists just need to pull their heads out of their asses. Some are so inclined to despise themselves and worship blacks that no matter what blacks do, they’ll still be on their side.

    White anti-racism is truly a mental disorder.

    1. “White anti-racism is truly a mental disorder.”

      Let’s be realistic here. There’s nothing in the anti-racist movement that defends rape. This woman is an extreme example. Saying that anti-racism is a mental disorder based on one crazy woman is just dumb. Like I said, she has Stockholm Syndrome, it’s a recognized phenomena that is not bound to any race or ideology. That is her psychological problem, not anti-racism.

      1. That is her psychological problem, not anti-racism.

        Okay, I acknowledge that this woman is an extreme example.

        However, the fundamental tenets of anti-racism supports this sort of thinking.

        Whenever a black person harms a white person, anti-racists always find a way to justify it. Statements along the lines of “they’re just lashing out due to oppression,” “you can’t condemn marginalized people,” and “this is just a small taste of what non-whites have had to endure” are quite common.

        Even when they supposedly condemn such crimes, they then give a long explanation about how “racism made ’em do it!”

        In other words, blacks can never be held accountable for their actions. Whenever they commit crimes or attack whites, rather than condemning the perpetrators, they seek to put white America on trial.

        Therefore, while this is a particularly extreme case, that doesn’t change the fact that anti-racism is a mental disorder (I’ll explain exactly why if you wish).

      2. Like I said, there’s enough crazy to go around, regardless of ideology.

        Yup, I guess we’re all crazy then!

      3. Stockholm Syndrome has nothing to do with it; I don’t think that black guy gave her any good treatment during the ordeal. The woman is simply crazy.

  5. Okay, I just read her article on the “event” I have to say…Is she for real? Is this a joke? How the hell was she raised to even think in such a manor? Does she have no basic common sense, or instinct for self preservation?

  6. Dear Robert and tulio
    I have a cousin who lived in Haiti for 6 years as some type of church aid worker. He speaks fluent Creole and liked the people there on the whole. Needless to say, he lived in a missionary colony and his children went to an American school.
    As to violence in Haiti, its rape rate may be very high, but its murder rate is low. There are more murders in Kingston Jamaica than in all of Haiti. Just as the murder rate is much higher in white Russia than in white Denmark, so the murder rate in some black countries is higher than in others.
    As to Amanda Kijera, she is a racist in her own way. In the worldview of people like Amanda, whites are the only real actors and non-whites are always reacting to what whites are doing. They see the relation between whites and non-whites as one between parents and children. If the children go bad, it is the parents’ fault.
    The truth of the matter is that everybody has a will of their own. Non-whites have their own agendas and aren’t just reacting to whitey. Whatever the average IQ of blacks may be, we should treat them as adults and stop patronizing them in the manner of Amanda.

    Regards. James

  7. Dear Robert
    We should be careful with multiples. Suppose that in group A 2% of the people have a drinking problem and in group B 20%, then we can say that alcoholism is 10 times, or 900%, more common in group B than in group A. Still, 4 out of 5 people in group B do NOT have a drinking problem.
    Similarly, rape may be much more frequently committed by black than by white men, but most black men are not rapists, at least not in the US. What matters is not how dangerous something or somebody is relative to something else but how dangerous it is in terms of absolute probability.
    Suppose that you had to fly to somewhere and you have two options. In option A you pay 800 and have a chance of 1 in 100 million to die in a crash while in option B you you pay 400 and have a chance of 1 in 10 million to perish, which option would you choose? I would choose option B, even though it is 10 times more dangerous than option A.
    When an American woman meets a black man, the probability that she will be raped must be very low indeed given the fact that rape is not very common in the US.
    Regards. James

  8. Lindsay,

    All we WN’s want is a White ethnostate where our children don’t have to suffer forced racial integration and culture distortion.

    The family is a microcosm of the nation-state. I have managed to do a very good job of raising a family based on natural racial affinities and an Asian-style respect for learning that most Whites sadly lack, and it has been very successful. I have seen how liberals raise their kids — letting them watch TV and instilling multicultism in them, and those kids are confused and unhappy and don’t even know why. They grow up into nihilists who tattoo themselves. That’s the liberal madness.

    My cultural life-raft was the Chinese. I don’t believe in mixing with them, and they don’t believe in mixing with me. But the respect for learning and reverence for parents is what they have and we sorely lack.

  9. A lot of White liberals are actually secret race realists who are cynical about Blacks. They are non-racist to anti-racist in their views and politics, but nevertheless, they are frightened of Blacks and generally try to avoid them.

    I think this is why modern liberalism is a bastard mix of poor minorities and the most educated whites. They agree that working-class whites should change their behavior. The minorities think non-wealthy whites owe them jobs and safe neighborhoods to live it; and the wealthy whites are willing to help them get it. Wealthy whites also think everyone should do things like drive less and eat less meat that represent working-class whites’ favorite luxuries.

    I wonder if some day elite liberal white women will all boast about the time they were raped while volunteering among the poor.

  10. Robert,
    As ever I can’t see your point.What are you trying to say – Is it good policy to avoid blacks as much as possible?, Are all WNs bigoted ass-holes? , is Robert Lindsay the coolest, wisest dude in town?
    Just what is your point?

    1. I think the point is that some whites (particularly women) believe so strongly that blacks’ lives are dominated by oppression and/or its legacy, that even being raped is seen through the lens of “some unfortunate victim of worldwide racism’s brain was so messed up, he couldn’t avoid raping me.”

      Contrast that with the attitude to which liberal elite whites jumped about the Duke lacrosse case; that it was the expression of white males’ expectation of privilege and right to subjugate.

    2. No, you do not understand my point.

      I said that not all anti-Black racists are evil, horrible, monstrous people out to ruin Black people’s lives for no good reason. Unfortunately, even reasonable people do have more or less sensible reasons to dislike and avoid Blacks. The primary reason would be the extremely high rate of Black crime, in particular violent crime, but also property crime.

      Looking at the statistics, yes, if you avoid Blacks to a great extent, sure, you will reduce your risk of being a crime victim. This is what liberal Whites have been doing all along. However, we do have Blacks who we like who we welcome into our White communities. We know them, trust them, and like them, so we are not afraid of them.

      It’s sad that people will dislike or avoid Blacks as much as possible due to crime, since they will also dislike and avoid many good decent Black people, but you know, life is an odds game.

      The real problem here is with Black people. They are the ones committing all this mountain of crime. The crime avalanche feeds anti-Black racism like nothing else. If Blacks really want to fight racism that oppresses them, one of the best things they could do is quit committing so much crime. It makes people hate them.

      I don’t personally avoid all Blacks or anything like that, but in general, I am quite wary of them, especially a certain type.

      For instance, in my apartment complex, there are a significant number of Blacks here, and they tend to be somewhat shady and ghettoish. I befriended a couple of them. One borrowed $5 and never paid it back and made a stink claiming I left her at a shopping mall when I didn’t. The other, whom I am still acquainted with, has borrowed $25 and has informed that she will never pay it back, ever. See what I mean?

      I figure I’ve gotten off easy. The rest of the Blacks around here are more or less like those two, maybe, and I’m not ecstatic about making friends with them, but I am cordial. Frankly, I am suspicious of them and don’t really trust them too much.

      I’d be more than happy to befriend any of the Blacks who write and comment on this blog though.

      1. You shouldn’t have loaned them money in the first place. Why did you?

        That said, your opinion on blacks and crime is the right one: honest, wary, but compassionate.

    3. Honestly, I don’t see the point of the frothing at the mouth hatred of Blacks and other non-Whites I see in the WN movement. I’m not into that, and it turns my stomach, but maybe some of you have had some really bad experiences.

      I would say that Blacks are really not that important for White people to get all full of obsessive hatred about them. Maybe if you’re living in some horrible ghetto.

      I mean, yeah, a lot of Blacks act bad, but I only care about me. Do Blacks do much negative stuff to me? Not really. They don’t effect me much at all. So why work myself up into some weird racist hatred over some group of humans that don’t have much to do with me?

      But by all means, go ahead and hate all you want, if that’s what gets you off. I don’t see the point, and furthermore, it’s bad for your soul, bad karma, puts out bad energy and will get get a lot of bad energy shot back at as all the hating reflects back. And anyway, most of these non-Whites aren’t really worth your ire as I see it. Who cares about em?

      1. The real problem here is with Black people. They are the ones committing all this mountain of crime. The crime avalanche feeds anti-Black racism like nothing else. If Blacks really want to fight racism that oppresses them, one of the best things they could do is quit committing so much crime. It makes people hate them.

        I don’t personally avoid all Blacks or anything like that, but in general, I am quite wary of them, especially a certain type.

        Well, I know that blacks don’t agree with such analysis! Their attitude is that the white man’s going to oppress and hate them regardless of economic status, education, and the lack of criminal activity.

        However, I do think the fear of black crime does inspire a lot of white prejudice. Anti-racists can say all they want about white drunk drivers and child molesters, but no person with half a brain can deny the fact that blacks commit crime at a much higher rate than any other group.

        Let me put it this way: Would you rather live in Portland, Seattle, Irvine, and San Francisco (cities that are overwhelmingly white and Asian), or Detroit, Baltimore, D.C, and Oakland (predominantly black and brown)?

        Anti-racists also point out that the majority of crimes committed against whites are committed by whites. Well duh! Most whites live segregated lifestyles and don’t have a ton of contact with blacks.

        However, to the extent that they do live near blacks and have contact with them, blacks are more dangerous than whites.

        Approximately 86% of whites are victimized by whites, while 94% of blacks are victimized by blacks. Okay, so the vast majority of crime is intraracial.

        Unfortunately, when it comes to interracial crime, blacks are much more likely to victimize whites than the other way around.

        Don’t let the James Byrd incident fool you.

        By the way Robert, you haven’t responded to any of my comments ever since I criticized Mao. You know that I mostly agree with what you say. Just because I don’t agree with you on Mao doesn’t mean we have to give one another the silent treatment!

        We’re cool, right?

      2. Yeah, you’re fine.

        I don’t respond to a lot of comments on here, honestly. There’s way too many comments for me to respond to all of them. I mean, I could, but I just often don’t feel like it.

        Their attitude is that the white man’s going to oppress and hate them regardless of economic status, education, and the lack of criminal activity.

        No! It’s not true! Lower the Black crime rate and watch anti-Black racism drop right along with it.

        Sure, there are a certain number of haters. But look at it this way. How many Whites out and out hate Asians, just because of their race, etc? Not too many, huh? Sure, some, but not many. If Blacks had a much lower crime rate, we might feel about them the same way we do about Asians.

      3. No! It’s not true! Lower the Black crime rate and watch anti-Black racism drop right along with it.

        Sure, there are a certain number of haters. But look at it this way. How many Whites out and out hate Asians, just because of their race, etc? Not too many, huh? Sure, some, but not many. If Blacks had a much lower crime rate, we might feel about them the same way we do about Asians.

        I agree with much of that analysis. After all, aren’t Asians also part of a different race? Yet despite this, most whites don’t have a problem with them. Heck, even many WN’s (mainly those at American Renaissance) admire Asians (well, at least the Japanese).

        However, in addition to crime, I believe that white hostility towards blacks comes from the the fact that most blacks (at least if I am to believe the Abagond’s of the world) are angry and have this chip on their shoulder.

        As I’ve pointed out, I know of this nation’s pained history, and know that blacks went through a lot of crap, and that even today blacks have to endure some discrimination.

        Still, who wants to constantly spend time around someone who is perpetually angry with you?

        I recall an instance where I was with my Asian friend and we were looking at the university newspaper, and one article spoke of how the BSU was organizing a protest due to racist incidents (this was around the time of the Compton Cookout).

        My Asian friend, without missing a beat, says “Black students are always saying ‘this is racism, that is racism!’ Even Hispanic students don’t complain nearly as much, and Asians rarely complain at all.”

        That quote illustrates why whites are more hostile towards blacks than Asians and Hispanics. Sure, there’s some prejudice and you have a few haters, but most white ire is not focused on Asians or even Hispanics.

        Rightly or wrongly, whites see blacks as a thorn in their side, whether it’s crime or constant complaining about white racism.

        Perhaps other groups are simply better at hiding their anger at whites than blacks, but I don’t hear them complain nearly as much as blacks do.

      4. Keep in mind that Asians are still a pretty small demographic in America. Less than 5% I think. Most of them are clustered in west coast cities.

        Also when people think “Asian” they are thinking mainly of N. Asian and those that come here are selective immigrants like the Africans that come here. If we had rural Chinese coming here that are notoriously rude, and blowing snot and spitting all over the sidewalk and eating dogs, they’d have a hell of a lot more prejudice against them. Especially if they started becoming a major demographic. Then we’d have white people screaming about the Chinese taking over the country. If blacks were only 4% of the country and they were all selective immigrants from the African middle class, then yeah, you’d probably see little overall hate towards blacks.

        Now let’s see what would happen if the country became 20% Hmong and whether white attitudes toward them would change.

      5. If blacks were only 4% of the country and they were all selective immigrants from the African middle class, then yeah, you’d probably see little overall hate towards blacks.

        Now let’s see what would happen if the country became 20% Hmong and whether white attitudes toward them would change.

        I completely agree. Not all Asians are wonderful, particularly the Hmong, Cambodians, and Vietnamese. If Asians were 13% of the population and comprised of poor Hmong as opposed to educated and affluent Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans, then anti-Asian attitudes certainly would surge.

        Likewise, if most blacks in this nation were middle class African immigrants, anti-black sentiment would decline.

        Sure, cops would still shoot foreign blacks dead dead if they made the wrong move, but most whites are much more comfortable around foreign blacks than American blacks.

        I think a lot of it has to do with that edgy attitude displayed by many black Americans. Of course, you have some incredibly angry Africans (*cough* Ankhesen Mie over at Abagond), but most don’t have that same chip on their shoulder.

        But yeah, if the roles were reversed, blacks would be the Asians and Asians would be the blacks.

        This is all purely hypothetical.

      6. We have many Hmong in Fresno, a nearby city. I lived in Fresno for a few months, and went to school there for 3 years. I also taught Hmong adults for a while, along with Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese, etc. We also have a Hmong police officer in town. They were all very wonderful people. I especially enjoyed the Hmong, especially the Hmong women.

        Delightful, charming, warm and friendly people. They’re basically Chinese people, tbh. They come from South China not too long ago and are related to the S Chinese. They have a very Chinesey look about them.

        Well, I am not aware of much hatred against these Hmong people. Yes there are Hmong, Cambodian and Lao gangs, but they don’t do much. They mostly just victimize their own people. There are rare shootings, but again, they just shoot at their own kind in the slums where they live. They’re good people, just poor, that’s all, and the older people are at their wit’s end about these gangs. They hate it and want it to go away.

        Neither is there racism against Lao, Viets, or Cambodians either.

        Down in Orange County and LA, there are many Viets and Cambodians. Viets in Garden Grove and Cambodians in Long Beach. I was not aware of much racism against them when I was down there, even though they do have some gangs. The gangs just prey on their own people – home invasion robbery, etc.

      7. The WN’s are furious at the Chinese of Vancouver, Canada. They say that they have taken over the city and treat Whites like crap, won’t hire them, discriminate, only hire their own, etc.

        The WN’s don’t want NE Asians coming over here either. They are afraid they are going to surpass us, beat us and dominate us. We will become their slaves, as they put it. So some minorities are hated by the WN’s because they are said to be inferior, while others are hated because they are going to kick our ass (I guess that means they think they are superior). You can’t win with these guys. No non-Whites are ok.

      8. The WN’s don’t want NE Asians coming over here either. They are afraid they are going to surpass us, beat us and dominate us. We will become their slaves, as they put it.

        I don’t know where you get that from. Sure, whites aren’t necessarily thrilled about NE Asians advancing, but they don’t focus nearly as much ire on them as they do on blacks and Hispanics.

        If anything, they’re worried about China the nation taking over. This fear isn’t simply confined to WN’s. Even one Asian guy of Chinese origin that I knew was worried about China taking over.

        Asians are only 4% of the population, and unlike Jews, they aren’t influential enough in the government, academia, media, and film industry to attract the wrath of most WN’s.

        On another note, if what you say about Asians in Vancouver practicing discrimination is true, then that just proves what I’ve been saying all along: Non-whites are no more moral, egalitarian, or caring than we are. When actually given the opportunity to discriminate, they do.

        Why so many whites then go out of the way to kiss their ass is beyond me.

      9. What a lot of white nationalists are angry about, is the billions of dollars we spend on ‘one more program’ to try making blacks productive members of society: the special school programs, the pass on the grades, the welfare, the social programs, etc. For the bottom half of blacks, it can’t be done. Their IQs are low, they’re violent. And we are going broke trying to help them, who will not help themselves.

        We need to cut off every program for ‘special minorities’. They sink or swim, like the rest of us.

      10. Robert, quit acting innocent. Go to the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog; those people have lost equity in their homes multiple times due to blacks moving in and making a mess.
        They’ve been attacked by blacks. Look at what Obama is doing, and what Holder is doing: schools can’t punish blax any more than whites?! Good grief. Look at the knockout game; it finally comes to the surface and Holder nails a white kid for it, as the first to go to jail.

        They can get as angry as they want, why don’t you back off. I remember why I don’t like this site; you play one way, then you play another. If blacks f*ck somebody up, they have a right to get angry.

  11. The attitudes some Whites have toward Black people amaze me.

    For quite some time in this country, Whites were a thorn in the side of Blacks, and still can be. White people accuse us of having a victim mentality, yet I constantly hear on this blog about how victimized Whites are.

    Is having a victim mentality acceptable or not?

  12. Whites were a thorn in the side of Blacks, and still can be.

    Um, you think I don’t already know that, Alpha?

    White people accuse us of having a victim mentality, yet I constantly hear on this blog about how victimized Whites are.

    I’m not trying to say that whites are these oppressed, 2nd class citizens. On balance, being white still has its benefits as opposed to being black or brown. Well, for now at least.

    However, there is a pervasive anti-white bias in the media, schools, the university, and other areas of life. Even though they’re a small minority, PC cultural Marxists have been able to successfully institutionalize “whites are the bane of the earth” dogma.

    White numbers and power also continue to decline, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

    Does saying this make me a victimologist? One could argue that, but I’m simply trying to educate my people and alert them to the dangers they face.

    Now, if I claimed that whites were now relegated to the back of the bus (like Pat Buchanan), or that white kids get beaten up in Obama’s America (like Rush Limbaugh) or claim whites are victims of “reverse discrimination” like virtually all conservative talk show hots, then I would be a victimologist.

    I’m simply being observant and looking out for my people.

    1. Well, since you know that, you know why Blacks can have such a “bad attitude.” Don’t complain about their attitude since you understand so much where it comes from.

      1. Well, since you know that, you know why Blacks can have such a “bad attitude.”

        Yeah, I do know.

        Understanding does not lead to acceptance. I understand why many blacks have attitude problems. I understand why many blacks hate whites and are bitter.

        However, that doesn’t mean I accept such behavior coming from blacks. Those bitter blacks may have every right to hate me and be angry with me, but I in turn have every right to dislike and avoid them, in spite of integrationist laws.

        I don’t care how justified blacks are in hating us and complaining about us. No person wants to be around someone who’s always angry and bitter.

        For example, let’s say I know someone at school whose father was mistreated by my father. That kid may have every reason to be angry with me and want to demand stuff from me, but why should I then spend time around this person?

        Likewise, why should whites indulge black radicals and activists, when all they’ll do is continue to make more and more demands?

        If a black person is friendly, interesting, and doesn’t behave like too many blacks in Oakland do, then I’m willing to befriend that person and spend time with him.

        However, the second a black person displays any ‘tude, then I’ll simply find someone else to spend time with.

        Again, understanding does not equal acceptance.

      2. BAG, they all have that “tude” at one time or another, or most of them anyway. That’s the thing about Blacks. It’s probably going to come out at some time, though in some in may never come out.

        There is a Black guy I knew. I took my Dad to him to get his hearing aids adjusted. He actually was mixed race (mulatto). He had a lot of anger about White racism. I simply played the role of interested and sympathetic White anti and listened to his complaints. I would ask him things like, “How does that feel (when White rednecks display a racist hostility towards you).”

        Because he said that he regularly got Whites who came in there and proudly said they were racist. He said, “It feels BAD, man. It feels BAD.” Then I tried to empathize. If you act like you’re on their side, the sane ones won’t throw an anti-White attitude your way.

        We also discussed racism in the South, racism in the Northeast, etc. The guy had lived all over the world and was a fascinating and great person. He was also super smart (IQ = 143).

      3. If you act like you’re on their side, the sane ones won’t throw an anti-White attitude your way.

        Well, I find that problematic. One, I’m never going to act like I’m on their side.

        For one, I’m going to side with whites over blacks, simply because I am white. Therefore, if I do act like I’m siding with blacks, I’ll open myself up to accusations of being a hypocritical and disingenuous white person (or what Malcolm X calls the “sly fox”).

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to side with redneck or skinhead jerks if they physically and verbally abuse a black person. Those kinds of whites hurt white advocacy movements anyway. And yes, if a black person is in pain, I’ll try to be as courteous and understanding as possible.

        However, if “siding” with blacks means sitting back while they lecture me on all of my unjust “white privilege” and the evils of white racism, then forget it. If they’re going to take out their anger on me, forget it.

        Besides, regardless of how much we try to reform, the radical anti-racists (like many of the black commenters over at Abagond) will still find fault with us, and continue to hold us accountable for our horrible “privilege.”

        Yes, there certainly are reasonable blacks out there, but I’m not talking about the reasonable ones, because they’re no problem. It’s those Michael Eric Dyson and Bell Hooks types that trouble me.

        It’s the insane, not sane types, who are the problem.

      4. That’s interesting. Because just like whites feel like nearly all blacks have “the ‘tude” and it’s going to slip out at some point, many blacks feel that whites are eventually going to slip up and reveal some racism towards blacks, even if they seem friendly.

        Sometimes we just sort of expect it from whites, and something that may have seemed condescending will be assumed to have racial motivations when perhaps the person is just a prick to everyone. At the same time, I think whites may have a tendency to see black attitudes as more hostile than they are in reality. When a black starts saying something about racism, whites just shut down and their eyes glaze over. If I say that the public health care option failed because of racism, whites will just roll their eyes and ignore it. If Tim Wise or Robert said it, maybe they’d give it a serious listen.

      5. “For one, I’m going to side with whites over blacks, simply because I am white.”

        Why? What if the whites were wrong? Bull Conner would’ve said the exact same thing. He’s siding with whites over blacks, why because he’s white. History showed that he was just a bigot and those blacks complaining about Jim Crow had the moral upper hand. When you make absolutist statements like that, you are being an ideologue and instead of a pragmatist.

        I’m black, but I don’t take the side of blacks just because they’re black. If blacks are right about something, I’ll take their side. If they’re wrong about something(like the OJ Simpson verdict), I’m not taking their side just out of racial solidarity.

      6. Because just like whites feel like nearly all blacks have “the ‘tude” and it’s going to slip out at some point, many blacks feel that whites are eventually going to slip up and reveal some racism towards blacks, even if they seem friendly.

        The feelings are certainly mutual then. I never said that whites are perfect.

        If Tim Wise or Robert said it, maybe they’d give it a serious listen.

        Speak for certain white people, but not for me. While I may disagree with Abagond and other black anti-racists, I at least respect, to a certain extent, where they’re coming from. Their feelings on the subject come from the heart.

        Tim Wise and Robert Jensen (and by Robert, I’m guessing you mean Robert Jensen, since Robert Lindsay is nothing like Tim Wise or other radical anti-racists), on the other hand, are nothing more than these self-hating, self-righteous, and arrogant polemicists who reek of overcompensation.

        We’ve already been over this.

        I would much rather have a discussion about race with black people than overcompensating, self-hating white anti-racists.

        So no, I am less likely to listen to Wise and Jensen.

      7. You know, the Abagond radical types are really kind of a minority. That is kind of an educated Black radical type. There are some of them, and they are kind of impossible, but they’re not that common, because, well, most Blacks are not that educated, and even those that are, are not all that radical. A lot of Blacks are actually pretty conservative, religious people, often Baptists.

        Black radicalism a la Abagond, Malcolm X, etc. is kind of a minority strain among Blacks.

        You will find that a lot of Blacks don’t even want to talk race. They are sick and tired of it. They just want you to be cool with them as if they were just another regular person. They even get annoyed if you bring up race or keep bringing it up.

      8. You will find that a lot of Blacks don’t even want to talk race. They are sick and tired of it. They just want you to be cool with them as if they were just another regular person. They even get annoyed if you bring up race or keep bringing it up.

        That’s interesting. I have known blacks who only talk to me about sports, movies, or social gossip (yup, we guys can gossip as well!).

        I have absolutely no problem with simply treating a black person as another guy and enjoying one another’s company. I certainly think that personal friendships between whites and blacks can work out as long as race is left at the door.

        I can understand why blacks might not want to talk about race. It is painful, and most people would rather talk about other things. Even my far left, radical West Indian history professor said that he doesn’t like talking about slavery or the Middle Passage, because it’s simply very painful.

        Hey, if blacks are willing to not lecture me on racial issues, I’m more than willing to be friends with them. If both me and a black guy are willing to treat one another as individuals, then I’m more than happy to leave race at the door.

    2. Hmm, I side with Blacks against White racists and White racism all the time. My Black neighbor comes over and she knows I love Obama. I had an Obama tshirt and an Obama bumper sticker. She really loved those. She comes over and talks about how Obama is doing great, passing health care reform, and about all those stupid White people hating on him.

      Well, you know, I’m an anti, so I agree with her analysis and I even make fun of racist Whites like the Tea Partiers and Obama haters cuz I think that’s fucked up.

      Tell Black people stuff that shows them that you are on their side. That’s what I do. Like with my friend, I told her how all Whites descended from Blacks, and so when you look at a Black person, you’re looking at your oldest grandparents of them all. She liked that.

      Sure, there are the Abagonds and those like him who comment on his site, who are insatiable and can never be appeased. I don’t even try to appease those folks myself. There’s no talking sense to them.

      If you come off like a White anti, most Blacks won’t suspect you of being a sly fox, as you put it. Most Blacks dig White antis. Blacks don’t really hate Whites per se. Yeah, they hate *racist* Whites, cuz they treat Blacks like shit, but not all of us.

      I think there is some confusion about what this blog is all about. Look in the About Section under Liberal Race Realism. You will see that one of the essential components of it is anti-racism. A lot of folks seem to miss that.

      I think I need to do a post explaining what Liberal Race Realism is all about.

      1. Well Robert, your definition of anti-racism is certainly different from most peoples’ definition of what it means to be an anti-racist.

        Sure, there are the Abagonds and those like him who comment on his site, who are insatiable and can never be appeased. I don’t even try to appease those folks myself. There’s no talking sense to them.

        So you’re saying that I can be an anti-racist while simultaneously separating myself from those insatiable blacks? It that’s the case, perhaps anti-racism isn’t so bad!

        Tell Black people stuff that shows them that you are on their side.

        Again, that does sound a little too much like ass kissing (and I’m not necessarily calling you an ass kisser).

        While I’m willing to have a conversation with blacks about race (as I have done), I’m not just going to go along with them making fun of whites.

        Sure, I don’t have much love for the Tea Party either, but I’m not going to go out of my way to bash those people just to curry favor with blacks.

        However, I do think that your brand of anti-racism is far more reasonable than the kind of anti-racism practices by Tim Wise and his acolytes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like many blacks are cool with your kind of anti-racism. There’s a reason why so many like Tim Wise.

        I do think a post on liberal race realism is in order.

        @ Tulio

        I do recall saying that if a black person was being verbally or physically abused by white racists, I would not side with those whites. If white people are conducting themselves in an abusive and violent manner, I’m not going to side with them.

        However, when it comes to controversial racial matters such as affirmative action (which isn’t very relevant to me, since I live in California), “diversity training,” and lectures on “white privilege,” then I’m not up for it. In those instances, I’m siding with my people.

        I’m not going to let people lecture me or attempt to shame me.

        So yes, unless whites are clearly in the wrong and are being abusive, I’m going to side with them.

        By the way, I don’t think most blacks share your sentiment when it comes to the OJ verdict. Even those who acknowledge his guilt were glad he got off, due to this desire for payback.

      2. You are making way too much of this. No Black person is asking you to curry favor with them. And even if they did, why would you get so worked up over it instead of brushing it aside?

      3. You are making way too much of this. No Black person is asking you to curry favor with them. And even if they did, why would you get so worked up over it instead of brushing it aside?

        Perhaps I should clarify. I am not saying that 100% of the black population consists of radical anti-racists who expect me to drop to my knees and beg for forgiveness.

        I do happen to know that there are many reasonable blacks who don’t constantly whine about racism and even look up to the gospel preached by Bill Cosby.

        However, I am focused on the blacks who are anti-racist. I have no problem with the kind of sane black people described by Robert. It’s those Abagond types that annoy me.

        You’re right. If I don’t like someone, I can simply avoid him. I’ll be sure to practice that in the future.

      4. Obama voted us into martial law. Obama signed, on March 16th of this year, an Exec. Order that he can confiscate your property, both land and equipment, and confiscate YOU, if need be.

        Obamacare is not financially feasible, it kills people, etc

        You LIKE Obama? OPEN YOUR EYES.

  13. Bob asks…

    “You mean, I should sympathize with a victim more of they’re my people as opposed to the other people? Forget it. My heart goes out to any innocent victim of violent crime, White or Black. Why should I care more about a White victim than a Black victim? Forget it.”

    Yes, Bob. Life goes like this, family, tribe, on from there…That’s kinda why Trotskyism can’t work. Work on that alienation from Life.

  14. great blog –

    at the risk of sounding crass i must point out that the photo of the lady alone gives her potential moron status. she manages to look smug and frightfully insecure at the same time.

    1. Just looks like a normal photo to me. You’re seeing what you want to see in it.

      I just took a look at her facebook link. The page is set to private but you can still see her friends and her interests. It seems like the majority of her friends are black. She probably sees herself as basically a black person with white skin, sort of the way a black person that could almost “pass” for white might have saw himself in the past. I’m not saying she literally sees herself as black, but I think she strongly identifies with black people and I’d guess that’s the culture she most relates to. If you have many black friends, getting raped by a black isn’t going to change your view of blacks anymore than a white woman with only white friends will change her view of whites if she’s raped by a white man.

  15. Why do you have the posts in whole on the front page? It takes lot of scrolling.

    Anyway, I am not trying to be racist here or anything, but does anyone else think certain races are more hornier than others. I find blacks are the horniest followed by the whites while people from China and India and throughout Asia are quite tame, in comparison.

    No, I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up, but its seems that way. Then again, I am living in the UK and there are a lot more whites here than Indians and Chinese and other Asians and therefore bound to commit more rape. But black population is relatively small too, but they commit massively disproportionate number.

    But it could also be the cultural upbringing as men in countries like India, China and Asia generally are much more family oriented and sex is still seen by many as more for purpose of procreation.

    1. Philip Rushton feels that Blacks have the highest sex drive, followed by Whites, followed by East Asians. Not sure where East Indians fit in there, as they are partway between Caucasians and Asians, but mostly Caucasians.

      This is interesting research and I would like to see it continue.

      Trust me though, Japanese, Korean, Filipina, etc. women are really damn horny! Once you get them started anyway.

      Saying one group is not as horny as another doesn’t mean that they don’t like to fuck. Maybe not as often…

    2. From what I’ve observed, I’d say black dudes are the horniest overall. I can’t deny that as much as I hate stereotyping. Of course culture can amplify or mitigate that and biology isn’t the the only factor in human behavior. Given that the black HIV rate is elevated almost anywhere in the world that blacks exist, I can’t help but think that there’s a lot of fucking going on amongst the black diaspora.

      1. Racists like to use this to slam Blacks, but understand that I came out of the Hippie movement, influenced by the Beats, then to the Punks. I was into the avant-garde all along. I’ve spent much of my life looking at porn. I also came out of the Sexual Revolution. That was one of the Liberations that we were promoting in the counterculture.

        So, as a lifestyle libertine, who am I to get down on Blacks for liking to fuck “too much?” No such thing as liking to fuck too much in my book.

        So this is actually one thing that I dig about Black people. Black people like to fuck. And *I* like to fuck! Go Blacks!

      2. Sounds like a normal human inclination, to me. One Black people share with every other group of people. From what I’ve observed.

      3. This is one of those things where what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. I’m all for sexual liberation too. Hell I’m active on PUA blogs. Sexual liberation doesn’t seem to be good for blacks though. It hasn’t hurt whites so much. Scandinavian women are very sexual liberated, yet the HIV rate is very low. However sexual liberation with black women is causing a lot of out of wedlock births and HIV. I think blacks are best off with strong religious values. HIV rates seem much lower in black African countries that are strongly religious, like Niger and Senegal. Even though I’m an agnostic and could care less about following religion.

      4. You have an interesting take on this, Tulio. Although the issue of Black women and sexual liberation is actually quite a complex and loaded issue.

        Historically, Black women were “liberated” long before White women were. They were liberated from the usual protections given to White women – protections later generations of White women decided they no longer wanted.

        I do agree with you, though, that “liberation” isn’t always what it’s made out to be.

      5. There aren’t big racial differences in frequency of sexual relations. Age and relationship status are the major determinants of that. I think problems you mention are more related to cultural perceptions of condom and contraceptive use among black populations. Furthermore, the HIV crisis in Africa may not be what people are making it out to be. First, the figures are probably inflated because of misdiagnosis. Remember, Sub-Saharan Africa has a large number of infectious illnesses floating around besides HIV. In addition, many of the actual cases likely have causes other than sexual relations, such as use of unscreened blood for transfusions.

    3. In fact, there is evidence to back it up. Go to American Renassaince blog and look it up. There will be a link somewhere.

  16. Thanks for that. Honestly, I did’t know of any studies on this at all and made my claim in my last post above merely from observation of behaviour and attitude. I have always found Indians and East Asians (East Asians probably slightly more than Indians) to be very meek type of people in that they are very gentlemanly and are not rowdy types. And its not just because they are in a white man’s country (the UK here) because I have seen the same in India and I am sure its the same in China, Japan, Korea, etc. Of course, with more than a billion in both India and China, you will get a few rowdy types too, but generally people seem meek compared to blacks and even whites.

    As for Middle Easterners. I find are very similar to whites in that some are very gentle and some are more extravagant types. In London, I find the North Africans being more assertive and confident while the other Middle easterners like Iraqis and Saudis are (I have not come across too many Iraqis and Saudis, however).

    Of course, all this is generalisation to some degree and does not mean everyone is that way. Not all blacks have a turbo charged sex drive all the time etc. Interestingly though, I find Somalians in London are very rarely involved in anti-social behaviour compared to West Africans and other East Africans. The West Africans are definitely the worst.

    London is incredibly diverse and you come across people from many nationalities. In fact, where I live in North London, there are small communities of Algerian and Moroccans, Somalis, Indians, West Africans, etc.

  17. India – I assume that you’re an Indian raised in India currently living in the UK. Like many Indians and subcontinentals regardless of religion, you seem to overlook the massive “culture of rape” that is prominent in South Asia. I remember growing up watching Hindi films (they were called Hindi films in the ’80s , not Bollywood) where every movie had a requisite rape scene. My mother would always fast forward through these scenes if I was there, but for a lot of young boys these disturbing images of rape were like porno. Rape in South Asian villages and on college campuses is all too common. As is groping, cat calling, and other types of harassment. It’s not something that can be pinned down to having a huge population, it is within the culture. The girl is shamed for being harassed or raped, the rapist is many times not.

    You are likely an educated Indian from a middle class educated and therefore your view will likely reflect that bias. But beleive me, South Asians are savagely horny. Also, I’m a South Asian male and have yet to see much gentlemanly behavior from most South Asian males. They may not be as crass American blacks, but they are not chivalrous by any means.

    1. You’re right, there’s an incredible amount of rape in South Asia. Particularly in Pakistan. And I think quite a bit in India too. And almost no enforcement of the laws either.

      Where are from in South Asia, Hussayn?

      1. I was born in Bangladesh, but moved to the states as a baby. I have visited Bangladesh numerous times however and I am pretty familiar with its culture and by extension a lot of South Asian cultural attitudes.

        As far as I know, statistics on rape in South Asia are very hard to quantify because people do not report it as much and also because the police are many times corrupt and unreliable and therefore people don’t find any use in reporting. (I have even heard and read stories, where a rape victim came to the police for help, and then was raped by the police!)

        Due to these factors, it is hard for me to believe a statement like Pakistan has more rapes than India, or vice versa. I think it’s more important to know that rape and the abuse of women is a horrendous reality in South Asia.

    2. Like you, I am also Bengali, but from West Bengal state (India), not Bangladesh.

      I came from a big village and lot of the people in it were quite poor yet there was hardly any crime, including rape. Our family knew the whole village and its people extremely well and knew what went on within the village.

      But I agree there are rapists in every society irrespective of ethnicity, but in the Subcontinent its more eve teasing and minor molestation than the actual rape, and even then, that usually happens in mostly a few parts of Northern India such as Haryana and the Punjab (and I say this even though I am from the North) whereas the people in the South tend to have a completely different attitude towards women – one of much greater respect.

      Also, I know in the West even to this day, women of Indian (Bangladeshi and Pakistanis as well) origin would avoid going by themselves in areas that are populated by mainly blacks (especially of the West African and Caribbean origin) because they have a bad reputation, and unfortunately, reputation is something that cannot be dismissed out of hand because its there for a reason, often valid.

      I think most will agree certain ethnicities in the black population are quite violent, especially the West Africans and Southern Africans and people from from the Caribbean whereas Eastern Africans much less so, especially Somalians and Ethiopians, who are actually less prone to crime than even whites (judging by my experiences of the goings on in heir community in London).

  18. Homosexual rape and homosexual relations in general were practically unknown in British and other European jails until very ecent times – this even amongst men imprisoned in the same institutions for very long sentences.
    The whole subject was viewed with so much unmitigated disgust, horror and loathing that it never occurred.A known homosexual would be ostracised to the point of physical attack and perhaps even death.
    Why do I say this?, Well from what I’ve read black homosexual rape in the USA seems by its ubiquity (it’s almost turned into a trope and standing joke in the USA), seems to be the norm in US prisons.Of course the victims are callow, weak white youths he are referred to as ‘bitches’ and ‘cunts’, meanwhile, curiously, no taboo accords to the active, black participant in the act of buggery, who generally is dignified by the masculine appelations of ‘rider’ or ‘jocker’, and, strangely is generally respected for his homosexual prowess and the masculine in dominance in ‘turning out’ a bitch or cunt.
    All a symotom of elevated balck testosterone (a la Rushton), methinks.

    1. Prison rape is a peculiar thing. Men that rape in prison don’t see themselves as homosexuals. The prison view on men having sex with men is similar to the ancient Greeks. They divide sex not by men vs woman, but by penetrater vs penetrated. Men of status only penetrate, they are never penetrated. A man can have sex with a man and still maintain his manhood since if he is the one penetrating. The man getting penetrated is viewed not differently than a woman. He’s been stripped of his manhood.

      Also, rape in prison is often used as a form of punishment or even currency, such as men paying debts by selling their ass.

    2. I am curious, still, about this insistence that Black men have “elevated” testosterone. Maybe White men have abnormally low testosterone. By whose standard are Black people always the abnormal ones?

      1. Blacks have the highest testosterone, then Whites, then Asians. You can phrase it any way you want to.

        The higher testosterone is certainly a plausible explanation for the horrible rates of violence, criminal and domestic, in Black communities all over the world.

        Most of the other explanations seem to fall short.

        It’s only Negroids that have higher testosterone levels. Khoisan Bushmen actually have levels that are quite low.

      2. Yes. There are certainly differences in testosterone levels, and these differences could explain a number of things.

        But it’s clear that from a certain perspective, almost everything you can describe about Black people is seen as “abnormal” or problematic. I don’t think some people can even imagine Black traits as being normal.

  19. Why on earth would a white person think of blacks as normal and whites as abnormal? The other option is to think of both as “equally normal” of course, but this is only a bit less strange than thinking of your own group as abnormal.

    Why on earth wouldn’t whites think blacks having higher rates of rape and violent crime as problematic?

    1. I don’t demand that any group of people think of themselves as abnormal.

      I also see higher rates of rape and violent crime as problematic. These aren’t the kinds of “traits” I was referring to.

  20. One person said ” but no person with half a brain can deny the fact that blacks commit crime at a much higher rate than any other group. ” Reality is poor people commit crime (and are incarcerated for it) at a much higher rate than any other group. Blacks are poorer for a variety of reasons. 1st is Slavery which really only ended 50 years ago, however, the biases passed from one generation to the next continue to this day. Many people have problems with people who are different. Since most good ole boys hire their kind, this puts more Whites in positions of power. Blacks lash out because they know the playing field isn’t level and will likely never be. We’re paid less and charged more at almost every turn. Having said that, it doesn’t excuse Blacks from ruining their lives and the lives of others because of this treatment. I often complain about the behavior of Blacks. Some of my friends even say I like White people better. Truth is I don’t like most people; Black or White. But I’m not blind to the treatment we receive. I’m just fortunate to have talent that can’t be denied and opportunities many others didn’t. I also cringe when I’m alone and certain sterotypical Black males approach. However, I also cringe when strange looking White males approach. Most pedophiles and serial killers are White males so if you hate Black males for their crimes, you should also hate White males too unless your hatred isn’t really based on their behavior.

    1. However, I also cringe when strange looking White males approach. Most pedophiles and serial killers are White males so if you hate Black males for their crimes, you should also hate White males too unless your hatred isn’t really based on their behavior.

      I never said that whites are perfect. We have our own problems that we need to fix, particularly when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

      However, one cannot deny the fact that proportionally blacks commit crimes at a rate higher than any other group. There certainly are white pedophiles and serial killers, but they pale (pun intended) in comparison to the mayhem caused by black thugs.

      Again, would you rather live in cities such as Portland, Seattle, Irvine, and San Francisco, or Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, and Oakland?

      Any rational person of any race would much rather live in a city with all those pathological white drunk drivers, serial killers, and pedophiles than a city where blacks are the majority.

      Let’s face it: a few white pedophiles and drunk drivers don’t compare to the black masses that give cities such as Philadelphia the name “Killadelphia.”

      Besides, it’s not like whites have a monopoly on serial killing.

      And those numbers increased 7 years later

      1. Blacks are twice as likely to be serial killers as Whites.

        It’s recently come out that Blacks have a higher rate of child molestation than Whites. I think again it was around double or so.

        Two myths: That Whites are more likely to be child molesters or serial killers than Blacks.

      2. It’s recently come out that Blacks have a higher rate of child molestation than Whites. I think again it was around double or so.

        Wow! I never knew that. Where did you acquire such information? What other anti-racist myths do you have to shatter?

        This is good stuff!

      3. Hating East Indians is where it is at for whites. Show a picture of a dirty river and knock yourself out.

        You will never go wrong in that area.

        Hating Jews and blacks also.

        But remember always always love the Arabs/Persian/Pakistanis/Afghans. They are the greatest love of all. Ecstatic love between Whites and Arabs is simply the most politically correct and wonderful thing to do.

  21. “Any rational person of any race would much rather live in a city with all those pathological white drunk drivers, serial killers, and pedophiles than a city where blacks are the majority. ”

    Not true. I prefer to live in a city with an affluent majority. All races have violent, ignorant, lazy people. However, most aren’t labeled as such on sight.

    1. I prefer to live in a city with an affluent majority.

      Well wouldn’t we all? Unfortunately, virtually all majority black cities aren’t exactly affluent and peaceful, even if they do have a large black middle class.

  22. You know what? I really want to say “this bitch got what she deserved.” But that is totally wrong and I was not raised that way. That would be like saying all the innocent whites being slaughtered in South Africa deserve it. Or the women and children brutally slaughtered in Haiti during the genocide was okay.
    Lets just use common sense people. She had none.

    1. I really want to say “this bitch got what she deserved.”

      You did say it. If someone said, “I really want to say your mother looks like a dog, but that’s wrong and I wasn’t raised that way” tell me how you would take that?

      So because a woman wants to volunteer for humanitarian aid in a 3rd world country she deserves to get raped? How wonderful a person you must be.

    2. Portland realist, I think the key to spirituality is to never have those thoughts. It’s one thing to say it and another to think it. The former isn’t that much worse than the latter.

  23. Any girl i kinda like and trust to not be a “don be wacist” type, i tell her

    dont go into the black areas of town. When i show her the rape stats, then do some emotional convincing(because for some reason, girls cannot be convinced by data and logic alone) i frighten her into agreeing with me.

    Who knows how much good I have done?

  24. this reminds me of orwells observation in 1984, where women are the ones most convinced of propoganda. Male liberels mainly give lip service to their ideas, female libs believe in racial equality 100 percent.

    stories like these are the ones that convince me that women are basically children.

    Ive decided to use escorts from now on. Too much bullshitting to a person with the mind of me when i was a 4 year old. And even then, i wasent that niave and stupid.

    How the fuck are girls convinced of this? Fucking idiot

  25. All you Weakened White boys need to start standing up like Men or even more of our beautiful women are going to be interracial rape victims who hate Whitey. We can’t be submissive to other races and racial cowards any longer, it’s beyond pathetic at this point. The color line should be drawn way before the savage non-White rapists reach are daughters bedroom. Yeah, not every single one of them is a savage rapist but imagine if one of the many little White girls that got raped was your daughter.

  26. Haitian people did rape was due to show the superiority of the Haitian people, due to long-term occupation by France ,that of course white people. Colonialism can cause long trauma will be the misery of the Haitians so that they are psychologically compensate for their suffering resulting from occupation with violence against white people that are considered weak who can not take the fight, primarily women and children.The violence could be a rape and murder.

  27. That’s her story NOW. But, her facts don’t jive. Unless, the guy grabbed her by her neck (mountain lion style) and carried her up to a roof top to rape her. The story suggests she went willingly to the rooftop, where one could reasonably expect a romantic interlude to occur. So, I will presume that to be the case. Since she “asked for it”, she can’t now claim it was rape.

  28. I’m a 47 year old white male. Last week I was shopping in San Francisco, and as I was walking down a crowded street, all these Chinese guys were really giving me a wide berth. Walking way aroooound me! Not just one or two, but many. I guess we still can scare somebody.

  29. It go’s to show how fucked up people really are! I am sure the millions of African women who are gang raped while their family’s are being killed by drug crazed rebel’s in spots all over the continent feel the way that idiot does! The black male seeks a white woman who will support him and do what she is told! Just go to any prison on visiting day . Most women visiting the black is a fat white women! Now a black women has been shaped been abused and used since the beginning, they have adapted become tough, fighting back having to be father and mother to children with no male roll model. I respect a black women who makes it raising a family going to school and bettering the family!! Go to Bridgeton New Jersey, the first mixed marriage between a white women and black male took place their! It has the poorest and least educated area in the state. I like when white women go with blacks because most wake up one day look around and realize they messed up bad!!!the women should look at the successful black women who are lesbians!!!

  30. If she’s grateful for the experience, she can just book a 1 way flight there and make reservations. I’m sure the buck would be happy to tell all his friends, and they can sing Be Our Guest while they oblige her unnatural fantasies.

  31. El racismo negro es producto de la esclavitud y terrible sometimiento en manos de los blancos , sepanlo

  32. I was born and raised in Haiti. Never been raped…!! Where did you get your facts??? And numbers? Yes there’s a lot of rape in my country but it’s mostly in the poor areas not everyone is poor in Haiti or eat dirt. Do some research!!
    And most of the time those white girls who come to Haiti to help act promiscuously. Add to that the language barrier..the dude got the signal wrong..
    but again I wasn’t there so…

  33. Why do Mexicans refer to themselves as brown? I mean whenever someone in the US says brown people, immediately the sound of the sitar comes to my head lol. However, I realized at a very early age brown referred to Mexicans. My other question is why do Mexicans identify themselves as brown? Are they not more of a bronze color?

        1. You know what? I really do hate liberals like you far more (100 times more) than even US Republicans. I can respect Republicans in a way. I cannot respect you liberals at all. There is nothing respectable about you. I honestly wish most of you were dead.

          There are more than a few LRR’s about, and thanks for giving the movement some publicity.

          PS bitch, you are banned.

  34. Maybe she actually enjoyed it. It is said 1/2 of all women actually fantasize about getting raped. A lot of teenage white girls lust over black guys due to the athleticism & ‘bad-@$$’ attitude. But we all know the ultimate result of such relationships. The cad flies off to parts unknown,meanwhile the mother is stuck with the half-breed baby all alone.

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